*At the Top of the hill at Middleton*

"Ron I know you love me with all of your heart and I appreciate that... But my heart has decided on another, I'm sorry I hope we ca-, RON!"

*At the Stoppable Residence*

A blond boy with a disheveled tear-streaken face has just woken up while wishing that everything that happened was just a bad dream.

Staring at the ceiling wondering the question just... why.

Have I been mean to her?, Have I been not enough for her, or as he fears the most, Was I never in her heart in the first place.. was I just someone who was a rebound for her, am I a fool for giving myself that hope that maybe... Just maybe she feels the same, that maybe I will be the one to make her whole.

"Heh, should have known" he says self-depreciatingly. Sitting up he saw his lifetime partner and freind Rufus staring back at him concerned of the condition of his human freind.

Parting his pink bald head he said, "I'm alright buddy, a little bit in shaken up but I'll be alright." He assured softly.

The little naked mole-rat, to assure his freind climbed up his friends arm to his shoulders, and went for a hug immediately after reaching the boys face to assure the blonde that no matter what the naked mole-rat will always be here for him...and for the nacos.

"Thanks little buddy, but I have to get ready for school, as much as it pains me to." He said after hugging the little guy back and getting up.

Heading for the shower he took care of the procedures he oh so grew tired of doing for the past weekend in solitary, looking into the mirror washing his face to get rid of the sleepiness, brushing his teeth, taking a cold shower.

Looking into the mirror again he pondered on how to go on like this.

Noticing that his cowlick hair practically almost covering his eyes.

He decided on something. He needed a change, any change, and deciding on the first one he grabbed the scissors by the table in his room.

Cutting for an inch worth of the hair hanging down from the front till their in equal length, then using his dad's razor proceeded to make a fade on the sides, finally combing his hair to the right making sure it doesn't block his front.

The blond re-evaluated his work, as ofcourse is the case to the work of a beginner his hair is unevenly cut towards the back of his head though not too noticable as with the help of Rufus was able to cut the unseen part satisfactorally.

The results? Having an inch long blonde hair all flowing to the right side of his head, and at the sides having a fade halfway, making a clean hairstyle, minus the minor imperfections here and there. (A/N: don't know my hairstyles I'm just making this up and describing what I'm seeing is 'decent'-ish?)

"What do you think buddy, passable?" He said to his more rat.

"Meh... Alright-Alright" he squeeked while tilting his paws side to side gingerly.

"Well that's good enough, come on let's make some breakfast." He decided.


Giving anpssing glance at the clock and knowing that he has more than enough time, the blonde proceeds to the kitchen still in his towel.

"So what do you want Rufus, pancakes or waffles?" He asked as the naked mole rat jumped to the table.

Doing a thinking man's pose the companion answered, "Hmm?.. pancakes, Mmm yummy, syrup/butter/maybe cheese." He joyfully answers.

"Well I don't think everything will be on top but pancake with maple syrup will be fine." He says after putting on a black apron with thick white embroidery.

Grabbing the pancake powder he proceeds to make the butter as well as heat the pan under medium heat, stirring the batter so it doesn't clot and fill with air he waited until the pan was heated.

Putting a block of butter on the pan and stirring it to melt, he uses his ladle to take a scoop of the batter and proceeds to pour it at the center of the butter filled pan and letting it spread at the edge of the pan and returning the remaining batter back in the mixing bowl.

In a short time tiny wisps of smoke started to rise from under the cooking pancake, signaling it as the time to check on the condition, he sees the golden brown sheen of the pancake, testing it's solidity he proceeds to gently probe the pancake and making it loose.

After making sure that the entirety of the pancake was over his spatula he gently flips it onto the pan, heering the sizzling of the pancake puts a smile on the blonde face.

Cooking is one of the activities he puts importance on, as cooking is when he feels his in his natural element, the feeling of being in his own zone of authority, where he can do what he wants and make what he wants to make in a way that he wants to make them, gives him the confidence in that he IS unstoppable. (A/N: no pun intended, *Snickers*)

Checking the dish he sees it's ready and grabs a two clean plates and takes it out of the pan, repeating this a few dozens time he makes two stacks of multi-layered pancakes that to the naked mole-rat looks like a small hill.

He watched as his human partner came back after washing his hands and putting away the apron, went to the refrigerator to take the maple syrup and with the shining eyes of the mole-rat pour a hefty layer of syrup over the stacks, giving the feeling of putting a mysteriously delicious veil of stars over the heavenly mountain.

Giggling at the reaction of his freind, mouth agape and drool like a waterfall he commented.

"I'll take that as a complement, come on Rufus let's dig in we still have school to go to.", Grabbing the knife and fork, they proceed to feast on breakfast with relish.

*Buuurrp* *burp*

Two burps one pound and one just as loud but smaller somehow, can be heard as they proceed to rest and clean up, after washing the dishes he realizes he has to get ready for school.

Ron proceeds to go upstairs to rumage through his clothes, looking at his closet, he's supposed to find out that he considers them to be boring and bland, something that he never considered them to be.

Pondering on what to wear aside from his baggy clothes with a jersey on top, he looks at the bags hidden on the shelves to the side.

Taking them and putting them on the floor he opens them discovering for them to be full of his unused but stylished clothes.

'At least she has a taste better than mine... I'm glad she isn't hesring me say that cause if she did I'd be going for another Ron-thr-Bages-handler.' he joke to himself while thinking of a certain purple haired maiden.

Picking out what he's suppoed to wear, he decides on a gray loose sweater with sleeves reaching up to the middle of his hand, and with a white tank-top underneath it. For the pants he chose his old reliable cargo pants, not the best but it's what his most comfortable with.

Looking at his reelection on the mirror, he notices that it actually suits him as they comfortly give ease of movement, soft comfortable fabric and a glimpse of his lean and toned body, grinded from the years of being in the high intensity missions.

"Hey, not bad!, I should do this more often." He said aprreciating the new look.

"Uh-huh Uh-huh, looking good" the mole rat said as he makes a slick back gesture.

Picking up his freind as he laughed and putting him on his pocket, he grabs his bag headed for the door to go to school.

Stopping at the door, he breaths in to brace himself.

"Ok buddy, it's no biggy, just another day at school, a school with Kim and her girlfriend... *Slap*, You Know You Cant do That!." He screams at himself

"No more pity no more crying just go for it!" He reprimanded at himself.

Noticing his freind watching himfro his pocket, he gives a reassuring smile and Pat's his head.

*Inhale* -*Exhale*

With a more determined gaze his proceeds open the door and stepping outside, to the what he does best, Just diving into it.