Claire uses her key. She still has it, even after all this time. He never asked for it back so she keeps it in her keychain. Even when she was with Luke. She doesn't get to use it much, or at all, but she keeps it there just in case. Just like how she keeps the burner phone on her at all times, batteries recharged every few days.

She can feel her heart beating so loudly that she wonders if Matt can sense her from blocks away.

"Jess?" Claire calls out while walking through the door. She doesn't hear any response, so she grips the handles of her medical duffel bag tighter and quickly steps through the narrow hallway. She sees Jessica sitting on the floor, back to the sliding door to Matt's bedroom, her head between her knees. Claire calls out again.

"Jessica? Where's Matt?"

Then she turns around and sees him. His boots first, but there he is. Lying face down behind the couch. He's in his black outfit instead of his Daredevil suit. She guesses he's not back fully as Daredevil yet, which would have been tricky after recent events. She runs towards him and kneels down.

"No–" Her instinct tells her first, even before she gets her hands on him. But she flips him over to his back and does the routine checks anyway. She ignores how emptier his eyes are, staring blankly at nothing.

"It's cold." Jessica whispers in what sounds like a sob.

Claire notices her eyes filling up with tears. "Come on Matt. Don't.. Don't do this to me." She checks his pulse, nothing. His breathing, nothing. She does compression anyway, because what else can she do?"

"He's cold, Claire." Jessica says again, louder.

Claire doesn't respond for a few moments, just focusing on her actions. "I know… But I don't know what else to do." Her tears are flowing freely now. Her hands stutter to a stop, still on top of his heart. She slowly brings one hand up to wipe at her face.

"What happened?" She finally turns to Jessica, exhaling a deep shuddering breath.

"I– I just found him like this." Jessica doesn't look up. Her head had been lifted from her knees, just barely, but she's still staring at the floor just between her toes.

"Are you hurt?" Claire asks.

Jessica looks at her, surprised. "No." She shakes her head. "No, I'm fine. Probably a little drunk."

Claire nods, forgoing an audible response. She digs into the side pocket of her bag and pulls out the burner phone. No missed calls, no messages. "Damn it Matt!"

She turns back to Matt sharply, which interested Jessica. Claire starts to pat him down. Nothing in his pockets. She sighs and pauses a moment, one hand goes back to her face to wipe away more tears.

"What are you doing?" Jessica asks, her curiosity piqued.

"We have to call the police." Claire doesn't answer the question.

"That doesn't exactly look like calling the police."

Claire ignores the question again, and instead stands up and walks towards Jessica.

Jessica instinctively moves into a defensive position, however that position can be in her almost foetal position. "What are..?" Claire reaches for the door handle and starts sliding it. Jessica is getting annoyed at being ignored, but moves aside all the same.

Claire slides the door open and walks towards Matt's bedside table. She digs through it for a few seconds, before slamming the drawer shut. She straightens up and turns back around to face Jessica.

"Claire, what the fuck?"

"I'm looking for something…"

"Clearly! What is it?! Finding things is kinda my job, you know."

Claire perks up when the idea hits her. She runs past Jessica again, now heading towards the cupboard outside the bedroom. She kneels down in front of the chest and she can hear Jessica suck in a breath.

It's unlocked. Claire doesn't stop to think about what that means, and she lifts the lid. No red Daredevil suit, I guess he hadn't had time to get a new one. She rummages through the random items there when she finds it. She pulls it out and flips it open.

"You were looking for an old ass flip phone?" Jessica is frowning.

Claire cries harder, and she finds that the phone's battery has died. Minutes passed with Claire holding the phone to her chest, her body shaking with each sob. Jessica just stares, her mind empty and her soul tired.

"You know..." Claire starts, finally. "When I walked away I told him it's because I don't want to get a call from him and come just a little too late." She pauses and takes a breath to calm herself down. She continues, "I told him maybe he should call someone else, because it would be too hard for me to come to that situation." She pauses again and her next few breaths shudder. "I didn't consider how difficult it is to find him like this, and to know that he no longer trusts you."

She holds the two matching burner phones in both her hands. She notices that hers is still alive and Matt's is dead. She slips Matt's one into the side pocket hers belonged to. She uses the other one to call 911.