Do you ever feel like no one listens to you? Ever feel that people think you're so different from your family? Wish that they would stop being loud and let him read. Albus Severus Potter. Did not mind right now though as he smiled at his older brother who was getting yelled at to pack his things for when Hogwarts start up again. Albus laughed but he felt weird because last year, well he rather not talk about what happened. Albus shook that thought away when he turned a page in his book. He was sitting in the living room with his sister looking at her new Hogwarts books that laid on the ground around her. Albus did not know why she did this every year but the sixteen-year-old did not worry about this at the moment when he looked to see his father walk into the room. "Hey, guys. All packed?" Harry James Potter asked Albus and Lily who smiled at him.

"Yeah, I am. I was going to help Lily later. Dad, um can we talk about something?" Albus asked looking at his sister who stood up and left the room plugging her ears in fear that her brother and father would start yelling at each other. Harry looked at Lily as she left the room then he looked back to Albus who was looking down at the ground. He then stood up and Harry saw something in his eyes that he never saw in his son's eyes before: love, Albus was in love and he wanted to ask him about it. Harry smiled a little. However, Harry asked:

"What is it, Al?" Harry knew what his son wanted to ask but he did not want to push him. Albus looked up at him and let out a breath.

"Well, the first thing is. I'm sorry about last year and my first year and…" Harry pulled Albus into his arms. "But…" Albus cut off again.

"Al, you don't have to be sorry. It's been hard I know. I'm sorry. Now, what else is bugging you? Don't worry I won't tell James or Sirius," Albus laughed once Harry pulled his son out of his arms. Albus cleared his throat before he said quietly.

"I'm in love with someone," Harry smiled at his son and sat him down in his chair again. "Now, I know you might not approve of who it is but…." Albus cut off and put his head in his hands. Harry got down to his knees.

"Al, that is wonderful that you are in love. Why would I not approve? Do you love this person?" Harry asked lifting his son's chin. Albus sighed but he did not say anything as he looked away and closed his eyes.

"Yes, dad but…. but…I'm…I'm…." Albus cut off to embarrassed to say it. Or was he too scared to say it? Harry was not sure. Albus opened his eyes again.

"What is it, Albus?" Harry asked looking to the door of the room to see if it was closed. It was, he was glad of this. He did not want James to barge in the room claiming that he has nothing to pack and that he was going to go to school as he is. Albus flowed his fathers gaze and sighed when he looked back over to him as he kept his eyes on the door. "Al?" Harry asked after a few minutes. Albus closed his eyes, opened his mouth but then closed them again.

"Dad, I'm…." Albus tried again but he closed his eyes before he opened them again. After he did this he stood up and ran out of the room. What Harry didn't see was the tears that were pouring out of his green eyes.

Albus ran up the stairs and down the hall to his room almost nocking James over as he muttered under his breath. Albus fell to the ground with tears falling down his face. At this moment, James looked at his brother with his hazel eyes. "Al? Oh no, did dad yell at you again? Did you fight with dad again?" James Sirius Potter said helping his brother to his feet. Albus wiped the tears from his face and eyes before he shook his head and rolled his eyes before he walked into his room. However, James stopped him with his hand on his arm. "Al, talk to me please," Albus sighed and walked into his and James's room. Albus sat down on his bed with James doing the same. "So, what happened?" James asked in a rare brotherly tone. Albus shook his head.

"We didn't fight James. I told dad I was in love with someone. Don't laugh James please or make a big deal out of it," James looked at the door and smiled widely.

"My little brother is in love? Who is it? Oh, please tell me," James said standing up and running over to the door so he can close it. Albus smiled a little and nodding his head but he did not say anything as he wiped the tears that now filled his eyes again. James turned away from the door to see Albus crying? This was well, rare. Albus screams not well up with tears. "What's wrong brother?" James asked walking over to Albus who shook his head.

"You, you won't understand! No one understands me! Do you want me to say what's wrong?" Albus called voice getting louder but he was choking on tears at this point. "Well, do you!?" Albus said again when James did not say anything. "Tell me!" Albus said but it broke off and he put his head in his hands. James's heart broke.

"Al," James sighed and walked over to his brother who was in tears now. "I do understand you. I know it's been hard but maybe this will be a light for you. never mind. Merlin, I'm not good at this stuff. Al, no one understands me, why do you think that they don't understand you? I get into trouble more than uncles Fred and George. Hell, even dad got in trouble less than me and I don't even know about Grandpa James. My namesake. What about my other namesake? Sirius, Sirius tells me stuff that he has done," James paused to look at Albus who took his head out of his hands and laughed a little. "Now, Al, what's wrong? Why are you sad that you are in love with someone?" James asked sitting back down. Albus smiled a little before he took a deep breath and closed his eyes before he said:

"I'm in love with Scorpius. James, I'm…. I'm gay,"

A/N: Ok so I'm going to start off in saying that this is my first ship fic with a male and male partnership. Don't judge me, please. I only just got into this ship and I did not like storys about them that I've found so I'm doing my own. Tell me what you think and remember to be nice this is my first fic with this. I also never wrote Scorpius before so it might be a little weird. Anyway, thank you for reading and I will see you next time. Have a nice night/morning/afternoon/ evening. -Captain Voxland