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Chapter 3: Friends?

*Five minutes earlier*


As he sat down, he looked around wanting to keep himself occupied.

"Hmm Hmmmmm hmmm hummmm hummm hmm"

Hearing a humming sound he looks at his table and saw his buddy, Rufus humming what he played earlier.

Remembering his happiness this morning in how he made music again made the little naked mole-rat happy.

Seeing his freind enjoying himself he smiled, and looked out the window to let the little guy be lost in whatever he's doing.

Having his mind still being in a bundle after the mess of things that happened in his life, he started to let his thoughts wonder around him.

Maybe due to the influence of Rufus humming his song, his mind drifts to the past.

*A few Years ago*

*Tri-City State School of Arts and Crafts*

Being summer the amount of students present at school, is less than that of a regular class day, the only ones who are here are students taking summer classes and some staffs to maintain the school.

At a certain corner of the cafeteria, there are two kids around the age of Eleven to Thirteen, happily chatting with each other after a day's work of practice sessions together.

"Hey Aly?" The young blonde middle schooler asks a purple haired girl next to him.

"Yeah" the girl responded taking a bite out of here sandwiches.

"What do you want to be as you grow up?" The boy asks, trying to use his fork at some sliced carrots.

Looking back at her best friend she answers confidently after she snaps her fingers.

""Easy Ron, I want to be the brightest star in the night, the one everyone sees, one with the most beautiful shine!" She said excitedly with shining eyes and hands thrown into the air.

"Is that why you named yourself Moonlight?" He asked not knowing why she picked it.

" Yeah, after all the biggest and brightest light that we have at night is the moon, I want to be the most I catching one that lights up the night!" She giggled.

"What about you Ron? What do you want to do?" The little girl asked curiously.

Thinking for a minute about what he aspires to be, the young boy scratches his head not knowing what he really wants.

" I don't know really, I didn't think of it at all before. I like to cook, maybe I can be a chef and open my own store, one that serves the best tacos!" The boy proclaimed.

"Hihihi, so that's why youre so good at our cooking classes." She refelcted.

"Hmmm, but if that's the case what about me, I'm you're partner, if I can't have someone to watch my back while trying to shine, I'm not confident I can do it." She said, looking down.

Grabbing her shoulders and forcing her to straighten up, looking into her eyes he said.

"Aly, no matter what happens I will help you, just ask for it and I'll always try and make it come true, take it so I am your personal genie. Even when I'm not with you I know you'll be fine after all when someone is shining they always succeed, so go my 'Moonshine'" He assured.

"Besides, I'm pretty sure that you'll succeed even without me." The boy proudly said.

Looking at her best friend who stares encouragingly at her, she perks up, and holds out her pinky finger .

"Super-Duper-Promise?" She asked.

"Super-Duper-Promise." The blonde replied while connecting his finger with her finger, sealing the promise of a lifetime.


Staring vacantly at the outside he doesn't notice Mr. Barking entering and only snapping out of it after the new student speech he gave. Curious on the new student given the extraordinary exception the school has given the new guy, he stared at the door.

*Tap* *Tap* *Tap*

The sound of footsteps resound by the room as the new student enters and shows her form to the class.

Gazing inquisitively at the familiar figure, his eyes slowly widen at the realization of the identity of the person.

The firgure stops and introduced herself.

"Hi my name is Alecia,..." After that the boys trail of thought was broken as he is shocked at what can only be found as a reunion on an old friend.

That familiar dazzling purple hair, that white headband that I gave her as a present for our first summer as freinds, and that beaming smile, all too familiar to him.

'Does she remember me?'

Gazing at the familiar figure as happy memories of their time at the school of arts and crafts, as baffled as the blonde boy was, a booking voice knocked him out of his thoughts and silencing the whispering of the crowd.

"Alright people listen up!" The ex-militart sergeant loudly called.

"Ms. Alecia is our new student here, and you will treat her with respect. Now Ms. Alecia you may pick your seat at any of the vacants as you are still new." The man said while signaling to the empty chairs.

The blonde while in his chaotic state started to become nervous at the prospect of meeting his close freind again, notices the abundance of free space close to him, after all opting for the farthest seats means less people.

Watching as the violet haired gi-, woman, gazed to examine the potential seats with focus on the faces of the students almost as if she's looking for someone.

Murmurs erupted in the students again as the thought of sitting next to such a pretty girl might be good for the start of a relationship or get to know someone who may get to the top of the so called 'food chain'.

As the male students were trying to look either dignified, handsome or eye-catching and the girls waving friendly gazes and gestures, the girl's eyes suddenly brightened at she noticed one blonde boy by the back who tried to subtly hide his gaze and presence.

'Does he remember me?'

Walking off of the podium she started to walk to wards the far end of the class towards the blonde boy, towards the reason she came to school even if she was given time to take a break, towards her long time best friend.

The boy in question is silently panicking on the inside not knowing how to face his dear friend, after all he's still confused over everything.

The class watched both in disappointment in not getting picked and in confusion at the choice.

The new student stopped in front of the boy and thought on how to start the conversation within years of separation, incidentally the same can be said for her counterpart.

Suddenly a grin can be seen on the girls face as she thought of an idea, a fond memory came to surface as she replicated the events of that fateful day.

*Years ago*

A girl on the first day of class was sobbing quietly by the corner sobbing quietly. Outcasted by the girls dur to wearing a fealess ferret shirt and baggy loose mud brown shorts, thus deemed not cute enough by the girls, and due to the braces, messy tangled up hair and thick foggy glasses, termed by the boys as 'mop-head'. (A/N: yeah its messy on how I do this, just keep up.)

Sad maybe an understatement on how the girl felt, she was excited on the new sights and surroundings, and the idea of learning a lot of awesome things in this school with friends foiled her mind as the ideal time here. Though as she discovered, the students here were much harsher than those of her school, only being close to those who seemed to have a lot of attractiveness.

Her tears came like a waterfall as she thought on the fact that she has to go through this for the whole summer time, failing to notice a freckled blonde boy peering by the corner concerned.

Finally making up his mind the boy went closer, hoping to catch her attention. Noticing on how she notice him he awkwardly greeted.


The girl flinched fearing for any new voices, looked up and saw a nervous blonde boy with a fearless ferret shirt just like her.

"You scared too?" The blonde boy squirmed in his place as he thought on the various 'interactions' he had with his fellow students.

*Sniff* *nod*

The girl realizing he meant the other students, she signaled not knowing what to say still being reserved by the stranger.

" Yeah me too... I like the color of your hair though, and that shirt! Fealess ferret rules!" The boy said excitedly as the girl finally interacted with him.

Stopping as he noticed how the girl just stared at him through her glasses, he reached out his hand.

"So... Wanna be friends?" He sheepishly grinned.

The girl shocked at his words stared at the outstretched hand, too stunned to react. Just as the boys arm was beginning to tire the girl slowly... Slowly grabbed it and smiled.

"Sure!" The girls smiled beamed like the sun.


Bringing herself back from memory lane she reached out her hand.

"Hey... You scared too?" She said gazing longingly at his eyes.

As memories climbed back to the head of the boy he smiled and grabbed her hand fondly, squeezing it familiarly.

"Yeah... Wanna be friends again? The blonde boy said while pulling her towards the seat to his left.

Sitting down on the chair while still looking at his eyes, and his eyes on hers, she replied.

"Yeah I'd like that" she muttered, squeezing familiarly in return. Both students hands still connected to each other even as the class started.