Rose Shacklebolt believed she was an ordinary girl. When she was little her parents were killed and she was brought to live with her only living relative. The relative in question was Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Kingsley was an Auror for the ministry of magic and wasn't around when Rose got her letter. If he had been he would have heard a very excited scream coming from his niece. Not opening the letter Rose ran to the fireplace and grabbed a small leather pouch off of the fireplace.

Taking a pinch of powder from the pouch she threw it into the fire. The flames that were once but glowing embers suddenly became green and large flames warmed Roses' face.

"Auror Office." Rose spoke into the flames before lowering her head into the coals. It was an odd sensation.. Part of your head travelling miles while your body stayed at the fireplace. One of the Aurors jumped and looked into the fire. It was not often that people made direct calls to the Auror Office.

"Oh hello Rose, it has been a long time. Are you looking for your uncle?"

"Yes please Mr Williamson only if he is around." Rose smiled at the man. She had seen him a few times over the years. The man moved away from the fire, presumably to check Kingsleys office.

"He appears to be out of the office. As soon as he gets back, I will let him know you called." The man named Williamson said kindly.

"Okay please let him know that my letter arrived and I can't wait to go to Diagon Alley" With these words Rose pulled her head away from the fire and sat on the couch. Slowly and feeling a little nervous she opened her letter.

She read through her acceptance letter twice making sure she knew exactly what she would be needing. Part way through her third read through, green flames flung up in the fireplace. Not long after the man stepped out he was nearly knocked over by the young redhead.

"I hear that you have some great news?" The tall black Auror spoke with a calm and relaxing voice. This was one of the things Rose loved about her uncle the most. He hugged the young girl lightly before leading her to the couch.

"I have been accepted. I'm going to Hogwarts. Can we go shopping soon? Or is work keeping you busy?" Kingsley could hear the anticipation in Rose's voice. He was often very busy and spent many hours at work. The hours he was not at work though he was looking after Rose. He was a good man with a kind heart and worked tirelessly to make sure Rose was well cared for.

"We can go today. As soon as I heard the news I cleared my schedule for you." The smile Kingsley received from his niece filled his heart. It was times like these he felt truly lucky to be looking after Rose. It was also the time he felt truly guilty for hiding the truth from her. He hoped one day he could tell her the truth. On that day he would fall to his knees and pray for her forgiveness.

Half an hour later Rose and Kingsley approached Gringotts Bank. As they walked into the pristine marble building, a fierce looking Goblin approached them. The Goblin gave Kingsley a dark look before he continued his business as normal. Rose had seen the Goblins give Kingsley this look every time they entered but she could never understand why.

Before she could really think on this she was led to her vault. She had been told that her parents were killed in the last war and this was a contingency they had set up beforehand so she would always have money.

They collected enough money for everything they would need and went back into the street. Rose begged Kingsley to look at brooms before anything else, though he needed little persuasion.

Rose knew first years were not allowed brooms at school but Kingsley had bought her one some years ago so she could fly in the woods near their home. Rose picked up some new wood polish and left the store.

When they arrived at Ollivanders Rose couldn't help but feel slightly unnerved by the man. He would mutter to himself as he pulled out wands to try and the look he was giving her made her feel he knew something she did not.

When he pulled out the wand that would become hers, Rose felt an instant connection. She held it tight in her hand and red sparks flew from the wand. Mr Olivander smiled as he saw the sparks.

"Those were some powerful sparks young Miss. I think that we can expect great things from you."

"What is my wand's wood and core?" Rose asked before she could stop herself. She had actually wanted to leave as soon as possible but she had a natural curiosity.

"Your wand is made of Applewood. They say that Applewood wands are very resistant to dark magics. The core is unicorn hair. They say that wands with this core bond strongly with the owner and are very loyal."

Back at home Rose was trying on her new school robes and showing them off for Kingsley who was more than happy to encourage her. When Rose was finally done Kingsley and Rose sat down to eat.

The first of September could not come fast enough for Rose; she had been looking forward to Hogwarts since her sixth birthday and now the day had finally arrived.

Kingsley had taken the day off and was now helping Rose get her luggage on the train. He would be sad to see her leave but he hoped Dumbledore meeting her would end the secrets and lies.

Seated in an empty compartment, Rose couldn't help but feel alone for the first time. She quickly jumped out of the compartment and hugged Kingsley tight before getting back on the train.

Back in her compartment a round faced boy with blond hair and a short plump build was just entering. When he saw rose entering from the other side he started to back out apologising.

Rose smiled at him and indicated him to come back in.

"You don't have to leave this compartment is empty, other than me."

The boy looked for a moment like he would refuse so Rose grabbed his arm lightly and tugged him in.

"Come on I don't know anyone yet. Come sit. My name is Rose Shacklebolt."

"I'm.. I'm Neville Longbottom, this is Trevor." He held up his frog.

Over the next fifteen minutes the train filled and started to leave the station. Not long after they started to move they saw a bushy haired girl walking in the corridor looking like a lost lamb. Rose feeling sorry for her invited her into their compartment. After introducing herself as Hermione she sat next to Rose and opposite Neville.

"I'm from a muggle family. I was quite shocked when I got my letter. My parents were not too happy that I decided to accept the invitation to go to Hogwarts. They still got me all my supplies and showed me on the train but it was a tough month"

Rose looked at Hermione sympathetically. But before she had a chance to comment Trevor jumped out of Neville's arms and out of the compartment. This made Rose giggle.

"Maybe we should have closed the door. We best go look for him." Rose added through her laughing.

"Gran is going to kill me." Neville whimpered, rising and looking around.

Neville and Hermione went one way and Rose the other. She didn't feel comfortable opening compartments at random so chose instead to just walk the corridor hoping she would see the toad. Five minutes later she was near the end of the train and still had not found the toad she was hoping the others had better luck.

She was just about to turn round and head back to her compartment when a boy with jet black hair caught her attention. Seated with the boy was a boy with red hair and lots of freckles. Rose, who had studied up on magical families, was pretty sure the red head was a Weasley.

The Weasleys she knew were a light family. But she could not place the dark haired boy's family and wondered who he was and just why he had caught her eye. When she looked again her eyes were drawn to his. There was something about them that seemed familiar but she couldn't place it.

Wanting to know who this boy was she knocked on the glass window before entering the compartment.

"Hi I'm Rose. I'm looking for a toad. My friend Neville let it go and it ran away. Don't suppose you have seen it?"

"I'm Harry, that's Ron. We haven't seen a toad though, sorry."

Harry? That's what he said right. Could he be*that* Harry?. Rose was completely lost in her thoughts and missed what Ron said entirely. This caused Harry to pat her arm gently.

Rose looked at him confused and realised she must have missed something.

"I'm sorry I got lost in thought, did you say something?"

"I asked what house you hope to be in?" As Ron said this he had to fight not to laugh a little at Roses' airheadedness.

"Well I was thinking I would love to be in Ravenclaw but if not that house then Gryffindor would be my next choice. Though really as long as I'm not in Slytherin I will be happy."

Ron and Harry looked at her slightly perplexed, not expecting such a well thought out answer. When he spoke he had a look of acceptance on his face.

"My whole family has been in Gryffindor so I expect I will be in that house too."

"I just want to be in a house I can make friends in and have fun" Harry added hoping to add something to the conversation.

Before anyone could say another word a blonde haired boy walked into the compartment pushing Rose out of the way as he entered. Rose who had not heard the new arrival was flung forward, thankfully Harry caught her and helped her sit next to him.

"So It's true Harry Potter is in this compartment?" If this boy cared he had almost hurt Rose it did not show. If fact he didn't seem to notice he had thrown her aside at all.

Harry gave the boy a look of dislike as he spoke.

"Yes it is true. I'm Harry Potter. I don't know who you are but where do you get off throwing people aside? You could have hurt her."

"So Harry Potter has already found himself a girlfriend has he? She shouldn't stand in the doorway if she doesn't want to get hurt" The boy spoke with a long drawl and looked at Rose, his expression unreadable. When he looked at Ron, however, he smirked.

"I'm Draco Malfoy. You will soon find out that some wizard families are better than others Potter. You should come hang out with us instead of their kind." Harry took offence at the blonde insulting his new friend and looked like he was going to get mad. Instead he spoke in a forced calm voice.

"I think I can tell the wrong sort for myself,thank you very much. I don't want anything to do with you since you arrived you have been rude and seem like a bully"

Malfoy looked like someone had just poisoned his pumpkin juice, he pulled out his wand and pointed it at Harry.

"Who do you think you are? Think you're tough do you Potter? Do you even know any spells?"

Before Harry could respond Rose stood and drew her wand she was still quite mad she had been shoved aside.

"You know what, I think you are a bully. I suggest you leave. Even if Harry doesn't know spells you can bet your arse I do. My uncle is an Auror and has been showing me spells for years."

Malfoy looked at Rose and paled. Rose wondered for a moment if this was because she knew spells or if it was the Auror comment. She knew the Malfoy family was considered dark; it would make sense he fears Aurors.

"I don't know who you are but you better watch your back threatening people."
Before Rose could respond Malfoy left.

Ron who had watched the scene unfold with avid interest, now had a broad smile.

"That was bloody brilliant!."

Rose completely forgetting she was supposed to be looking for Trevor and sat down next to Harry.

"Why thank you! Though I wasn't lying. My uncle is an Auror and I do know a few spells. Are you really Harry Potter?"

Harry smiled and showed her his scar. This caused Ron to laugh and he had a slight feeling of deja vu. For the next twenty minutes Rose got to know the two boys. She quickly learnt not to ask Harry about his family and not to talk about money around Ron. She didn't know if they would be good friends but she had enjoyed talking to them. The talk was only stopped when Neville and Hermione walked into the compartment.

"Oh Rose there you are, did you find Trevor? Making new friends?" Hermione smiled as she said this but Rose thought she could see nervousness in Hermione. She thinks I'm going to forget her. With this thought Rose smiled and stood up.

"Yes sorry I got sidetracked talking to these two and threatening a bully. Hermione this is Ron Weasly and Harry Potter"

A few pleasantries were shared before Rose left with Hermione and Neville. They decided to wait until they arrived at the train station to try to find Trevor again choosing instead to go back to their compartment.

Back in their compartment Rose bought way too many snacks and started discussing spell work with Hermione. Neville seemed happy enough sitting and listening.

When they got off of the train they still had not found Trevor, Neville was now becoming very worried about this and was looking around frantically. Their plan to search the empty train was shattered when a prefect told them to hurry up and get to the boats. He did however promise to have a quick look for them. The prefect had been a little pompous but they were thankful for his support.

So far the worst part about the day for Rose was crossing the lake. It was not that she disliked water but it was already cold outside and the spray of the water kept hitting her making her feel even colder. Thankfully it did not take too long to get up to the castle and they were soon shown into the Great Hall.

When Rose was called up and the sorting hat placed on her head she was surprised the hat didn't say anything for a moment. Those with keen eyes would have seen the hat look to Harry but Rose couldn't see this.

"Ah I wondered when we would be seeing you. Ah but it seems interesting."

"What is interesting?" Asked Rose her curiosity now peaked.

"No I'm sorry to say but it is not my place to say I'm sorry to bring it up. Now where to place you? A keen mind yes! I see it all here Ravenclaw would be a great fit. Lots of courage too though a trait for Gryffindor house. Your ambition and drive to succeed would line you up with Slytherin. A tricky one to place I see."

The people around the hall were starting to wonder just what was being said. The hat had yet to stop on anyone this long. Dumbledore was looking at Rose and though he hid it well there was fear in his eyes wondering if the hat would rat him out.

"Now I see that you do not wish to be placed in Slytherin but I must ask if this is something you would reconsider. I have no intention of telling others this but there is a war coming. This war could destroy the wizarding world as we know it. I believe that if you were in Slytherin you could very well help bridge a gap between the four houses."

Rose who was completely shocked could barely form an answer. Kingsley had always told her he feared Voldemort would return. If this did happen a war would surely break out. Would her being in Slytherin really help the war efforts?

"If I am honest I fear being in Slytherin would somehow corrupt me. It has been home to so many dark wizards."

"It is not as if the other houses have never had dark wizards. I assure you if you hold onto your beliefs and your ambition you will not be corrupted and you really could be great."

McGonagall was now looking at Dumbledore and silently questioning the length of the conversation. Just as she was going to lift the hat off of Roses' head it shouted out "Slytherin!".

Rose looked at Harry, Neville and Hermione hoping that they would not hate her for accepting the hat's proposal.

As Rose approached the Slytherin table Malfoy looked at her, his shock clear as day.

"I thought you would be a Gryffindor for sure. Glad to see you chose the right side even if Potter did not."

"We may be in the same house but i have no intention of being friends with an arrogant arse like you." Before Malfoy could respond Rose heard a snigger up the table. Rose looked to where the snigger came from and chose to sit there instead.

As she sat down the dark haired girl who had sniggered smiled and held out her hand.

"I'm Daphne, Daphne Greengrass it's nice to see someone else who isn't taken by the Malfoy family."

"Rose, Rose Shacklebolt and I may have been sorted into Slytherin but I will not consort with dark families; it's not my way. The Greengrass family is neutral I was told?"

"Yes we have always been a neutral family. We are a pure blood family by choice but do not condemn others for being half blood or muggle born."

Daphne's answer went a long way to making Rose feel more comfortable in her house but it would certainly take some getting used to. While Rose ate and spoke to Daphne she could see that a dark in colour boy was watching their conversation. The boy looked rather intrigued but made no effort to talk to them; it was almost as if he was sizing them up.

That night as Rose laid in bed she wondered just how Kingsley would respond to her being in Slytherin. As she started writing to him she felt very nervous that he would reject her. She made sure to include the sorting hat's speech to her hoping that would help.