" Well Folk's Boss is like a fat pig in a mud Puddle now this flood has done gone, made it worse.

" This Morning the town square looked almost like Hazzard Pond , when Boss looked out he was shocked.

Then when his phone rang early this Morning it was the people from the BBQ joint they were asking for more Money.

He sadly told them they would have to wait since it is gonna take a pretty penny to put Hazzard back to where it was.

Luckily With All that Rain Boss figured that he could use the Flood insurance money for the BBQ joint ,raise money.

Boss couldn't help but chuckle at himself since he was smart as a whip , couldn't stop smiling .

Meanwhile over at the BBQ joint luckily they didn't suffer too much damage they were now ready to put up the building with the Sign so folks could see it from the road.

" Oh Sugar Dumpling this is gonna look so pretty Baby I just love it !". Jemima sequaled like a stuffed Pig.

Now the Smoking Pig was ready for Business only now they ran into a new problem they may not have customers.

Suddenly it was like an Angel from Heaven saw they were in trouble a big white Limo pulled into the parking lot.

" Hello Y'all my name is " Betty Sue Ringold " AKA Betty Crocker and i wanna sample y'all's food.

Jemima's eyes bugged out like a pop eyed mule she could barely believe it Betty Crocker was standing right here.

" Well hello their M'am welcome to our little pig picking restaurant we are so happy to see you . Jemima said happily

Jamie however was a bit suspicious since he was wondering how Betty Crocker heard about them.

" Excuse me miss Crocker if you don't mind me askin' how did you find out about us ? Asked Jamie curiously

" No problem sir I had heard about y'all while reading my local paper their was a little ad with a cute little piggy ".

" I love that picture it's a pig with wings , smoke coming out of it's mouth it's too funny !. She chuckled.

Well my name is Jemima and I will be taking your order which tasty treat would you like to sample ?

She looked at the menu and she noticed that they had Hush Puppie's , BBQ , ColeSlaw , Potato salad Plate.

Then they had a special today only " Smoking BBQ Sandwitch , Potato Salad , Coleslaw , Tea today .

Then she noticed that they had devil Ham , Deviled Eggs , smoking hot ribs with Corn , Bisquits , Potato Salad.

So finally Jemima came over to the table , asked her if she was ready to order her meal yet .

" Yes miss i am i would love to have the Smoking hot Ribs , Corn , Potato Salad , Bisquit it sounds so decilous .

" Thank you i must admit i love the ribs too they are my favorite , what would you like to drink ?.

" Oh I'm sorry i guess i forgot i would love to have the Sweet Tea it sounds like it could sweeting my taste buds.

So as things for the BBQ joint was coming up in Roses things for the Dukes wasn't doing too good.

This morning when they took their showers instead of water they was getting mud.

" Uncle Jesse what are we gonna do some how our Water is now dirty no thanks to those pigs.

" I know boy ..., ( Jesse sighed worriedly ) we are in a fine kettle of Catfish this time it stinks to high Heaven.

Meanwhile back at the Smoking Pig Jemima was in shock since she couldn't believe her eyes .

of 50.00 and a message that she loved every bite of her food , will be telling all her friends about this place.

Jemima couldn't help but feel like she had just been given a gift almost like pennies from heaven.

Meanwhile over at the hospital Luke was still the same his fever had started to go down which was a good thing.

his results from the CatScan had come back , it showed that he has temporary paralysis in the spine from the virus.

Suddenly the phone at the Dukefarm rang , Jesse picked it up and it was the hospital they were calling about Luke.

" Yes this is him ..., Hello mister Duke i am so sorry to tell you that Luke slipped into a Coma.

" Oh Lordy friends I guess in the Dukes case when it Rain's it Pours sure hope things don't thicking up worse."