"Mum I'm fine, I got to Sinnoh just fine. Right Chu?" Harmony says to her mother through her blue Rotom phone in the airport. A female Pikachu, who had a bright pink bow on her tail sitting on her shoulder. "We're supposed to head to meet up with Professor Rowan, at least that's what Professor Magnolia told me to meet with as soon as I got here." She explains.

"I know sweetie, it's just she only visited a week before taking off again. I still wished she would have stayed longer." (Y/m) says to her. "At least call more often? And I will be on stand by if you want any of your team. Seeing as you only have Pikachu, Hatterene, and Cinderace on her."

"Of course I will Mum. Now I got to go, I don't want to keep Professor Rowan waiting too long to deliver what Magnolia wants me to deliver. Then I have to register for the league and contests." she tells her. "I love you! I'll let she know what I catch here in Sinnoh bye!" she said as Rotom ends the call before slipping itself back into her pocket.

"Well Chu, let's get going. I'm sure it's got to be this way." Harmony says as they make their way out and onto the road.

Harmony Sword, a 15-year-old Pokemon Trainer, originally from Postwick in the Galar region. Her wavy auburn hair falls to the middle of her back, and freckles adore her face, where they show off her green eyes. The usual outfit she wears is leggings with a blue skirt where a belt rests against it her Pokeballs attached and a form-fitted top with ruffles along with it. She has competed in leagues all over, starting in Galar. She then went to Hoenn and Johto wanting to compete in contests narrowly making it to the top four in Hoenn three years ago, and winning the Johto Grand Festival. On top of that, she has competed in the Hoenn Johto, and Kanto leagues getting into the top 4 all three times. Now on her way to enter the Sinnoh League, determined to win this time and compete in Contests she makes her way deeper into the city.

It was only twenty minutes later when they reached the port of the town, seeing the ships along the coast, that calmness was quickly taken away as Harmony heard yelling coming from a sheng teen around her age (15) with black spikey hair under a baseball cap and brown eyes yelling to some weirdos in a Meowth balloon.

"Pikachu!? Who did that?" the boy called out, "I can't believe they're here!" he called out running after them, "Come back! Bring Pikachu back!" he yells. However, something wrong must have happened within the balloon because it soon blew up it a fit of smoke, and a faint "We're blasting off again" was heard in the distance.

Quickly as that happened she took off after the kid, "Hey wait! Are you okay? Do she want me to try and find Officer Jenny?" she asks as Chu her Pikachu lets out an unhappy "Pika" feeling sorry for the kid losing his own Pikachu.

"Oh, no that's fine, Pikachu has to be around here somewhere." the kid says with a sigh, "Why do they always follow us, hey Aipom can she check the trees?" he calls out to his pokemon.

"Woah! What's that Pokemon?" she calls out having not seen one before, even in her trips to Johto she hadn't seen one. Her Rotom phone flies out to quickly scan it.

Aipom is a monkey-like Pokémon with a three-fingered hand at the end of its tail. its powerful tail freely and cleverly for many purposes. The tail is strong enough to anchor Aipom to a branch and suspend the rest of its body in the air, but also delicate enough to pick fruit and manipulate objects.

"You've never seen an Aipom before? What's that she got there is it a Pokedex? Where are you from?" he questions her.

"This is my Rotom dex, he's a phone and a Pokedex, he's got the national dex on him so that I can figure out all pokemon. I'm Harmony Sword, and I'm from the Galar region, this is one of my partners Chu, she doesn't prefer her Pokeball all that much. I'm wanting to win the Sinnoh league and hopefully win the Grand Festival as I did back in Johto. I've never seen one up close, they aren't native to Galar at all," she explains.

"Huh cool, the Garlar region, I've never heard of it. Anyway, I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town in the Kanto region and am training to be a Pokemon Master. Do she want to try and help find Pikachu with me?" Ash asks.

Harmony thinks for a second as Chu tugs her hair with a look of wanting to help, "Alright we'll help, we're going this way anyway to find Professor Rowan to deliver some research from Professor Magnolia. How about I let some of my pokemon help?" she offer earning a nod as Ash turns to look up where Aipom had climbed up a tree. "Hey, Aipom did she seen any signs of Team Rocket's balloon up there?"

"Hatters come out and help!" she calls out letting her Hatterene out to see if she'd be able to try and use her psychic ability to sense Pikachu anywhere, while Chu tries with her electricity.

"Oh man," she hears Ash sigh out.

"Don't worry we'll find your Pikachu, it'll just take some time. He couldn't have gotten that far, I just hope that Team Rocket you called them? That they aren't anywhere near your Pikachu." Harmony tells him.

"Yeah, when you want to find those guys they always disappear," he says sadly, as you move on down the path. "I just sure hope Pikachu's okay," he tells Harmony and his Aipom.

It wasn't long before Ash seemed to get really mopey and we stopped to take a break from all of their searching. Harmony had returned Hatterene and was about to ask Ash something when she heard the sound of a motorcycle and turned around to look.

"Oh, look Ash it's Officer Jenny! Maybe she can help!" Harmony says shaking his shoulder as Jenny came to a stop.

"Hello, everything alright over there?" Jenny asks with concern.

"Not exactly." Ash and Harmony say at the same time, "You see…" both of them start explaining what was going on and once she understood the issue she offered to drive the two.

"So Team Rocket's in Sinnoh huh?"

"Yeah, and I've got to find those crooks quick because they took my Pikachu," Ash explains as Harmony tries to keep herself behind Jenny, that being the only spot available as Ash was in the side-car.

"Ash, Harmony Sinnoh's a big place instead of wandering around trying to find them all by yourself why don't you leave that to me? And I'll take you to Professor Rowan's lab where you can say hello." Jenny explains.

"Actually that is really where I needed to go so that works really well for me, and I'm sure if someone does find Pikachu they will figure out who's it is by taking him to a pokemon center, even without a ball there usually is a way to figure it out," Harmony says trying to reassure Ash.

Once Jenny dropped them off they quickly met with Professor Rowan.

"So you're Ash from Pallet Town, Professor Oak said a great deal about you. He sent your Aipom's Pokeball for you and it just arrived." Professor Rowan says as he hands Ash the Pokeball.

"As for you Harmony Sword, I have heard quite a bit from Professor Magnolia and believe you have some research for me?" he says and Harmony grins getting the folder out from her bag, "Yup it's all here, even has the flash drive with all more info on it along with some of the hard to get research books, all the way from old Galarian texts with the translations too."

"Good that is really helpful, I do have something she requested for you," he says turning to pull another Pokeball out of his lab coat. "Professor Magnolia said you tend to prefer water and electric types, so she figured that you'd appreciate having one of the water starters from here." he tells her making her eyes sparkle.

"You're giving me a Piplup?" she says bouncing on the back of her feet in excitement.

"Yes, this one was getting picked on a shoved by other pokemon due to its unique coloring and I figured with how much praise Magnolia was saying about you with pokemon that are being mistreated out in the wild, that he'd be a perfect fit."

"Thank you so much, Professor Rowan!" Harmony says happily as Ash thanked him too for giving him Aipom's Pokeball.

"I wouldn't worry too much about Pikachu Ash, I heard from one of my new trainers that this morning she protected a lost Pikachu from a strange group of thieves who called themselves 'Team Rocket'"

"You're kidding!?" Ash and Harmony call out with Aipomand Chu yelling out in excitement.

Ash was quick to wanting to find out, so Professor Rowan set it up so he could call the Pokemon Center that Dawn was supposed to be at. Unfortunately, it was Nurse Joy who answered.

"Oh, Dawn? I'm sorry but she left the Pokemon Center just a little bit before you called." Nurse Joy apologizes.

"Did she say where she was going Nurse Joy?" Ash asks hopefully.

"Not in so many words. She said she had to find Pikachu's trainer fast." Nurse Joy explains causing Ash to quickly grab Harmony's hand and tugs her out of Rowan's lab fast.

"Wait! Where are you two going?" Rowan calls out to Ash and Harmony.

"We've got to find Dawn and I know the Pokemon Center is close by right? So that means she's got to be close by too! Come on Aipom, Harmony let's hit it!" Ash yells out as they race away from the lab.

The two trainers and their pokemon were running along route 202 trying to get as fast as they could to find Dawn when a truck passed them by and honked making Ash slow down with Harmony nearly bumping into him for slowing down.

"Ash!" an older teen (18) stepped out, he had spikey brown hair and a darker complexion geared up with a huge backpack.

"Hey, Brock!" Ash calls out with a grin on his face, as he rushes towards him with Harmony following curiously behind him.

"I guess great minds think alike" Brock comments.

"Great to see you but what are you doing here?" Ash asks.

"Either you guys know each other or you're too friendly Brock!" The truck driver lady says.

"This is my old buddy Ash, he and I have been traveling together for a long time," Brock explains.

"The names Claudina and in case you haven't noticed I'm the proud driver of this big rig," Claudina explains, her purple hair tied up in a high ponytail.

"Hi, nice to meet you." Ash and Harmony say politely.

"Yeah Claudina and I are on the road. The road to happiness and true love" Brock says getting all happy with a dopey smile on his face and grabbing Ash by the shoulder and tugging him to his side making Ash give him a confused and funny look.

"Yeah, but in a truck?" he asks confusingly.

"Ash it's a long and complicated journey when you want to be the very best. I was hitchhiking from Pewter City when we hooked up It was fate!" Brock says all lovey-dovey as he pokes Ash's cheek making Ash push him off disturbingly.

"Woah!" Ash says as Brock tugs him back placing his hands on the younger teen shoulders, "It's been great seeing you pal and best of luck in everything you do…" Brock says just as Claudina's phone starts to ring making her pick it up.

"Hi, there honey! I've been waiting to hear your sweet voice to calling" she says making Brock seem to snap out of his love-Dovey phase and freak out.

"HONEY!?" Brock yells out.

"Sure I'll be right there just as soon as these 18-wheels can carry me." she says before putting her phone away, "I'm sorry for the interruption Brock, but that was my boyfriend on the horn and I'm gonna have to hightail it over and meet him quicker than a volt tackle," she says before winking making Brock whimper, "But I know you'll all be fine, after all, you got your bud, and his girlfriend, why don't you three mosey along," she says before shutting the door.

"See ya later Brock and thanks again for the great lunch and dinner," Claudina says waving and driving off.

"Is Brock gonna be okay?" Harmony says softly to Ash, both his and her cheeks slightly red because of what Claudina's remark about them being a couple.

No sooner than Harmony asking did Brock let out a yell before crying, "Alright Ash, a man's gotta do what a mans gotta do and these two men are gonna do it without a woman at their sides." making Harmony scoff.

"Uh hello aren't I considered a woman?" she says with a huff, while Brock turns to her in slight confusion having not paid attention to her at all.

"Huh, I didn't see you, who are you?" Brock asks, "Also where's Pikachu Ash?"

"I'm Harmony Sword, from the Galar region, Postwick to be exact, and that is why we were running," she explains as Ash's face falls and starts to go on explaining it in detail as they continued their walk.

"That Team Rocket just won't quit will they?" he asks shaking his head while Ash looks at the Map, Harmony walking beside Ash.

"Here it is, there's a Pokemon Center up ahead where that girl took Pikachu."

"Dawn, Ash her name is Dawn." Harmony reminds him nudging his side, "It's rude to call her 'that girl' even if we don't know her."

"Right, Dawn took Pikachu to that Pokemon Center." Ash corrects him, "So with that, we can see if Nurse Joy knows which way she went." he explains and Brock gets a weird look on his face making Harmony jump slightly.

"When it comes to Nurse Joy leave it to me," Brock says.

"Does he get this way with all women?" Harmony whispers to Ash, watching Aipom swing through the trees up ahead only to ram into some bird Pokemon obviously upsetting it.

"Knock it off Aipom! This is no time for you to be picking a fight! Stop!" Ash calls out running faster with Harmony and Brock.

"Hey who's that Pokemon?" Brock asks causing Ash to bring out his Pokedex and Harmony's Rotom to fly out of her pocket.

In sync the two Pokedex's state: Starly the Starling pokemon. Starly normally travels in a flock but when alone it is hard to notice.

"A normal-flying type. Alright!" he says excitedly putting his Pokedex back in his pocket while Harmony does it itself.

"That's a weird Pokedex you've got there Harmony." Brock says before turning to Ash, "Maybe you should catch it."

"It's a Rotom-phone...it has a Pokedex built-in, and it has a mind of its own, it loves telling facts about Pokemon." Harmony explains.

"I think so too, that way we can look for Pikachu from the air," Ash says as he fishes out a Pokeball. "Aipom I want to catch that Starly! So I need your help!" he calls out earning Aipom's attention.

"Aipom use swift!" Ash calls out while Harmony and Brock watch. The swift quickly hits Starly causing a mini-explosion and smoke to appear around it only to be blow away by a whirlwind, a strong one.

"That's whirlwind and a really strong one too!" Brock calls out.

"Aipom hang in there and use focus punch!" he says as Aipom charges up the attack only for the Starly to use Quick Attack, which Ash notices, "Aipo Starley's coming in with a Quick Attack!" he calls out to his pokemon.

Not able to dodge Aipom gets hit and further gets hit with a wing attack, "I know you can do it Aipom!" Ash calls out, which gives Aipom the boost it needed to land the focus blast.

"That's awesome!" Harmony cheers with Chu cheering on Aipom.

"That's more like it!" Brock calls out.

"Go Pokeball!" Ash yells out as he spins the ball in the air, it hitting Starly on the forehead and catches it, the Pokeball shaking a bit before dinging that it had been caught. Ash moved to pick up the ball, "Awesome we did it Aipom!" Ash cheers, before doing a pose, "Alright I caught a Starly!" he says before frowning unhappily.

"What's wrong?" Harmony asks him, "Aren't you happy you caught a new teammate?" she asks with a frown her brows furrowing in confusion.

"You know Harmony, Brock...when something like this happens Pikachu's usually here with me," he says sadly.

Harmony and Brock both place their hand on each of Ash's shoulders. "I know but don't forget the reason why you caught Starly is to help find Pikachu," Brock explains cheering Ash up a bit.

"You're right," he says before tossing the ball "Starly come on out! We need your help finding Pikachu from the air." he explains as the three teens start running again along route 202.