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It had just been one of those days. She'd woken up with a sense of anticipation in the air...and for Townsville that wasn't… always a good thing.

What would it be today? She'd wondered. A monster down Main Street breaking her favorite bagel shop? Fuzzy Lumpkins deciding the entire park was now his property (again) unless a pretty redhead agreed to go on a date with him ( Poor Bellum, even almost twenty years later she was still a handsome enough woman for the pink fur dude to be utterly obsessed)

She'd tousled her hair and cracked her back listlessly. Maybe it'd be Mojo demanding access to his youngest son's brain to find the "mind control chip" that had clearly been inserted blah blah - yeah Mojo the only mind control or whatever was the fact Bubbles Utonium had perky tits and Boomer Jojo really liked the tits.

Buttercup was such a romantic like that what can she say? Bubs wasn't a fan of that attitude but meh what did the blonde know about a world that wasn't kittens and rainbows?

Anyway Buttercup hadn't figured today wasn't going to be anything special. A welcome break from the insanity of these last few days.

And thankfully… Blossom would be coming home at some point today so they'd have back up…when the time came for the big… hubbaloo upcoming.

And then Buttercup's phone rang.

Butch had went and gotten a goddamn dog.




The room echoed with the earth shattering roar that bellowed forth making everyone but Buttercup cower at the sight of the raging beast that was the Red Rowdyruff, seething, snarling, looking like a rabid dog himself in Buttercup's personal opinion but she'd learned the hard way about bringing that little point up.

So much yelling, shrieking, butt hurt egos to appease and a headache from hell no hangover was worth enduring over.




"CAN IT YA OLD HAG!" Brick snarled towards poor Mrs. Jenkins downstairs. Then again she was a cranky cat lady who called Buttercup a loose slut last week so you know what- nah. Never mind. Terrorize to your heart's content Red!

"Oopsie." Bubbles mumbled. "I didn't think he'd be this upset.

"Now… now Bro calm down, I bet Butch has a reeeeeally good explanation for… what was it's name." Boomer put his hands up placatingly in an attempt to keep the angry beast at bay.

"Peaches." Butch drawled.

"That's right Peaches- seriously man….Peaches?" Boomer scratched his head.

"IT HAS A FUCKING NAME!?" Brick roared. "YOU NAMED IT!?"

"Duh." Butch shrugged and that seemed to infuriate the beast more. Right… Buttercup should intervene, she had uses for the Green one here so she'd prefer the Red one didn't kill it.

"Calm down Red." She drawled and squeezed the bridge of her nose. "It's really not that big of a deal-."

"THIS IS MY HOUSE!" He bellowed.

"Yeah well, the moron lives here too sooo-."

His teeth were grit and most people would be probably intimidated by that growling but not Buttercup. Nah, she had a secret weapon up her sleeve that would appease any Red Rowdyruff, no matter how angry.


There we go. The group message…. ( Really… Bubbles) had nothing but a giant red heart emoji along with every color of the rainbow as well as kissy faces and puppies and… tch, too easy.

"Looks like Madam Pink is a fan of Peaches." She said smoothly and like clockwork Brick froze before whipping his own phone out- it shockingly had survived the beating it must have endured when Brick had first been messaged and his face went through a good three or four different emotions ( horrifying to think about truly, Brick having emotions) before settling on placid, stoic, butthurt whatever pick your poison and flopped on the couch, phone still in his hands typing away.

Pointedly ignoring the lot of them, well least they wouldn't have to lose a deposit because of blood stains.

Butch simply continued to pet the little puppy and ignored Bubbles' not so subtle attempts to steal back Peaches despite Boomer's best efforts to gently stop her. He raised an eyebrow in her direction, oh was it her privilege then to break the awkward silence from the Rowdy temper tantrum.

Did Buttercup look like a beast tamer, she wasn't the one with a whip thanks. That was Pink Puff territory not green.

Peaches' big ole eyes looked up at her though from the warn nest she'd made in Butch's arm and… fuck her life.

"Sooo-." She began.

"We ain't keeping it!" Brick grunted. "Fuck that shit, no, not in my fucking house! We only just got rid of Boomer-."

"Hey-!" Boomer snapped. "That's bullshit and you know it! You miss me!"

"Tch, hardly!" Brick buried his face back in his ohone. "Less of a headache honestly "

"Oh yeah why haven't you let Butch use Boom's old room then for anything?" Buttercup folded her arms and smirked triumphantly as Brick stiffened and kept his face buried in that handy technology.

"Just… haven't figured out what to do with it! Who says Butch can have it, I might have my uses for it-!"

"Dude you yelled at me when I tried storing my weights in there." Butch raised an eyebrow.

"... Weights don't belong in a bedroom."

"Dude where you think they are now?"

Brick obviously didn't have an answer for that but Bubbles made her move as soon as the green and red one were distracted and scooped Peaches clean out of Butch's arm before she went skipping over to Brick.

Butch tensed but there was no stopping Bubbles with that kind of look on her face.

"Now Brick, really, you cannot tell me you could say no to this face." She held out Peaches right in Brick's face.

"Pigtails! What the fuck don't get my dog killed-!"

"Brick wouldn't kill a dog Bro."

"... He might eat 'er!"

The tiny puppy yipped probably from the way Bubbles was holding her out and Brick looked up finally at the dog.

It was silent.

Right…. Should Buttercup intervene, yeah probably she didn't want to deal with a blubbering idiot because her too pure of a Butterball of a sister gave a defenseless puppy to a pissy beast -!

Peaches was soon swallowed up by a hand, plopped on a lap and Brick returned to his phone.


Boomer whistled lowly, Butch gaped, and Bubbles hummed triumphantly as she sauntered back over to her beau.

Again, Buttercup was the first to get her bearings back. She cleared her throat, Brick held the puppy up briefly and a flash made her sniff then sneeze...because dogs were weird. Admittedly...weird.

"... So can Peaches stay or what?" Butch muttered. "She's stayin' anyway but I don't wanna have to keep hidin' her."

"... Don't know. He either likes her now… or he's just really really angry…" Boom said slowly as he backed away somewhat.

"Or both." Buttercup muttered.

"Oh you guys." Bubbles shook her head. "So silly." She folded her arms serenely. "Three. Two.-."

The doorbell rang and Brick immediately got up, plopped the puppy back in Butch's arm and smoothed his hair back as strolled to the door.

"One " Bubbles hummed.

"You could have called me, I would have picked you up." The red one scolded quietly.

A blur of pink and copper latching onto the red one was the only response appropriate clearly and he silently closed the door despite the pink koala who had decided Brick was apparently the world's tastiest eucalyptus branch to gnaw on after such a long journey.

In front of them all. Because of course. Even Bubbles and Boomer were usually kind enough to vacate to a handy room, a kitchen… a closet… but… noooo not the redheads.

Nope apparently a makeout in the middle of the goddamn living room- with Brick not even trying to stop her clearly hormonally repressed older sister from sucking his soul out- Wait...

Right. Blossom had been due back today .. riiiight that explained the emergency snack run Brick had gone on… which was a bullshit excuse no doubt to go have lovey dovey PG rated phone sex or something.

Or maybe the two sexually repressed marsupials had gone full out nasty in the middle of a crowded city street. Who knew-!

...ew. Bad thoughts. God she thought the blondes were bad enough but these two were disgusting. Why couldn't they just fuck and shut up like the rest of the civilized world!

And God knows how cranky Brick could get with his goddamn separation anxiety or whatever… ugh. Okay. Seriously.

She cleared her throat, loudly. "Ahem." They weren't listening. Bubbles and Boomer both averted their gazes politely but Butch bent over to scoop Peaches back up who began yipping loudly.

Buttercup met Butch's gaze and they both nodded.

"OYE! Ixnay on the lip hockey in front of the baby!" Butch yelled out and….that wording was terrible. Seriously, Butch what the fuck.

The two redheads stiffened and broke apart, looking oh so irritated at the interruption.

Hello to you too sister dear." Buttercup drawled and the koala flushed before letting go of the red one like he was on literal fire. She cleared her throat.

"Oh, hello….girls." another throat clear. "what's ….up- oh my God is that the puppy!?" She suddenly exclaimed.

"No it's our pet hedgehog - of course it's Peaches you overtired-."

"HEY!" Butch snapped as the puppy was abruptly snatched by the Pink one "

"Oh my God! Look at you! Oh how darling! Hello there- oh aren't you precious! Helko- hello!"

"... clearly sleep deprived older sister of mine " Buttercup finished with a sigh. Butch was gaping, abd well it was a sight.

The usually staid and serious Pink leader or whatever cooing and cuddling a tiny puppy and talking baby talk more skin to Bubbles … just…. Yeah okay this was disturbing. Buttercup was just gonna back away now ..

"She stole my dog!" Butch whined.

"Whose a good girl? Whose the cutest little puppy I've ever seen! You are! Yes you are!"

"Hey!" Speaking of puppies with separation anxiety Brick looked most out out and … why did he look so…

"Thought I was-." He mumbled. UMMMMM

"Oh hush, you know what I mean, he's a silly puppy too isn't he, d'aww I love you too." Peaches licked her face. Brick looked a combination of mortified and ...jealous and


They did NOT need to know about…. About that kind of … WHATEVER that was code for just ew! EW!

Buttercup strode over and snatched Peaches from her CLEARLY overtired sister and shoved her into Butch's arms.

"No traumatizing the Puppy either! Go take care of your…. Whatever that was somewhere else! You can see puppy later!"

"Who the hell says the mutt is staying -!?"

Blossom stiffened and turned to him. Heh heh, that was an ominous look.

"And why not?" She said in that leader tone.

Brick didn't have a chance. But the poor boy tried anyway. "Because it's my house and-."

Tap. Tap. Tap.

And there be the shoe.

Boomer snorted behind her and Bubbles giggled.

"Give up now bro." Even Butch snickered.

"Would you trust Butch with a dog babe?"


"He rescued her from a dumpster and God knows what the poor thing has been through already." She folded her arms. " I'm surprised at you, you're going to stick a poor defenseless baby out in the cold?"

Pow. Bam. Zowwy. Oh one could almost see the numerous metaphorical hits at each word and there was the lip…. Whoo boy. The pouting lip.

Brick didn't stand a fucking chance. Hmm. Damn and her not having popcorn.

"Babe. I didn't mean that- we'd give her to a shelter-."


"And leave her at the mercy of a bigger meaner dog?"

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Boom. Bam. Wham.

Buttercup met the eyes of Butch clutching Peaches and smirked. Yeah this fight was over.

Brick practically was wilting. "Babe, dogs are messy-."

"So is Butch."

"Dogs are expensive."

"So is Butch."

"Dogs are-." He trailed and yup. Battle over. That's right sister dear, use the biggest weapon of all. The bonafide Puffy big eyes and trembling lip combo.

Brick had quit smoking because of that. Brick had joined student council due to its power back in middle school hell Brick had worn a pink tie to their senior prom for God's sake when she'd used it on him.

Three. Two. One.

"... Fine but I ain't cleaning it's shit!" He snapped and folded his arms


"Duhhhh, that's what outside is for. Good fertilizer and some shit." Butch smirked.

Brick opened his mouth, closed it, and then turned back to Pink with a withering look.

"Everything nice my ass." He muttered. The koala latched back on his arm.

"Oh but you know you're my favorite Rowdy."

Brick's only response was a bunch of weird grunts that sounded suspiciously yeahloveyoutoo followed by that crimson hue to his ears but who knows…

Well other than everyone in the room. Guess it was an X thing. Brick was nothing but putty in Blossom's hands and everyone knew it. Don't ever say it loud of course but yeah…

Obviously, her task complete the redheads took their leave to "go help blossom unpack" and Buttercup was thus sexiled from her own house for at least two days and the Blues with one last pet for Peaches retreated home for… okay reds was bad enough, Buttercup was not picturing the blondes. Nope. Noooope.

"Well that was an adventure." She cracked her knuckles listlessly. Butch snorted and rubbed Peaches' belly on the floor.

"Meh it was fine."

"You know if Blossom hadn't come home when she did we'd still be standing here arguing right?"

"Probs, but it's fine. He's just been a cranky ass stick in the mud for the last-."

"Three months. I know, your brother has the worst separation anxiety out of all three of you idiots, how he survived a day let alone a semester is a mystery scientists will be trying to unravel for years."

"Your sis ain't leaving that house for a week." He snickered.

"Gross, well good thing my charger is in my bag." She rolled her eyes.

"I can't think of a hotter roommate." He snickered. She raised an eyebrow.

"I ain't just your roommate dumbass " flick. "But speaking of did you tell Mister Cling there the plan?"

Silence. Buttercup tapped her foot listlessly. Three. Two. One.

"You didn't tell him did you?"

"...nope "

"Oh goody, well it's a really good thing she's home then ain't it "

Butch picked up Peaches with a snicker. "Duh. I figured I'd wait until Brick's sex kitten was home before breaking the news to him- soften the blow a bit- he didn't take Boom leaving too hot did he?" Another snicker. This flick was replaced by a full out punch in the arm.

"One. EW! That is my sister and you do not call her-... Just ew no, and he better not call her that either-!"

"These walls are thin." He held up Peaches. "I have heardshit that would make your ears bleed sunshine."

Buttercup took the innocent puppy to shield it from the horrific aura of … that coming from the red painted door.

... and then she remembered the pink door at her own home and swallowed vomit.

"And this is why we're moving."

"Exactly, you're my fav future roomie Sunshine!"

"I'm your girlfriend dumbass."

"... Oh… oh yeah "

"... You forgot again didn't you?"

"... Least we out a label on it and don't just call each other fuck buddies."

"Oh please, we're gonna wake up one day and she'll have a bun in the oven with a ring in her finger from Vegas."

"Bro does like to gamble."

"No your brother likes to cheat, isn't he banned from some Vegas casino?"

"They never proved he cheated. He just went and won thirty grand."

"... Oh is that all? Anyway, I'm not telling him you're moving out, that's your privilege… also does the new place even allow dogs?"

"Peaches ain't a dog she's just Peaches."

"... Right…. Whatever you say Butchy Boy."

"I'm bored."

"What a shock."

"Wanna fuck?"





Happy birthday my friend and everyone else stay safe my lovelies!