Three Days

By Stormshadow 13

Disclaimer; I don't own DN Angel and am making no money off this fic.

AN; I have had this idea in my brain for sometime now but just couldn't get it out. There is a movie called Three Days it is a Christmas movie that I saw a very long time ago. This story is loosely based on that movie.

AN2: It took almost a decade to get this story finished but finally it is done. For anyone who still love DN Angel even after all this time.

AU: No powers.


Christmas Eve, 11.50pm.

Stars twinkled brightly in a velvety black sky over St. Anthony General Hospital. The halls were quite and still as a lone nurse walked slowly down the hall checking that all the patients on the Critical Care Unit (CCU) were as comfortable as they could be. She paused at one of the rooms glancing in quickly. After a few silent seconds of observing the occupants of the room she pulled the door almost closed shaking her head sadly as she continued her rounds.

In the gloomy room a purple haired young man was sitting slumped in a hard plastic chair pulled as close to the bed as possible. He was unaware of the sympathetic gaze of the nurse only able to focus on the soft bleeping of the heart monitor and the limp pale hand clutched desperately between his own tan palms.

Some time later the door was quietly pushed open and a tall black haired doctor walked slowly over to the bed looking sympathetically down at the slouched CEO of Phantom Thief Inc., "Mr. Mousy?"

Amethyst eyes lifted to gaze hopefully at the new man, "Please Doctor, is he going to be okay? When can I take him home? What can I do to help him recover?"

Dr. Niwa sighed sadly shaking his head, "I'm sorry Mr. Mousy." The older man reached out placing a sympathetic hand on the purple haired CEO's shoulder. "I'm afraid that Mr. Hikari is too badly injured. The only thing that we can do for him now is try to keep him as comfortable as we can." He closed his eyes for a moment, "he'll be lucky to live through the night." Kosuke turned away from the stricken look on the younger man's face; he always hated bringing this type of news. "I'm truly sorry." He paused at the door, "the hospital has granted you permission to stay with Mr. Hikari as long as you want." The door closed behind the doctor with a soft click.

Dark Mousy successful business man, youngest CEO in the history of Phantom Thief INC and shameless flirt turned back to the bed tears slowly sliding down his face. He reached out gently stroking his lover's blond hair. "I'M… so sorry," Dark leaned his head against the edge of the bed, "I'm so sorry. I should have been there, I should have been with you." He squeezed his lover's fingers, "please don't leave me... I'll do anything… I'll be better… just don't leave. I don't want to live… can not live without you." His breath hitched in a sob, "I love you angel."

The only response to his heart breaking plee was the steady beeping of the heart monitor. Purple eyes closed tears continuing to trickle down tan cheeks. He had been so busy so focus on his work that he had forgotten what was truly important in life. He had barely seen his boyfriend for more than a few minutes in the last several weeks. He had gotten home long after Krad had already gone to bed and was awake and gone well before the blond was awake in the morning.

He knew that his choice to increase his hours around the holiday had put a bit of a strain on their relationship. His boyfriend love Christmas and usually decorated and baked up a storm but this year he hadn't really done anything. Dark could still remember the sharp response he'd gotten when he'd asked what was wrong; 'Why should I decorate for myself? Holidays aren't any fun when you're alone..' He opened his eyes glancing over at the window at the snow falling softly on the other side of the glass. His sad gaze caught the briefest flash of light hoping that it was a shooting star he made a desperate wish just as his watch flashed over to 12:00am.

At first he didn't notice the glow forming in front of the window but when it got brighter and brighter it finally caught his attention. Dark watched in disbelief as a glowing figure appeared. The young woman was dressed in a long light purple dress with white lace about the neck and long sleeves. Her short silver hair was pulled back with a light green headband that matched the ribbons decorating the bodice of the dress. Large white wings curled around her shoulders radiating a soft glow. The young woman looked around taking in the hospital room before noticing the Young CEO staring at her in shock.

The angel smiled gently, "hello, Mr. Mousy."

All Dark could do for a moment was stair in shock. Then he gathered his scattered wits, "who are you?"

"My name is Towa and I am a Christmas angel," she smiled a little wider, "I am here to grant your falling star wish."

Dark's eyes lit up, "you can heal him?"

Towa's smile turned sad, "no, Mr. Hikari is to badly hurt even for my powers to heal him. However because of the magic of Christmas, I can grant you more time. I can send you back in time three days."

The purple haired man smiled slowly, three days would give him time to figure out a way to prevent his lover from being hurt and also give him a chance to fix some of his own mistakes. He nodded, "thank you Miss Towa." He closed his eyes as the angel raised her hands. A blinding flash of light later and the young CEO knew no more.

-Day One-

Amethyst eyes snapped open for a few seconds the young man was completely disorientated before his surroundings sunk into his brain and he sat bolt up blankets falling away from his form. Dark swiftly turned reaching out to the person peacefully sleeping next to him. Tan fingers lightly carded through golden locks before he turned away grabbing for his cell phone to look at the date. The CEO's smiled widely seeing that the screen read December 22 2017. The angel girl had done it he had gone back in time and had a chance to make things right. He quickly texted his secretary Daisuke telling the redhead that he wasn't going to be in the office until after the holiday and to cancel and or reschedule all of his appointment. He then added that once he was done with that, that the younger male could take those days off as well to spend with his own family. Once the messages had been sent Dark laid back down rolling over and wrapping his arm around his lover's waist drifting back into sleep for a little while.

Krad Hikari rolled to his back stretching lazily, he felt no desire to get out of bed quite yet. Why bother, his partner was most likely long gone for work and he had no real wish to eat by himself. He would get something later if he felt like it but then again he might not, his appetite hadn't been great these last few weeks. However as he breathed in his nose caught the unmistakable sent of cooking bacon golden eyes popped open in surprise. The long haired blond rolled out of bed wandering towards the kitchen where he pause in the doorway blinking in confusion at the scene that greeted him. His partner was wearing a kiss the cook apron as he busily darted between the stove and table.

The purple haired CEO looked up and grinned widely at his bemused looking lover hovering in the entrance. He set the plate of eggs he'd been carrying onto the table before happily bounding over pulling the blond into a scorching kiss. "Morning love," he reached out grabbing the other male's hand tugging the flaxen haired artist to the table, "I made your favorites."

Krad blinked slowly in confusion as he was practically shoved into a chair, "I thought you had an important meeting today?"

"Oh that," Dark waved a hand dismissively through the air, "I had Daisuke reschedule it for after the Holiday." He grinned widely loading his partner's plate with all of his favorites, "I've actually rescheduled everything. I'm all yours for the next four days." He managed not to wince in gilt as surprised golden eyes focused on him.

"Not that I'm complaining," Krad paused taking a bite of the eggs and closing his eyes in bliss as cheesy goodness hit his tongue. There were very few foods that Dark Mousy could cook well. He was so glad that eggs and most breakfast items were on that short list. He could cook himself but he was not a morning person and did not cook before he was truly awake. "What brought this on," he laid his fork on the plate, "all you could talk about for months was this meeting and how important it was for the company."

Dark reached out lacing his fingers together with Krad's, "I realized that I was being an idiot and what is truly important in my life." He waved expansively with his free hand, "so here I am."

The blond artist could help his small smile, "kind of sappy for you, thief."

"Only for you angel." The two snorted in unison and dug into their individual breakfast. Once the meal was completed and dishes done Dark turned purple eyes curious. "so what's the plan for today?"

Krad Hesitated, "well, I haven't exactly planned on really doing anything today." He trailed off nibbling his bottom lip.

"But," Dark prompted, he knew that look and his partner had something in mind and was debating whether or not he should ask.

"Well," Krad paused, "there is a painting that I have had an idea about and would like to try and get it on to canvas."

"Oh," Dark tried to keep the disappointment from his voice. He should have seen something like this coming he hadn't exactly been around a lot and Krad would have his own projects that he'd be working on.

Sensing the disappointment in his lover's voice Krad hastily added, "Um, I need a model for it though."

It took the purple haired man a few moments to realize what his blond artist was implying . Amethyst eyes widened in shocked surprise, "You want me to model for you?"

"You don't have to if you don…"

Waving his hands franticly cutting his partner off, "no, no! I want too! I am just surprised that's all." He grinned in delight as the blond's face lite up in happiness. "You know I'll always model for you lover." Dark preened in happiness glad that this small request was so easily granted.

Krad chuckled softly reaching out to tug playfully on purple locks. "You're going to be my own living doll today." He turned heading towards the kitchen door. "Meet me in my studio in tin minutes."

"As you command angel," Dark hurried into the bedroom quickly throwing on a clean set of sweatpants. Taking a quick glance into the mirror he ran his fingers through his hair getting out most of the tangle he deemed himself good enough for now. He exited the bedroom walking past the bathroom and pushed open the door to the second smaller bedroom which had been turned into an art studio. The young CEO paused in the doorway watching his partner move confidently around the room setting up his work area, pulling open the drapes for more light. Dark noted in amusement that his blond already had a smudge of paint on his pants even though he hadn't started really working yet. His lover had a very bad habit of wiping his hands on his pants when he was painting in spite of the numerous towls around their home expressly for that purpose.

The blond turned smiling at his partner, "I want you to go lay on the lounge there by the window." Once Dark had taken his place Krad moved over positioning the other man the way that he wanted. "Okay, now try not to move but I want you to relax for me." Nodding in satisfaction he turned pulling a pencil from behind his ear starting a light rough sketch of his idea. Once the outline had been completed he looked up studying his model for a moment. Smiling in pleasure he picked up his color pad that had been prepared earlier and pulling one of the paintbrushes from his ponytail he settled himself comfortably at his easel starting to paint.

A comfortable silence fell in the room lulling Dark into a contented doze. The winter sun coming through the window was warm, he was full from breakfast and his partner was only feet away safe, happy and most importantly alive. Hours crept past morning flowing into afternoon then sliding towards evening. The young CEO's amethyst eyes blinked open as fingers ran through is hair nails scratching lightly against his scalp. He smiled up into amused golden eyes, "why hello gorgeous."

Pale lips curled up into a happy smile, "hello sleeping beauty." His grinned widened, "would you like some dinner or would you prefer to play Rip Ban Winkle some more?"

"Hmm," Dark stretched lazily, "sleep sounds nice but dinner with an angelic artist sounds even better." He smirked at the pinking of his partner's cheeks. He found it amusing after all this time how adorably fluster his lover got at the simplest of compliments. "How about we go out for food?" At the questioning expression he added slyly, "I was thinking Cityview Grill." The purple haired man licked his lips, "they do have the best desserts and are one of your favorite places."

Krad beamed.

Sometime later as the two were walking arm in arm back to their apartment complex after stuffing themselves with lots of good food. Dark nodded over to the outdoor concert area a block from their home. "looks like they've set up a temporary ice skating rink." He glanced over, "want to go there for a while?"

Blond eyebrows lifted, "I thought you hated ice skating."

"Normally I do," black clad shoulders shrugged, "but you enjoy it and I will enjoy a massage from you when we get home."

Krad deadpanned, "oh really?"

"Umm Huh," the young CEO smirked, "after all you love me and don't want to see me in pain from repeatedly butt-plants on the cold unforgiving ice." He pouted playfully as a pale hand reached up to pat his cheek.

"Don't worry darling," the flaxen haired artist smiled sweetly, "I won't let you embarrass yourself to much."

Laughing the two turned into the ticket area lining up with the other people waiting to get their skates. Once they were all suited up they stepped out onto the ice. Where Dark proceeded to fall flat on his back. Being helped only seconds later by a laughing Krad.

Over the next several hours the purple haired man demonstrated his gracelessness on ice skates much to his partner's silent amusement. The only way that the amethyst eyed male could stay on his feet was by clinging tightly to either the wall or his lover. Finally the two were ready to head home. Turning in their skates the two men finished their journey home. Swiftly changing into their sleepwear; the two finished their night with two large mugs of special hot chocolate. It didn't take long after that for both to drift into a contented sleep wrapped in the other's warm embrace.

-Day Two-

Krad yawned opening one eye to glare a the beam of sunlight peaking through the gap in the blackout curtains. Well, wasn't this an annoying wake up call. Sighing softly the blond slipped out of bed padding across the room intent on blocking the light. Once that task was accomplished he stumbled into the bathroom to take care of business before crawling back into bed. As he slipped back under the sheets he took just a second to admire his partner. He wasn't sure what had prompted the sudden desire to stay home and not work. What ever it was he was glad that it had happened. He'd missed having him around. The blond settled under the blanket snuggling in close to his sleeping lover. Maybe just another half hour or so then they could get up and get ready for the day.

Quite sometime later Dark awoke smiling contentedly arm wrapped firmly around his lover's waist. burying his nose into golden locks he breathed in happily reveling in the other male's sent. Finally he pulled away stretching groaning in relief as his back popped. Flopping over onto his stomach he pulled the pillow over his head not quite ready to leave the comfort and warmth of the bed. He tried to lift his head in surprise as gentle hands stroked down his back. However one hand was removed only to be then pressed against the back of his head.

"Lay still," Krad's voice was soft and soothing, "I did promise you a massage last night."

Tan lips twitched up into a smile, "I'm at your mercy angel." He sighed in happiness as all the lingering stiffness from last night's ice skating expedition was gradually worked out of his muscles. "Oooh, that feels so nice," his voice was only able to come out as a contented murmur. He drifted not fully asleep but not fully awake only rousing when the soothing hands were removed. "Awe," he protest was cut off as a finger prodded him in the ribs.

"Don't be greedy," Krad's tone was amused, "now let's get up. I want to do a little painting today before the light goes away." He slid off the bed grabbing his painting jeans, "I require my model so move it."

Sighing dramatically Dark reluctantly clambered out of bed himself stretching before grabbing his sweatpants from the day before. "So," he paused pulling on a t-shirt, "do I get to see this picture?" He chortled at the look he received in response, "fine, fine keep it secret." He grinned wickedly, "I'll just sneak a peak later… unless," he ignored the narrowed golden stair, "you bake me cookies."

Golden eyes rolled, "not peanut butter."

"Cool with me," Dark bounced happily on his toes. "I love your baking, it sooo good." He then frowned, "unlike mine."

Krad rolled his eyes in fond exasperation at his partners childish behavior. He then pointed at the lounge from the day before, "assume your position."

"Ohoh," amethyst eyes glittered playfully, "sounds so naughty when you say it like that." He almost laughed himself off the couch at the open mouth wide eyed look he got. Unable to resist he cocked his head curiously, "so no nude?" He blinked in surprise at the contemplative expression that appeared on fair features.

"Maybe," the blond artist then pointed his paint brush at his model, "now hush and let me work." He got a sly smile of his own, "or no cookies for you."

Still grinning Dark laid back relaxing into cushions listening to the soft sound of a paintbrush gliding over canvas. The painting session however only lasted for a little over an hour as the bright winter sun vanished behind dark gray clouds promising more snow and icy rain in the future. He looked up at the annoyed huff of air from the room's other occupant.

"Looks like that is all I'm going to get done on this today. I'll just have to finish it after Christmas when you have a weekend off." The blond looked up just in time to catch the flicker of sadness across tan features, "Dark?"

The amethyst eyed man smiled winningly, "its nothing." He quickly hopped to his feet, "lets go make cookies!" He grabbed his partner's hand pulling the confused artist from the room.

It didn't take long for Krad to change out of his painting clothing and into loose fitting sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt. He came into the kitchen to see that Dark had already laid out a recipe and several of the ingredients that they would need. The purple haired man currently had his head in the refrigerator muttering to himself about eggs. Moving over to the counter and glancing at the paper Krad noted that it was his Aunt Reo's home style sugar cookies. It had been quite a while since he had made these. They were rather complicated and he hated making them alone but today it seemed that his partner would be helping him. It didn't take him long to crack the required three eggs into the bowl mixing with sugar and vanilla. "Can you get me the flour please?" Smiling at the sound of acknowledgment from behind him he began measuring out the salt.

A sudden startled yelp made him spin around in surprise. Krad then had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing at his partner's predicament. In the process of retrieving the flour from the top shelf of the cabinet Dark had ended up spilling the contents of the container all over himself. It was a good thing that they had an unopened bag of flour up there as well because this flour was now useless… if not rather funny.

The amethyst eyed man pouted as his ears caught the muffled snickers from the opposite side of the kitchen. This was precisely why he didn't bake; something always seemed to go wrong. Another smothered laugh made him sulk even harder. Then he was struck with an evil, evil plan. Tan lips slowly curled up into a devious smirk, why should he be the only one to get dirty today? He turned around slowly to smile winningly at his lover who must have read his intent in his gleefully happy expression. Because golden eyes suddenly widened in alarm as the other male took a step back and to the side.

"No, no, no," Krad held up a warning finger, "don't, even think about it Dark Mousy," His only response was a wicked grin. Unable to stifle the rather unmanly squeak he made a break for the door knowing that his lover wouldn't risk tracking flour all over the new carpet. However he was not quite quick enough. A flour covered arm wrapped around his waist pulling him back against a firm chest.

"Really, you think that you can escape me?" Dark gave his best evil villain laugh as he happily rubbed a flour covered hand through golden locks.

Krad yelped squirming in his lover's embrace, "not the hair, not the hair!" However his protest were ignored. He was finally released and turned to glare at his smug looking mate. "I am going to make you suffer," so saying he stooped grabbing up a fist full of white powder. Before a surprised Dark could react Krad moved closer adding even more flour to the already saturated CEO.

Laughing the purple haired man retaliated flinging more flour at his lover.

After a few minutes of unrestrained flour slinging the two men paused eyeing one another.

"I think there is a cookie mix on the second shelf, how about we make that?" Krad glanced around, "it will be a lot less messy."

Dark's lips twitched up, "or you can make the cookies and I'll clean up this mess." He glanced around grimacing, "it may take a while."

"Sounds like a plan," Krad nodded, "I'm thinking that then we get showers and order in Chinese for dinner." He turned opening the baking cabinet and pulling out a packaged sugar cookie mix. It didn't take him long to add the eggs, water and oil. Once the first two trays were in the oven and the timer set. He turned his attention to assisting in the flour clean up from their food war. Only pausing in his cleaning to remove the done cookies and slide the last tray into the oven.

Between the two of them the cleaning went quickly and Dark exited the kitchen planning on grabbing a speedy shower before ordering their dinner. Throwing on some sweats and a t-shirt once he was done he padded barefoot down the hall still rubbing at his hair with a towel. Passing his golden angel in the hall he reenter the kitchen snagging a cooling cookie from the rack. Munching on his treat the purple haired man dialed their favorite Chinese delivery place. Once the order was completed he leaned back contemplating a second cookie. Three sugary treats later his partner arrived giving him a slightly disapproving look.

"You're going to ruin you dinner," so saying Krad helped himself to a cookie of his own. "So how long before the food arrives?" He picked up a second cookie, "I'm starving."

"Hmm," Dark glanced at the time on his phone absently reaching for cookie number five. "About seven minutes or so, it was about a twenty minute wait." He stuffed the warm sugary goodness into his mouth chewing contentedly.

Krad nodded turning away to get a soda from the fridge. At that moment the doorbell rung announcing the early arrival of the delivery guy.

"I got it," Dark grabbed the money he had ready and exited the room only to return shortly carrying a large bag. As he started unloading the paper sack he was unaware of his partner's eyes widening in disbelief.

"That…" Krad blinked, "is a lot of food. Are we expecting company that I am unaware of?"

Dark beamed, "nah," he pulled out an order of Crab Rangoon. "I just couldn't make up my mind tonight so I got all of our favorites." He shrugged, "on the bright side, we won't have to cook for several meals other than breakfast." He grinned over at the blond, "unless you really want too, that is."

Golden eye rolled, "I'm perfectly fine with bacon and eggs, thank you." Pale lips curled up into a smirk, "feed me Chinese food in the morning and you most certainly will not be getting any."

"Oh, ouch," Dark clutched at his chest pretending that he'd been stabbed through the heart. "That lover, is cruel and completely uncalled for." He bowed dramatically, "for you my darling, I shall make you as much bacon and eggs as you can eat."

The corner of Krad's mouth turned up into a half smirk, "don't forget the pancakes."

"Of course not my angel," Dark grinned, "can't forget those wonders of fluffy buttery goodness." He picked up his plate and a box of noodles. "How about dinner in our room? I like the TV in there more."

Shrugging Krad picked up his own plate and box of noodles following the amethyst eyed man from the room and down the short hall. "I don't even know why we bothered to get a TV for the Living room, we never use it." He set his plate on the nightstand picking up the remote. "Have a particular channel in mind?" At the noncommittal shrug he received he pressed the power button leaving it on the channel it had last been playing.

The two men settled themselves onto the bed placing their plates on their laps. The room fell silent the only noise for several moments being the sound of food being eaten the and low murmur from the television.

"Oh, look," Dark pointed his chopsticks at the TV, another crappy Christmas movie. "I think this one is the stupidest idea ever?"

Golden eyes rolled in fond amusement, "It's the day before Christmas eve, what do you expect to be on the air." He cocked his head, "beside that crappy movie is a classic. There are a lot of people who don't consider it crappy at all."

Dark deadpanned, "it's a movie… about a cow."

"Yes, a cow who wants to become a reindeer," Krad smirked. "It's supposed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside."

Amethyst eyes rolled, "it makes me feel something alright." He mimed gagging, "let's watch something else," so saying; he grabbed the remote flipping through the channels until he came across The Rise of the Guardians. At a shrug from his partner he dropped the remote back onto the bed starting in on his dinner once more allowing the movie to play in the background. After tossing their empty containers into the trash can the two settled back down.

Dark turned leaning down capturing his lover's lips in a gentle kiss. The movie was forgotten as the two lost themselves in one another. His fingers reached up tangling into golden strands as he deepened their kiss. The purple haired man shivered in delight as nimble fingers ran through his hair down his neck pausing to massage his shoulder blades. He carefully pushed his partner back to lay against the pillows hands slipping under the blond's baggy t-shirt to stroke over smooth skin. Tan lip kissed lightly across a pale jaw pausing to suck at a spot just behind the softly moaning artist's ear.

Krad bucked golden eyes clouded in pleasure voice only able to come out as a soft whisper, "Dark Please."

The purple haired man's lips curved up in a pleased smile, "anything for you angel." He proceeded to show how much the other male mint to him bringing the blond to the edge of completion time after time until he was a quivering mass of nerves barely able to string two syllables together. Finely he was unable to keep holding back bringing them both to blissful climax. Breathing out a soft sigh of contentment Dark lightly kissed his lover temple, "I love you," a quit murmur was his only response as Krad was nearly asleep. Wrapping his arms around his partner Dark settled down drifting off to dream land as well a small peaceful smile curling his lips.

-Day Three Christmas Eve-

Dark awoke the next morning sneaking out of bed to make breakfast. As he moved around the kitchen he planned. Today was the last day it was late this evening that the accident was going to happen so he was going to stop it just by keeping Krad at home and In bed the whole day. Tan lips curled into a grin, he was going to stay at his side and make sure that nothing would happen to his blond angel. Picking up the breakfast tray the young CEO headed back to his bedroom to wake his lover.

The flaxen haired artist opened one eye, "hmm, bacon."

Setting the tray on the dresser Dark snorted in amusement, "yes, bacon, turkey bacon to be more specific." He chuckled as his partner sat up smiling making give me gestures. "What no kiss of gratitude?" Dark waved a finger chidingly.

Golden eyes rolled, "bacon first, kisses later."

Laughing Dark handed the plate over and snorted amused as a piece of bacon was promptly shoved into his lover's mouth. Settling onto the bed with his own breakfast the young CEO took a bit of eggs. "So," he started, "I was thinking of a movie marathon today." He continued at a raised eyebrow, "the next marvel movie is coming out in a few days so I thought we could start from the beginning to refresh ourselves and then go see the new one when it is out."

"That sounds good to me," Krad nibbled on the edge of a waffle, "we've got plenty of soda and snacks in the kitchen." He set his now empty plate onto the nightstand reaching for the cup of juice placed there. "It has been a while since we have seen several of the movies, also," he grinned in delight, "since we have done a movie marathon of any kind." Settling back against the pillows he patted the spot next to him. "Leave the dishes for now, they'll be there later."

"Agreed," Dark set his plate on the other nightstand before crawling back into bed and snuggling against his partner. 'Plan… Success.'

The morning slipped away into afternoon which faded into evening. The only moment when either left their cozy nest was when they needed more food or a bathroom break.

Their peace was interrupted at 8pm.

Dark scowled as his phone began to vibrate on the side table. He wasn't expecting a call and for a moment he thought about ignoring it but then he hesitated, what if it was important. He did have responsibilities, with a sigh of annoyance he grabbed the phone answering before it could go to voicemail, "hello." His attention was still mostly on the movie until the caller started speaking.

"Hello, this is Detective Sahara with the Azamon Police department."

Glancing over in time to see his partners eyes widen in alarm Krad reached out muting the movie so his lover wouldn't be distracted. This call looked important if the other male's body language was to be understood.

"Is this Mr. Mousy?"

"Yes it is." The purple haired man sat up fully eye brows scrunching together.

"Yes sir, your number was at the top of the contact list for the security company monitoring Phantom Thief INC. The intruder alarm has been activated at the corporate office. We need you to come down to the facility and see if anything has been disturbed."

"Damn it!" Dark pulled the phone away from his ear and glared at it. He was torn; he needed to go to the company headquarters and see what the hell was going on, but he also needed to stay home to protect Krad. He glanced over at his love who was watching curiously having paused the movie they'd been watching. His lover must have seen the indecision on his face because he spoke up.

"Love, if you need to go in to the office, then you do so." He shrugged, "the movie can wait until you get back."

The young CEO hesitated, "you're sure?" At a nod of the blond head he placed the phone back to his ear. "I'll be there in twenty." Ending the call he turned dropping to his knees and taking one of his beloved's hand's between his own. Staring into confused golden eyes he tried to convey his urgency, "promise me," he gripped the other's fingers tightly, "promise me you will stay here and not leave for any reason."

"I don't see any reason to leave," Krad shrugged snuggling down into the blankets. "it's warm and I'm quite comfy." He waved a hand, "I'll be fine."

Hesitating one last moment dark nodded, "I'll be back as quickly as I can." He climbed out of bed slipping his feet into a pair of sneakers and grabbing a hooded sweatshirt that had been draped over a chair. Grabbing his keys and phone from the nightstand he kiss his smiling lover before heading out of the room.

Only a few minutes later Krad heard the front door shut and a car's engine start. Rolling his eyes in fond exasperation he settled back against the pillow eyes slipping closed. He was jolted awake a short time later as his cell phone rang. Groping sleepily round it took a few rings before he could get the device to his ear, "Hello?"

"Hi Krad, it's Daiki."

The blond smiled sitting up blankets falling away from his body, "hey what's up?"

"I'm so sorry to ask this but I have a box of Christmas gifts hidden in the attic so my family wouldn't find them. With my arthritis I can't climb the ladder to get to them now and they need to be wrapped for tomorrow."

Pale lips curled into a smile, "No worries, I can come over real quick and get them down for you." The phone held between his shoulder and ear Krad climbed out of bed looking around for his shoes. "just let me grab my jacket and I'll be right over about tin minutes."

"Thank you so much, I know that its dark and cold out."

Krad laughed pulling his hair back into a ponytail, "I'm young and can handle it." Sticking his keys into his pocket he started for the door, "I'll see you soon."

"Okay, bye."

"Bye," Krad sighed as he buttoned his coat. Dark was not going to be happy about this but Daiki had helped them out so much when they had first moved to the area and they had known no one. It was only the right thing to do now and go help him even if he'd been told to stay home. It wasn't like Daiki live that far only about four blocks. Nodding to himself the golden haired male pulled open the door stepping into the cold snowy night.

Really, what was the worst that could happen?

Tan fingers tapped agitatedly against the steering wheel as Dark fought his rising since of dread. Even though he'd made sure his love had everything he needed before he left and that should be no reason for Krad to leave their safe apartment. He couldn't suppress the clawing fear that clawed at his insides. The alarm that had pulled him from the blond's side had been a power glitch setting off the system when there was actually nothing wrong. He refused to believe that it was fate removing him from his lover's side the night and nearly the time that the accident had occurred before Towa had sent him back. The closer he got to the apartment the more potent the impending since of doom became.

Finally unable to dismiss the feelings he called their home phone praying for a quick answer. With each ring his breathing became shorter as panic gripped his mind. Disconnecting the line he then tried his partner's cell knowing that it was usually not far from his hand. He waited breath held, one ring, two rings, three and then finally someone picked up.

"Hello, Dark."

Amethyst eyes widened in horror, "Daiki?" He gasped vision going black for just a heartbeat, "where's Krad?"

"He was over here helping me move some boxes I couldn't get to." There was a slight pause, "I just saw he'd left his phone here and was about to call you."

Dark choked, "he's gone?" His world seemed to drop away leaving him shaking steering wheel clinched in a white knuckled grip.

"Yes," Daiki sounded puzzled, "about seven or eight minutes ago."

There was another slightly longer pause then the old man's voice became worried, "is everything all right?"

"Of course," the young CEO faked a smile, "just worried about him walking home because of the ice."

"Ah, understandable. I will let you go so you can get home. Drive safe and I will see you boys later. Come by anytime you want to pick up Krad's phone. Have a Merry Christmas Dark."

"Merry Christmas to you as well." Dark disconnected the call pressing his foot onto the accelerator making a sharp right hand turn onto Jackson Ave. He could feel his heart trying to beat its way out of his chest. Whipping around another corner he had to slam on his breaks just missing the construction sign 'road closed one way.' "Crap!" He'd forgotten there was construction happening in this area, glancing around franticly the purple haired man pulled into the parking lot of a gas station. He was less than a block away from where the accident had happened. If he could just get to Krad, everything would be okay.

Leaping out of the car he didn't even bother to lock the door; he took off running down the street. In the distance he could see a lone figure walking slowly up ahead. For just a single agonizing second as the person passed under a streetlight Dark could see the figure's hair gleam a brilliant golden almost looking like a halo. "Krad!" He put on a burst of speed, "Krad wait, please!" He watched his lover's head turn surprise appearing on pale features. Then the artist smiled waving. Then he was surrounded by light. Dark pumped his legs faster as happiness turned into surprise. He lowered his head slamming his shoulder into the blond's chest knocking him free from the path of the on coming van.

Krad gasped as he hit the ground dazed and confused on what had just happen. He'd been surprised to hear his lover's voice calling out to him. He'd been even more surprised when he'd turned to see Dark sprinting towards him like the hounds of hell were nipping at his heals. Then there was light, and noise, and his partner had plowed into him knocking him to the ground where icy slush started soaking into his jacket. The flaxen haired artist rolled over freezing in horrified disbelief. His lover the person he wished to spend the rest of his life with was laying motionless on the sidewalk only feet from the bumper of a still running vehicle. Mind numb in shock he crawled over to the purple haired man's side, "Dark?" He reached out hesitating before his fingers actually touched his lover afraid that he would hurt him. There was suddenly someone kneeling next to him babbling almost incoherent.

"Oh God, Oh God! I'm so sorry, there was ice, and , and I didn't see you two and the ice, and, oh God! I'll call 911."

The next several hours passed in a blur to the blond barely registering in his shocked mind. Riding to the hospital in the ambulance, answering medical questions and giving his partner's information, brushing off the doctors who wanted to check him over for injuries, answering more medical questions, yelling at a few doctor's that; "he was fine damn it! Go take care of my partner!" Then sitting and waiting, and pacing, and waiting some more. Finally Doctor Niwa had come out and given him news, it didn't look good right now but if Dark managed to live through the night there was a strong likely hood he would survive. Now all Krad could do was sit at the other's bedside and prey.

The blond artist gently laid his hand on top of his partner's, "you idiot." Golden eyes closed a lone tear trickling down a pale cheek, "what the hell were you thinking?" He opened his eyes, "if you don't pull through, I… I… swear that I'll come up to heaven, kick your ass, and drag you back home." He bowed his head shoulders beginning to shake, "please my thief… you can't just waltz into my life, steal my heart and then do something like this. You can't leave me, I need you idiot."

Second slowly ticked by turning into minutes that crept into an hour then slid into two. Just before the stroke of midnight Krad glanced up catching a quick flash of light outside the window. Hoping desperately that it was a shooting star he closed his eyes making a wish with all his heart. As the clock's numbers switched from 11:59pm to 12:00am; there came the sound of a soft sigh.

"Oh dear, Mr. Mousy. What have you done?"

Golden eyes widened as Krad stared in disbelief at the winged figure that had appeared by the window, "wh…who are you?"

The angel sighed softly again, "my name is Towa, I am a Christmas Angel." Her smile was sad, "I'd say it is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Hikari but under the circumstances…" She trailed off pale green eyes focusing on the bed's occupant. "You know," she said to the unconscious CEO, "this was not what I was expecting you to do when I gave you a little more time. However," she rustled her feathers, "I should have guessed."

Krad paled fingers tightening his grip on his partner, "wait! What?"

"It was supposed to be you," Towa's tone became even more sad. "I was unable to heal you but was able to turn back time and give Mr. Mousy three days to spend with you."

"So that's what… is... was going on," golden eyes widened in realization. "Damnit! That's why Dark was so insistent that I stay home tonight… he knew…"

The angel nodded wings rustling slightly, "yes."

"Can you do it again?... Turn back time?" the blond artist sat up straight expression hopeful only to slump back dejectedly at the angel's solemn head shake. "Please, what can I do, there has to be something…" Krad trailed off absently stroking fingers through purple locks.

"Well… there may be a way," Towa paused looking unsure a little hesitant to continue with her thought.

"Anything!" Krad was on his feet reaching desperately for the angel, "I will do anything."

The silver haired angel's tone was reluctant, "Mr. Mousy was not supposed to be hurt. He sacrificed himself to save your life. There is a chance…" she breathed out a soft sigh, "that if you willingly give up your energy. It would heal Mr. Mousy since it isn't his time yet." She held up a finger stalling the blond's eager response, "there is a very likely chance that the energy transfer will kill you."

Krad set his jaw stubbornly, "I'll do it." He glanced quickly at his unconscious lover before focusing once more on Towa, "I will do what ever it takes to heal him… even if it means giving up my life."

"Are you sure," Towa cocked her head curiously, "he chose to save you at the cost of his own." She spread her hands, "he wanted you to live."

"I love him," Krad's expression was resolute, "If I have to give my life to save his, then I will."

"Very well then," the angel girl held out her hand grasping Krad's fingers and then laying her other hand on Dark's chest. A soft lavender glow surrounded the three and almost immediately the blond's eyes rolled back as he slumped bonelessly into the chair he'd just vacated. A few minute passed before the light gradually dissipated leaving Towa the only conscious one in the room. Stepping back she smiled fondly at the pair before her. As she began to fade away her voice whispered into the silent air, "love truly is the greatest gift one can give another." With a final gentle smile the silver haired angel vanished completely only leaving a single snowy feather on the floor to show she had truly been there.

-Day Four Christmas Day-

Amethyst eyes snapped open as Dark Mousy regained consciousness. For a moment the young CEO was confused not only to what had happen but to where he was. After laying staring blankly at the boring white sealing for a few moments it all suddenly came rushing back. The accident, the angel, a second chance, pushing his lover out of the way. He struggled to sit up pain ripping through his chest. Ignoring the alarms that started bleeping franticly at him he struggled until a familiar face appeared looming over him.

Krad was yanked back into the land of the living by a shrill alarm blaring insistently close to his head. For a heartbeat he was confused but then clarity came back to him, the angel the accident, willingly giving up his life to save his partner. But unless heaven looked like the hospital he was very much alive. He leaned over staring into aware amethyst eyes, "hey, hey, calm down. You're going to hurt yourself more and the Doctors are going to be mad at me." As if those words had been a summoning spell the room was suddenly crowded with doctors and nurses.

After being checked over and told to keep calm or else the pair were left alone amethyst and gold eyes locked.

"So, an angel gave you a second chance?" Krad's tone was calmly neutral.

Dark winced, "I…"

The blond held up a finger, "and you sacrificed yourself for me." Golden eyes closed, "you adorable, loveable idiot." He took in a deep breath before opening his eyes, "don't you know I can't live without you?"

The purple haired CEO smiled crookedly, "Same lover."

"We're quite the pair then aren't we," Krad's chuckle was dry, "you sacrifice yourself for me and I for you."

Amethyst eyes narrowed, "excuse me?"

The golden haired artist coughed, "uh, I mint…"

"What did you do!" Dark reached out grasping one slender wrist desperately.

"I, err," Krad squirmed, "may have offered my life in exchange for yours…?" He winced as tan fingers tightened around his wrist. "please don't be upset."

Dark sighed loosening his grip, "no point in getting mad now," he shrugged, "what's done is done and we're both still here." He focused a suddenly alarmed gaze on his lover, "right? You're still here… you're not going to vanish into the light are you?"

"Uh," Krad cocked his head, "I don't think I'm going anywhere. It sounded like if it would have killed me it would have happened last night." He Shrugged, "we wouldn't be having this conversation then."

The two sat in silence for several moment thinking on everything that happened.

As Krad shifted trying to get a little more comfortable something caught his eye on the floor by the window. Gently he pulled away from his partner's grip getting to his feet and walking over and bending down. Sensing amethyst eyes focused on him he gave a teasing wiggle of his backside as he straightened up. He turned to face Dark holding up a single white feather. "Looks like Towa left us a Christmas gift."

Dark smiled widely, "I think that you should paint something special and frame it with her feather."

"I agree," Krad smiled back. He moved back over taking his lover's hand, "I think we owe her more then we could ever repay. Dedicating a painting to her seems only fitting"

"Yes," Dark laid his head back down on the pillow, "she is definitely our guardian angel."

-A Year Later: Christmas Eve-

Dark wove his way through the crowd of people filling his living room. He had decided that while Christmas day was just for him and his now husband they should have a celebration of life and family. He grinned at his secretary and now friend Daisuke who was being kissed senseless under the mistletoe by his new boyfriend police commander Satoshi Hiwatari. Amethyst eyes fell up on and lingered on his partner who was chatting animatedly with several people, Meo an up and coming fashion designer, her two models Risa and Riku, the group was rounded out by Kiji a television producer and his assistant Fumadashi. Another person suddenly appeared adding himself to the group Takshi Sahara a jernalist for a local paper.

The young CEO paused to speak with Doctor Kausuke and his lovely wife Emiko. Funnily enough during the time he'd been receiving treatment after the accident that had nearly killed him the Christmas before he'd found out that Doctor Niwa was actually Daisuke's father and their old friend Daiki was his grandfather. It was truly amazing how small the world could be sometimes. After a few moments he turned heading towards the kitchen for a refill on his drink pausing to look up at the painting hanging proudly over the fire place mantel.

His lover had done an amazing portrait of Towa their guardian angel. Krad had labored months on the outline alone making sure every tiny detail from the little bit of silver hair that stuck up in the front, to the elaborate dress she had been waring, to each and every single feather was correct. He had then meticulously added color creating a wonderful master piece of beauty. At the bottom of the portrait behind a sheet of thin glass was the single white feather they had found in the hospital room. He still thanked her every day for not only giving him a second chance but for also both of their lives. He was startled out of his thoughts at the soft voice from next to him.

"It is an amazing painting. She looks almost alive."

Dark turned and smiled at his vice president Eliot and his wife Fredurt. "I think it is one of Krad's best works." He glanced up at the painting again, "she is our guardian angel."

"Then she is special," Fredurt was examining the painting closely, "is Krad going to display her at his gallery showing in February?"

Dark nodded, "yes, however this one is not going to be for sale… for any price."

Eliot grinned, "don't blame you," he nodded up at the picture, "if I had a piece of art like this I'd hold on to it too."

"Well," Dark smirked, "you could always buy something in February."

Fredurt and Eliot both grinned, "maybe, we find that both of us are partial to his Second Hand of Time painting. Oh look," Eliot waved, "Argentine just arrived." The blond tugged on her husband's arm, "let's go say hi."

Amethyst eyes glittered in amusement as Eliot was drug off by his excited wife. Tan lips curled up into a smile as an arm slid around his waist, "having fun?"

"Hmm," Krad's hum was low and contented. "It really is amazing how different our lives are this year. We made new friends, connected with old friends and are in the process of achieving our dreams." The blond's sigh was soft, "and if not for Towa…" he trailed off.

Dark nodded silently squeezing his husband's fingers, "I know."

The two stood together quietly watching the people around them for several minutes. Before Krad chuckled softly, "awe oh, we may want to go rescue Argentine from Meo's clutches before she tries to dress him up like a human doll… again." He slipped his arm from around his partner's waist starting across the room to rescue their detective friend from the overly enthusiastic fashion designer.

The purple haired CEO glanced up at the painting smiling then amethyst eyes widened in shock for just a moment he thought that the angel winked at him.

"Dark…" Krad's voice cut through his thoughts, "help!"

He jumped turning away from the portrait to see his lover laughingly trying to fend off a grinning Meo.

"Husband!" The blond artist ducked behind their newest guest using him as a human shield, "assistants please."

"Don't use me as a shield from your not-wife…" Argentine cried laughing, "leave me out of this."

Tan lips curved into a grin as he started across the room brushing off the incident as a trick of the light, "oy, hands off the blond, he's mine!"

Unseen by anyone at the party a lone star shot across the sky the angel's painted lips curving up into an amused smile. "Merry Christmas Boys, I am glad to see you are living your lives to the fullest."