Scorpius was nervous as he spent time together with James and Lily while they waited for Albus to wake up. Scorpius really wanted to tell Albus, but he knew that Albus does not fell the same as him. How could he? He was his best friend but his lover. What if he does feel the same? Scorpius felt his heart leap at this. Albus loving him, more than a friend. Oh, how he would be overjoyed at this. "Scorpius? Earth to Scorpius," James said cutting him out of his thoughts. Scorpius looked at James blushing. "Were you just thinking about kissing my brother?" James asked looking at Lily who rolled her eyes.

"Grow up Jamie. How many girls have you kissed?" Lily said pushing him lightly. James stuck his tongue out making Scorpius laugh but it was a nervous laugh.

"Hey, it ok Scorpius. I'm sure Al feels the same," Lily said looking at James who smirked and nodded but he did not say anything as he looked at the door to the living room to see Harry in the doorway.

"Hey, guys. How are you doing Scorpius?" Harry asking walking into the living room. Scorpius smiled at him, but he nervously nodded not saying anything. This was just like talking to his dad a few hours ago. Except it was the father of the boy that he loved. Scorpius looked at Harry and said:

"I'm doing alright. Is Al alright?" Scorpius asked looking at James who put his hands behind his head. Lily pushed him again and laughed. Scorpius laughed as well but he was still nervous. Harry heard this in his voice and walked over to him before he gave Lily and James a look to leave the room. James smirked and ran out of the room with Lily shaking her head before she slowly walked out of the room.

When Lily and James left Harry sat down next to Scorpius and smiled. "Scorpius, Al is doing just fine. He says that he is remembering things now. I think this rest will help him. When he wakes up, you can tell him then I think you should go back home. Or if you want to sleep here. I don't think your father would mind," Harry told him making Scorpius nod and stand.

"I'll write to father now. He's not home but I think he'll get this message," Scorpius said walking to the door to writing to his dad. Harry smiled at Scorpius, and he is glad that this is the person that his son is in love with. He is also glad that Scorpius feels the same way. Harry looked at the door to see Ginny standing there. She did not say anything as she walked into the room and hugged Harry.

"How is Al?" Harry asked her. She was just in his room watching him sleep.

"He's fine. I've never seen him sleep so soundly. Its been so long," Ginny said before she kissed Harry. Harry smiled back. "How's Scorpius and the kids?" she asked looking at the door. Harry sighed before he answered:

"Scorpius is so nervous. I told him that he could spend the night. James is, well, I think he's nervous as well, but he's hiding it and Lily, Lily is playing from James," Ginny nodded but she did not say anything. Soon the two fell quiet as they listened to James and Lily laughing with Scorpius.

When Albus awoke it was around nine at night. However, he did not care. Though he did not know what he was doing in his room, the last thing that he remembered was that he was in the hospital after Frank hurt him, after he had told his parents that he was in love with Scorpius. Scorpius, oh how he was so nervous to tell him. What if he doesn't love him? "Hey Al," Albus looked at the door after he opened his eyes to see James in the doorway.

"Hey Jamie. Um, I'm sorry about…." James shook his head cutting his brother off.

"Now," James said moving away from the door revealing Scorpius in the doorway bushing a little. Albus smiled and waved at him. "Right I'll leave you two alone,"

"Wait James!" Albus called but James left the room. Albus rolled his eyes and looked at Scorpius who walked over to him. "Hey Schop. Un, I…I need to tell you something," Albus began nervously but Scorpius smiled at him.

"I need to tell you something as well," Scorpius told him. "But you can go first," he added sitting next to Albus who blushed at this and took a deep breath.

"I'm in love with you," Albus muttered but Scorpius heard him all the same. His eyes filled with tears as he pulled him into his arms. Albus flinched at his arm but relaxed in Scorpius's arms.

"I'm also I love with you," Scorpius told him after he pulled out of Albus's arms. "So, you love me?" Scorpius asked Albus who nodded and pulled him into his arms.

"Yes, yes, I do now that I remember everything, I can say that I love you," Albus stood up and ran to the door to close it. "I love you!" he called with Scorpius standing up and hugging him again. Scorpius had tears in his eyes but Albus wiped them away after they pulled out of the hug.

"I'm so happy I got that off my chest," Scorpius said with tears still in his eyes. "So, what do you want to do now. Your father said that I can stay over," Albus smiled and looked at the door.

"Can we just talk? I have so much I want to tell you," Albus said sting down on his bed. Scorpius laughed and sat down next to him.

"Sure Al. we can talk," Scorpius said putting his hand on his knee. So, they talked till it was time to go to bed and Albus knew that everything will change for him, but he was going to like it. So was Scorpius he was going to like this change as well, and they wont have it any other way.

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