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"And that's checkmate, I won!"

An energetic voice declared, its owner raising a fist in victory. It wasn't strange to see Hina playing games in the Rec Room, the academy spent quite a lot of money to fill it with several games like pool and darts, after all. But everyone knew for a fact that the athletic girl favored another type of pool in which to spend all of her bottomless energy. Why wasn't the swimmer doing exactly that then? The reason could be connected to her playing partner.

"I'm not an expert but I'm pretty sure there are no checkmates in Othello." Makoto wasn't very torn about his defeat. Truth was that none of the two knew how to play and were goofing around with the black and white pieces.

The tanned girl lowered her arm and tilted her head to the side in a cute pose, index finger on her chin. "Touchdown?"

"Pfft, that's not even from a board game!"

Makoto and Hina had been friends since their first day in the academy, an easy task since they both are very open to meeting new people but the two friends grew closer after a certain incident. Flashes of a wet, transparent shirt sometimes attack the boy's mind forcing his cheeks to heat up but his respect for the girl stops the reaction from escalating beyond that... unlike the first time. Being a hormonal teen male made it hard for Makoto to ignore Aoi's pretty face and voluptuous figure, especially when she stretched like that in front of him, but their friendship was a strong chain that held tightly any ideas about advancing their relationship.

Besides, he wasn't her type...

Once she was done stretching her arms and legs on her seat, Hina sprung up. "That was fun but my body is getting all stiff, wanna jog around the school? Or go to that new ramen place, I could go for a snack, maybe some tonkotsu!"

"I don't know if something so heavy can be called a snack, but thanks to you now my stomach craves shoyu ramen." Makoto stood too and smiled at the way Hina's tongue stuck out, maybe he wasn't a big eater like her but he was a growing boy in need of nutrients. "Wanna invite Sakura too?"

"No! I-I mean... she is busy with her training and all, don't want to bother her." The swimmer looked to the side, her teeth softly biting her lower lip before looking back at him with a small blush. "B-besides, if we go alone it would be like... like a d-da-"

A high-pitched screech made the two teens flinch and look around in surprise, did they hear someone getting murdered? Curiosity led them to peek outside the room and witness a bizarre encounter.

Celeste was grabbing Hifumi's shirt collar and pushing the artist against the wall, nothing strange there except for the fact that she was also lifting him, an impressive feat considering their weight difference.

"It was you, wasn't it?" The gothic girl spat, her usual mask of calmness completely gone in favor of a demonic snarl. "Speak!"

Hifumi's face was coated in sweat and primal fear but the boy managed to stammer an answer. "P-please spare me. I d-don't know what I did wrong Ms. Ludenberg!"

"You ate them, didn't you? My Macaroons Haute Couture! I expressly ordered them from a French chef and they cost me 800.000 Yens! But some knuckle-dragging idiot ate half of them when I left them in the kitchen for a minute and I bet it was you, Lard Ass!"

After that rant, Hifumi was scared shitless and few could blame him for it. "I didn't! I swear on the honor of the Princess Piggles that I didn't go to the kitchen today!"

His desperate wailing must have been convincing enough for Celeste, who threw him to the side without effort, a powerful rage fueling that petite body of hers. Blood red eyes turned to the barely open door of the Recreational Room just a second after Makoto and Hina closed it.

"I never seen her so mad before!" Makoto half-screamed, half-whispered. Part of him wanted to ask what kind of person spends so much money on sweets but he wasn't feeling particularly suicidal today.

"T-this is bad..."

"It will be scary but she should go away once we tell her we didn't do it." Something hit the back of his neck, nothing tangible but more like a piece of dread. Hazel eyes landed on a pale swimmer and widened in horror. "No..."

"The box didn't have a name written on it..." It was a weak excuse that not even regular Celeste would accept, much less the frothing mouth one. "S-so I thought it was for everyone..."

"You ate half of the box!"

It wasn't time for comedic banter, the gothic girl would be here any moment and would show Hina that her metallic claw wasn't only a cosmetic accessory. She needed to hide while Makoto calmed Celeste, his eyes caught sight of the perfect place almost instantly.

"Quickly, inside the locker!" He pointed and Hina nodded in understanding. "Huh?" Or so he thought; why was she grabbing his hand and dragging him to the locker?


The door of the room was practically kicked open to reveal a feminine and menacing figure, it stepped inside of the room with her red shoes, and her equally red eyes scanned the room with cold intent. Empty, and yet something was off, her attention was directed to the Othello board in the middle of the room, its monochromatic pieces in the middle of a clumsy game.

Celeste closed the door behind her.


Makoto wanted to ask the swimmer a few things, mainly why were the two of them stuffed into a locker when there was no need for it. He couldn't ask though, not while his angry classmate was prancing around the room like a predator in search of prey. Hina probably freaked out and pulled him in without thinking, a question wasn't needed. Just like he didn't need to ask what were those two soft things pressing against his chest.

The metal box was big enough to comfortably hide one person and while Makoto and Aoi weren't the tallest in their class, they were lacking room to move, hence why her famous floaties were now pushing against him and how they could feel each other's warmth. At least Hina was of a similar height or else the embarrassment would be a hundred times worse, Makoto was glad for it... and a bit sad.

The Luckster risked a glance at the girl's face and found his heart beating faster at the sight. Aoi's cheeks had a rosy hue to them, her ocean blue eyes were looking to the side in embarrassment, and something about her expression was breathtakingly beautiful to him. After a full minute of gawking with wide eyes, Makoto reminded how uncomfortable she must be feeling right now and wanted nothing more to apologize but any noise may alert the girl outside and they didn't even have room to move their arms.

After mouthing a silent 'Sorry' that he wasn't sure she saw, the two classmates played the waiting game. They stood there in silence for what felt like minutes, trying to focus on another thing that wasn't the non-existing distance between the two, for his part Makoto was failing to do that quite hard.

"S-so soft! They are like giant marshmallows!" A dirty thought but one that was accurate for the situation, a part of him wondered how it would feel to squeeze and rub them directly with his hands. That led to the memory of Hina's wet form, her white shirt hugging her generous breasts perfectly while showing those perky pink nipples. It never failed to get the blood flowing down and this time wasn't an exception. "C-crap, not now you traitor!"

The organ had a will of its own and ignored the command of its master, growing and growing in size by the second. It had no regard for the consequences the boy may face if the erection were to be noticed; surely the swimmer would be disgusted and their friendship would become a thing of the past, Makoto could receive a strong slap from her while at it and the rumors that will be formed would mean the death of his social life.

The boy was now between a rock and two soft places, so he decided to do something drastic. After taking a deep breath and mentally apologizing to Hina, he leaned forward which pushed his rising crotch away from hers. Sadly, every action has an equal and opposite reaction and while his lower part reeled back that meant his chest was now directly pushing against hers. A glorious sensation that made Makoto's whole body tingly and hot, the treacherous member twitched with envy and lust.

Hina drew an inaudible gasp and for the first time since they got stuck in this embarrassing predicament, her blue eyes met his hazel ones. Makoto recognized surprise on her expression but also something else, he mistook it with fear or disgust at first but that wasn't it... it almost as if she-

"Hmph, a waste of my time," Celeste announced to no one in particular once she lost interest in searching the seemingly empty room, the girl still had a thief of sweets to catch and so, exited the room.


"Why does this pervy stuff always happen to me!? I wanted to get closer to him but not like this!" The inexperienced girl had every right to get mad at the universe for putting her in such a situation with the boy she ended up falling for.

Maybe it was her punishment for not taking the plunge and revealing her hidden feelings for him. Maybe it was the famous Lucky Student talent at play. Whatever it was, Hina was glad for buying that ten-pack of sports bra after what happened before, she hoped they were thick enough for Makoto not to feel how her nipples were starting to grow hard against the fabric.

Hina wasn't a pervert, or that's was she tells to herself before, during, and after each time she masturbated at the memory of the boy stroking his meat, but the feeling of their bodies touching and the hot breath of the boy on her cheek were doing things to the increasingly horny swimmer.

The moment he pushed her chest got pressed more, Hina's brain lit up like fireworks. A shiver ran down from her chest to her groin and those thick thighs of her clamped together, blue eyes gazing at the boy's flustered expression. That was no accident.

"D-did he do it on purpose? N-not good, if he looks at me like that then I... I will..." A thick fog began to cloud the girl's thoughts and melt her inhibitions. Lips parted and eyes half-lidded, Hina began to close the distance between their lips and-

"Hmph, a waste of my time." -got clam jammed by Celeste as her brain regained control thanks to the sound of her voice.

Hina's reason came back along with a good amount of shame. "Oh Gosh, I was about to kiss him! I have to get out before doing something stupid!" The girl's hand reached for the door, she could bear all the grinding and rubbing that it caused as long as she went free of the metal cage!

Someone else entered the room. "The fuck is wrong with the Corpse Bride today?"

"She seems to be in a foul mood today, but it's no excuse for such rudeness!"

"You have to be joking!" Two voices that the girl knew pretty well reached her just before they could get out. Ishimaru and Mondo must have an encounter with the angry Celeste and take refuge in the room, with a bit of luck the two friends will go on their way now.

"Check this out, an Othello board. Wanna lose against me?"

"I will take that challenge!"

They didn't go on their way.

It was hard to gauge how much time the two friends spent inside that damn locker, enough time for each other to memorize their friend's natural scent, and for Hina's legs to start twitching. She wasn't tired in the slightest but the nerves and her restless nature were a horrid combination for such a tight space, the swimmer wanted to stretch her legs and spend some of it, no matter how strange the situation. Maybe she could move a little without drawing attention to herself, and surely Makoto must be feeling the same so he won't mind.

Once she was done making excuses to herself, she began. First, her left leg was raised and her knee made a satisfying popping noise that made a sigh escape from her, she almost didn't care about her toned thigh pressing against the boy's hip. Almost.

Now the girl only needed to ignore the heat on her face and repeat the process with her other leg. Her foot landed on a bad posture and before she knew what was happening her balance was thrown off, most like how her body was thrown forward. The good part was that it wasn't a long or painful fall. The, arguably, bad part? Now their bodies were completely pressing together in a forced embrace. Soft flesh against soft flesh, warmth intertwined and became indistinguishable, ocean blue eyes were lost in the green forest that was his and both teens were at a loss of words for their beauty.

A shame the spell got broken the moment Hina registered something poking her belly, her head snapped down to see but those provoking breasts of hers were in the way, now they looked even bigger thanks to being pressed against the lucky student. Not like the swimmer needed to see it, that shape and the heat radiating from it left little room for doubt about what it was. The protagonist of many of her wet dreams twitched in excitement of finally coming into contact with the tanned girl and she responded by panting, "His p-p-penis is touching me! A-and it's so big and hard, did it become like this because of... me?"

Doubts about her feminine charms aside, she was too busy shaking off the hormonal cobwebs from her mind to fully understand what that strong but bouncy body was doing to Makoto. The way her smooth bosom pressed and lightly brushed against him, how her hot breath crashed on his face like a warm wave and the fact his meat rod was trapped between the two of them in a constant rubbing made the lust deep inside the boy boil out of control.

The inside of the locker was stuffy and Makoto could see beads of sweat twinkling on her skin, glistening in the dim light, and trickling down towards the bronze valley formed by her breasts. He could smell her. The boy's body moved before his mind could, almost lunging forward, the taste of her lips was sweet and the pure softness was heavenly. Hina's beautiful, sapphire-colored eyes went wide with surprise before lust overtook it, the girl's eyes were now half-lidded and she responded to the kiss with a hug, her round knockers once again pressed against him.

Hands began to work, hers caressing and rubbing his back while Makoto's did the same to her hips but they weren't satisfied with only that and slid their way down to Aoi's perky, chocolate ass. His fingers sunk into fabric and flesh during the strong squeeze, the girl letting out a muffled moan and providing the perfect chance for Makoto's tongue to make itself at home. The nimble muscle pushed against the swimmer's tongue in a clumsy but passionate attempt to claim her mouth which she responds in kind, not bad for a first kiss.

Reason and prudence flew out the window as the two teens began to rub and grind against each other with rampaging desire. The sweat fizzled and made their clothes stick to their bodies but they didn't care, the two minds were drowning in a sea of pleasure, and when their kiss broke to allow their lungs a taste of air a second one quickly took its place.

Hina felt dizzy and her whole body tingled, it was too hard to think about anything other than the taste of his saliva, the electric touch of his hands, or the hot, throbbing member humping at her crotch. She was more than happy to assist the rowdy prisoner to escape his pants but when she took hold of the zipper a sound jump-started her brain. The sound of a door opening.

"Tsch, it's a shit game anyway."

"Please mind your language, I know you are upset after losing all of our matches but it's no excuse to use such crash words."

"Don't need to point out that I didn't win!"

They were lucky that the door being open wasn't the one of the locker but the room's, the sudden reminder that they were supposed to be hiding, and yet they were making out and groping each other like some sort of horny, perverted couple! The revelation restored Aoi's reason and judgment, the girl reached for the locker's door and pushed it open before stumbling out with a red face and some drool on her lips.

The girl's knees almost buckled over and she had to support herself by putting her hands on her knees while taking deep breaths. "W-we kissed! M-Makoto took my first kiss and... and it was amazing! My heart it's pounding faster than when I swim because we almost... W-we almost..." Hina straightened herself and her hands went up to cup her cheeks which were red as apples. "This is too sudden, we aren't even dating and stuff! I have to stop this before he thinks I'm some kind of easy girl!"

A pair of hungry hands surrounded the girl, fingers sinking into the soft flesh of her breasts like the fangs of a predator but the girl cried not with pain but with a blinding pleasure. Any thoughts of telling him to stop were obliterated and forgotten, the surprise attack so overwhelming that she lost herself for a moment.

Makoto's hands only stopped feasting on supple flesh to get rid of her red sports jacket and the soaked tank-top underneath. He knew this was crazy, someone could surprise them in the middle of it, and how they would even begin to explain themselves? Those worries became more insignificant each time Hina moaned with that sweet and needy voice of hers, Makoto pushed those unnecessaries thoughts away while pushing Aoi onto the couch.

The bounce brought back the girl's consciousness, her confused mind couldn't make sense of why only her sports bra was the last guardian of her modesty. The sound of clothes hitting the ground made the girl look up and confusion melted into hunger at the sight of the boy's naked chest, Hina was so happy that she convinced him to exercise more. He wasn't at the level of Jason Statham but she won't mind feeling those building muscles first hand, his pants and boxers came down next to reveal his girth in all its splendor. The image of it was very faithful to what the swimmer memorized but having it pointed directly at herself felt her heart with a bit of trepidation. Were they truly gonna do it?

"You are so beautiful Hina."

The sudden compliment took her by surprise and she went for his intense member to the boy's gentle face. "Huh? I am?"

"For me, you are and, ngh... super sexy," Makoto grunted his response, his hand slowly stroking his rock-hard dick was another sign of how true his words were.

They were also enough for the girl to bare her bosom completely, the bra was tossed away to reveal her slick, bountiful mountains with pink peaks. They jiggled for a second, enjoying their freedom and beckoning the boy to play with them once again until he was satisfied, an invitation that he was happy to oblige but first he needed to clear the last obstacle. Hina let out an adorable yelp at being forced to lay back down on the couch and raise her hips, the fingers of the boy hooked the edges of her shorts before pulling them down those strong but shapely legs and threw them away to leave Hina with only a white pair of panties. The cotton cloth didn't share the girl's love for wetness and became transparent thanks to the girl's arousal, showing Makoto an outline of her entrance.

The boy didn't waste a second on getting into position, one hand on her hips, the other pushing her panties to the side enough for easy access. "W-wait, that's too dirty! Let me take them out and then-Ahhh~!" Makoto's mouth around one of her nipples did the trick, hushing the girl, the wet licks and gentle nibbling invited the swimmer to tilt her head back and mewl in pleasure.

The Luckster couldn't get enough of those sounds but he wasn't satisfied with mere foreplay, his lust and need couldn't be contained more as his pink tip gently kissed her pink lips, and with that same gentle touch, they became one.

A tanned hand immediately reached for the boy's head and grabbed a handful of hair from the back, only that instead of pulling the boy away, it pushed him deeper into her cleavage. There was a bit of pain from losing your first time but for Hina, it was like a small ship trying to fight the roaring waves of a sea of sensations. She felt her soft walls being pushed aside to accommodate the cock slipping inside of her all while Makoto's lips were sucking on her perky nipple with hunger and his other hand played around kneading her tits. What could the inexpert girl do besides moan and grab onto him for dear life?

"Oh, God! He is inside of me! Ah~ it feels so big!" She didn't mean to speak those words, let alone scream them for him to her but the way Makoto squeezed her breasts made it worth it.

Just when the swimmer felt her body was getting used to the sensation overwhelming her, Makoto reeled his hips until only the tip of his rod remained inside, a brief respite before his hips lurched forward and forced himself deep inside once more. The boy's body kept that motion in play but with each repetition, it became faster and faster until the clapping of their sweaty bodies reverberated in the room along with their moans. Makoto let go free her nipple from his mouth, now coated with spit, and mumbled something between grunts and thrusts. Mostly her name, sweet nothings, and how amazing she felt, while Hina did something similar.

They wanted to express the feelings that they had been hiding for so long, to scream them to the top of their lungs like in a romantic scene from a movie. But the pleasure made it impossible to form any words that weren't interrupted by moans and grunts. But despite that, they understood each other in a level deeper than words, their eyes locked on each other's one more time and so did their lips in a loving kiss.

Short and desperate thrusts, shallow breaths, and the rapid throbbing, all signs that Makoto was reaching his limit. A good thing for Aoi couldn't hold her own climax anymore and she was sure her mind and body would give up afterward. She clasped her arms and legs around his body not wanting to ever let go, a tiny voice screamed inside of her head to not let him finish inside but it was drowned out by the desperate need of the girl to be filled to the brim.

Their bodies trembled and their eyes rolled back as their climax struck them like a thunderbolt, Makoto's hips slammed against hers one last time to make sure she got every drop of liquid love he had inside.

None of the two knew how long the pleasure lasted or how much time they spent basking in the afterglow together, foreheads touching and smiles on their faces. Five more minutes couldn't hurt.


The trip to Makoto's room went safe but quietly. It was a miracle no one heard them but once the teens' mind became clear both of them became red like a firetruck, also very aware of the fact that they needed a shower. The boy offered his room since it was closer and he hoped they could talk about what had just happened but it was harder than expected as neither of them uttered a single word during the trip there.

Makoto now was sitting on the bed with only a towel around the waist as they decided he should take a shower together and now he was waiting for her to finish. Still, how could he start the conversation? Makoto wanted to make sure Hina knew this wasn't a one-time thing, that he wanted to do things the proper way and date her. It should be simple enough, so why was he so nervous?

"Ah~ I needed that." Said girl was now stepping out of the bathroom wearing Makoto's bathrobe.

The way her long, brown hair cascaded down over her back and framed Hina's face made the boy's heart race. "You look great with your hair down like that."

"Y-you think so? It gets in the way when running and stuff." Her fingers ran along the length of her locks, considering if she should let it down more often.

"Hina, I wanted to speak to you about... about what we just did. I don't want you to think I'm some playboy or anything like that, I will take full responsibility."

A small smile appeared on her face. "Don't be silly, I never thought of you as that kind of guy but... wait, are you saying that...?"

It was now or never! Taking a long breath, Makoto made the question. "Aoi, will you be my girlfriend?"

A spark appeared in the swimmer's eyes and her body moved before her mind could, the girl jumping before engulfing the boy in a hug. "Of course I do! Gosh, what took you so long?"

The boy returned the hug with a small laugh, he couldn't stop smiling! "Heh, sorry about that."

Hina pulled back to admire the face of the boy who captured her heart and saw pure joy in it, although, wasn't he blushing a bit too much? That's when the girl realized she was now straddling his lap and something was poking against her covered ass. She blushed too and pouted a bit, but she didn't move away. "J-jeez, you are a bit too happy."

Makoto gulped. "I'm... not sorry about that part."

That got a chuckle out of her, who gently pushed him back on the bed. As the bathrobe came undone, Makoto was sure he and Hina would be happy and together for a long time.

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