A/N : Well y'all i thought i would be taking a break from my DOH fanfics for the Summer . I decided that since my Muse is working overtime

I best strike while the Iron is Hot so i am about to start on a brand new fanfic that is gonna be a mystery for the Dukes to solve. And it will have alot of twists and turns , one character may lose their life , meet their maker.

It started on one of those days when everything was going along just fine in Hazzard is when trouble starts.

Jesse had left the farm to go help a neighbor who's Cow was just about to give birth.

Daisy was working over at Boars Nest getting ready for the lunch crowd it was fixing to be a busy day .

The boys was skinny dipping in the Hazzard Pond after helping out Mrs. McTweedy's Barn roof after the storm.

they were having a splash war , to decide who would take the McCrackin sisters to Hazzard Catiline on Sunday.

Little did they know that trouble was lurking in the water since on the other side of the Pond some pigs had polluted

" Hey Luke i bet i will win , me and Becky will be kissing under the moonlight , you and Suellen will be the losers.

" In your dreams Cousin i got a feeling that you'll be hogtied with bessy lou at the Boars Nest drowning sorrows.

Bo and Luke continued their game , finally it turned out that Bo was the winner since Luke was water logged.

Later on that night while the boys was dreaming sweet dreams Suddenly Bo heard knock on the wall.

At first Bo just ignored and went back to bed , then he heard it again it seemed to be coming from the floor , so he looked , it was Luke Luke was stuck in some kinda convulsions , he couldn't stop he was locked in them , and so Bo felt his forehead he was burning up , so he figured he best get some help for his beloved Cousin.

" Uncle Jesse come quick something's wrong with Luke ! . , Cried Bo in Panic .

Jesse wasted no time in getting to the boy's room he could tell that by Bo's voice it was some bad news .

" Wha...t, happened Bo ?..., is he okay ?. it is 2:00 am what's so all fire important asked Jesse curiously.

" I found him like this ..., he won't stop , i felt his forehead an he is burning up he is running a fever i think.

Jesse saw Luke moving , then suddenly he stopped an collasped into Bo's lap , Jesse felt him , he was burning up.

" I'll watch him go shower , get dressed it look's like we gotta take him to the hospital . Said Jesse worriedly

When they arrived at the Hospital they were told to sit and wait for the doctor to give them the report on Luke.

Meanwhlie in the ER Dr. Holly Kellogg was the one who got Luke's case and she wasted no time in checking him out.

She could tell that he was having difficulty breathing so she decided to do a throat exam , she got throat secretions.

Then she put them under a microscope , an what she saw she was shocked it was the (Polio Virus).

2 hours later the doctor came out to the waiting room , she was saddened to tell the news about Luke .

" Hello y'all must be the family of Luke i wish i had better news to tell ya'll it breaks my heart to confess to y'all.

" Well Doc. Whatever it is we can handle it we just hope that you ain't gonna tell us that Luke is dead.

" No nothing like that mr. Duke it seem's that um ..., well ..., Luke has ..., Polio Virus . Doc said Compassionately

" ! Oh No !, What..., Well how in the world did he get that? he was fine yesterday the boys went swimming .

" Well sir it usually is transferred to people by Animal Poop , if they get exposed to it in the water they get sick .

Bo and Jesse's eyes both popped out like two popeyed Mules fearing the worst could happen.

Well Folks it sounds like the Dukes Bacon is cooked , a pig wearing a white suit , smokes is gonna be blamed.