Brock, with his guidebook in hand, excitedly leads Ash, Dawn, and Harmony to the Mountain Hut Maid Café.

There, they meet the three maids, Autumn, Spring, and Summer. Brock immediately goes for Spring and Summer but is quickly stopped by Croagunk.

After recovering, Spring, Autumn, and Summer take the group of teens to the barn for Miltank Moomoo Milk at their request. Once there, Spring's two Miltank and Summer's Miltank happily run into the barn, hooking themselves up to give the group of teens a nice round of milk. Everyone sends out their Pokémon to enjoy it as well.

Brock then asks about Autumn's Miltank, she says her Miltank, nicknamed Ilta, is outside and doesn't listen to her since she just got her. She also claimed that she was thinking about releasing her since she 'isn't that cute anyway'.

Brock jumps in, saying that Autumn shouldn't just give up on her Miltank. Spring then compliments Brock's knowledge, causing Brock to proclaim his dream of becoming a great Pokémon Breeder. He also claims that he can help Autumn with any problems she may have with her Miltank, becoming quite flirtatious with Spring.

Predictably, Croagunk Poison Jabs him once again. Summer then calls her sisters back to the café, saying it's becoming full. Spring tells Autumn to stay with Brock while Dawn, Ash, Harmony and their Pokémon don maid outfits and decide to help Spring and Summer serve customers. Harmony sneakily using her Rotophone to snag a few pictures of everyone in their maid outfits earning cries of 'delete it!' from Ash.

Brock was helping Autumn with her issues while the three teens worked. It was later that Harmony, Ash and Dawn, spotted Team Rocket, who had caught Brock and Autumn, caught up.

Ash sends out Turtwig, commanding it to use Energy Ball, but Energy Ball hasn't been perfected yet.

Harmony tosses out Lyn her Luxio and was just about to call out Charge Beam along with Dawn who was trying to help, but Brock decides that he and Autumn should Tag Battle to strengthen the bond between them and their Pokémon.

Seviper approaches with a Poison Tail, only to be Pounded away by Happiny.

Ilita Tackles Carnivine out the way. Happiny goes onto throw Seviper directly into the rest of Team Rocket followed by a Pound attack. Ilita then uses Rollout to send Team Rocket blasting off.

Back at the barn, Ilta happily straps herself into the milking machine to give Autumn some milk. Autumn thanks Brock, however, he is preoccupied with her sisters, and Croagunk promptly drags him away.

Finally, Ash and friends say goodbye to the Maid Café, with some last reassuring words from Brock to Autumn.

The sisters tell them to come back any time, and Brock prepares to rush back immediately, though Harmony, Ash, and Dawn drag him off. Autumn looks on lovingly at Brock as the group of teens walk off down the road and towards Veilstone City for Ash's next Gym match.

As Ash, Harmony, Brock and Dawn continue to travel, Ash is still hard at work training his Turtwig in using Energy Ball.

Turtwig charges the sphere and proceeds to launch it, but the sphere dissipates beforehand. Turtwig is upset, but Ash encourages it to try again.

Brock asks for him to hold off until they reach the next town, in order to get there before dark. Ash recalls Turtwig and looks forward to a hot bath at the next Pokémon Center, but Brock checks his guidebook and finds no Center in the next town.

Dawn suggests that they go to a hot spring that she knows about, one that allows Pokémon to enjoy it as well. She mentions that one of her best friends lives at a hot spring hotel, so they start heading that way.

Outside the hotel, a girl talks to her Swinub in helping her out. Dawn calls out her name, Leona, Dawn's childhood friend.

Leona happens to call her Dee-Dee, which upsets Dawn, but Leona is still happy to see her. When asked about how business is going, Leona admits that it has been sluggish.

Dawn introduces Leona to Ash, Brock, and Harmony mentioning that she met Dawn in Kindergarten.

Leona remembers watching Dawn and Harmony's most recent Contest performance, congratulating Harmony on her win, which slightly upsets Dawn.

Hearing that Leona is a Trainer as well, Ash and Harmony argue about who can ask her for a battle, but Leona doesn't have the time to battle either of them and gives them a sheepish look at that.

Quick to change the topic Dawn admits that she is eager to jump in the hot spring, but before Leona can say anything, they're off.

They find the hot spring, with Ash and Harmony racing on who would jump in first, but they find the pool shallow and cold, disappointing the both of them.

Leona mentions that the spring is not running because a week ago, the spring suddenly stopped receiving water. Since the spring is fed from a pipeline leading down from the mountain, Leona's parents decided to hike up and inspect it.

Leona admits that if the situation doesn't change soon, the hotel will have to close. Leona is planning to use her Swinub to find another hot spring, which Dawn checks with her Pokédex.

The Swinub even knows how to use Dig. Lost in thought for a bit Dawn comes up with a plan for them to work together to find the hot spring. Leona's Swinub takes the lead as they hike up the scent of a hot spring.

At a newer hot spring, a disguised Team Rocket takes pride in their work, wanting to open their business, as well as plans to let Giovanni have it. The second that Leona's Swinub leads the group of teens to a source of steam had Harmony narrowing her eyes at the disguised Team Rocket and went to point it out, only to be interpreted as usual.

When they get there, they notice that a new hotel is being built with a freshly dug hot spring. Team Rocket notices them nearby as Meowth puts sunglasses on and proceeds to push them off the property.

Leona confronts them about the hotel. Meowth tells a story about them digging out the hot spring by hand.

Leona can tell that the water is exactly the same as their hot spring water, just by sense. She believes that they have been diverting her hot spring water to use as their own.

The poorly disguised Jessie asks her for proof of possession of the water, which Leona knows will be difficult.

Brock theorizes that if they tapped into the same water source that Leona's family does, but with a different pipe, it would not matter. It appears that Team Rocket has won, when suddenly a Wooper appears from the pipe, with a transponder on its tail.

Ash and Harmony are quick to check the Wooper with a sense of urgency, as Leona recognizes it as one that belongs to her parents.

Leona's parents show up as they mention that when they checked their pipeline, they found another pipe attached directly to theirs, diverting water away from their hot spring.

They sent the Wooper along the line to see where it led, revealing that the hot spring had been stolen.

Team Rocket loses their disguises and recites their motto making Harmony cry out that she was trying to tell them earlier much to her annoyance.

Meowth pushes a switch and summons a mecha, firing water blasts at Ash and Harmony. Chu and Pikachu want to launch a Thunderbolt, but since everyone is soaking wet, Chu and Pikachu are forced to switch to do a double Iron Tail. However, Pikachu slips on the wet mecha, unable to make contact while Chu misses in order to try and help her mate.

Dawn getting an idea yells out for Leona to have her Swinub dig and cause the three-legged mecha to tumble and spill its water all over itself, heating it up.

Dawn's Buneary then uses Ice Beam to quickly chill it, causing it to crack. The mecha tumbles backwards into Team Rocket and explodes, sending them blasting off. Dawn and Leona celebrate as Leona's parents insist that they stay for the spring, working to fix it.

Back at the hotel, Leona offers a Tag Battle, Ash and Harmony against Dawn and Leona. Ash's Chimchar and Harmony's Luxio, Lynn square off against Leona's Swinub and Dawn's Piplup.

Swinub tries to Tackle Lynn the Luxio, but she dodges.

Piplup tries to Peck Chimchar, but it Scratches Piplup down.

Dawn and Leona team up as they switch targets, Swinub's Ice Shard against Chimchar with Piplup's Bubble Beam against Lynn. Both dodge as Chimchar launches Flamethrower, both dodging.

Chimchar tries Flame Wheel on Swinub, but Piplup takes the lead.

It appears that Chimchar hit, but neither target is to be seen. That's because Swinub dug underground, taking Piplup with it, springing up to hit Chimchar.

Piplup hits with Whirlpool, soaking Chimchar. Ash and Harmony feel the pressure as Dawn and Leona use the tactics that allowed them to take care of the bully.

Piplup fires Bubble Beam at Chimchar, hitting, as Swinub launches Blizzard. Lynn hits Swinub with Charge Beam, allowing for the Blizzard to miss Chimchar.

Lynn proceeds to use Fire Fang practically eating some of the Blizzard that Swinub launches, but not all making it so that both sides get hit.

The end result shocks all as all four Pokémon have been frozen, resulting in a tie. They decide to end the day with the hot spring.

With the hot spring repaired, the group of teens as well as the Pokemon enjoy the hot spring.

The Pokemon played and rested, Chimchar sitting with its tail above water, along with Cinders the Cinderace who was tossing hot stones up in the air, landing into the water with a hiss. While Sudowoodo sits near the steam without soaking its body. Buizel punches a flowing water stream along with Pip the Prinplup.

Leona praises Ash and Harmony and Ash decides to ask Leona about why Dawn is called Dee-Dee, but before she can respond, Dawn pushes her down, keeping the secret locked up.

The next day, the group of teens leave the hot spring and wave to Leona and her parents goodbye, and what Harmony could notice was Dawn carrying herself a bit more happily, seemingly like her confidence was restored.

Still on route to Veilstone City, the group has stopped in another city on the way to enjoy a picnic.

Ash and Turtwig are still trying to master Energy Ball, which still faces accuracy issues. The training and picnic are put on hold when several shadows fly overhead.

Looking up, the gang see several Gligar being led by a larger Pokémon, which suddenly start swooping. The group flee and the attackers steal the picnic food.

Ash has Turtwig try an Energy Ball against the leader, but once again it misses its target. Ash attempts a Razor Leaf, though the Gligar swiftly evades.

For safety, all of the Pokémon apart from Turtwig, Piplup, Chu and Pikachu are recalled into their Poké Balls.

Ash was quick to make sure everyone was okay, though his main concern seemed to be on Harmony, and Brock identifies the Pokémon as Gligar and the larger one as Gliscor.

Harmony looks up Gligar in her Pokédex, and then Ash looks up Gliscor in his, which identifies Gliscor as Gligar's evolved form.

Just then, an Ice Beam shoots towards Gliscor, which sends it flying.

Everyone looks across and sees that it came from Paul and his Weavile. Paul then sends out his Murkrow which sends all of the Gligar fleeing. A few attempt to attack Murkrow but it easily dodges.

A strong wind starts, and Gliscor orders the group of Gligar to leave. However, while almost all leave, a single Gligar is too busy eating an apple to notice.

After quickly scoffing down the apple and making a face at the gang, it tries to take off but the attempt is misjudged and it falls onto Ash. After getting up, it finds itself surrounded by the angry stares of Pikachu, Chu, Piplup and Turtwig. It quickly leaves to rejoin its group.

Paul recalls his Pokémon, and mentions that Gliscor lives up to its reputation. Ash asks Paul if he's there to catch the Gliscor, but Paul is apathetic as usual and tells the others to keep out of his way before he walks off.

Just then Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy arrive. It turns out that this isn't the first time people's food has been stolen, and Croagunk intercepts Brock's declaration of love.

At the local Pokémon Center, which has a beautiful garden on the roof filled with Bug-type and Flying-type Pokémon, Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy tell the gang that the Gliscor and Gligar have reduced the city into a ghost town.

After stripping the city bare of its growing fruit and vegetables, they're now stealing the food out of people's hands.

This leaves Harmony and Brock confused, as Gliscor and Gligar are known for living in the forest, not in the city.

It was explained to the group of teens that one night, a very powerful storm blew Gliscor into the city. The same winds, caused by the numerous skyscrapers in the city, prevented Gliscor leaving and as a result Gliscor started to attract the Gligar from neighboring areas with sound waves magnified by the buildings.

Though numerous attempts to capture the Pokémon have failed, Officer Jenny has a new plan which involves using Gligar's favorite fruit as bait. The group of teens all pledge their support along with their Pokemon.

Officer Jenny drives the truck in an attempt to lure the Pokemon into a strong wind current, which should blow them out of the city and return them to the forest.

However, the plan is ruined when Gliscor and the Gligar are captured by Team Rocket in their balloon. Jessie, James and Meowth perform their motto and begin their getaway.

Unfortunately Team Rocket's boasts are holding true, with Pikachu and Chu's Thunderbolt, Piplup's Bubble Beam and Gliscor's X-Scissor prove useless against the strong container.

It turns out that while the container is almost indestructible, the rope holding it isn't as the Gligar, which Ash recognized from earlier, cuts the rope which causes the container to fall onto the remains of the building. The container is destroyed, and Gligar is sent flying.

Ash runs to save it, and Gligar ends up landing on him just like earlier.

Meanwhile, Gliscor and the other Gligar obviously aren't too happy about the attempted capture and all use X-Scissor on the balloon, which causes the balloon to crash and Team Rocket are sent blasting off again.

The balloon also crashes onto the building remains, and the road is blocked by the debris. This causes the wind direction to change, and Gliscor and the Gligar help themselves to the fruit on the truck.

Gliscor and Gligar are soon wrecking havoc on the city, and with the road blocked the same plan cannot be reattempted. Just then the gang have an idea; if they can't send Gliscor and the Gligar into a wind current, then they will produce one using a Gust from the Pokémon at the Center. Ash decides to talk to Gliscor to let it know they just want to help.

In an alley, Team Rocket is consoling themselves with some food when they notice Gliscor and the Gligar have arrived. They are quickly on the run, when suddenly an Ice Beam hits, and Team Rocket are sent blasting off for the second time.

The attacker is revealed to be Paul's Weavile, who uses another Ice Beam and freezes all the Gligar solid. As Paul orders a Blizzard, Gliscor responds with a Sandstorm, stopping the attack and melting the ice while the numerous Pokémon make a getaway.

However, the Gligar Ash saved is once again left behind, and is greeted by Ash and his friends. It pulls its now trademark strange face, but then starts to follow its group, and is itself followed by the gang.

In a nearby alley, Paul confronts Gliscor and sends out Electabuzz to partner Weavile. He orders an Ice Beam/Thunder combo, but there are so many Gligar flying about that neither can target. Paul yells at his Pokémon to focus, and orders a Thunder Punch from Electabuzz which hits several Gligar. Gliscor isn't happy about seeing its group attacked and uses X-Scissor on Electabuzz, which sends the Electric-type flying into Weavile and Paul.

Ash, Harmony, Brock and Dawn arrive along with the Gligar they've now befriended. Ash tells Gliscor they can help it return to the wild, but before it can answer it is hit by Paul's Ice Beam/Thunder combo, sending it crashing to the ground. Paul then throws a Poké Ball, and successfully catches the Gliscor.

As usual, Paul scans Gliscor with his Pokédex and sees that it is quite strong and decides to keep it. Ash asks Paul about all the Gligar it was leading, but Paul doesn't care.

The Gligar is known to Ash and the group makes a run at Paul, but Electabuzz hits it with a Thunder Punch, sending it flying. Recalling his Pokémon to their Poké Balls, Paul criticizes the gang and leaves.

All of the Gligar are now flying around the alley aimlessly, not knowing what to do without Gliscor gone. Deciding to go with the plan anyway, Ash, Harmony and Dawn start to lure the Gligar to the Pokémon Center.

A few are hesitant about going, but the one Ash made friends with seemed to let the others know it is okay and soon all the Gligar are on their way.

Once there, all the Pokémon at the Center use Gust to send the Gligar flying out of the city and the plan is working perfectly.

However, Team Rocket shows up, making a second attempt to catch the Gligar. Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, but Team Rocket are so far away that Thunderbolt doesn't reach.

Ash decides to try Turtwig and Energy Ball again. Turtwig sends out the Energy Ball, but when it reaches the balloon's distance once again the direction isn't there and it misses. With Team Rocket closing in, Ash tells Turtwig to really concentrate.

Turtwig responds, and fires the Energy Ball which hits Team Rocket dead on. The balloon explodes and it's third time unlucky for Team Rocket who are sent blasting off again.

Ash congratulates Turtwig on finally perfecting the attack, when they notice that the slow Gligar is once again too busy eating to notice where its group is.

Turtwig fires another Energy Ball at it, sending it into the air. Then all the Center's Pokémon use Gust, finally sending the Gligar out of the city and back to their natural habitat.

Just when the gang think the Gligar problem is gone, the slow Gligar is seen flying back to the Center, and once again it's flying is not up to scratch and lands on Ash who asks why it didn't join its friends.

Pulling its face, Harmony tells Ash that Gligar must want to join him, giving him a grin as Ash's eyes seem to light up at that idea. Ash asks before he happily throws a Poké Ball and catches Gligar.

Ash, Dawn, Harmony, and Brock are walking through a desert on the way to Ash and Harmony's next Gym battle in Veilstone City.

Ash alongside Harmony happily jump down a hill and release their Pokémon so they can play in the sand. Dawn and Brock both join them and let out their Pokémon as well.

As they are playing, the sand rumbles up and a Hippowdon emerges from under the ground and lifts Pachirisu up on his back.

Dawn looks him up on her Pokédex as Pachirisu climbs up to Hippowdon's head, and then Hippowdon yawns and Pachirisu falls into his mouth. Hippowdon then Digs back underground with Pachirisu still inside his mouth.

As the teens quickly run after, they end up being too late and the Hippowdon is gone. Ash and Brock try digging in the sand but Pikachu and Chu point out a huge cloud of sand in the distance.

Pikachu, Chu, and Piplup run towards the big cloud of sand while the teens recall their Pokémon into their Poké Balls.

Pachirisu appears out of one of Hippowdon's holes on his left side and is happy to see Pikachu, Chu, and Piplup. Dawn quickly commands Pachirisu to get out of the hole. Pachirisu tries to wiggle free, but it finds out it's stuck and Hippowdon again digs underground, taking Pachirisu with it.

While still looking, the teens finally catch up with the Hippowdon where Dawn commands Pachirisu to use Discharge but nothing happens, while Ash commands Pikachu to use Thunderbolt and again nothing happens.

At the two other teens doing this Harmony lets out a solid groan with Chu shaking her head as she watches her mate doing something as silly as that. Hearing Harmony's groan, Brock explains that Hippowdon is a Ground-type Pokémon, so Electric-type moves won't have any effect.

Hippowdon once again digs underground, taking Pachirisu with him once again.

The group of teens try to find Hippowdon, but instead, Hippopotas appears from under the ground, and is very friendly.

Ash realizes he might have been the Hippopotas they saved to which Harmony pouts having missed it, but also grinning at how Ash and the Hippopotas were close.

Hippowdon then emerges from the ground and Hippopotas happily walks towards him. Pachirisu appears from Hippowdon's nose this time, and Hippowdon attempts to blow Pachirisu from his nose. This action just seems to anger him and he escapes underground once more.

The group of teens and Hippopotas run towards Hippowdon and Hippopotas becomes really sad. Hippopotas really misses Hippowdon, so Ash lifts Hippopotas onto his shoulders and vows to reunite him with his old friend.

Meanwhile, we see Team Rocket in a tree with binoculars searching for Hippowdon. They spot him and James takes out an RPG and fires a net at Hippowdon, capturing him. Team Rocket tries to steal Hippowdon but is unable to because he's too heavy.

The group of teens catch Team Rocket in the act. Suddenly a Rhyhorn robot appears from underground with a big Team Rocket "R" symbol on it.

Out of the robot, Butch and Cassidy jump out and do their motto with a Shuckle.

Jessie, James, Butch and Cassidy quickly begin insulting one another. Butch's and Dr. Namba's names keep getting mispronounced. Butch and Cassidy say they are there on orders from Dr. Namba to capture Hippowdon so he may analyze the sand.

As the four Team Rocket members keep arguing, Harmony gets fed up with it and goes to yell only for Ash to stop her, wanting to have Turtwig use Razor Leaf to cut the net and they free Hippowdon.

While Hippowdon escapes underground again as Butch, Cassidy, the group of teens quickly go after him-Butch and Cassidy in their robot and Ash and his friends on foot.

The teens hear Hippowdon but he's also being followed by Butch and Cassidy in their giant robot. A claw reaches out of the robot towards Hippowdon but Ash commands Pikachu to use Thunderbolt to stop the claw.

Once more, but with more Pika power thanks to Chu, Ash commands Pikachu, Harmony commands Chu to use Thunderbolt and it hits the robot, but it has no effect.

The teens and Hippowdon quickly run from the robot but suddenly fall into a very big hole in the sand.

Jessie, James and Meowth are above them in their balloon and they do their motto. Jessie and James fire some sort of a plunger on a rope that captures Hippowdon and starts pulling him up into the air, but the teens grab onto it.

Butch and Cassidy see this and fires a horn from the robot into the balloon and it pierces right through it, sending Jessie, James, Meowth, Ash, Dawn, Harmony, Brock, and Hippowdon falling to the ground.

Butch and Cassidy yet again try to use a big claw from their robot to grab a hold of Hippowdon but Jessie, James and Meowth appear in a big Slowbro robot and break the claw.

The two Team Rocket groups quickly begin to battle with their robots and argue once again.

As this is going on, the teens start running away with Hippowdon again. Jessie and James see this and fires Slowbro's tail as a rocket into Butch and Cassidy's robot, but it has no effect.

Butch and Cassidy then again fire a horn rocket into the Slowbro robot and it drills though the robot and it explodes.

The blast sends the group of teens, and Hippowdon flying into the air, and as Hippowdon falls onto the ground, Pachirisu falls out of his mouth and is reunited with Dawn and Piplup. Hippowdon is angered and fires a Hyper Beam at the Rhyhorn robot, making it completely fall apart.

After Butch, Cassidy, Jessie, James and Meowth recover, Cassidy sends out Granbull and Butch sends out Shuckle. Jessie sends out Seviper and it attacks Granbull right away. James sends out Carnivine. Cassidy commands Granbull to use Fire Fang but Jessie commands her Seviper to Wrap itself around Granbull, thus stopping its attack.

Cassidy then commands Granbull to use Bite and Jessie commands the same attack with her Seviper and both attacks hit. James commands Carnivine to use Bullet Seed on Shuckle and it hits as well. Butch commands Shuckle to use Sludge Bomb but Carnivine ends up dodging and it hits Hippowdon.

Ash and Harmony see this, nodding to one another before they commands Pikachu and Chu to use Thunderbolt and it hits Shuckle. Dawn commands Piplup to use Bubble Beam and it hits Carnivine. Hippowdon is now angered and it charges at Team Rocket hitting Shuckle and Carnivine with Double-Edge sending both Pokémon at their respectful owners.

Hippopotas then uses Yawn which makes Team Rocket, Butch, Cassidy, and their Pokémon fall asleep. It then follows it up by using Sandstorm which blows all Team Rocket members and their Pokémon into a group next to each other, while Hippowdon uses a Hyper Beam and makes them blast off.

Hippowdon and Hippopotas are finally reunited and Ash, Dawn, Harmony and Brock are very happy for them as the two play.

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