Ronodin came into their room.

It was more comfortable then their previous cell had been.

It had a window for one, and a connected bathroom.

All the furniture was bolted down, it was all impossible to break (and they'd tried). There were clean clothes in their size in the dresser, there were soft socks, comfy pillows, plenty of food.

Ronodin came in and smiled at them.

They couldn't bring forth the effort to glare back.

"Would you like to sit?"

He tilted his head towards the couch.

They sat. What else could they do?

"I'm very sorry that your escape went so roughly. It's good you were found when you were though. You were right on the path of a manticore nest. Would've ended badly wouldn't it've?

Kendra swallowed, Seth sat straight.

"It's okay though! Cause you're safe and sound here once more. Do you like the new room? It's comfy right? I tried to make it comfy."

"It's fine," Kendra mumbled.

"That's great! How are you feeling? Does anything hurt? Anything I can get you so you'll be more comfortable?"

"Why?" Seth asked.

"Why what princeling?" Ronodin tilted his head in curiosity.

"Why are you making us comfortable? Why aren't you putting us in a cell? Why aren't you hurting us? Trying to turn us against our family!?" Seth breathed hard, tears pricking the corners of his eyes, "Just… why?"

Ronodin's gaze seemed to soften, "oh you poor little royals, I'm not going to put you in an uncomfortable cell. And I'm certainly not going to starve you, or harm you. I'm not a monster."

"You tried to kill us," Kendra pointed out helpfully.

"I wasn't really trying to kill you, in fact I saved your life at least three times."

Kendra frowned.

"Look little royals-"

"Why do you call us that?"

He blinked, "Becaaaauuuussee, you're basically the fairy princess, dear old auntie gave you direct access to all her power, then didn't teach you to use it but anyways, and little princeling is, one: Your brother, and two: basically prince of the underlands. The King there did offer his crown to you at least twenty-seven times."

Seth frowned, "I remember like three times."

"Well, most of the times were him telling me to make you accept the crown, but I digress."

Seth jerked, "WHAT?!"

"Anyways, little royals, you don't have to get involved in this war. It's almost over anyways. They're missing key players on their side, two are dead, one is on my side, you two are here which makes them a tad hesitant to attack any of my forces-"

"What do you mean two are dead? I know-" She faltered, "I know about… Vanessa…"

"Ah… I suppose you haven't heard? I'm very sorry to be the one to bear the news then. Dale died in an incident with a fog giant."

They froze, "Wha-what?"

"Him and Warren were running some errands and were attacked. Warren was badly injured, though his is fully recovered now, Dale unfortunately perished."

Kendra choked back a sob, before burying her face in her hands.

"I am very sorry for your loss." Ronodin looked on with a sympathetic expression.

Seth latched onto his sister with a sniff, acting as if he didn't need the comfort as well.

"Well, you two are welcome to stay here, safe and sound. I won't let anyone harm you." He smiled gently, reaching out to pat their heads.

"Is it a choice? Or are we trapped here?"

"Well, I suppose you're a little trapped, if only because they've taken to killing my people on sight so I'm not sending anyone to tell them where they could pick you up. So you have to stay, at least for a bit."

Kendra lowered her gaze, wondering why they would kill his people? Sure, they're bad, but, didn't they try not to kill? As much as possible?

That wasn't good of them.

"Plus, you know, the war has gotten fairly violent. And I'm not sending children out into it. So you can stay here until things calm down!"

Kendra slowly nodded, leaning into Seth.


"Wonderful, once again, I am terribly sorry for your loss, let me know if there's anything I can do to make you more comfortable, there's a bell in the draw by the beds, you can ring it for help, and do take care of yourself."

He leaned forward with a smile, "Your safety is our top priority. Children are sacred you know."

He stood now, peering down at them, "Get some rest!"

He turned to leave.


"Hmm?" He paused, glancing over his shoulder.

"Where's… where's Warren?"

"Ah, he's out, doing some mission for the dragon knights of dawn I suppose."


"I'll send him to you when he returns."

"… Thank you," It was said so softly if he hadn't had enhanced hearing he'd of missed it.

He nodded and left.

Ronodin smiled as he stepped out.

The cute kids, they were so small, so young, and so desperate.

It wouldn't take much more.

And sending Warren to speak with them would do a lot for turning them to his side.

Soon, soon the silly light side will learn.

After all, who was gonna attack those kids? The fairy queen would have their heads.

Everything was going according to plan.