Well Folks Hazzard is under a health alert , now the Dukes troubles have gone from bad to worse.

Now to make it even worser Folks are now blaming Boss for this whole mess .

Jesse sure was shocked when he saw O'l Boss's face on the front cover of this morning's paper.

" I'll be hogtied why they have JD's photo in this morning Paper saying this mess is all his doing.

" Why in the name of God's green acres are they blaming Boss Hogg for this mess ?. Wondered Bo

" I ain't got any idea boy maybe they think he is to blame for the pigs pooping in the pond . Jesse said curiously

Bo and Jesse were both trying to figure out this whole mess they were not exactly sure who really is to blame.

" Well their ain't no doubt in my mind that Boss, Rosco are to blame for this mess. Bo said Satisfactory.

" Well if O'l Bo didn't hit the nail on the head this whole mess can be blamed on the only greedy pig in Hazzard

The Pig farmer's was still makin' things difficult for Boss by poullting the pond , since they don't want a BBQ joint.

To make matters worse Tri- County Hospital was up to their ears with problems since the poulltion problem.

Hazzard is about to suffer a Heat Wave like no other , it's gonna complicate matters with the BBQ joint.

Since A big O'l Nasty Raincloud is about to downpour on Hazzard , make a mess of trouble.

" Oh No ..., were gonna be in up to our eyeballs in mud puddles honey if this rain hits us. Jamie said worriedly

" I guess we got no choice we have to build the crates to put the little Piggies into baby . Said Jemima

The Pigs was about to become SweatHoggs , they was gonna be burning a whole lot of Bacon .

With all that rain now and since it was a big rainstorm the Hazzard Pond started to overflow .

Now things was really cookin' since the BBQ joint was running a little behind since they were late in opening.

" Now the straw that broke the Camel's Back was just about to happen , it was gonna be HOT !.

One of the Protesters who was mad at Boss decided to make his point by setting the Boars Nest on fire.

" !Uh ..., oh Friends sounds like things is beginning to heat up , and getting worse by the minute.