Fallen Angel

A/N: Hello everyone! A new story with another random couple , just got inspired to write about the two XD In this story , Thatch is not dead and Mousse isn't from way back , they are both are in the same timeline. Also the villain of this story is a pirate crew of mine (OC) … I was planning to keep this story a one-shot like most of my weird pairings ones, but looks like it will take couple of chapters to wrap it up . Hope you enjoy it and reviews would be much appreciated…

It was a quite night with a clear sky, just like every night over the skies; Shanida was indeed a unique island. Mousse enjoyed her pumpkin juice as she watched the crystal skies in front of her.

She was the beautiful daughter of the strong chief, Calgara. Her astonishing looks was the reason why most of them village's men chased her, but none of them was enough for her ambitious soul and strong mind.

Mousse stared at the stars and sighed, dreaming about visiting another land sometime. She always heard stories and adventures about another world; Montblanc Nolad , her father best friend always had stories to tell her.

" What a beautiful night " spoke her father as he approached her.

" Oh Father ! " said the startled Mousse " It is indeed " she continued and sipped her drink.

He leaned casually by her side , squeezing them both through the narrow frame of the window , she giggled at the sudden warm contact.

A sudden earthquake sent them both flying and landing hard on the ground. " WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ! " Screamed Calgara at the guards

" WE ARE BEING ATTACKED , CHIEF " Yelled one of the guards as he ran into the tent.

" By who ?" spoke the shocked Mousse as she ran out of the tent following her father.

A horrifying scene was in front of her; some of the best warriors of Shandia are now bleeding heavily and others are lying cold on the ground. A group of unfamiliar faces were standing on top of the dead bodies and laughing madly among the stares of fear and shock of everyone

" Good evening everyone " spoke a tall , muscular man with cloud shaped pink hair . He had extremely fair skin and glowing yellow eyes , a chubby black cat with lots of fur and pink left eye patch stood on his broad shoulder . He was shirtless with a pair of black boots and pants, a black belt with lots of guns hang at his hips. " I am captain Lollipop , the captain of the Candy Fly pirates " the sinister man introduced himself proudly " and we are here to rob you from everything you have " continued the pirate with an evil grin.

" You can dream about it kid " replied Calgara in a confident tone , as he prepared his spear for the combat with his intruder.

" Well , I knew it was not going to be easy " reacted the tall pirate and launched a bullet from his gun towards the tribal chief , the latter succeeded in avoiding.

" ATTACK!" screamed the pirate captain to his crew of forty , armed men. Calgara also signaled at his warriors and the battle began fiercely.

Mousse watched with horror as her father fought bravely , the warriors were no match for the blood thirsty pirates , their bravery was in vain . Now , Calgara , is the only man standing against the raiding pirates.

" You put up a good fight , old man " said a huge framed , bald pirate . He had a black star tattoo on his forehead, his eyes lacked color , only white orbs . his thick lips were stained red from all the blood and his pale torso held many scars , obviously from previous battles. The panting Calgara knew this was his end.

" Finish him , Glaze " ordered the pink haired captain.

" Aye Captain " replied the deep , husky voice of the bald killer.

In one swift motion , his huge hand was inside Calgary's chest , squeezing his heart . The chief coughed huge amount of blood and laid cold.

"FATHER!" Screamed Mousse at the sight of her father's death, tears rolled down her cheeks as her feet moved her towards the corpse of her father.

"Well , well , well .. What do we have here "said the captain slyly .

" DAMN YOU " Screamed the chief's daughter , hugging her dad's dead body.

"Capture her , she might be of use at the slavery market . Disco will definitely pay a good price for this little princess. "continued the pale captain .

Mousse felt the strong arms of the pirates pull her away from her father's cold body , the tears didn't stop rolling down her cheeks as she watched the sight of her homeland fade away , she was being pulled away from every source of comfort she ever knew . From her cage, she helplessly watched her village getting robbed , and her people getting killed . She hugged her legs and buried her face in her arms, sobbing hard , she was helpless and weak , she couldn't save anyone .

Till next time ..