Mischief to manage - Chapter 1

How it all began


Odin walked into his throne room followed by several guards. Everyone he passed bowed to him in fear. As he sat on the throne, one of the servants brought him a goblet filled with wine. The king muttered "thank you" and took a sip. He felt the cold liquid travel down his throat, but it didn't taste like his usual morning drink. Unlucky for him, Odin shrugged it off and called for the court to gather. He had several businesses to deal with today.

As people entered, many looked confused, some were snickering and others seemed truly frightened. It didn't sit well with Odin. There was something wrong. He could feel it in his bones. He looked around to see if everything is in order. One of the guards (the one on his left) finally spoke. He seemed very relieved, but also a bit panicked.

"Sire…Your hair! It's neon green!"

Odin roared in anger. "LOKI!" He knocked with his spear three times and several guards left to fetch his wayward son. "Why no one told me before!?"

"My king… we tried… but the voice did not leave out throats until the moment you looked at us." The other honor guard spoke.

When after fifteen minutes the guards returned, they informed him that Loki was nowhere to be found. Just as Odin wanted to call for Heimdal, Thor walked into the room.

"Father! I got a note from my brother that said I am to come here at on…" He paused as he saw the king with long neon-green hair and beard. His used-to-be-golden eye-patch was now neon pink with some green polka dots. He managed to keep a straight face for about half a minute before he burst into deep laughter. A bit encouraged by this, some of the courtmen and servants also started to snicker, albeit they tried to at least hide it. "I didn't know father… You didn't tell me you were going to visit a barber…" The prince said between breaths. "But you might want to ask him to give your money back… because…"

"Silence!" Odin roared. Immediately, Thor and all but one servant stopped giving any sound. The wayward subject instead started to laugh even louder. He was leaning at the pillar next to him to support himself because he no longer trusted his legs.

"Visit a barber…" He said before another fit of laughter. "That's a good one…"

"You! You are the one who gave me the goblet of wine! Guards!" Odin was beyond furious. Someone made him into the laughingstock of nine realms. Today he was supposed to welcome a diplomatic visit from Vanaheim. Not to mention that his court saw him looking like some court jester.

As ordered, the guards lunged at the servant but found themselves just crash into the pillar as whoever he was disappeared into green mist.

"Better luck next time boys." a voice sounded from the other side. From behind the pillar walked the same servant. Guards charged at him, but he once again disappeared in a cloud of green smoke. "You seem really tense. Maybe some refreshments?" He was suddenly behind them, nobody knew how he got there. He now held a platter with several cups of water.

"Enough games sorcerer! Who are you?!" Odin aimed his spear at the irritation. Before said pest could answer, Thor, who before was busy laughing at the misfortune of guards walked to stand next to the servant.

"Father! Don't you recognize your son?" As the older prince asked this, the servant was suddenly enveloped in green flames. The magical illusion was lifted and now in place of lowly subject stood Prince Loki. He was dressed in his normal Asgardian robes (in green obviously).

"Yes, father. How can you not know who I am?" Loki asked jokingly with a wide grin on his face. "Maybe it's the hair?" Prince's long, black hair gained green highlights, exactly the same shade as Odin's current one.

"So it is yet another trick of yours? Another pointless prank?" The king asked accusingly.

"I wouldn't call it pointless. After all look at how many people I made laugh today." Loki defended himself, but it could be heard that he didn't take it seriously.

"You ridiculed me in front of my court!" Odin shouted at his wayward son. This only caused some more laughter. He noticed that whatever this spell was, progressed as his anger increased. His beard was now in reverse coloring to his hair: neon pink with green polka dots. "Everyone but the house of Odin… Out!"

The court and servants all quickly made their way somewhere else where the wrath of the king would not reach them immediately. One of the passing courtiers, a woman with flaming red hair and wearing green dress giggled when she passed Loki and winked at him. Feeling the burning gaze of her king on her back she accelerated and ran away faster than the rest.

Once everyone finally vacated the throne room, Odin started. "Son…" He took a deep breath. "Why do you insist on acting like an ill-mannered child?"

"What? This?" Loki pointed at his father. "This is just a harmless prank!" He tried to defend his actions. Thor wisely just stayed back in silence. Frigga, who came to see what caused the commotion covered a snicker while walking to stand by her husband's side.

"A prank that ridiculed me among my subjects!" Odin roared, having trouble keeping his anger. For very long they dealt with Loki's immature behavior. He was slowly losing patience with his pranks. He hoped that in time, the boy would become a wise man and stop with childish things. In truth, as he got older, the only thing that changed was how elaborate his pranks were

"Oh, come on! Can you not act like you are serious for one day?" Loki moaned.

"Can you act like a proper prince your age?" Odin retorted. "I did not object much when you have forsaken the path of the blade to study mystic arts like your mother, hoping that it will give you the wisdom you will one day need to help your brother rule. But you never grew up. You got more childish!" Odin shouted. He noticed that his clothes were turning the same shade his hair did. "Undo the spell this instant!"

Loki snapped his fingers and Odin once again looked himself in all his glory. "And why should I grow up? It's not like I need to. Thor will not be king for let's hope for a very long time. And it's not like I will marry and be a father. After all you forbid me from even courting anyone." The last jab was a sore wound between father and son.

"Loki! You know…" Odin tried to defend his stance, but his son didn't give him a chance.

"Right! Because younger heir cannot marry until the elder does least he will endanger the succession line. Is it really that much to ask for?" Loki's voice was pleading. "I wanted a family. I wanted to finally feel loved." The sorrow filled his voice as well as his heart.

"That is not true and you know it. Mother and I love you deeply!"

"I know and I love mother back. You on the other hand have a funny way of showing it!" This time rage entered Loki's voice, just as it left Odin's. "When was the last time you hugged me? Praised me for anything? Or even showed interest in anything I do if it was not a prank?! I know the mother loves me, but she is a queen and has her duties to you and Thor as well. Why is it so much to ask to let me find my own family. You want me to settle down and yet when I asked for your permission, you denied me the very thing you expect from me!"

"Enough!" Odin roared once again. "I will not risk disrupting the succession line just because you want to play house with some girl. When Thor is the king or has an heir. Then, and only then," it was a silent threat that Loki understood clearly, "will I allow you to court some woman."

"I am tired of asking for your permission. If it's the crown you are worried more about than happiness of your son, then I will just forsake my title. I don't need the throne. I need a family!" Loki had tears in his eyes.

"You will do no such thing!"

"Brother. I can see your pain, but do not act rashly. In some years maybe, I will settle with one beautiful woman, and then you will be allowed to look for a lady of your heart. She will surely wait for this century or two." Thor cheerfully added, hoping to lift his brother's spirit.

"Oh yeah! Because I must behave while you play with the hearts of maiden, oh brother of mine? Tell me how many warmed your bed last night alone?!" Loki redirected his anger at Thor.

"Now son…" Frigga tried to calm the situation down, but the voice stuck in her throat. She knew her son's desire for a happy family. It was the one she shared. She longed to the time when her husband and she cared for two boys. Back then Odin was much younger and more willing to play with them. With age, he got grumpier and harsher. He started to expect them to act in proper ways and it split the family apart. Thor was always the favored one, but Frigga made sure to care for both boys equally.

"Forgive me mother. I got ahead of myself." Loki apologized, calming down immediately when he saw how distraught his mother was. Then, he looked again at his father, and the rage reignited. He would not let this down today. "But I will not apologize for wanting a family who will love me!" He shouted at Odin.

"Hold your anger in check, brother, before you say a thing you will regret." Thor tried to protect Loki in his own way, but it was not so effective.

"What can I say that I will regret, Oh brother of mine?!" Loki ridiculed. "That our father is a heartless old fool?! One who values the opinion of people over his son?! One that denies one son's happiness so the other can entertain armies of women?! Hypocrite who holds no respect for anyone but himself! If he truly wanted to secure the succession, he would already marry you as a means to strengthen the alliance! But no! He let you do whatever you want why denying me any solace!"

"That's enough!" Odin stood up and knocked his staff into the ground. Six guards entered. "For your insubordination…" He said with a heavy voice. "I, King Odin Borson of Asgard, Banish you, Prince Loki of Asgard. For fifty years your foot will not step into the golden city of Aesir. May this serve as a lesson in humility and maybe a way for you to grow up." He finished. Figga had a single tear streaming down her cheek and Thor looked stunned.

"Fine. But do not expect me to come back running!" Loki shouted as the guards started to escort him to the gates. "In fifty years you might find that no longer will I want to return!"

The heavy gates closed behind him and Odin collapsed back at his throne. He was breathing heavily and his eye looked misted. "I am sorry, my son. I just hope you will maybe find happiness where the Norns guide you…"

The gates of the city of Asgard closed in front of him, leaving Loki with only a horse, some of his books, and a large satchel of enchanted gold. He could no longer enter and would not be accepted in the place that was once his very home. With a heavy sigh, he turned his horse and without much speed began his journey. He was still a secondary heir presumptive to the house of Odin. If his brother perished in battle, he would take the throne. But in exile, he was just Loki for now. He no longer needed the title. He didn't care about his father. He didn't care about the throne. About Asgard. He would find his own way. Loki Odinson would no longer stay in the shadow of Thor. Second in everything. He was exiled and no longer under the protection or responsibilities of the House of Odin. It was time to find his own path.

Loki arrived at the Bifrost bridge to be greeted by Heimdal. "Welcome, my prince. I am sorry, but I can once only open the gate for you. Once you pass through, no more shall any Asgardian help you in any way or form."

"Send me on my way to Midgard then. I shall bother you or Asgardians no more with my presence. And don't look for me, for even your gaze will not follow where I go." Loki sniffed.

"If that is your wish, my prince…" Heimdal plunged his sword into the Bifrost port and energy started to power the miracle of Asgardian science/magic. Loki started to walk toward the gate when the guardian spoke again. "I hope in your travel you will find what your hearts desire… Prince Loki."

Said prince did not humor him with an answer, instead simply stepping into the portal and leaving for Earth, a planet once named Midgard.

Next year, Loki spent equally split between drinking and partying, which was just more drinking and in the company of others. Contrary to what he shouted, he already missed his family. Especially his mother. It would be only forty-nine more years till he saw her again. For Asgardian it was not that much, but it was still a long time. And so to drown his misery he tried to hide it behind endless parties. He had no need for his gold, for with magic he could cloud the mind of mortals so they have forsaken their search for payment. It might not have been good and moral and he was being selfish, but the prince had no care. He felt numb. Only once in this time, he tried to court a woman, but it ended quickly. While he never lost his silver tongue, it felt wrong to find an affair with some mortal that would last him less than a life-time. He wanted a family, not a fling. He wanted to share his happiness and pain, his ups and downs, his life with all good and bad in it. The mortals he met would not give him that.

He walked into yet another night club, this time in London. He was ready for yet another night of heavy drinking worthy of halls of Valhalla. As always, a simple wave of hand took care of any payment. The stroboscopic lights, loud music, and people partying like there was no tomorrow. That was now his kingdom. His place of solitude was among hundreds of mortals. How low has he fallen?

"Excuse me, can I have a word?" Two men sat on his sides. They were very non-descriptive and wore typical Midgardian clothes. Loki himself was dressed in an upper-class outfit. He was lost and drank too much alcohol, but even this would not dull his fashion sense.

"Who am I to strip you of your right to speak?"

"Good. Did you use Confundus spell on this bartender? As well as seven others in Britain and even more so in other countries?" The other guy asked.

Immediately, Loki sobered. Somehow they knew he used magic, which meant they weren't your typical Midgardians after all. "Who are you again?"

"I am unspeakable Greengrass and this is unspeakable Sallow. It's not often that we are pulled from the department of mysteries, but you were very hard to track mister…"

Loki tried to connect the names, titles of unspeakable and the department of mysteries, but last time he was on Midgard he was learning magic at Hogwarts. Such a shame the whole community was wiped out four centuries ago. "Yes… Name…" Loki started to stand up but swooned and sought support from the bar counter. In truth he wasn't yet drunk. He barely had two drinks so far. But they didn't need to know this. The false sense of security could give him the edge if things turned ugly. He didn't dare try illusions yet. These guys knew something and he wanted to see how much. "My name… Is Loki Odinson my good fellows. And I will drink to that!" He took a rather large gulp from his glass of Guinness.

"Mr… Odinson? Are you aware that using magic on muggles in an attempt of extortion of money, good or service is illegal under the International Confederacy of Wizards' statue of secrecy?" The one names Sallow cited some law. Loki didn't miss the term Muggle. So some of them survived… Maybe I should investigate…

"No… I didn't think about such bothersome things as law really…" He chuckled lightly. "But I did make sure no one saw anything so I don't think I broke this 'statue of secrecy' of yours."

"That might be, but you are still wanted all around Europe. You had an interesting tour Mr. Odinson." Unspeakable Greengrass commented.

"So what? It's not like I care about some random mortals." Loki shrugged them off and tried to walk away, but the two jumped at him surprisingly fast. Before he even realized it, a semi-familiar feeling of apparating consumed him. It looked like he lulled himself in a sense of security with the drunken act.

The three of them appeared in a small room with multiple runes on the walls. Normally, they would remain invisible, but it looked like his mere presence was overcharging them. They apparently tried to contain his magic.

"Now that was rude." He said standing straight. At his full height, he was about two inches taller than Greengrass and three inches taller than Sallow. "Where did they teach you manner?" He waved his hand and his muggle outfit transformed into a light armored coat. Underneath he had now a golden chest plate that was very flexible and light but could potentially withstand some hits from Thor.

"How… How can you use wandless magic in this cell? The runes should stop you…" Greengrass asked surprised.

"Mortals…" Loki scoffed. He was quite irritated that he got caught off-guard. "I barely lifted the enchantment from my wardrobe." He tried to leave this place but found his magic not responsive. He tried again, but it still didn't work. "Looks like after all you are not completely useless."

"Why do you refer to us as mortals?" Sallow asked while taking a seat at the plain metal table in the middle of the room. Greengrass did the same and they pointed to the chair on the opposite side. Loki decided to humor them and took it.

"Because that's what you are. Feeble mortals playing with magic you have no right to Sorcerers." Loki frowned at the very word.

"You think us sorcerer?" Greengrass asked curiously.

"Yes. That would be the only way you could have magic after your kind slaughtered the noble wizards all around the world!" The Asgardian accused them. "Heimdal watched and told me how they burned on stakes, drowned in water, and died by arrows, swords, bullets, and axes. How magical dynasties died out to be replaced by those who hated magic."

"That was four centuries ago. Since then the Wizarding World went underground. We hid to live in peace." Sallow explained. "But I guess you didn't know that. You thought we died out. That's why you used magic so openly. because you thought there was no council to punish you."

"No. I used magic because I could and didn't believe there was a place where I could exchange Asgardian gold to muggle currency. Imagine my surprise when the bartender back in Stuttgart, Germany rejected the finest gold coins." Loki has masterfully woven lies into the truth.

"Gringotts. Ring a bell?" Sallow joked.

"Goblins were always secretive. One of the few that could hide from Heimdal's sight. I believed them dead with wizards or at least hidden and separated from the mortal world."

"I assume you are Loki of Asgard." Greengrass more stated the fact than looked for confirmation.

"Yes. And apparently, I am… what was the mortal phrase… not up to date with the fate of my beloved world of Seidhrs." Loki tried to retain his emotionless mask, but couldn't stop from grinning. The time he spent learning magic at Hogwarts was one of his greatest. The Midgardian magic was very peculiar. It could hide him even from Heimdall's sight. By it he could do tricks unimaginable to Asgardians. Seidhrs were in his book one of the most creative among citizens of nine realms. They lived a mere two centuries, but it was still four times as long as mortals of Midgard. And they held power that could sometimes rival the warriors of Asgard.

"Then let me formally welcome you to magical Britain, sometimes referred to as Albion." Greengrass smiled. "How long do you plan to stay this time, your majesty?"

"I don't know. I will see if I find anything of interest." Loki grinned. He would not reveal the exact length, even if simply because he wanted to retain the aura of mystery around. "I would appreciate if my arrival remained a secret." the unspoken 'or else' in his voice was enough to get the two Unspeakables to quickly agree. The next few hours were spent on discussing all the changes and some laws that would be beneficial for him to follow if he wanted to avoid attention. Loki saw through the deception, but couldn't help but be impressed. Was it his brother in his place, he would surely just blindly accept that explanation?

Being a talented shapeshifter, Loki had no problem blending into the community. Unspeakables lost track of him not even an hour after he left the ministry. His first direction was of course Diagon Alley, where the Unspeakables pointed him as the center of the magical community in Britain. The Leaky Cauldron, which served as an entrance, was full of wizards from all over Albion. Loki finally felt like he found a place he could rest. Maybe even do some good. Magic was always his favorite subject and knowing there was a whole community there was quite uplifting. After a visit to Gringott to unfreeze his old vaults, he decided to just rest in the pub for some time.

"... so there is nothing you can do?" A voice asked behind him. Loki turned slightly and not to raise any suspicion asked Tom for another butterbeer.

"I'm afraid not. The curse's effects are irreversible with even dark magic." A man in purple robes commented. "I'm sorry Charlus, but Dorea cannot bear you an heir."

"And so the house of Potter will die with me…" A man with messy black hair sighed heavily.

"Beloved… You know that there is another option, right?" A woman who Loki could assume was his wife, Dorea if he had to guess, gently put a hand on his shoulder.

"I know adoption is possible, but we both know that in blood there is magic. Many older spells and wards only exist because of the inherited magic of the Potter Family. And blood adoption is forbidden as it is now 'dark magic'." He scoffed.

"I am sorry I cannot help you more." The man in purple robes stood up and started to walk away.

Loki had no idea what gave guided him that day. Maybe it was his desire for family. Maybe it was because he knew the pain the pair went through, he himself wanting a happy family. Maybe it was just because he was bored.

The prince disillusioned himself and sneaked toward the couple. He could see that they loved one another. With a small needle, he stabbed each of them in the back of the neck. The numbing charm ensured that they would not feel it long enough for their blood to soak into two magical needles. When it was done, Loki disappeared like he was never there.

In the middle of Stonehenge moon shone brightly right above the stone circle. Loki appeared there in deep-green flames. With a wave of his hand, he ordered the stones to go to their proper places and recreated what was lost to the flow of time. In the middle, there was a large square stone. Loki pulled his dagger and cut the palm of his hand. Some blood dropped in the middle. With a complicated gesture of the unwounded hand, he caused it to smear in six directions, forming an intricate runic circle with triskelion in the middle. He let a drop of his blood fall onto one knot, then placed two needles on the other two knots.

Nobody would ever recognize what he murmured under his breath when performing the ritual, but the blood responded. The drop of his own blood floated in the air and turned into a thin string, which connected with the tips of two needles. The blood that was on the needles, which Loki before kept frozen with a stasis charm, slowly merged with the red string, enveloping it and strengthening what was already there. The magic started to pulse around and the moonlight seemed to seep into the ritual. Needles slowly melded and liquid metal started to change until it formed a symbol of Valknut over the Triskelion. The bloody string created a circle around it before seeping into the small trinket, turning it red. The moonlight encased it and slowly, out of the very magic, a dagger formed. Valknut was in the guard and handle as well as the blade was made of purest silver.

"Stop right there!" A shout could've been heard outside, but Loki ignored it. They would not break his barrier in time. Aurors and Unspeakables started to fire the spells at his wards, but they lacked the power to do it fast enough. Loki picked the dagger and whispered yet another spell.

"I am sorry, mother…" With that, he plunged a dagger into his heart. The effects were instantaneous. His body fell lifeless on the ground and all magic ceased to function all around him. The barriers fell and Unspeakables rushed toward him. Just before they reached him, Loki's body was covered in blood-red flames and consumed, leaving nothing behind. Stonehenge returned to its previous form as if nothing happened here.

Elsewhere, Dorea Potter nee Black felt something inside her. A wave of happiness overwhelmed her.

"Charlus! Charlus! Oh, my beloved!" She ran as fast as she could to her husband to tell him the happy news. they would have a child after all.

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