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Over the next month, school settled into a routine. Malfoy, who had still not acted on his threat, was, however, trying to get the rest of the Slytherin house to ignore Rose. By the time Halloween came around Slytherin house was completely divided. It seemed just over half would do as Malfoy said while the others seemed to be watching the rivalry wondering who would be the winner of this silent battle.

Harry and Rose were still exchanging letters by night and talking every now and then around the castle. They were quickly becoming best friends despite the fact that they were in opposing houses.

Harry's friendships seemed to all come with their problems. Rose and Harry's because of their houses. Harry and Hermione's friendship was taking hits because Ron seemed to hate Hermione's book smarts. Things came to a head after a Charms lesson on Halloween.

Rose had only heard rumours of what happened but it seems Ron was really rude to Hermione going so far as to make her cry. Rose had tried to look for her but not being exactly friends with her she knew not where she was.

When Ron and Harry came into the Great Hall alone Rose knew something was still wrong with Hermione. Choosing not to sit at her table she sat next to Harry ignoring Rons very loud demands she leave.

"Ron there is no rule saying I have to sit at my house table. Harry is my friend. If I want to sit here I will." Ron looked furious and called Percy over.

"She can't be here right tell her she has to leave." Percy gave Rose a look of distrust but turned to his brother.

"It is not actually against the school rules. Most people don't do it because of house rivalry but it is not forbidden."

Before Ron could argue Percy left giving one more suspicious look to Rose. Rose, who had enough of Ron, ignored him and spoke only to Harry.

"So what happened that made Hermione miss the feast?"

Harry scowled at Ron before answering. Ron actually had the sense to look a little ashamed. His previous complaints stopped and he shut up

"Ron was being an ass and upset her. What makes it worse is Hermione was trying to help Ron."

Before they could say much more and settle into their food, Quirrell came into the Hall shouting about a Troll that had escaped from the dungeon and promptly fell unconscious. The Hall was now in a panic and that only stopped when Dumbledore shouted and ordered the students to go to their dorms.

Rose left with Harry and Ron. Just before they went to split ways, Ron shouted out that Hermione didn't know about the troll and was in a girls bathroom. Rose not wanting Harry to get in trouble sent him off to his dorm promising to check the bathroom she was last seen in.

Rose grabbed Parvati as she passed and found out which bathroom Hermione was in. Once she knew she headed straight for the bathroom hoping to Merlin she would not get caught. When she arrived at the bathroom she quickly pulled Hermione from the room filling her in on the situation.

It was then a huge troll started heading in their direction. Thankfully the troll smelled really bad and they had a chance to hide in a nearby classroom. As soon as the door was closed Rose cast her locking charm and sat on one of the tables.

"I'm so sorry for dragging you like I did. I hope I didn't hurt you?"

"No I am fine thank you for rescuing me. I know I haven't been a good friend to you since the train." A sad look came across Hermione's face as she said this and she sat on the table next to Rose.

"It's fine, Hermione you have been busy with lessons and being muggle born you was suspicious about Slytherins."

Hermione raised her eyebrows questioningly.

"How do you know that?"

"I have been speaking to Harry and he told me. I wanted to be friends with you still and he told me to wait on you." Hermione nodded slowly but didn't say anything.

The two sat in silence for a short time. Rose was happy that it was not awkward it seemed Hermione just needed to think. Rose gave Hermione a small and somewhat awkward side hug before heading to the door.

"I cannot hear or smell the troll we should get back to our dorms before we are caught. Let's meet up again soon."

With that Rose left the room and headed back to her dorm, she felt Hermione just needed to process alone. Over the next few days Hermione would smile at Rose and would say hi if they passed each other.

As November dragged on tension within the Slytherin house was becoming unbearable. People outside of Slytherin house were starting to notice the division and internal conflict. The conflict got so bad that in mid November Snape came into the dorm room, something he had not done at all since the term started.

He had scolded all of the Slytherins pretty harshly and even taking fifty points from the house saying he was fed up of being questioned by other teachers about how he was running the first years.

Everyone was so shocked by the points deduction that the rivalry calmed down and to the outside houses things looked like they were back to normal. Inside the dorm however, fights had now started between Malfoy supporters and everyone else. It seemed Malfoy was trying to use fear to recruit students for his side.

By the time Christmas rolled around six first year Sytherins had been sent to the hospital wing from hex or jinxes. One poor first year had been sent to St Mungo after he was thrown down some stairs. Crabbe had been given a month's detention and lost twenty five house points for this.

Once again Snape was in the dorm room and he was furious. The Slytherins had not seen him look so terrifying. He did not take points off of Slytherin this time but he did give Malfoy and Rose detentions claiming that they appeared to be the ring leaders.

Kingsley was not happy to hear that Rose had been given detention for inciting gang rivalries. He told Rose that she was expected to come back home for Christmas to talk about her behaviour. This annoyed Rose because she had been doing her best to stay out of the conflict. She did not want people rallying to her just because she was not a dark sided family.

Just before Christmas break Rose noticed that Harry and his friend seemed to be spending a striking amount of time in the Library. This for Hermione was not unusual but what she knew of Ron thought it was odd he would be there so much.

After a few days watching this Rose decided to ask what was going on. Ron ofcourse scowled at her and demanded she leave. This led to Harry punching his arm and telling him to shut up. Hermione surprised Rose by scowling at Ron this seemed to shut him up more than the punch to the arm.

"Hi Rose. We are looking for information on a man named Nicholas Flamel." Harry spoke in such a quiet voice that it immediately caught Rose's attention.

"I've heard that name before. I think he is friends with Dumbledore. They found the uses of some creatures' blood but I really can't think what."

At Rose's reply Hermione got a funny look on her face. It seemed she was on the verge of remembering something but it seemed she could not. Rose spent the next hour helping them look but they found nothing. Rose promised to ask King when she got home.

Harry and Hermione filled Rose in on why they were looking into Flamel ignoring Ron's demands Rose could not be trusted. By the time they had to go to seperate dorms Rose and Hermione promised to share a compartment on the train. Harry and Ron were apparently staying at school and would be continuing their search for Flamel.

On the train Rose and Hermione were joined by Daphne and Blaise. Neville joined them sometime later though he did not talk much and gave the Slytherins questioning looks.

For the most part the conversations were pleasant and Hermione found herself with two new friends that she would never have considered before.

Hermione was intrigued to hear more about the brewing rivalry and asked many questions. The whole school by now knew something was off in Slytherin house and were desperate to get answers.

About half way to London, Malfoy paid a visit and was his usual unpleasant self. After trying and failing to get a rise out of Rose and her friends he left without drawing his wand. For all of Malfoy's talk he had yet to do anything himself over the year and with the Professor's added attention on their house Rose doubted he would try anything.

On the platform Rose was introduced to the Lords and Ladys Greengrass and Zabini. Rose introduced Daphne, Blaise and Hermione to Kingsley. Neville had been rushed off by his Gran who seemed to be a stern and impatient woman.

After promising to keep in touch via Owls the group split and headed their separate ways. Kingsley was not acting like his normal self and Rose knew this meant he was still waiting to have a conversation about the Rivalry at school. With a sigh she headed out of the station.

Kingsley had decided to drive to the station today; it was a hobby of his when not in crowded London at least. The silence was rather awkward neither seeming to want to start the conversation. Kingsley had not been in this situation yet. He had scolded Rose for minor things such as low grades or staying up to late but this in his eyes was a much more serious issue. One that Albus himself had written to Kingsley about to see if he could explain it.

They were leaving London by the time Kingsley spoke. Getting reprimanded by Kingsley was such an odd occurrence. His voice was one that instilled calm and reassurance.

"How about you tell me from your perspective what has been going on? Dumbledore is not happy and Snape has said you are a ringleader. I would not have believed it of you."

Rose, who knew that she had yet to do anything wrong, looked Kingsley right in the eyes trying to show just how truthful she was being.

"I can promise you King the worst I have done this year is threaten to hex Malfoy for being a prejudiced little wanker. I haven't actually done it yet though."

"Language Rose." King reprimanded harsley.

"Malfoy is trying to get all the Slytherins to side with his pure blood mania. Many of the students are unsure if that is the right way and have seen me talking to my Gryffindor friends. They are now wondering if my way is better and are not taking Malfoys side. So he has started getting violent. I am in no way forming a side to take on his. Even if the git deserves to be hexed into next week."

Kingsley did not speak for a few short moments and Rose was wondering if he believed her. It was fifteen minutes before he stopped the car outside a restaurant and smiled at Rose.

"I promised myself if Rose is telling the truth I would treat her to dinner for doubting her. After you tell me your side I believe you fully. I'm sorry I doubted you Rose."

Rose unbuckled her belt and launched herself at Kingsley hugging him. He was very glad he had pulled over and hugged her in return.

"I would not lie to you King. You have been like a father to me."

Kingsley hugged Rose tighter. Rose thought it was because he was touched by her comment in actuality he was feeling more and more guilty keeping information from her. She deserved to know who she was. Kingsley made a mental note to talk to Albus. This had gone on long enough.

Rose thought that dinner would be a perfect time to ask about Flamel. When their food arrived, a traditional Bolognese, Rose decided to ask.

"King, do you know a man named Nicholas Flamel?" If Kingsley thought this question odd he did not say so instead looked thoughtful.

"I do not know him personally. I do know he is friends with Albus and is quite renowned for his work discovering the 12 uses of dragon's blood. He is also the oldest wizard ever to live now over 600 years old."

"600 Years old! Come on King that's not possible even for a wizard." Rose laughed off his comment.

"Normally no but the Flamels invented a stone using Alchemy. The stone is said to turn any metal into gold and is an Elixir of life. I believe it was named the Philosopher's stone. I hear Americans call it a Sorcerer's stone for some reason that I do not understand."

"Do they keep their stone at home? They must worry a lot about it getting stolen?"

"I have no idea where they keep it. I would assume that is a well guarded secret."

The rest of the meal was uneventful; they enjoyed the great food and Kingsley spoiled her by getting her a fancy coconut cake for dessert.

That night Rose wrote two identical letters one to Hermione and one to Harry telling them both what she had learnt. She also told Harry that she was not in trouble as she had feared. Harry's reply was that he was glad he would not have to search for Flamel anymore but he would need to talk to her in person when she returned to the Castle.

The rest of the holiday Flamel was forgotten about. Kingsley had taken time off of work and so he and Rose spent their days either playing games or learning spell work. Kingleys was very intrigued to learn more about the job the Sorting Hat had given her. Rose told him all she could but in honesty she didn't really have any idea how to unite houses that had been rivals for centuries.

On Christmas day, Rose woke Kingsley at 6AM much to his annoyance. He sent her away to put on a pot of coffee so he could dress. Rose just laughed and left to do as he had asked. Once he had caffeine running through him King was more accepting of presents.

Rose received a book from Hermione titled Self Defence guide for Beginners. Harry gave her a book about Quidditch maneuvers. Rose had admitted to being jealous he was already playing for his house so he knew she loved the sport.

Daphne and Blaise had sent some expensive looking chocolate that she would definitely eat slow to make it last.

Kingsley had given her a wand holster, a large box of chocolate frogs so she could expand her card collection and tickets to the next Tornadoes game. The game was the day before Rose needed to go back to school and she was over the moon to have got tickets.

Rose had given Kingsley some expensive cologne that he liked to wear. She had also given him a necklace she had seen in the Daily Prophet. The necklace had an intricate design that Rose thought he would like. She had given Harry his own personal Snitch though she knew he would not get to use it with the muggles he lived with; she hoped he could enjoy it on the weekends at school. She had given Hermione a book on prominent wizarding families in Britain. She had written in the book what side each family was believed to be on and hoped it would help Hermione know who to be friends with.

After presents had been opened and wrapping paper banished, Rose and Kingsley started to cook Christmas Dinner. This had been a long standing tradition for the two. Open presents and then cook the meal together. Christmas Dinner they cooked the muggle way and it was always a lot of fun.

Two days later Kingsley took Rose to her game via side-along apparition. Rose was a bundle of energy and desperately tried to get Kingsley to engage her in a debate on who would win the game. Kingsley who was a Pride of Portree fan was not too interested in who won this match since they were not playing.

He would be showing support for the Tornadoes out of loyalty for Rose. As they took their seats Rose vaguely recognized another student from Hogwarts she did not know her name but she thought she was in Ravenclaw.

The game lasted just over an hour and a half with the Tornadoes securing a victory. Which made Rose exceptionally happy. When they arrived home Rose fell asleep almost instantly. After filling herself on snacks and butterbeer her energy levels crashed.

Kingsley wanted to drive to Kings Cross, but since he had a lot of work to do later that day they chose to take the floo instead. On the platform, Kingsley had a sad look on his eyes as he helped Rose onto the train.

Rose was joined by her friends and they spent quite a while talking about their Christmas holiday. Daphne and Blaise reported that their holiday went quite well and they were relatively quiet. For some reason Hermione kept quiet about her holiday. This raised some questions in Rose's mind and she made a mental note to ask her about it.

After discussing holidays, Hermione suggested that they play exploding snap. Rose saw this as what it was a distraction but went along not wanting to question it in front of the others.

For the rest of the trip the friends played games or spoke about future lessons.

Now that everyone was back at school Rose suspected it would not be long before tensions rose again in Slytherin house. As this thought hit her she let out a loud sigh. That night she wrote a letter to Harry to arrange a meetup regarding the Stone.

Before Harry and Rose could have a rendezvous the situation with Slytherin house became critical.

The next day was a Sunday and as Rose entered the great hall she noticed something off. Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle were all absent as well as a few other Slytherins. This normally would not be too odd but with the way things had been heating up Rose just had a bad feeling.

Daphne and Blaise must have been thinking along the same lines because when they sat near Rose their faces looked a little worried. The tension at the Slytherin table slowly started to poison the Great hall and by the time people had started to leave the hall was silent, everyone now curious what was going on.

Rose pulled Daphne and Blaise out of the hall not wanting to be in that environment anymore. It was a relatively nice morning for late December. There was crisp snow on the floor and a warm sun in the sky. Seeing this, the three friends headed out to the castle grounds. With no destination in mind they found themselves relaxing by the lake.

This moment of rest did not last long as Six Sytherin students were quickly approaching them. The center was Malfoy; beside him was his two cronies. The other three Rose had seen around but she wasn't quite sure who they were, they looked no higher than 2nd years and Rose was suddenly very nervous.

"Wands out. This is not going to go good. What defence spells do you know?"

Before either could answer a red jet of magic was flying towards them. Rose was glad that her wrist holder now whipped out her wand. The speed at which she had managed this had her two friends looking at her surprised.

"Protego" She shouted loudly and a clear shield sprang up sending the curse flying back at the caster. The spell hit Goyle in the arm and he fell down, this made Rose laugh.

"Get behind me, I will block. You return fire. Let's hope we can hold them off until they get bored or help arrives. Aim for Malfoy first. He is the ring leader after all. Hopefully he won't know the shield spell since it is not first year material."

Daphne and Blaise soon started casting their spells. Either they did not know the shield spell or thought they could out dodge the spells for not one had tried to cast it yet. This made Rose feel like they could win and filled her with a new vigor.

The five remaining Slytherins were losing energy fast. Had Rose's friends been more accurate, could have won by now. Rose, who knew she could probably hit them easier, was still casting her shield, unable to take a moment to cast spells of her own.

It was a good ten minutes before any headway had been made. Blaise had hit Malfoy and Daphne, Crabbe. The remaining Slytherins were clearly losing the will to continue the fight and started walking backwards still casting spells as they left.

With the three running away like the cowards they are, Rose moved closer to the remaining Slytherins. Once close she stunned them making sure they would not be able to stand back up.

"Blaise go and get Professor McGonagall or Flitwick. Try not to bring Professor Snape. I don't trust him to be non biased. Daphne, don't put your wand away, those snakes may have gone for backup."

Daphne who had been about to put her wand away stopped and held it at the ready. Rose was keeping a watchful eye on the three snakes; they had caught a look of fury on her face.

It was some few minutes before Professor McGonagall came down a stern look on her face and her wand out. She pointed her wand at Rose and Daphne.

"Put those wands away now. How dare you attack your fellow students." Rose looked confused at McGonagall's reaction but put her wand swiftly back into it's holster.

"Professor, I thank you for coming down here. Why is Blaise not with you?"

It was McGonagall's turn to look confused.

"Why would Mister Zabini be with me? Mister Zabini is on his way to detention for attacking fellow Slytherins as are you two. I have just been informed that you three attacked Mr Malfoy and his five friends."

"Professor that is not how it went down I promise you. Blaise and Daphne came with me to go for a walk while the weather was actually halfway decent. We were a bit further down by the lake when they attacked us for no reason. Before even saying a thing to us. If i had not known the shield spell we would have been in big trouble."

"While Mister Zabini did have the same story to tell I find it hard to believe three first years could best three second year Slytherins and three first years."

"Professor I have been training with my uncle Kingsley for over five years. I can cast nearly if not all the first and second year defencive spells along with spells from other classes. I shielded me and my friends while Daphne and Blaise took offence."

Mcgonagall looked at Rose and the disbelief was written on her face. Seeing this angered rose but she knew she would have to play this smart if she wanted the Professor to believe her.

"While I could show you the array of spells I know, I think it would be better if I gave you my memories of the event. I am innocent and I am willing to show you."

"Rose, you have always been a good student. I will take memories off of you, Miss Greengrass and Mister Zabini. If you are lying to me I will make sure you get a full month of detentions. Go to your common room and wait there for me. I will send Mister Zabini to you. He is currently in my office."

Rose smiled and focused on the memory. After McGonagall had taken memories from Rose and Daphne they quickly left not wanting to push their luck.

Back in the Slytherin common room Rose quickly went to her room and started to write a letter to King. He would hear what happened from her before anyone else. She did not want King to be disappointed in her again.

As if he knew he was needed Timbur flew in through the open window and landed on Rose's bed. Rose smiled and petted her owl for a few moments before tying the letter to it's leg.

"You're such a great owl, Timbur. I need you to get this to King. Fly fast my friend." The barn owl tooted happily leaning into Rose's hand before taking off into the sky.

With Timbur gone Rose returned to the common room and sat with Daphne and Blaise who had arrived in her absence. The three tried to make small talk but the conversation would die out fast. It was some thirty five minutes before Professor Snape came in and called the three out of the common room and up to McGonagall's room.

Rose knew her memories would not fail her and so she was not as worried as Blaise and Daphne. Professor McGonagalls room was empty of other Slytherins and Rose thought this was a good sign.

"I would first like to say we have had your memories examined by the Headmaster and we have confirmed that Mr Malfoy and his friends were the ones to attack first. You will be happy to know Mr Malfoy and his friends have all been sent to detention and letters have been dispatched to their parents."

Minerva looked at the three friends and gave them a brief smile.

"I'm sorry we did not believe you right away. Madam Pomfrey has requested you get looked at before you go back to your dorm."

"Yes Professor. Before we go I want to assure you we have no intention of being a part of the house rivalry going on right now." As Rose said this Minerva smiled and sent them on their way.

That night the Slytherin common room was full of angry students Malfoy and his cronies were nowhere to be seen but word had gotten out that Rose and her friends had shown them up and got them detentions. The looks Rose, Daphne and Blaise were getting were either looks of disgust or looks of fear.

No more attacks happened but over the next week Malfoy and his cronies were more verbally abusive than ever before. It was becoming increasingly hard to ignore the taunts and jabs thrown in their direction. It did not help matters that the ones on Rose's side were more than happy to throw back comments and abuse in Roses favour.