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Without giving it much thought Rose stood and started to leave, looking back to see if Harry was following her. She saw he was and started walking again leading the way to Dumbledore's office. Harry, having been there before, knew where he was being led. Before they got there however he grabbed Rose's arm stopping her.

"While I want answers we can't just walk into Dumbledore's office. Besides, do you even know his password?"

Rose looked at Harry surprised and started to laugh lightly.

"You know your grades should be better, you are smarter than your trying to look"

Harry watched Rose for a moment before he spoke.

"What makes you think I'm not trying my best?"

"Come off it. You're pan with Norbert? That is what Hagrid called it right? And your inquisitive nature with the stone. It's only in lessons you seem to not give your all."

Rose said this so matter of factly all Harry could do was look at her shocked. He pulled her into the closest classroom and a sombre look appeared on his face.

"What I am going to tell you stays with us. I haven't even told Ron and Hermione."

"Harry I don't know I can agree to that without knowing what this is about. Someone may need to know."

Harry gave Rose a look that suggested he was going to leave without saying anything after hearing her response but instead he gave off a sigh before responding.

"I don't want people to know."

"Does this have something to do with why your clothes on the train didn't fit well? And why you looked so skinny?"

Harry visibly flinched hearing that Rose had noticed. He couldn't help but wonder who else had noticed. If Rose noticed surely a teacher must have as well if so why had they not asked him?

Rose looked at Harry tapping her foot a little when he took his time answering her.

"I told you I live with the Dursleys." He paused and took a long breath before continuing.
"Well they hate magic. Like really hate it and because I'm magic they hated me too. They always made me go without food if I got better grades than Dudley. Since he is pretty dumb I got into the habit of just not trying I suppose."

Hearing this made Rose feel sick to her stomach. Not sure she really wanted to hear the answer, but sure Harry needed to talk about it she voiced her concern.
"Harry what else are you not telling me?"

For the next half hour or so Rose listened as Harry gave her an insight to his life before Hogwarts. She was sure he hadn't told her everything but what she had been told was making her stomach churn. When he stopped talking she had no words and instead threw her arms around Harry's neck trying to comfort him a little. Sensing Harry was feeling uncomfortable with what he had told her, Rose pulled away and remembered how she felt when Dumbledore looked at her, she sat on a desk and looked at Harry.

"Say. When you're around Dumbledore does he ever stare at you and you get the feeling he is staring into your soul, so much so you feel dizzy afterwards?"

Harry was confused by the question and shook his head slightly but after a moment of thought he thought about Snape.

"I can't say I've had that with Dumbledore but I'm barely around him, Only really see him at mealtimes. But I think I have felt it with Snape."

This made Rose look away lost in thought wondering what it was she felt and why Harry would feel it from Snape but she had not. As she was lost in contemplation sounds of footsteps could be heard outside of the room they occupied. Harry looked at his watch, It looked cheap and a crack could be seen on its face. Rose made a mental note to replace it for his birthday.

"It's dinnertime we should head down so people don't notice we are missing. By the way, what did Dumbledore and Mr Malfoy want?"

Rose filled Harry in on the way down to the great hall. The fact Rose had kicked Malfoy and got away with such a small punishment amused Harry. When they entered the great hall Rose headed off to her table. She could feel Hermione' eyes on her but chose to ignore her, not ready to hear the girl's apology.

When seated Rose proceeded to tell Daphne and Blaize about what had happened in Dumbledore's office. When she got to the part about Dumbledore making her head fuzzy Daphne looked shocked and looked up to Dumbledore. Rose noticed this and started to question it.

"Later." Was Daphne's response seeing Rose was not particularly happy with this response she added, "Too many ears"

Looking around she could see a few other Slytherins looking at them, not necessarily listening to what was being said but definitely watching them and scowling when they saw either Rose or Daphne looking their way.

After enjoying some sandwiches and light snacks Daphne and Rose left. They for the lake since both liked to hang out by the water and they wouldn't be disturbed down there.

Once they had sat down and got comfortable Rose looked at Daphne expectantly. The dark haired girl laughed seeing her friend impatient.

"What do you know about Legilimency?" Daphne's question was met with a blank face.

"Erm nothing I don't think. It doesn't sound familiar at all"

"That doesn't really surprise me. Legilimency is used to enter a person's mind and take information from it. A lot of the Noble families teach their children it's counter early on so that their family secrets won't be found out if someone happens to look."

Rose sat intently listening as Daphne explained, While not as bad as Hermione, Rose loved to learn new things.

"I think that Dumbledore was using some form of Legilimency on you to see if you would lie to him about what happened."

"Wait, he was reading my mind?" Rose exclaimed feeling rather disturbed by this new information.

"Well I can't know for sure but it sounds like it. What surprises me though is you were able to sense what he was doing. Most people wouldn't be able to even sense it if they had not begun Occlumency."

"Occlumency?" Rose asked, temporarily pulled out of her disgust.

"Yeah Occlumency. It is the counter I mentioned before. It teaches you to build walls or shields around your mind making it harder for people to access your thoughts. Skilled Occlumens can stop a person indefinitely. But having even basic shields generally stops the average Legilimes from looking too deep."

Daphne leant back a little and started to relax as she let her friend process the information provided. It was some few minutes later that Rose spoke again.

"Can Snape perform this Legilimency?"

Daphne sat up straighter at the question feeling a little thrown off by the turn away from Dumbledore.

"Well Daddy did say that he was one of you-know-who's followers so it is possible?"

"Daddy?" Rose questioned, giggling slightly.

"I tell you that Snape was a Death eater and you're laughing about me calling my Father Daddy?"
Daphne asked, hiding her amusement and trying to look serious.

"I'm sorry but you're getting a reputation for being cold and distant and that was just too cute."

Seeing Daphne scowl at being cute, Rose quickly moved on.

"Well King always said it was odd that Snape wasn't arrested. Apparently Dumbledore was able to get him clemency. So I already knew he was a Death Eater"

"Makes Kingsley knows that too. You think Snape has been trying to read your mind too?"

Shaking her head Rose replied. "No, not me, Harry. I asked him if he ever felt what I had when around Dumbledore"

"Snape does seem to dislike Potter a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if he was using Legilimency but if he was caught he could get time in azkaban. Use of it on minors is very much illegal."

"You said that noble houses teach their children the counter, I mean Occlumency. The Greengrass' too?"
Daphne smiled happily glad Rose was following her string of thoughts.

"You're a sharp one I see. I was taught by my Mommy… I mean Mother"
Daphne corrected before she embarrassed herself again.

Rose, understanding the severity now made no comment on the slip.
"Sooo you could teach me?"

"That is what I was thinking too" Daphne commented smiling and standing offering her hand to Rose, which she took and let Daphne help pull her to her feet.

"I will owl home for a book on the subject. I want you to read it thoroughly before I impart my wisdom on you," Daphne said, putting on an air of superiority and earning a light slap on the arm.

"I know I'm already asking a lot to be taught by you…."

"You want me to teach Harry too don't you?" Daphne asked, interrupting the red head.

"Am I that transparent or are you just really good at reading people?"

"Both" Daphne smirked before continuing. "I will teach you and Harry none of his friends. I see the way they look at you and well me too."

Daphne was shocked to be engulfed in a hug after she had finished talking.

"Thank you"

"I will have Daddy send two books. He will have to read too I won't accept slacking"

"Daddy again?" Rose asked and took off running while laughing, the darker haired girl chasing her.

It took a week for Mr Greengrass to send the books to Hogwarts. When they arrived it took some effort on Daphne's part to stop Rose from reading the book right away. After that day's lessons Rose sought out Harry, she had already told him Daphne's suspicions and he quickly agreed that he wanted to learn too. This severely pissed off Ron who was of the opinion that stopping Snape getting the stone was more important.

When Rose found Harry he was sitting outside talking to Ron and Hermione. As Rose approached Hermione quickly stood up and made her way over to the redhead girl, her face down and full of remorse. Harry had been quick to forgive Hermione, talking to her after just two days but Rose had yet to forgive Hermione for the incident in the library.

Rose sighed and started to turn around but she just happened to see Harry's face and it was clear he wanted his friends to make up. Stopping to look at Harry had given time for Hermione to step in front of Rose. She quickly put her hand on Rose's arm to stop her leaving. Ron was watching with keen interest, he had been quite glad to see less of the "snake" as Rose was now called by him.

Seeing that Rose was not going to speak first Hermione started to speak.
"Rose, what I said was completely uncalled for. I'm not Ron and I can see that Harry considers you a true friend. I shouldn't have assumed you had ulterior motives."

After a week of ignoring Hermione, Rose could see that she needed to forgive Hermione even if what she had said hurt. Wanting to get one up on the other girl before she accepted the apology rose started to pass Hermione and as she did she whispered into her ear.

"I have no intention of courting Harry. I am no threat to you. As for money my parents left me quite the sum and I don't need to marry to get money." Much louder she added.

"I forgive you Hermione"

The change in Rose's demeanour had Hermione thinking that she was definitely a Slytherin. The comment about money had Hermione's brain working overtime. She wasn't blind to the similarities in Rose and Harry's looks and sometimes attitudes.

Hermione was so lost in thought she completely missed Harry receiving a book of Rose who didn't stay long after.

That weekend a few days later Harry, Rose and Daphne were sitting in an empty classroom. Harry was feeling slightly awkward sitting with two pretty girls, one of whom he barely knew.

"So I know Rose here has read the book at least three times because she keeps quizzing me, but have you read it thoroughly Potter?"

"It's Harry please" He commented feeling awkward being addressed by his last name.

"I read it twice, '' he added as an afterthought.

"Really? I expected you to skim through it once and I would have to scold you" Daphne half joked in response.

"Harry here is pretty smart when he wants to be. I've been trying to get him to show it more but he is being a boy" Rose added laughing.

"We're not here to laugh at me" Harry commented though he couldn't hide his amusement.

For the next hour and half Daphne taught the other two everything she knew about Occlumency and had started them on exercises to strengthen their minds' defences. It was a little hard because her Father had not taught her Legilimency so all they could do was follow Daphne's process and hope that it was working well.

Harry and Rose could feel that their minds were different and it was easier to remember things now that they had some organisation in their thoughts. organising your thoughts was apparently a good way to know what needed to be hidden. Daphne had advised that leaving things that were not important enough to constantly keep hidden out in the open would give the appearance that the mind was unprotected, hopefully giving them more time to reinforce their walls if they felt an attack. This made Harry call Daphne a true Slytherin, causing her to laugh but not deny the comment.

They had three more of these sessions as the two friends tried to master the art of occlumency. As the weeks passed between the lessons Rose could see tension building for Harry and his Gryffindor friends. It got so bad that in their last Occlumency lesson Daphne scolded Harry for not concentrating. After some prodding Rose and Daphne were informed of "Snape's" plan to steal the stone and that only Hagrid's puzzle was left to figure out, that they assumed.

Back in the comfort of the dorm room Rose informed Daphne of Harry and his friends troubles. Daphne listened well but by the end was adamant that it wasn't Snape. She was sure that he would not risk his clemency by betraying the trust of the one that granted it to him.

Rose had to agree and told Harry as much via a letter that night. Despite being open friends they still kept up this act of sending private messages to each other. That night Rose fell into an uneasy sleep. Her mind seemed to be working overdrive to provide another person who would want the stone and had the means to take it.

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