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Story Start!

It was boring being a ghost.

You had no sense of touch or taste, no ability to feel pleasure or pain, and all you could do was watch the world pass by as you were extremely limited in where you could and could not go. Being a ghost in a world where nobody could see you sucked, and when all your friends had passed onto the afterlife and you were the only one who was still around even as a ghost was the worst.

Being a ghost in a house would be fine, if you could mess with the people inside.
Being a ghost in a graveyard would be fine, since people visited and new ghost-mates arrived frequently.
Being a ghost in ANY building was something better than what she was experiencing right now.

Erza Scarlet.

She was a ghost in a crack in the ground.

Being a ghost, she stayed the same as when she died, though her ghost body was completely healthy in appearance. She didn't, she was unable to mature mentally as the world passed her by. She wasn't able to do a lot of things, and pass the time with anything fun was one of those things.

"Stupid magic, keeping my body from decaying..." Erza Scarlet was a frustrated woman.

She died a moderately average heighted woman, with long straight red hair and brown eyes, as well as nice fair and pale skin. She had the perfect hourglass figure with hips that were hide and perfect for child-birthing, and large breasts that never got to experience having a child suckle on them. She was an extremely beautiful woman in many aspects, and though her body was half see-through her beauty still shined through.

She didn't even know what had happened to the world.
She didn't even know how much time had passed since her death.

All she could do was look at her dead body that was still trapped in in the magical barrier that had ultimately killed her and her friends. Though, they escaped the barrier itself during their life, they were trapped by a tree.

"It was weird... the moon glowed and everything was super bright... and then tree roots wrapped around them and... that was it for them." Erza remembered how her friends met their deaths. She herself died from the same thing, she remembered the tree roots coming for her, but the magical barrier prevented them from touching her and wrapping around her. Keeping her dead body perfectly preserved for who knows how long, eventually she was forced to understand that she would be a trapped ghost forever.

The crack in the ground got deeper.
Water filled the crack, and the walls of the canyon became super spiked and dangerous, so she doubted anyone would ever come and find her body.

"Why am I explaining this? I don't know, it seems like exposition to have me say this stuff out loud... Lucy was the author, so I guess I'm just honoring her memory. It doesn't help that sometimes I fall asleep, and don't wake up for decades... and it's getting harder to remember everything... I've got to remember." Erza had told her life story to herself many times. She constantly had to remind herself of everything that happened in her life, just so that she wouldn't forget everything with the passing of the years.

She could always feel it all slipping away.

She hadn't talked to another living thing, not that she was living, in her entire afterlife. She hadn't even seen another living creature for that matter. She could see the sky outside of the hole in the ground, and sometimes she had the privelage of seeing a bird or two up there. She was limited very much so in even what she could and couldn't enjoy, and she was limited to what she could see since she could only go around within 600 feet of her body at any given time.

"Still, for a... super dead corpse, I look very alive still." Erza looked at her own body with a sense of pride for how good she looked as a corpse. She was practically naked, with only hakama pants and bandages around her chest, but that had been how she had been dressed when she had been trapped in the barrier.

No magic could enter or leave the barrier, and the barrier prevented aging or decaying. The barrier had not been designed to kill her, of course, it had been designed to keep her and her friends out of the battles that they were going to face. At first, the barrier kept them in a time-stasis for such a long time that they didn't know how long it had been.

She didn't ever even wonder what little space she could go, simply because she couldn't go high enough to leave the canyon, and everything else was nothing but canyon walls and the ground below her not-quite feet.

Well, as a ghost she sort of just floated.


"Huh? That is a person voice, and it's up there." Erza blinked in surprise when she realized she heard the voice of a young person shouting. She blinked again when she looked up and saw a dot growing in size.

It would seem that she was about to have some company.

Erza floated up quickly into the air, and as she got closer she sensed something that was not magic coming from this person. She blinked in even more surprise, since she sensed something that was like magic.

Actually, she sensed several distinct energies in the body of her visitor.

"Curse you Pervy Sage!"

"Ah, it's a boy... OH, he is falling!" Erza realized this before, but before now it didn't register to her that he was falling down towards the ground at a dreadful speed. Erza floated up as quickly as she could, and she waited for him to get to a level where she could try and see what she could do to help.

Maybe he was some kind of mage in trouble, and she could give him advice for how to save himself from danger?

She didn't know, she had to help.

Erza saw a bright orange track suit with blue shoulders, and she saw a head of spiky hair falling at high speeds. The second he got within her visual range, she noticed that he had really bright blue eyes, fair peach skin, and he was a boy. Now, she did have to appreciate how his face had a slight feminine quality to it (the boy must have his mother's face), but he had an odd three whisker marks on each cheek.

"Summoning Jutsu... AH, I failed again!?"

"Here, let me help... ah!?" Erza forgot that she was a ghost, and the boy slipped right through her arms and he shivered and looked towards her with his eyes widened in even more shock than her own. She floated down after him as he corrected himself, and he seemed to gather some of his inner courage for something.

She felt a powerful surge of energy come out of his body after he had closed his eyes, and he bit his thumb and started to go through some hand signs for something.

Why make those gestures with his hands?


"You can do it orange boy!" Erza cheered him on as she got down to his level.

He blinked and turned his head to her, interrupting what he was about to do as he registered the transparent woman that was floating next to him. The woman whose arms he had just slipped right through.

"Ghost!?" The boy shouted as his hands did an extra hand sign.

"You can do it, don't mind me!" Erza realized she was messing up his concentration, and she blinked as he managed to get ahold of himself for a moment. He stared down at one of the larger spikes on the wall coming up, and he shoved his hand below him, and took a deep breath.

"Summoning Jutsu!"

Nothing happened.

His face slapped against the corner of the sharp rock, and Erza hissed when she saw part of his face get gouged out from that. He gave a shout of shock and pain as his hand went up to his right eye, and Erza realized with more than a little guilt that she had ruined his concentration for whatever it was that he had been about to do.

"I'm so sorry!" Erza chased down after him.

She had fucked up.

"Gah! I can still do this... gah!? What were the hand signs!?" He shouted when he realized he had somehow messed up the hand signs for his technique. Erza watched him reach into his back pocket and pull out a knife and attach a piece of paper to it. He threw it extremely fast, fast enough that she was surprised a possibly 13 year old boy could throw anything so fast. The second it stabbed into a rock deeper down, the knife exploded and took a massive chunk of the rock with it.

"Woah! Impressive, good going!" Erza cheered him on again when he reached out with his hand and grabbed onto the shattered rock spike.

"Guh!" He grunted in pain when his hand got stuck between two jagged chunks of the rock, but he had managed to slow himself down using his hand. He shouted in pain when momentum caused the sharp, jagged edges of the rock to slice into his forearm and seperate his right hand from the rest of his body. "Why is my luck so-"


"-bad... that's some bad luck." Erza watched as he hit the ground back first, and she winced when she saw the rock that his hand was attached to crumble and fall to the ground, crushing his hand and ensuring that he couldn't reattach it. "... That's... totally my fault. I think that me trying to save him, actually caused him to mess up." Erza realized that maybe things would have been better if she had stayed out of it.

The boy glanced at her with hazy eyes, still dazed from hitting the ground with near the full force of the fall.

"Uuuuuh... that was your fault... you made me mess up. Ghost lady, how bad are my injuries?" He couldn't move anything, so he needed her to tell him.

Erza floated next to him, and she winced.

"A couple of broken bones for sure... and you're missing your right hand from the forearm down. You lost your right eye too." Erza stated as she looked at the missing portion of his face.

She blinked.

He was healing.

There was steam coming off his face, the gouged out parts of his face were extremely quickly healing as his flesh returned back to normal. She watched as, while he didn't grow his eye back, a good portion of his face was now back to what it would have looked like before. His healing slowed a little the second the wounds became non-fatal though, and the bleeding from his arm slowed down.

"I'm really sorry... I would do whatever I can to help, but I'm still dead and can't really help with much."

"I want my arm and eye back." He groaned in pain as he started to get the ability to move his body again. Erza nodded her head and looked around, and her eyes looked at her own body still trapped in the magic barrier. The tree roots were wrapped around the barrier, but she could see that her own hand would be about the right side if they cut her arm off from the right point and attached it.

It should work.

If he cut off part of her arm, and cut off a portion of his own arm to make a clean cut, then he might be able to use that odd healing factor of his to reattach her arm to his body. The way he was healing, meant that while he could not regrow his limbs, his body would stitch itself back together easily enough.
(Author Note: Like how Madara attached White Zetsu's arm and Obito's eye to himself)

"What's your name?" Erza asked him.

"Uzumaki Naruto."

"Well Naruto, it won't be your arm... back if you want you can take mine. My body has been preserved in time by that barrier over there, and with your healing abilities I'm sure that my arm and eye would fit you well enough." Erza would be happy for him to have part of herself to make up for the damage that she had done.

"That's... not how surgery works."

"Only if you don't believe hard enough in your own abilities." Erza stated, sure of her idea and it's potential to work. She saw him start to move, and he sat up after his bones had healed enough for him to move comfortable again. "See, with your healing I'm sure it will work." Erza assured him with a wide smile.

He would have more than likely not failed at what he had been doing earlier if it were not for her after all.

He stood up.

"Uh, I don't feel right doing this... MMMM!?" Naruto bit his lip as he used another kunai to slice part of his own arm off to make the cut cleaner. He walked towards the magical barrier, and he looked at Erza with a raised eyebrow.

"It shouldn't... I'm sure that since you're not a mage, it won't trap you inside!" Erza assured him again, since the barrier was only suppose to affect those with magic at their core. "Though... to be safe, reattach the arm out here." Erza stated with a shiver at the thought that she might ruin things even further and cause him to get trapped in the barrier as well.

She winced when he cut off a portion of her arm.

She winced again when he removed one of her eyes as well, even though she didn't feel it herself, watching her corpse get mutilated wasn't something she had ever expected she would experience.

"... This will work?" Naruto asked her as he walked out of the barrier with her arm on his shoulder, and her eye in his hand. "What is your blood type?" Naruto asked her, and she shrugged.

Like she was expected to know something like that.

Naruto sweatdropped.

"Are... you even dumber than me?"

"I'm highly intelligent, I just don't care for trivial things!" Erza shouted when her intelligence was insulted. She was super smart, but that didn't mean she knew everything about herself or the world around her. "Anyway, that's a hell of a thing to say to the person trying to save your arm and eye!" Erza accused him with a glare.

Naruto glared back at her.

"That's a lot of bitching from somebody who cost me my arm and eye!"

"Yeah, you have a point, but you can be nicer about it!" Erza shouted back in anger, while also still admitting he was right. She didn't nearly kill him on purpose, and he had managed to use his skills to save his life in the end.

"I'm crippled and half-blind, I'll be as rude as I want!"

"You going to take my body or not already!?"

"FINE!" Naruto shouted as he pushed her eye into his socket, and the eye started to steam over as his healing factor started to kick in, understanding that there was an eye currently where there should be. When the steam passed and stopped getting produced, Naruto opened the eye and stared blanky at Erza.


"It worked." Erza stated while puffing her chest out.

"Don't get cocky just because your idea worked, anyway..." Naruto pushed her arm up against where he was missing his arm.


"It. Worked."

"... Sorry for snapping... it's still your fault though." Naruto grumbled when her arm was attached to him, and he was able to move his new hand. He would admit that he was being rude, but he also had a pretty good reason to be rude.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head.

Erza blinked when she felt the sensation of soft hair in her hand.



Chapter End!
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1. Erza and her friends were all caught by the Infinite Tsukuyomi when Kaguya herself first used it, but Erza was never turned into a White Zetsu because she was never captured by the Tree Roots.
Then, Kaguya battled her sons and were sealed away by them, but all those who could use magic were turned into White Zetsu by the tree.
Since the battle between Kaguya and her sons reshaped the planet, Erza's body ended up at the bottom of a dangerous canyon.

Eventually all magic died out, and chakra became the dominant power.

Since I KNEW people were going to ask, I decided to explain why Erza is in the Naruto-verse at the end of the chapter.