What is this feeling?

The moment I saw Mori, I cried tears. Tears of relief and joy. Strange that I never cried like this in front of her. Next thing I knew is that I rushed to her, so that I can hug her. I wanted to feel her, touch her.

I'm so happy she's okay. I really am.

Just what is this feeling?

I looked up to her during our flight. After all, she's a great person. She's strong and beautiful. I don't know why I suddenly felt the urge to cry and hug her out of relief that she is okay. No offense, but this is just too extreme.

I think I understand what feeling is this.


Admiration is respect and warm approval. Suddenly I just felt closer to her than before. I think I understand why did I have this feeling. After Yurisha is done with her unfinished business by possessing my body, she left something within me which caused me to feel closer to Mori. It was her admiration towards her. This part of her, it felt good. I like it.

Regardless, all that matters is that Mori is safe and sound. Even if Yurisha is not on the ship as she has her own affairs to deal with, she will know that her lookalike is safe and sound, and that will make her happy from a distance. Thank you, Yurisha, for this gift. I will use it wisely in our time of need.

Now it's time for us to go back home.

To Earth.

Author's Note: What do you think? If you watched the final episode of Space Battleship Yamato 2199, then you know where this fanfiction is from.