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Kendra and Seth had been trapped there for a few weeks.

Ronodin would visit periodically, and Warren had been by twice.


He'd explained why the first time.

How he'd felt they weren't safe with their family. How he felt they'd throw them back into the fight.

Ronodin wasn't doing that.

And he was right.

For as bad as Ronodin was supposed to be, he hadn't harmed them, not even a scratch.

Ronodin couldn't be more pleased.

The little royals would be at his beck and call soon enough.

Already they were responding positively to him, faint smiles, less hostility, it took time. But he had plenty of it.

And now the final dragon preserve had fallen.

Sure, it had cost both sides quite a few losses, the light side had lost multiple skilled fighters, and their potion expert Tanu. Plus, some woman named Elise if he was remembering correctly.

They had lost one of the dragon princes.

Not that he really cares, the dragon preserves were simply a means to an end.

Ah well, he has plans. And the little royals are front and center for them.

Warren grimaced, they had figured out they had a traitor, and Ronodin had ordered him to grab Tess and Knox and bring them to him.

He didn't know why, no one liked Knox.

Nonetheless, he'd grabbed them, as told.

He arrived at the base, Ronodin's base was as dramatic, but hidden, as ever.

The kids were asking him questions, but he just needed to drop them off with Ronodin.

If he had to hear one more comment about how if they were going on an adventure Knox would beat up all the bad guys, then he would be giving Ronodin Knox's body.

Stupid brat, insulting Kendra.

The little royals were being brought down, now was the time.

Ronodin had plans, and it was time to enact them.

He had spent over four months working on the siblings, they were finally listening to him. He told them to move they did, he told them to eat they did, he told them to go to bed they did.

Small things, but now for big things.

He told them to come downstairs, they came.

He told them to sit, they sat.

He gave them water and told them to drink, they drank.

He told them to kill their cousins, they stared.

Baby steps.

"They aren't nearly what you think little royals," He spoke gently to them, dropping a hand on their shoulders as he sat on the table in front of them.

"These children, can you truly believe that the light wouldn't send them out? That they haven't?"

He had spent weeks discussing the light, their actions, how it had harmed the two little royals, "Can you truly say letting them fight in the war, die in the war, is kindness? A slow death, painful, eaten, burned, broken?"

Kendra let out a choked sob, covering her face.

He gently tucked a strand of her hair back.

He had spent weeks coaxing them into seeing that living with the light, living to fight wars, living to die in those wars, as children, as victims, was horrible, "Can you truly not tell me that it isn't a mercy right now? To end it gently? Kindly?"

They hesitated, both peering up at him. They looked so torn, so upset.

"But, couldn't we just keep them safe? Keep them here? Like you are with us?"

And how lovely it was. They trusted him now.

"Oh Kendra, keeping you two safe is taking all of my skill. And you two listen, you two don't go running around or trying to escape. These two, they aren't anything like you. You two are so much more."

So much better then the two useless cousins that are only good for teaching these two little royals a lesson. They will obey him in the end, it'll just take a bit more coaxing.

"They couldn't be kept safe here, and they're already wandering into a war. They've been seen multiple times by the dragons forces out there, exploring and doing jobs for the Dragon Knights of Dawn. Do you want them to suffer?"

"NO!" Kendra cried, jolting up, tears in her eyes.

The poor princess, it's alright. he smiled gently, "I know you don't."

He held out the two knives. They both stared again.

Kendra slowly reached out and took one. Seth followed a second later.

Ronodin smiled.

"It's alright. Remember, it's a kindness. They won't suffer. You can save them from more suffering."

To watch them accept the knife. To watch them walk into the room.

It was wonderful.

"Kendra, Seth! I'm glad you're okay." Tess started towards them, relief on her face.

Kendra hesitated, then continued forward, knife in hand, it's a mercy after all.

Ronodin smiled.

Watching it was delightful, watching little Tess try to run, watching the Knox boy shove her aside to flee himself.

He won't get far.

But watching her shock, her horror, the betrayal, the tears come.

Watching as her brother left her to die to save himself right then. He might've been a hero once, but against his cousins, with no magic in hand, he fled.

Watching the little royals cry, but still do as he said. He was extremely pleased.

They'll be so useful, the little royals, such cute obedient kids.

Knox was pushed back in by a guard, careful not to harm him, just like Ronodin ordered.

Watching Seth and him grapple briefly before Seth won.

He grinned, he couldn't wait to turn them on Bracken.

How devastated his cousin would be.

Will be.

He drew them back, sent in a minion to clean the mess.

"You did well, a kindness the light wouldn't have granted them."

Kendra cried, clutching his shirt. "I- I didn't want to," she choked out.

"I know, but sometimes we must do things we don't want to. It's a mercy. You were merciful to them. You did good little princess." He wrapped his arms around both of them, offering comfort and hiding his smile.

They were perfect. Bracken would break to face them.

He would have to be careful to not let Bracken break his careful conditioning, but a little more work put in first would assure his victory.

Of course, that's assuming his cousin ever escapes the Blackwell. Not many would stand a chance against the army of wraiths, revenants, undead, and of course the Lich.

He smiled down at the children clinging to him, such precious children. Such powerful children.

The little royals would bring the light kingdom down.

And he would smile as their world burned to the ground.

Warren had one last order before he was to go back to Ronodin permanently.

Kill Ruth and Stan.

He didn't like it, but… it hurts less.

It hurts less than Vanessa, or… Dale. It hurt less than the dozens of agents he'd led to their deaths.

So now he moved to their room.

"Warren? Did you need something?" Ruth took a step towards him.

Yes, he did need something. Even if it hurt.

Nothing could stop him now though. He'd done the worst already, nothing could compare.

He raised the gun.

"You…" She breathed, eyes wide.

"NO!" Stan shoved her back, she stumbled towards the window.


Stan hit the ground.

Ruth screamed.

Warren stepped forward, Stan cried out.

"Warren… why?"

Ruth was out the window, her cries still audible.

"It's all for them. To save their lives. To save a life, to save their life, I would do anything. Even end yours."

"Warren. I-"

Warren swallowed back the tears. It's all for them, everything has always been for them.