"Hey, Foggy!" Karen answers her phone on the first ring.

Foggy pauses, if anything just to give Karen an extra second or two of blissful happiness. Happiness that he's about to crush. "Hey, Karen."

"What's up?"

"Um…" How do you say this to a friend?

"Oh God, what happened? Is something wrong? Are you hurt?"

Bless her for her concern. "It's Matt…"


"I'm really sorry Karen."


"They found him last night."

"No…" Her sob comes through loud and clear on the phone.

"I'm at the police station, and they–"

"I'll be right there."

"No, I didn't call you to come here. I just wanted to be the one to tell you."

"No, Foggy, I need to be there."

"Right. Okay, see you soon."


Karen grabs his purse and runs out the door. While flagging down a taxi she hopes she remembered to lock her door. She tells the driver to go to the police station and wipes the tears off her face. The tears continue to come. "God, Matt…"

She remembers when they first met. She remembers the night she spent at his place, and how safe he made her feel. She remembers his laughter and their kisses. She remembers how angry she had been with him when she found out about Daredevil and his lies and his secrets.

When the taxi stops in front of the police station, she remembers the hope that was growing of their repaired relationship.

Karen hands $30 to the driver and ignores the change. Instead, she opens the door and steps out, slams the door harder than she expected, and runs into the station. She's about to find an officer to talk to when she sees Marci, sitting down on a plastic chair in the corner of the room.

"Marci!" She calls out.

"Karen, hi." Marci stands up and walks over to Karen. She opens her arms up for a hug.

Karen returns the hug and takes a deep breath.

"I'm so sorry, Karen."

"Yeah, me too. Where's Foggy?"

"Interview room with Jessica Jones or Claire Temple." Marci points towards the hallway that leads up to where Foggy is.

Karen walks down the hallway, right when a door opens and Foggy steps out of the interview room with Jessica.

"Oh God, Foggy!" Karen calls out.

"Karen," Foggy says.

They hug, and Karen's tears start falling again.