Chapter 01 : For My Time has Come

In the dead silence of the night, with no other sound besides the ambient of the night life, a lone black car is parked on a spot where no other car can be seen besides it. With the darkness of the night, and the glossy paint of the car, it's natural that people will miss it if they took a quick glance. That, and the fact that the glass is tinted pure black makes it even harder to determine who is it that is driving the car.

There is, however, someone inside the car. And he is waiting, as if hunting for a prey, whilst in reality…


An alarm sound. It came from his watch. It showed the time which is 01:35 AM. After taking a quick glance at the watch and confirming it, he flicked the gear shifter of the car and drove towards the pickup point. The Man looked around to confirm that there are no one following him before driving off at speed.

The black Audi RS5 roared its engine in the middle of the night, before quickly arriving at the pickup point. The Man looked back at his watch, which shows 01:38. He smirked for a second and looked around once again. Undeniably, his driving skill is… amazing, to anyone that saw him. He waited for a few seconds before his phone rang.

He picked up the phone and was greeted by the voice of a woman.

"I take it that you're at the pickup point?"

"Two minutes early, I would've bought a quick meal at McDonalds if your Guy is this late."

"Oh, don't worry… He's here."

After saying that, he noticed a man wearing a beanie hat alongside another man with a similar getup running towards his car. They immediately went for the trunk of his car and slapped it. They yelled something, but it was inaudible thanks to the car's windows. But he is telling The Man to open up the trunk.

He reached towards the button before the woman on the phone stopped him.

"Wait, open the trunk… But don't let them in."


"You heard me… Go with the package, without the guys."

The Man hesitantly opened his trunk after the beanie men yelled at him again. He reluctantly waited for the Beanie Men to close the trunk before he floored the throttle. It was inaudible thanks to the sound of the car, but the Beanie Men yelled at him and tried to chase the car down before being left by the dust.


"Good, now go to the dropoff point, You did good. I'll make sure you get a few bonus when you get here."

She said before hanging up the call. The Driver shrugged it off and headed towards the destination he already set up in his GPS.

A few minutes later, he reached the dropoff point. It's a giant storage room, seems abandoned by the looks of it. He slowly drove up to the exact spot, but no one is there to meet him. He seems concerned on whether his location is wrong or not. Nevertheless, he stepped out the vehicle and looked around.


"FREEZE!" A sudden voice blared from the entrance as The Driver got surrounded by multiple police vehicles. He tried to escape, but policemen also come from the opposite direction of the entrance. With no other choice left, he raised his hand. One of the policemen apprehended him and handcuffed him before pushing The Driver to the ground.

The Driver looked up and noticed a police van that opened its doors. From there, a woman appeared. He immediately noticed the woman and cursed himself.

"Of course, how could I not notice."

The Woman looked down at him and smirked. "Did you say something?"

"No, I did not… Tsubasa." He called her name before blacking out.

The Driver is then caught and charged for Grand Theft Auto and Robbery. And he was sentenced to five years in prison.

"Hey. Wake up."

He jolted up awake at the call. He looked up at the caller and found his co-worker.

"Ahaha. Already tired at this hour?"

"Yeah… Just remembering some things."

Seven years have passed and The Driver has led a new life as a package shipper for a small logistics company. It was pretty hard finding a job when you have a criminal record, but the company is pretty desperate at finding a driver that they took him. Since then, he has led a normal life far from crime and the things.

A few hours passed and his shift ended. He clocked out before being called by his co-worker. "Hey Jun. What do you say we go to a club? I heard this one has some cute chicks in it…" He teased him with a perverted grin on his face.

"Nah man, too tired for sex. Catch you tomorrow."

"Come on man! A good sleep can wait, a good fuck however…"

They kept on bickering for a while before they said their farewell.

Jun, Jun Hashima is the name of the driver. He got back to his car and started it up. It's no Audi that's for sure, but it gets the job done. He opened the door to his Legacy and put all of his stuff in the passenger's seat before sitting down on the driver's seat.

Jun started the engine and turned on the lights before he noticed another pair of lights turning on. He looked to the left and found another car that just turned on their light, and presumably their engine as well. He paid no attention towards them and started going towards the exit. However, he looked behind and found the very same black car following him. Feeling in danger, he immediately sped up but no sudden escape as to not raise suspicion.

Jun purposedly drove to the opposite side of the Exit, and sure enough instead of going to the exit, the black car followed him. With his suspicion confirmed, Jun slammed on the gas and tried to make an escape. The engine of his Subaru roared as he headed towards the other exit. With his sudden movement, the black car also drove aggresively in hopes of catching up to its target. However, Jun's skill in driving proved to be too much for the black car's driver to handle as the car is clearly losing him.

While driving through the basement, he noticed another black car following him from the side. It knows that Jun is heading to the left at the next junction, so the car picked the left lane in hopes of cutting him off. Jun anticipated this and threw his car towards the left, but managed to dodge the black car, barely.

He scratched the back-left fender of his car, but his safety is top priority currently.

As soon as he reached the 2nd exit, he was immediately stopped by another two black cars. They blocked the exit before Jun managed to stop and grinded his car to a halt. His car is now facing towards the left, with two black cars on his left and another two on his right. He looked at both cars before doing a burnout.

The burnout caused smokes to engulf the exit and blinded the black cars' vision, as he managed to escape once again, by managing to caught them off guard. He ran away and the roar of his engine echoes throughout the basement.

The black cars did not move, instead their doors open. Revealing the figures inside the cars. Each cars have two people inside them. All of them… are women.

One of the girls, the one with blue hair, dialed a call to someone.

"It's as you said."

"Was he good?"

"Admirable. How do we get him, though?"

"Don't worry, I got an idea."

With that the call ended and all of them went back inside of their cars.

Jun finally reached his home and immediately went in. Tired from the sudden getaway that he has to made. He closed the door behind him and locked it. For a while, he gasped for air before making his way towards his kitchen area.

His home is… humble. It's not exactly a house but an apartment that has a pretty cheap rent. After all, it's not that big, it's small yet cozy and it gets the job done of being his personal man-cave.

He grabbed something on his refrigerator, a can of cola before closing it. Suddenly…

"Drinking that thing at night isn't good for you, you know?"

He froze. But immediately noticed the voice and put back the soda inside. "And… how does it concern you?" He said before looking towards the source of the voice. She is a woman, in her mid-20s. She has Ginger-colored hair tied to a side ponytail, giving her a rather unique look.

She chuckled, "I just read it online, thought it might be interesting." She said before Jun sat down in front of her.

"How did you get in here?"

"I just told the landlady that you're my cousin and it's all good."

"The landlady is too senile! You lied to an old woman!"

The woman giggled. "But still… It's nice to meet you again, Jun."

"It has been a while, Honoka."

Jun then grabbed a few snacks and the both of them talked for a bit while watching the Television. "Well, what brings you here?"

"Some circumstances." She said before taking a sip of the juice that he prepared. Jun then offered her a slice of microwaved pizza before Honoka declined it. "Wow. I thought that you liked these kinds of stuff?"

"Not anymore. A lady gotta keep her figure, you know?"

"Pfft. A lady? You're the most boyish girl that I've ever met!"

They both teased each other for a while, Jun reminiscing about the past while Honoka is telling him what happened after they got separated. "So, Honoka… What's up with those black cars of yours?"

The room went silent with only the sound of the TV. Jun looked at her, while Honoka froze before grabbing the remote and shutting down the TV. "So you knew?"

"You're easy to read, girl. Always been like that since elementary." He smiled before taking a sip of canned juice. "… So this is what you've been doing after middle school?" He continued.

"College, actually. I have been trying to build an organization that has the sole purpose of shutting down a certain Underground Operation. You know about the Underground Syndicate?"

He looked at her, before looking away deep in thought. "A Group so powerful that no one even know their actual name. Also a group that doesn't exist."

"Actually, they do."

"But there are no proof. You need proof to accuse someone, let alone to expose a multi-billion dollar Underground Corporate. You're nothing more than a fanatic cultist if you don't have anything to back their existence, girl."

"You certainly know your stuff."

"Thank a certain hazel-haired girl."

"You've been in touch with Tsubasa?"

"More like she set me up. She has been working with the cops to catch me."

It went silent once again, none of them talked to each other for a few moments before Honoka stood up. "Jun… You've been working with them, haven't you?"

"It proofs to be useless. The pay is good, but the risk is just too high. Best-case scenario, you'll end up in jail, worst-case, you'll end up in the bottom of the ocean." Jun then grabbed Honoka's arms. "Honoka, don't pry into their business, or you'll end up…" He didn't finish his sentence.

"Just… Don't."

"Why did you end up working with them in the first place, Jun?"

Jun froze. She hit the nail. He sighed.

"I always lived with my foster father all my life that I could remember. But my real parents… is something that I want to know myself. I 'worked' for them to at least get a lead at it because I know that my parents are involved with them in some ways. However, it proofs to be, again, useless as I'm not going anywhere as a wheelman. And I can't go anywhere if I'm alone… And so Tsubasa managed to capture me. She offered me a chance to renew my life, by serving a five-year sentence, then wiping my rap sheet off, and hopefully escape the Syndicate. Since then, I just gave up, just started living as an ordinary, law-abiding, Japanese citizen."

He sat down, sighing. "It's pathethic, I know."

"So that's it? You started working a dead-end job because of surrendering?"

"… At least this dead-end job doesn't throw me off in jail."

Honoka then grabbed his collar. "Then join me! At least you're not going to be just alone in this! You're the only lead that I have in exposing the group!"

Jun looked at her eyes. It seems very nostalgic. Honoka has always been a stubborn little girl. She always tried her best to go her way, even if it seems impossible, but she always did it in the end. And those eyes are the very same eyes that showed when she had put her mind to something. And no matter what, she will do it, and no one is ever going to stop her.

Maybe it'll work… He thought. Maybe this time it'll bear fruit.

"Let me think about it…"


And when she got what she wants… she always have the brightest smile.

"But it's not going to be easy, I'm telling you. I got my ass behind bars after all. Oh, and also, I can't just leave my job suddenly."

"Don't worry, leave the paperwork to me."

And with that, Honoka grabbed her keys and walked towards the exit with Jun accompanying her. "Then I'll wait for the news."

"Keep your ears open! You're going to hear from me very soon!" She then walked towards her parked car before starting the engine.

What surprised him is the fact that Honoka is driving an Aston Martin. The DB11.

She rolled down her window and winked at him, smiling as she drove away. He swear that the girl always caught him off-guard. It was time for him to hit the sack. For the first time in a while, he's looking forward to what tomorrow brings him.