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## Aizawa POV ##

I leaned against the wall as my students gathered in gym beta.

Looks like all of them came for the extra training, good. They need it.

I hid my smirk in my capture weapon, Iida had just seen Tensei.

"Nii-san!" He called, "What are you doing here?"

Tensei grinned, "Hey Tenya, I'm here for Shoto. He called in a favor to get me to come tell you guys what it's like being a hero."

Tenya looked delighted and surprised, "You know Aizawa-sensei?"

Tensei laughed, shooting me a grin. My eyes narrowed. Oh, that little shit better not-

"Oh yeah, we were close friends in UA. Same year you know. He was so cute with his mphmpph-"

I yanked him back with my capture weapon, "Watch it Tensei."

I released him, to his laughter.

"Alright, alright," He added in a loud whisper, "Your teacher likes to look cool."

My eye twitched.

"Alright, class, looks like everyone's here. Good. Today Ingenium was kind enough to agree to come, though he's out of uniform."

Tensei shrugged.

"He'll be talking to you about how apprehending villains works, and when to use discretion to decide what the priority in a situation is."

Kirishima's hand shot up.

"Yes Kirishima?"

"What does that mean? Using discretion to decide the priority?"

I motioned to Tensei.

He stepped forward with a smile, "Well, consider. You have a villain in front of you holding a hostage. He's trying to get you to let him leave, threatening the hostage to do it. What is your priority? Capturing the villain? Or rescuing the hostage even if it means letting the villain go?"

"Obviously you catch the villain. That bastard can't be let loose!" Bakugo declared with sparking hands.

Midoriya was frowning, a thoughtful look on his face.

I hid a smile, "What's the job of a hero?"

The students murmured.

"To catch the villains!" Bakugo snapped, "What else!?"

I let my eyes sweep over the students, waiting.

Midoriya slowly raised his hand.

I nodded to him, "Midoriya?"

"Our, uh, our job, it's to- it's to protect the civilians… right? Because, well, because we're supposed to be keeping them safe. And uh, if there's not civilian to protect, then- then we don't have a job…"

I nodded, Tensei beaming.

"That's right, Midoriya was it?" He said, "A hero's first priority is always the civilians. Even if it means letting villains go, you must always try to save the civilian first."

Bakugo scowled but the rest of the class seemed to agree. I made a note about Bakugo. He likes to fight, I think he may be misunderstanding the main purpose of a hero and is focusing on the fighting aspect.

"Now then, that's the sort of situation you need to consider. What about if you're outmatched?"

"What do you mean?" Uraraka questioned.

"Well, if you're against a villain you know you can't beat. What do you do?"

"You keep fighting anyways!" Kirishima said, "That's the manly thing to do!"

The class nodded, speaking their agreement.

"Oh? If you're alone and you know you'll lose and possibly die, you keep fighting to the death?"

Todoroki frowned, "You must, otherwise what kind of hero are you?"

"Does everyone agree with that?"

Most of the class murmured in agreement. I noticed a few hesitating though, Midoriya, Aoyama, Tokoyami didn't look like they agreed.

"Well, that's not right."

"What?" Hagakure cried.

"That's not right. If there's no one there for you to protect and you know that you're outmatched, it's better to try and get backup. It's better for you to leave so that you can give info on the villain you're fighting, give a statement, warn others of the villain. Dying does nothing to help anyone in that case."

"What if there's someone there?" Sero called.

Tensei nodded to him, "That's different. Then your priority should be to get the person or people to safety. If that means you have to keep fighting to give them time to flee then so be it. If that means grabbing them and running, then do that. In that case, their safety is top priority."

"But what about the villain?" Kirishima asked.

"If you can't match the villain, then escape and regrouping, preferably with backup, is top priority, second only to ensuring the safety of the civilians. You should always ensure their safety first."

The class nodded, gazes serious as they listened.

"We'll go over strategies for dealing with different hostage situations and situations where you need to protect the civilians at the end. Now!" he chirped, "Who can tell me the first thing to do when you've apprehended a villain?"

A few hands shot up.

"Yes, Tenya?"

"You should put quirk cancelling hand cuffs on them."

"Well, if you have them available that's a great first step. But you rarely have them handy on the job. There's a limited number and only the police have them with them at all times. For heroes you're probably only going to have them when you're on a raid, and then you'll probably have cops there too." He flashed Tenya a smile.

"Ah, you with the pink hair." He said, pointing at Ashido.

"Why don't we get to have quirk cancelling hand cuffs with us when we're apprehending villains?"

"Well, first you generally apprehend the most villains on your daily patrol. So, you can't really have a huge number on you at all times there. Plus, it's just the way the laws work. To stop heroes from abusing their authority I guess. You'll learn more about that in Hero Fundamentals and even more in human theory and conflict resolution."

Yaoyorozu raised her hand.

"Yes, you with the black hair."

"Yaoyorozu, Ingenium-san. And back to your original question, you should strip them of all weapons first right?"

Tensei nodded, "That's right. First step is to search and disarm them. Remove all their belongings that could be a weapon. Some might have knives, some might have illegal support gear. You need to make sure you search them thoroughly, otherwise they could reveal a weapon later and possibly escape."

I smirked, the kids seemed into the questioning at least. I'm glad that's going well.

Tensei continued asking questions, and fielding them, as the class continued. He had them run through a few theoretical scenarios too.

I made note of which students did well where.

Bakugo was pretty good at rough strategies for combat situations, even if he says 'die' and 'kill' a lot in it. Asui was very good at the ethics questions, and Yaoyorozu at the technical questions. I noted that Midoriya really shown in the theoretical scenarios, breaking down the problems and solutions quickly.

Unfortunately, the other students seem to be calling it creepy, most notably Bakugo but a few others were shooting wary looks at Midoriya, Jiro and Kaminari mainly. But all of them seemed to find it more funny then impressive.

Tensei was clearly impressed with Midoriya's breakdowns of the situations. But his agency has a private analyst that works for them, so I'm not surprised. He knows the value of that kind of skill.

I'll need to do a lesson on analysts and why they're helpful in heroing. Midoriya is very good at it, and it wouldn't do for the other students to dissuade him from it.

I made a mental note to confirm with the other heroes that agreed to come, Wednesday is Mr. Brave the hair hero and then Friday is Snatch the sand hero. Next week I have two underground heroes, both owe me favors, and a top ten hero. So glad I heard about his visits to schools lately.

I nodded as Tensei wrapped class up.

"Alright brats, that ought to give you a good idea of the basics of dealing with villains. Wednesday we'll have another hero visiting to talk about creative uses of your quirks. Don't forget that the mornings also have sessions, those will be more physical training and exercises. They start at seven."

The students all nodded.


I turned and sulked away. This is going to be so tiresome.

## Tokoyami POV ##

Hey, did you hear what Midori was saying? Those are good ideas. Go see if he knows how to get rid of the sun.

I sighed, 'I'm not going to ask him to get rid of the sun.'


I did end up next to Midoriya as we headed off to the station though.

I nodded, "Midoriya."

"Oh, uh, hi, Tokoyami."


I winced.

"Hello Dark Shadow," Midoriya said shyly. He didn't seem bothered at least. I don't want to scare him off with the darkness within.

"Hi Midori! Do you know how to get rid of the sun?"

I groaned, Dark Shadow no…

Midoriya blinked, "Um… I don't- I don't think there's, uh, a way to- to permanently get rid of the sun… Have you tried an umbrella to keep it away?"

Dark Shadow vibrated with glee.

"A giant umbrella! Fumi I want a giant umbrella!"

I sighed, "We'll see."

Midoriya was smiling at us, a small fond smile.

"I apologize for him." I added, "He quite likes your analysis."

His eyes widened and he flushed, "He does!? I uh… I didn't… didn't realize anyone liked it."

"It's quite clever," I assured. "And rather scary, how quickly you can figure out your opponent's weaknesses."

He shuffled, face red. "Thanks…" He mumbled.

My train pulled in right as we arrived at the station.

"Ah, that would be mine. I will see you tomorrow, Midoriya."

"Ah yeah! See you tomorrow, um Tokoyami, Dark Shadow." He bowed quickly.

"Bye Midori!"

I hurried on the train before Dark Shadow could say anything to upset him.

"Honestly," I muttered. "Don't overwhelm him."

"But he's fun!"

I shook my head, taking a seat for the ride home.

## Mei POV ##

I was giddy as the Green Bean boy came back into my lab.

It's time to test his arm braces!

It's the period right before lunch, because his quirk counselor is with him right now and wants to be there when we test the arm braces.

"Hey, Green Bean!" I chirped, "Ready to start?"

"Hang on," The uh, darkly dressed guy with a really long scarf around his neck, interrupted. "We'll be going to one of the gyms for this."

I pouted, fiiiinnnneeeee.

I gathered the arm braces, haven't finished the leg ones yet but if these work right, and they will, then I have a good idea of what to do for the leg braces.

Off we went to Gym Beta, which is almost exclusively for the hero course to use it seems.

"So, what do I do?"

I grinned at the Green Bean, "I'm just gonna put these on you, then you'll try channeling power, preferably doing whatever caused you injuries before to see if the braces stop the injuries."

"Go slow, Problem Child," Scarf Guy said, "Don't hurt yourself."

I scowled, "He won't hurt himself! My braces will be full proof, and he'll be just fine!"

Scarf Guy raised an eyebrow but didn't comment.

I turned back to Green Bean, "Okay, now to put them on!"

I showed him how to do it, they're grey right now, but I'll probably make the final version a dark green to match his costume.

I finished wrapping the braces around his arms, they stop just over his wrists and go up to his, giving a bit of support there.

"Okay! Let's try it!"

Green Bean nodded, his brow furrowing briefly, before green sparks started going up his arms, changing slowly to a glow.

It wasn't quite as bright as the last time I saw it, maybe he's learning to lower the output.

Scarf Guy had him go through some basic stances, at half speed.

I stood impatiently waiting for him to actually do something.

"Oh, just throw a punch already!" I groaned.

Scarf Guy sighed but motioned for him to do it.

He grunted stumbling back as Green Bean threw a punch.

All three of us gaped at the wall.

"Holy fuck that wind pressure." I mumbled.

I was practically vibrating, I definitely did not account for his power, and the brace will need to be adjusted, but that's amazing!

He's mine now, I'm making all his gear. He's never getting rid of me. This is going to be fabulous.

"Problem child…"

"Er… yeah?"

"… Let's work on lessening the power output."

"… yeah…"

"How's your arm!" I chirped, darting to his side. "Does it hurt?"

He frowned, "Yeah, it hurt, ow my hand, but… I don't think my arm is broken at least."

Scarf Guy had me pull off the braces to see the damage.

Green Bean was wincing as I did it.

"Well, your hand is definitely broken, but you're right, your arm is just bruised, though those are some bad bruises."

I scribbled that down, the kid will need it to cover his hands, probably over his fingers too. So, gloves like his costume originally had. Got it.

But they're still need to be streamlined, I'll have to take that into account…

"Your shoulder seems alright, so that's another bonus."

"That's good," He said stiffly.

"Come on problem child, let's get you to Recovery Girl."

"Okay!" I interrupted. "I've got what I need to improve them. I'll have the updated version ready for testing by Friday!"

"That's just three days?" Scarf Guy said.

"Plus, today makes it four!"

He shook his head.

"Alright, same time Friday then. Let's go problem child."

He dropped a hand on Green Bean's shoulder, leading him out.

I scribbled a few more notes, then grabbed the braces and hurried back to the lab.

I need to adjust the makeup and change the structure a bit. Add a little bit more cushioning on the inside, I'll need to look for fabrics that can harden under strain but remain soft otherwise, the current material won't do.

And a thin but strong cushion for the inside, something that will still allow full range of movement, especially for the gloves.

And it all needs to be as light as possible.

And then I'll need to take all of that into account again when I do the leg braces. We only have two weeks left, in two Mondays is the sports festival.

I'm going to have all the braces done for him by then. He's gonna have them, or I'm not Mei Hatsume!

## All for One POV ##

I leaned back in my seat, Tomura all but vibrating beside me.

It had taken him a few days, but he got his hands on this… Sludge Villain.

The Sludge Villain is what the news called him, his actual name being Shinya Fukumatsu.

His Quirk, Sludge Body, will be useful for a Nomu, though not something that I'll use myself.

I smiled, he'll pay for attacking Izuku first though.

"Do you know why you're here?" I asked softly.

"I didn't do anything! I swear! I don't know why that crazy guy and the portal guy dragged me here but I swear I did nothing."

"Oh yes, you did do something. You endangered my son."

"I've been locked in jail for a year, what could I have done?" He sounded desperate, afraid.

I smirked, good.

"About a year ago, when you were captured, a sweet, little, green-haired boy tried to stop you from attacking another kid."

"You mean that kid that I tried to kill before tha- uh the kid that attacked me with a backpack?"

I stilled, kid he tried to kill.

"What did you say you shitty NPC," Tomura snarled, stepping forward.

I held out a hand, "One moment Tomura." I tilted my head back at the trash in front of me. "You tried to kill the green-haired boy?"

It's taking all of my self-control to not hit him with one of the pain quirks I have stored up. Just another minute.

"But I didn't! All Might stopped me and-"

Tomura destroyed the wall beside him.

"All Might was there," he hissed.

"Uh yeah, he brought the kid with him when he left and uh, I don't know, talked or something, I escaped right then."

My mind was racing, I knew that All Might had been chasing him, but I didn't know he'd actually interacted with Izuku. And Izuku has a quirk that involves increasing strength and it hurts him.

I don't think any previous OFA holders have had that issue, but it grows stronger with each holder…

I'll need to 'see' him in action to confirm, but if that's right…

Fury filled me.

All Might had best not have given my son a quirk that's holders have always fought against me, for all that it would be good that it would be back in my family, All Might will pay if he turned my son against me like that.

That is my son. My child.

That is not his experiment, his successor.

I won't allow it.

But this fool will pay for being the cause of the interaction, even if my fear is unfounded, All Might shouldn't be anywhere my son.

"I think I've heard all I need to."

I reached out, pulling up two of the quirks I haven't used in a while, Electric Liquids: the ability to electrify any liquid, and Pain Sequence: a quirk that raises the amount of pain someone feels but also keeps them fully conscious (perfect for things like this, but requires high amounts of pain to fully activate).

"You will regret harming my son," I murmured, activating both quirks on him.

With a quirk that turns his body to sludge, which is a liquid, the first quirk sparked to life easily.

"AH!" He tried to twist away, but the binding quirk I used at the start held him in place.

He screamed, pleas already spilling from him.

I ignored them.

Tomura cackled, "Can I Sensei?"

I nodded, "Of course."

His quirk will likely be enough to activate the second quirk, this piece of trash that dared to target my son will soon realize the true depths of his mistake.

Tomura used Shinya the sludge to test just how slowly his quirk could work, ignoring the screams of pain from him.

I noted that the second quirk I used activated almost immediately when Tomura started, only making the pain worse.

I smiled, I'll take his quirk to let the doctor use later, I already have some ideas for what to do with it.

Now that the one who tried to harm my son is out of the way, time to focus on other things.

Like that article on All Might's nephew.


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