I stared at Ronodin. Kendra and Seth were down in that tournament, risking their lives. Only one person would survive in the end. And I can't lose either of them.

He knows Ronodin can't be trusted, but if he can make it worth his while, maybe he could save Kendra and Seth.

"So, you want me to save them hmm? I don't know, seems like a lot of work. Seth's already betrayed me. And little Fairy Princess is definitely not worth my time seeing how she's way too loyal to my obnoxious cousin. So why would I waste my time saving them?" Ronodin leaned forward, a smirk on his face.

"I'll help you." I swallowed. "I'll join your side and help you however you want."

He grinned, "Oh would you, you their valiant protector? You'd join me if it meant saving them?"

"Yes, I would do anything to save them." He's dangerous, but he's also my only hope to save Kendra and Seth.

"Alright then." He turned away.

I blinked, "HEY?"

"Don't worry Mr. Protector, the Princess and Prince will be safe and sound. Just wait for me to call you." He sounds so smug I want to punch him. But if he's going to save them… I'll just have to wait.

"Oh yeah," I looked back at him at his call, "I wouldn't even think about betraying me. I'm making this binding," he looked over his shoulder at me, "Betray me, and those kids you're selling yourself for will die."

I stiffened, can he do that? I can't afford to assume not.

Now I just have to trust the second most untrustworthy person I know, not even Ronodin can beat the Sphinx in that at least.

"Heya Mr. Protector. Got your kiddos."

I nearly jumped out of my skin when he appeared behind me, Kendra and Seth unconscious and held by… how did he get the minotaur guards to help him?

"Right, so now I'll get them home, uh, thanks." I reached for them.

"Uh, uh. That's not happening." I froze.

"You sold yourself to me Protector. I decide what you do now. And I say that you're coming with me."

"But I have to get them home! You said you would save them!"

"I said I would save them from the tournament, never said anything about me. The kids are coming with, and if you want them to live, then you're coming with too! Won't this be fun? It's a fieldtrip!"

I heard a soft groan as Kendra started to stir.

"Rondin," I snarled.

"Warren," mumbled a voice, Kendra.

She shot up, yelping when she saw the minotaur carrying her, before freezing at the site of Ronodin.

"Morning Princess," he chirped, grinning at her, "How was your rest?"

"Wha- Warren," she looked ready to fight, the minotaurs would kill her. I can't allow that.

"Fine. Let's go then Ronodin."


"I'm so glad you agree! Off we go then, oh and if Kendra tries to escape grab her, can't have the Princess getting away. Right?" He smirked at me, testing me. But I did agree, and if I don't do as he says… I don't know if there's some magic that would hurt Kendra and Seth if I don't listen. I have to do as he says for now.

To keep them safe, I just have to betray them.

"Right, I won't let her get away."

"Warren!?" Kendra sounded so sad, so confused, so scared. It ached to do this. But it was betraying them or letting them die. And if they're alive they can be safe again. I'd pick this again in a heartbeat if it kept them safe.

"Time to go."