Kurogiri POV

I teleported up to the children the moment I felt Eraserhead's quirk cease affecting me.

"There is no escape for you." I appeared in front of them, cutting off their escape. "It is a pleasure to meet you. We are the League of Villains. I know it's impolite, but we decided to invite ourselves-"

Wait, that green hair, the freckles, the green eyes… That's Midoriya Izuku. Fuck. What's he doing here!? He's quirkless, how did he get in this class? I have to continue, can't draw attention to him.

"-in. Isn't this a fitting place for All Might, the symbol of peace, to take his last breath? I believe he was supposed to be here today, and yet I see no sign of him."

Okay I'm keeping their attention, and the only one that seems to have noticed my pause is Izuku himself.

"There must've been some sort of change in plans we could not have foreseen." Right, now to get Izuku to safety while I throw the rest of the class to the other villains we brought.

"Ah, well, in the end, I suppose it doesn't matter. I still have a role to play."

I prepared to warp the students away.

I jolted back when two of the students charged at me, screaming the whole way. They went through me of course but that was close.

"You live up to your school's reputation, but you should be more careful children. Otherwise, someone might get hurt."

"You two, get out of the way, right now!" Thirteen called her students away, but not fast enough.

"I'll scatter you across this facility, to meet my comrades, and your deaths!" I warped them away, aiming one on Izuku that would take him safely to a spot with no villains, the top of the waterslide should be safe enough for now. And then he moved.

The children were portaled away, and Izuku was heading into the shipwreck zone.


Shiggy POV

I watched Eraserhead moving, "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twel-" his hair dropped.

He's very good, fast and dangerous. Not bad for an NPC. But I'm figuring out his pattern. He can't keep his eyes open as long. They're probably getting dry.


"First it was twenty-three seconds."

"The final boss" Eraserhead turned to face me.

"hehe, then it was twenty-four seconds. And then twenty. Then seventeen." I grabbed his capture scarf as I ran forward, tugging it out of my way.

I reached for his face, he'll die.

"Urgh" He almost managed to elbow me in the stomach. That was a close one.

I idly noticed the small figures to the side, some kids watching the fight now.

There we go, his hair fell again.

"It was hard to see when you were jumping around, but I've found your tell, it's your hair."

My quirk was back, I felt it begin to crumble his sleeve.

"When it drops, it means you've stopped using your quirk. You're having to blink more often."

He jerked, a grimace on his face.

"Don't push yourself to hard now. You might just fall apart." I couldn't help the grin that slipped over my face.

His arm was very much beginning to disintegrate, the skin gone on his elbow, the muscle showing through as my quirk started to work deeper.

I heard a cry off to the side, and Eraserhead lunged forward with a grunt, slamming a fist into my face.

I scowled, "That annoying quirk of yours isn't suited for drawn-out fights against big groups, is it?" I rose slowly as he stood surrounded by the NPC's I brought.

"Don't you think you're a little out of your element here, Eraserhead? You're much better at working stealthily. You're known for surprise attacks, not fighting head-to-head."

His hair was up I noticed. He's panting, clutching his destroyed elbow, gaze focused on me.

"But despite knowing that, you didn't hesitate to jump into the middle of this fight, to put your students at ease." I did have a good amount of respect for him. Unlike most heroes, he really was protecting his charges and helping people who needed it. He was well known for it even.

The NPC's attacked him again, and despite his injuries and exhaustion, he still beat all of them. Hehe, he's really good at this.

He turned to face me, quirk activating again, capture scarf at the ready.

"And look at you, you're still standing! You really are so cool!" I grinned again.

Too bad for him, I might like him more than most heroes, but he's in my way.

"Oh, by the way hero." Nomu surged to appear behind him in an instant. "I am not the final boss." Nomu attacked.

Eraserhead hit the ground, his goggles broken, blood surrounding his form.

"What do you think of him, Eraserhead?" I peered at him, is he dead?

"Hm… He's the bioengineered anti-symbol of Peace. But you can call him Nomu."

The Nomu shrieked.

I perked up as Eraserhead grunted, Nomu yanking his arm.

He screamed. Whoops, looks like Nomu broke his arm. His head lifted, his face a mask of pain.

"You can erase people's powers. That's irritating, but it's nothing impressive. When faced with true, devastating power, you might as well be a quirkless child."

I paused for a moment. Perhaps I should've picked better wording. My little brother is quirkless. But then, he's not very physically strong, mentally he's deadly, almost as good at analyzing as Sensei. But still, too late to take back the wording, even if it is accurate.

Eraserhead slowly turned his head, I grinned as he activated his quirk, and Nomu smashed his face into the ground, and his arm. He gave a strangled scream, going still.

Nomu pulled his head up, Eraserhead groaning faintly as he did. Then Nomu shoved his face down again.

"Tomura Shigaraki" I glanced over to Kurogiri, looks like he's back.

"Kurogiri, did you manage to kill Thirteen?"

"The rescue hero is out of commission." Imma take that as a no. "But there were students I was unable to disperse and one of them got outside of the facility."

I twitched before turning fully to him, he… "Huh?" I stared for a moment before scratching at my neck. The itch was back. The plan was ruined. It was destroyed. We can't take on all the pros that would come, how could Kurogiri fail so badly! He's one of Sensei's most trusted and he screwed up!


I scratched harder, how could he fail me so badly. The utter failure. The itch was worse. I can't believe he'd ruin our plans like this. All he had to do was kill some kids, how could he screw that up! Kids aren't that hard to kill!

"You fool"

He didn't even have to kill them, just get them away from the exit. Idiot!

"If you weren't our warp gate, I'd tear apart every last atom in your body."

I stopped. Lowering my hands. It's over.

"There's no way we can win if dozens of pros show up to stop us. It's game over. Back to the title screen."

And here I was wanting to beat the boss fight now.

"And I was looking forward to finishing this today. Damn it. Let's go home."

I heard some murmuring from the kids off to the side.

You know what, maybe we should leave something behind for All Might to see when they get here.

"Oh, before we leave, lets make sure the Symbol of Peace is broken. Let's wreck his pride."

I lunged, reaching the kids in an instant.

"Let's make this hurt"

I froze. My hand was inches from the girls face but… the boy there... that's…


Then I noticed the feel of my quirk being gone. Not that that was important. Ototou was here… how? He's quirkless, how could he get into the elite hero course class at UA. If it was just based on smarts he'd be top of the class, but the physical requirements.

He blinked, "what?"

Oh right, he doesn't know me. Sensei kept him separate from us. To keep him safe from Sensei's enemies. Fuck.

Time to play it off a bit, my quirk is gone right now, let's fix that.

"You really are so cool, Eraserhead." I turned to look over my shoulder, watching as the Nomu smashed his face down again, less violently than before.

I turned back, oh there's three kids, don't know where the purple one came from. Eh, I'll kill him…

Otouto lunged suddenly.

"I don't know who you are, but you let her go!" He swung his fist towards me, and I noticed the build up of power immediately. When the hell did he get a quirk!?


The wind force from his punch almost knocked me back, and I did withdraw my hand. I'm not gonna say no to my little Otouto.

Nomu shielded me from Otouto's punch, I couldn't see his face, but he seemed frozen. I should encourage him!

"You're pretty powerful huh, This 'smash' of yours"

Oh no, oh no, no, no. Smash, like All Might. Information gathering time.

"Are you one of All Might's disciples?"

Uh oh, my Nomu grabbed his arm, Oh no, I reached for the purple kid as my Otouto pulled away. "Nomu!" I'll order Nomu off and kill this kid.

Nomu froze.


I jerked to look, the doors smashed in. Dust rose as I heard footsteps all the way from here. I grinned.

"I couldn't shake the feeling that something had gone wrong here when Aizawa and Thirteen didn't answer my calls. So I hurried over, running into Young Iida along the way. He told me of the villainy at work here."

There he is, with no one else. Only one pro came.

"Have no fear students."

All Might stood tall at the edge of the stairs.

"I am here!"


"Look, we're saved!" The annoying purple one is dying.

"He's here, All Might!"

Aww, my Otouto is so cute. Also afraid. This is why we keep him inside and safe damn it!

Before I deal with All Might though. I finished reaching for the purple one. Grabbing his head I grinned as he crumbled to dust. My Nomu is positioned between my Otouto and him so Otouto won't be traumatized.

I stood, "After all this waiting, the heroic piece of trash shows up."

"Mineta" croaked the girl, horrified.

A blur and the NPC's hit the ground, groaning. All Might had Eraserhead in his arms, cradling him as he held him away from the mob.

He murmured something to soft to hear.

Oh, I didn't know All Might had a love interest. Good. To. Know.

I blinked and the girl and Otouto were gone, All Might grabbing them. As if Otouto was in danger from me! I jerked as father's hand came off my face.

He's too fast.

"Everybody back to the entrance and take Aizawa with you. He doesn't have much time."

"Yes sir." Otouto sounded scared. How dare All Might scare my Otouto. Doesn't he know Otouto has all but worshipped him for years!? Otouto adores that piece of trash and he scares him! He'll die for that too now.

"no, no, no." I need my father's hand back first. Then Otouto. "It wasn't supposed to go this way. He's still fast, Father. Somehow he managed to hit me."

I picked up father's hand, relaxing once it was back in place.

"Of course a government hero relies on violence." I should make sure Otouto has some lessons on heroes while he's here. "I wasn't prepared. I couldn't even see him when he moved. But he's not as fast as I thought he'd be." I could still react, even if not in time.

"Not as fast as he used to be. I guess it's true after all." I grinned now, "All Might really is getting weaker."

Otouto paused, a flash of something on his face. I'll plant the seeds, he'll understand.

"All Might, you can't! That brain villain took One for-" He faltered, looking at his friend worried. So cute, he shouldn't be with these NPCs. "I-I smashed him and didn't break my arm this time-"

I'm sorry, didn't break his arm? What the fuck. Who do I need to kill.

"-but he wasn't fazed at all. He's too strong!"

Aww, Otouto can tell. Of course he can, he's so smart.

"Young Midoriya" All Might threw a hand out to silence Otouto. The absolute fucking nerve. Otouto was talking.

"I got this!"

'I got this, I got this' shut up All Might.

Otouto glanced at Eraserhead, before turning away, carrying him away, the girl helping him.

All Might turned to face me. "CAROLINA"

Fuck "Nomu."


Of course it did no damage. Did he not hear Otouto!?

"I guess he wasn't wrong when he said it had no effect on you!" Yeah no shit sherlock.

Nomu grabbed for him and he dodged, lunging forward to hit Nomu again, and again, and again.

Nomu screeched as it reached for him, he leapt back to avoid it.

"It doesn't even matter where I punch you, does it."

I'm getting insulted.

"That's because Nomu here has shock absorption, All Might."

All Might threw some more punches at Nomu, who struck back.

"The only way you're going to hurt him is to slowly gouge out his flesh." I grinned, "Of course, I don't think he'll sit back and let you do that. You've finally met your match. Hehe"

All Might smiled though.

"Ha! Thanks for telling me how to beat him!"

… what?

"All I have to do is wear him down, then its on to you!"


All Might smashed Nomu downwards with a grunt, SMASH, a big cloud of dust covered the area.

"hey, hey now." Rude.

I watched delighted as the cloud of dust dispersed, to show that Kurogiri pulled through. Nomu coming up through the portal to grab at All Might's side.

"Oh come on, what kinda cheap move was that?"

Ha, he acts like we play without cheat codes. Newbie.

"Nice. You were trying to bury him in the concrete, so he couldn't move around anymore. Sorry, that won't work. Nomu's as strong as you are. That won't stop him."

All Might grunted.

Oh right, positive reinforcement. "Nice work, Kurogiri." I laughed, "We've got him just where we want him now."

I noticed the blood showing on his dress shirt. Honestly, I can't believe he came to fight us dressed like that. The audacity, thinks he's so great. Kurogiri is starting to close his portal, he always has trouble closing it fast with people partway through it.

"If this is your best then you've picked the wrong place to attack. You should just give up now!"

Heroes, always giving grand speeches. So annoying.


"Normally I wouldn't want blood and viscera flooding the insides of my warp gates, but I'll make an exception for a hero as great as you. Since you're too fast to see with the human eye, Nomu had to restrain you. And once he's pulled your body halfway through, I'll squeeze the gate shut."

Ah, monologuing. The staple of any villains career. It's a necessity, it happens in all my games. How are they supposed to feel hopeless if you don't explain why they should feel that way.

"I'm going to enjoy tearing you to pieces."

All Might jerked in Nomu's hold, desperately trying to pull free.

I blinked as All Might's attention got caught by… Otouto. What is he doing? He was leaving, going to where he's safe! Now he's running strait forward!?

Kurogiri warped between them, good, he'll move Otouto to safety.

"How foolish."


"Get the hell out of my way DEKU!" A blond boy appeared.

… did he just call Otouto useless? Okay so he's dying.

Blond boy smashed Kurogiri down, holding an exploding palm to his neck.

Ice suddenly surged across the field, freezing my Nomu. I saw the boy dressed in… half ice? And a dress shirt? What is with heroes and their dumb costumes?

"One of your poorly trained thugs told me you're here because you think you can kill All Might."

Ugh, so full of himself.

All Might pulled himself free. Ugh. It was all going so well. And now these annoYING KIDS ARE IN OUR WAY.

"Are you okay?" My Otouto really is an angel like Sensei said. Too good for this horrible world.

"YAAARGH" Some red freak lunged for me. Ugh. Way too slow.

I casually slunk back.

"Damn, that was gonna be so cool!" Idiot

"Guess I found your body this time ya smoky bastard!" What does he mean this time?

"The Symbol of Peace will not be defeated by delinquents like you."

Everyone's a critic.

"Kacchan, Everyone." Okay, so get Otouto away, and kill the idiots.

I studied the area briefly, so some high-level NPC's are here. They took down my warper, and the boss is injured. But my boss fighter is still fine.

"Kurogiri, how could you let this brat get the best of you?" Really it's shameful, he's what, twelve? "You've gotten us into a real jam here."

"Heh. You got careless, you dumb villain. It wasn't hard to figure you out. Only certain parts of you turned into that smoking warp gate. You used that mist to hide your actual body, as a kind of distraction, thinking that made you safe! That's why we missed."

I groaned loudly, "I wasn't talking to you, you obnoxious blond Pomeranian."

The brat ignored me.

"But if you didn't have a body, you wouldn't be wearing this neck armor, right? You're not immune to physical attacks if they're well aimed."

Kurogiri grunted, shifting slightly.

"Don't move!" He leaned down, "You try anything funny, and I'll blow your ass up right now, you got it? They'll be cleanin' you up for weeks."

Okay now I'm mad. I'm the only one who gets to threaten Kurogiri.

"Oh, that doesn't sound very heroic." The dumb red one commented.

"They escapted uninjured and captured my two strongest men. Kids these days really are amazing." They did do good, even with how dumb and annoying they are. "They make the League of Villains look like amateurs. Can't have that."

I glanced at the Nomu, "Nomu."

It screeched as it pulled itself out of the warp gate, the ice shattering its body.

"How is that thing still moving? He's all messed up." Oh my sweet Otouto is limited in his knowledge, can't do an accurate analysis that way.

"Stay back everybody!" Stop interrupting Otouto All Might, geeze, have some fucking manners.

Nomu regenerated. All Might can die now.

"What is this!? I thought you said his power was shock absorption."

I rolled my eyes. "I didn't say that was his only quirk. He also has super regeneration." I flashed a glance at my Otouto, he was listening to every word. Might as well brag a little. "Nomu has been modified to take you on All Might, even at 100% of your power. He's basically a highly efficient punching bag that hits back."

Nomu was back to 100%. Now then.

"First we need to free our method of escape." The blond brat can die. "Get him Nomu."

There was a blur as Nomu moved, and a crash a moment later. The kids went flying. I turned to check on Otouto, he seemed okay, if a bit ruffled.

"Such force." He looked up, eyes widening. Oh no, don't tell me he likes the dumb blond brat that called him useless?

"KACCHAN!" ugh.

He blinked and looked beside him. Where the blond brat was sitting. Stupid All Might.

"Kacchan? Whoa, that's awesome, you dodged him!" My sweet Otouto didn't notice yet huh?

"Not quite, but that's okay, you didn't see it did you. All Might moves fast huh?" Otouto looked at me in surprise, then turned.

"Wait, then how?" Oh the dumb red one, I wasn't talking to him.

But Otouto had realized, his gaze was on All Might, coughing at the wall. Otouto is so smart.

"These are kids, and you didn't hold back!?"

Did he not notice me killing the purple one earlier? No? Okay. Besides, the blond one was rude to Otouto. He deserved death.

"I didn't have much choice though, He was threatening my companion. Besides, these kids are no angels. The blond Pomeranian was threatening to blow up Kurogiri, the spiky red one tried to punch me in the face, and ice ice baby over there froze Nomu's limbs off. What kind of hero does something like that?"

I shook my head, "You think you can get away with being as violent as you want if you say it's for the sake of others." Otouto needs to learn. The heroes aren't so good.

"Well, you know what All Might. That pisses me off. Why do some people get to decide that some violent acts are heroic, and others are villainous?" Was calling Otouto "Deku" heroic? Was that good?

"Casting judgement as to what's 'good' and what's 'evil'. You think you're the Symbol of Peace? HA. You're just another government sponsored instrument of violence. And violence always breeds more violence. I'll make sure the world understands that once you're dead."

I glanced back over at Otouto. The speech is for him after all. Good. He's listening. I won't let these heroes corrupt my sweet Otouto. Sensei would be so upset.

"You're nothing but a lunatic. Criminals like you, you always try to make your actions sound noble. But admit it, you're only doing this because you like it. Isn't that right?"

"Heh, maybe when we came. But no, I do have my reasons now. Heh heh, you couldn't understand, All Might. You're a barbarian, racking up exp by beating up anyone in your way. Going for all the boss fights. Well this will be your last one."

All Might growled, and the kiddies started talking.

"We've got them outnumbered."

"And Kacchan found the mist guys weakness." Otouto could've if he'd had a moment to consider it. Stupid blond.

"These dudes may act really tough, but we can take 'em down now with All Might's help." Loser red hardened his body, "Let's do this."

"Don't attack!" All Might moved in front of them again. "Get out of here."

"You would've been in trouble earlier if it weren't for me, remember?" Ice rink readied for an attack, "You need our help."

"I thank you for your assistance, but this is different. It's gonna be alright. Just sit back and watch a pro at work."

And you know, attacking us without us striking first is against the law. Which they should know.

"But you're too hurt, you're bleeding." Ah leave it to Otouto to notice the injuries, and he's right. All Might will die now. "You're almost out of-"

Oh? What's that. Did Otouto find out something about All Might? Some weakness, and now he's worried.

"Heh, don't worry, we'll kill you quickly, All Might." I stepped forward, talking time is over.

"Nomu, Kurogiri, Kill him. I'll deal with the children." Blondie is dying, maybe snowflake too. Not sure about loser red. He's not interesting. Otouto is of course going to be left alone, not going to let him get hurt.

"Let's clear this level and go home." I'll bring Otouto with me, Sensei needs to know that he now has a quirk. And that its apparently one that breaks his bones.

I lunged for the kids, aiming for the blond. Kacchan I think. "Huh" I turned. All Might.

He zipped right between me and the kids and kept moving. He and Nomu met head on. The explosion sent us flying.

"Weren't you listening? One of his powers is shock absorption." Is he dumber than I thought? I know he's barbarian class but still.

"Yeah? What about it?"


He kept punching. Otouto was being blown back. He'd better not put Otouto at risk.

"no, I can't get near them"

Why is Kurogiri even hear at this point?

"He said your quirk was only shock absorption, not nullification! That means there's a limit to what you can take, right?!" All Might was yelling as he fought Nomu. Acting like Nomu had any sense of self.

They were exchanging punches too fast to really follow, All Might rearing back as Nomu hit him hard, Nomu stumbling, you couldn't even see their hands they're moving so fast.

"So you were made to fight be big guy? If you can really withstand me firing at 100% of my power, then I'll have to go beyond that and force you to surrender."

My eyes widened, he's actually forcing Nomu back! He sent him flying!

"A real hero, will always find a way for justice to be served!"

He leapt up, grabbing Nomu, sent him crashing down.

"Now for a lesson. You may have heard these words before, but I'll teach you what they man. GO BEYOND!" He reared back, "PLUS ULTRA!"

Nomu went crashing out of the building entirely, right through a window.

No, how dare he!

"I really have gotten weaker. Back in my heyday, five hits woulda been enough to knock that guy out. But today it took more than 300 mighty blows."

That bastard. How dare he do this. We were so close. So close to defeating him. And now…

"You've been bested villains. Surrender. We all want to get this over with quickly."

"He cheated." That's the only way he could beat Nomu. He was designed to counter All Might. Sensei equipped him with everything necessary, we bumped his level all the way up. How dare he!

"What's going on here. He's just as strong as he's always been! Damn it. Don't tell me I was lied too. His level should be lower, but now, he's matching my highest leveled fighter." I snarled lowly, this wasn't going according to plan.

"What's wrong? Not attacking me? Didn't you say you were going to clear this level earlier? Well come and get me, if you dare."

I recoiled. This was bad. I couldn't afford to get beat here. Sensei needs to know about Otouto. And I'm not about to lose in front of Otouto. I glanced at him, he looked… worried. For All Might? Or for us? I can't tell.

"What, are you scared?"

"uh" I scratched my neck, the itch was worse than ever. "If only Nomu was here. He'd rush you right now." I scratched frantically, I need to get rid of the itch. "Pound you into the ground without giving it a second thought."

"Tomura Shigaraki." Kurogiri. "Please, do not fret. Look at him, he has definitely weakened." I paused, lifting my head. "Nomu's attacks were successful."

I blinked, oh. Otouto, Otouto is worried for All Might. He always was such a fan.

"He's on his own, the children appear to be frozen in fear. And look, our underlings are recovering. We likely have a few minutes before their reinforcements arrive. If you and I work together we can do this. We haven't missed our chance to kill All Might."

I dropped my hands considered the situation, a bunch of the NPC's from our mob were starting to stand, Otouto's group was hovering nervously, and All Might seemed rather injured.

"Yeah. Yeah, you're right." Otouto's worry alone is enough for me, he's an excellent analyzer. "This is it, we have no choice. We have to do it now. I mean, the big end-boss is right here."

I charged, Kurogiri right beside me. All Might will die.

"Consider this revenge for what you did to Nomu!" Sensei gifted Nomu to me, he'll pay for destroying Sensei's gift.

I heard a whoosh. Turning, "what", how did, how did Otouto get so fast, and he's oh no, he's doing something dumb, he's charging right at us.

"Don't you touch All Might! You stupid villains!"

I reached out a hand, careful to hold one finger away from where Otouto will be, I'll shove Otouto away, and then finish off All Might.


My hand jerked to the side, I grunted in pain, a gunshot?

Otouto hit the ground hard. Are his legs broken?

"They're here!" Stupid All Might sounds so happy.

Two more shots, neither hit me.

"Sorry everyone," What? "I know we're a bit late. But I got the teachers over here as fast as I could."

Some idiot student yelled something about reinforcements, but I turned away to focus on Otouto. Other than multiple broken limbs, he seemed alright.

The teachers were attacking the mob I spawned.

"Oh no, the pros are here. It's game over. For real." I have to leave Otouto. Damn it.

"Lets go home and try this when we can- ARGH" I collapsed, BANG BANG BANG, three shots and I was down.

Kurogiri put a warp gate in front of me to shield me the from more.

"Lets go!" He started to warp us away, only for him to start getting yanked into the black hole.

Ugh, All Might, this is all his fault. "I may have failed to kill you this time, but your days are numbered! All Might. Symbol of Peace. I am going to kill you!"

The blackness covered me completely and I collapsed on the bar floor.


"Ow… shot in both arms and legs, all those underlings wiped out, Nomu beaten, and I had to leave Otouto behind. We failed. Those kids were so strong. And the damn Symbol of Peace wasn't weakened at all! You were wrong Sensei. So wrong!"

"No I wasn't." Sensei's voice came through the screen. "We just weren't as prepared as we should've been."

"I agree," the doctor is there too, was Sensei having a bad day? "We underestimated them. Thankfully we failed under that cheap 'League of Villains' name and not our own."

I snarled.

"And what about the creature the Master and I created? Where is Nomu?"

"Yes, why is he not with you?" Sensei is displeased. Damn it.

"He was blown away."

"Oh shut up about Nomu. Who cares about him. We have more important things to be concerned about."

"Nomu is a valuable creation an-"

"What is it Tomura?" Sensei cut of the doctor, sounding expectant.

"Otouto is at UA, and he's in the hero course."