It is the last year for our heroes Kim and Ron and their friend Monique. Kim and Monique decide during their last month of senior year to go on a shopping trip at Club Banana. The girls want to get some baggy cargo overalls as overalls are the rage right now in Middleton. They aren't sure about it as it isn't their style usually but they love being "in" or beating Bonnie at being "in".

"Hey Kim I just thought of something," says Monique.

"Yes?" asks Kim.

"What if we broke protocol," says Monique.

Kim looks up at her giving her a weird look in response.

"What I mean is, we don't break in rules but who says that we have to follow fashion norms?" asks Monique.

"Because-...*thinks about this* you have a point," says Kim.

"What if to get in front of Bonnie and the others we have to create a new trend?"


"What if for a week we dress differently then we usually do."

"I don't know that would be risky, Mon."

"When do you not do risky things?"

"...True, Alright you win."

Monique cheers and the girls look through the clothes.

"Wait what if I choose clothes for you and you choose clothes for me?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean for your experiment if we chose our clothes then we would choose the clothes we are comfortable in."

"That is true...Alright, Kim, I will let you choose my clothes first since this was your idea."

Kim nods and they come up with a budget, to save money to grab something to eat later. Kim looks at the clothes thinking about what Monique usually wears. She does grab the cargo overalls since they were going to grab them anyway. They can be fashioned in different ways to be "out". She throws a pair to Monique and explains this to her.

She grabs a pair of joggers, shorts that go to the knee, and a purple dress with blue flowers down the sides. She picks out a leather jacket to go with the dress, a pink zebra print tank top to go with the shorts which are washed out she also grabs black tank top that looks like it could be matched with the pink top.

"Hmm with a pair of scissors I can do something with both of these," says Kim to herself.

She starts looking with a shirt to go with the joggers. The joggers are grey so they can't be too hard to match and it can be a lazy Friday look. She finds a lace white top that covers and figures that Monique can borrow a pair of her pants so picks up that top, she picks up a simple white shirt as well. As for the overalls she picks up a top that is off the shoulders. After getting the prices and checking the math she saves Monique $20 since a lot of this is on the clearance rack. She pays for it and puts it in the bag giving Monique the change. Monique goes in with the same overalls and the money that Kim gave her. She saw Kim go toward the clearance rack as well. Clearance doesn't mean completely out of season it just means as it isn't that season they aren't "in" right now. She grabs a plain red top in red for Kim's overalls. She finds a rose-covered teal shirt.

"She would look so cute in this!" says Monique excited.

She knows Kim pulled out a pink zebra top so she is a bit nervous about that because Kim didn't put it back but had to admit that the top did look cute. She continues to look having confidence that Kim knows what she is doing. The idea is to go outside of the box and that top is outside of the box. She picks out some white shorts to go with the top. She finds an orange dress with an open back picking that up she knows Kim has shoes to go with that. She picks up a pair of yellow joggers that are a light yellow so they don't pick up that much notice. Monique finds a white top and ties a knot at the bottom of it right there just to save time. As Monique works here it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

She finds a pink skirt but puts it away not wanting to put Kim in the fifties. She finds an aqua blue skirt and next to it a pink top. She puts those together then pays for it leaving Kim with twenty dollars as well. The girls go grab something to eat and tell each other what they decided to pair each outfit with. They decide to wear the overalls where the top is hooked to the bottom showing off the tops they put together on Monday, on Tuesday Kim will wear the rose shirt and white shorts while Monique wheres the washed-out shorts as well the zebra shirt where Kim will cut off the back and pair it with the blacktop tonight and give it to her tomorrow at school. On Wednesday Monique will wear the lace top with a pair of Kim's tan pants while Kim wears the tie white top with a pair of purple pants that Monique owns. Thursday Monique will wear the dress with the blue flowers and Kim will wear the orange dress. Friday they will wear jogger outfits. The girls are going together so they decide for comfort that they will wear clothes that match in some ways or another.

The girls go off their same way and go over their plan again, Kim has to bring her other clothes just in case she has a mission and she does have cheer practice as well. Other than missions and cheer practice the girls decide that they will wear these outfits all day. Kim and Monique also decide they won't go to school together to make it look like it was an accident. The girls have a normal Monday and a normal Tuesday until lunch. Bonnie comes over and puts a jacket on Monique at lunch.

"Bonnie, what on the earth do you think you are doing?" asks Monique.

"Saving you," says Bonnie.

Monique raises and eyebrow crossing her arms.

"From what exactly?" asks Monique.

"From that fashion don't," says Bonnie.

Her friends laugh at that joining in on making fun of Monique's top.

"What exactly is the fashion don't?" asks Monique.

"That hideous top of course!" says Bonnie, matter of factly.

"What makes you think that the top isn't in fashion, Bonnie?" asks Kim.

"It's not on any racks of course," says Bonnie.

"That doesn't mean anything what if Monique was given some fashion tips from the owner of Club Banana? As a worker there she could have that information," says Kim.

She stands up next to Monique crossing her arms as well.

"She's right you know. I could have the information you don't," says Monique.

Bonnie looks between Kim and Monique, and her friends.

"So thanks but no thanks, Bonnie," says Monique.

She tosses the jacket back at Bonnie. Bonnie lets out a sound of annoyance and stomps away from the two with her friends in toe. The girls relax happily and cheer happily clasping hands at how great it was to get Bonnie to back down. They continue to go on with their plans, they knew that today would be risky especially with Monique's top. Wednesday and Thursday are easy going. Bonnie is sulking trying to figure out if it is true that Monique could have the fashion know-how that she doesn't which she doesn't like at all. She wants to be above everyone, the queen bee. The girls know this but they didn't do this to be queen bee, they want to see if their experiment works and their clothes become the new "in" or if their experiment fails and they are out of fashion and mocked the rest of the school year until someone does something even more embarrassing then question the fashion norms. They are nervous about their jogger outfit on Friday. Though the girls admit they are comfortable in their jogger outfits, it is very simple. Kim even ties her hair up in a ponytail to go with a relaxed outfit. Monique even abandons her usual favorite earrings to go with the look. Bonnie comes over alone and slams her hands on the table startling Ron. She ignores him and glares at Kim.

"Kim," says Bonnie.

"Bonnie, what's the sitch?" asks Kim.

"You are wearing joggers!" says Bonnie.

"Yeah, and?" asks Kim.

"They are fashion don'ts for sure! We're cheerleaders we have to be above in the fashion world," says Bonnie.

She throws a magazine down on Kim's table and it says that joggers are out of fashion.

"Yes but if you look closer, this model is wearing a tracksuit and I am not," says Kim.

"So," says Bonnie.

"So that means I am taking an old fashion and making it new again," says Kim.

"Still! Tracksuit or not it is out of fashion!" says Bonnie.

"I don't care at this point, it could be in fashion again. It's Friday that would mean that it is supposed to be a relaxing day for us," says Kim.

"And?" asks Bonnie.

This time Bonnie is crossing her arms over her chest. Kim stands up not backing down.

"And that means that our clothes should match the theme of the day," says Kim.

"That's being lazy," points out Bonnie.

"How is it being lazy? We wear joggers above our uniform skirt to keep it in pristine condition when going to away competitions*. We are always above the rest, me wearing joggers outside of competition doesn't mean anything other than I am fitting in with the theme of the day. Which would mean if you don't follow this norm along with the norm of dressing in what makes you comfortable you are actually out of fashion," says Kim.

There is a crowd of gasps and whispers at the thought of Bonnie Rockwaller being out of fashion.

"You you..whatever!" says Bonnie.

She storms off angry at what just happened as Kim settles down with Monique and Ron again.

"Good one, KP!" says Ron.

"Thanks, I'm just glad this week is over," says Kim.

"Same here," says Monique.

The rest of the day goes on uneventful except the rumors that Bonnie was out of fashion while Kim and Monique are above the rest in fashion. The girls discuss how the week went according to them and decide to go back to their normal clothing next week. The girls spend the night at Kim's house for the next two days then go to school together where they are shocked that many people are wearing similar fashions that the girls were wearing throughout the week on Monday. This shocks the girls but it makes them happy. Their outfits are the new "in" after taking down Bonnie more than once.

"We did it!" the girls cheer happily.

They smile a heavy nervousness hanging over their shoulders at how close it could have made their senior year horrible. They are glad that the experiment worked out.

The end.


*I understand that on an away game the girls on the bus with Ron did not wear joggers on the way to a game. However, in many cheerleading competitions, cheerleaders wear joggers or sweatpants (depending on what you call them, I call them both). I know this because I was a cheerleader at a very young age and my sisters were also cheerleaders. Cheerleading coaches insist that you wear something over or under your uniform so that you don't catch a cold. If the girls in Kim Possible go to a different state it would be recommended because they aren't used to the colder weather. Kim is a hero going everywhere around the world and would know this and suggest that the girls do the same to keep them warm.