Five years later

"Guess what day it is?" Zack asked with a teasing smile, eyes (mostly) focused on the road as he drove.

Maddie looked up from her phone. "What? Wednesday?"

"Wednesday, May 6th."

Maddie nodded with confusion. "Yep… so… the day after Cinco de Mayo?"

"So unsentimental," he joked.

After thinking a moment longer, she said, "I give up. What's May 6th?"

"Tonight will be five years since we had dinner when I first came back to Boston for a visit. I believe we set another 'come back in so many years' deal."

Remembering now, Maddie laughed. "Is there anything you don't forget?"

"Do you really need to ask?"

"Not really. That reminds me, you have a pile of pizza boxes sitting in my apartment waiting for you to take to the recycling."

He nudged her arm. "Remind me later. I remember the important stuff."

She smiled wide. "I guess you do. Is this what this road trip is about?"

"You know it's about visiting Cody, Bailey, and the kid. It did cross my mind, though. I think it's worth celebrating."

"Why?" she questioned, half-knowing the answer.

"Because you only made me wait three and a half years."

"What can I say? You got more charming with age."

"Honey, I was always this charming."


"Watch it or you'll be stuck with those pizza boxes for a long while."

Maddie laughed, leaning over to kiss his cheek. "Worth it."

"Ever think you'd fall in love with me?"

"Never," she admitted. "But I am so glad I did."

The end.