He was working on his birthday. He did not know why, but he could not bring himself to celebrate it normally. Maybe it was because he wanted to go through some memories from his time at Hogwarts. Harry Potter was in his attic of his family's manor going through some boxes that he had kept there that he had not gone through in many years. The dust tickled his nose as the now 55-year-old dug his hands into an old box and coughed a little as he picked up some homework that he, for some reason, had kept.

Harry smiled fondly at it before he placed it behind him. He picked up another parchment of homework and put it behind him. However, as he moved his hand around the box, he found an old History of Magic book. Intrigued, Harry pulled the book out of the box and looked at it. The spine was falling apart, and Harry could smell the old musty smell that came from within it. Harry ran his hand over the book before he opened it to see if it was his. However, the name inside the book was hard to read, so Harry flipped through the pages to see if he had any notes in it, but again they had faded.

Harry sighed and put the book down before he started to go through the box again. However, Harry wished he knew who the book belonged to, so he stopped going through the box to look at the old book again and flipped through the pages, trying to see if there was any way of finding out who this book belonged to, but he found nothing. Harry sighed and thought about the book behind him and went back to looking through the box.

Harry did not know how long he was looking through his childhood items, but he could not stop looking through the box, the box of his childhood. Harry sighed and looked at the door to see his wife, Ginny, smiling at him.

"Hey," she said, walking over to him and hugging him from behind. Harry smiled. "I did not hear you get up," Ginny said, smiling. But when Harry turned around, he could see she was worried. Harry nodded, but he did not say anything as he looked down at the book.

"I wanted to get an early start. We said yesterday that we needed to go through the attic," Harry told her. Ginny sighed and sat down next to him.

"Harry," Ginny sighed again. "It's your birthday. Come on, we can go out for brunch just like old times," Ginny said, standing and holding her hand out to Harry, but Harry sighed and shook his head.

"No, I need to get this done... and that book..." Harry said, sighing at the look that Ginny gave him.

"What book?" she asked, looking at the book behind Harry. Ginny picked up the book, as Harry stood up, and smiled a little. "This is old, but I don't remember having it," Ginny said, turning the pages of the book before she turned to the back cover and gasped a little. This made Harry raise an eyebrow.

"What is it?" Harry asked, putting his hand on her shoulder. Ginny gave him the book without saying anything. "Bathilda Bagshot," Harry read, but it was a little hard to read like the other notes in the book. "Was this the first book of History of Magic?" Harry asked Ginny who nodded slowly.

"I think so, yeah. Right. I still think we should go out to eat and then show this to Hermoine," Ginny said to Harry who sighed and nodded, but he said nothing. "Harry, why do you want to clean this out now?" Ginny asked Harry who shook his head. Ginny started to walk out of the room but Harry stopped her.

"Because I wish that I had a childhood like you and your family, so I was looking for something that could…" Harry was cut off as Ginny pulled him into her arms.

"Harry, not everyone could have my childhood, but since I met you, you've been part of my childhood. Sure, you did not have one like mine, but you found yours when you joined my family," Ginny told him, smiling at Harry as he pulled out of her arms and nodded slowly as the pair walked out of the room.

Summary: Harry is working on his birthday when he finds a book that is very old but he does not know who it belongs to, Ginny also tries to get him to stop working and go out for his birthday

THC/The Houses Competition.

House: Hufflepuff

Class: History of magic

Prompts: [Restriction] No characters under the age of 50-years-old.


Word Count: 737