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When Sasuke is seven, his heart grows cold and shrivels. When he is twelve, it flutters back to life and warms in the light of another. When he is seventeen, his heart dies with the love of his life.

They fought the war, they beat Madara, sealed Kaguya up tight with Zetsu, and had their climactic, final duel. It was a draw, by technicality, but he knew that the only reason why was because she refused to kill or seriously hurt him.

They release the Mugen Tsukuyomi together, down an arm each. She quickly gathers everyone and manages to convince the Five Kage not only that he was being controlled by a seal she had ripped out of his arm, but to agree to lasting peace, having them shake on it because she was a wholesome goofball like that.

When everyone who she cares for is around her, literal seconds after making world peace, Uzumaki Naruto dies with a smile, collapsing like a severed doll as the Bijuu roar in sadness, the Kyuubi visibly appearing with tears in his massive eyes before disappearing, scattered.

It takes the great fox nearly fifty years to fully reform, and he does so atop the Hokage Mountain, refusing for even a moment to leave it, even once he is fully reformed.

The peace holds, and the Great Naruto Alliance survives unbroken until the end of Ninja society.

Sasuke regrets many things.

He does not regret weeping in front of everyone on That Day, holding her and begging her to come back, to stay with him, to tell him to believe it one last time.

He lives the rest of his days in quiet retirement, making up for lost time with Kakashi-Sensei and Sakura, both of whom shared his sorrow over Naruto's loss. The three of them raise the surprise that is Sarada-thanks for that, Orochimaru-and Sasuke is proud to be her sensei when the time comes. He watches her become the second 'official' female Hokage, even though he and everyone-herself included-knows that she is the Third female Hokage.

The smiling face on the Hokage Mountain proves it.

Uchiha Sasuke is eighty-seven when he dies, holding his fifth grandchild the day of her birth, passing on in a chair, with little Naruko Uchiha in his arms, his first and last female Grandchild.

His eyes open, when they should have been closed forever, and he screams in anger and sorrow. He screams as he is swaddled in the smooth-yet-painful blanket and pressed to the chest of what he assumes is his mother. He screams and screams, even as they try to calm him.

He feels a burning in his chest, and it is like his first fail-cess(A word she made that was beautifully accurate to half succeeding) of a Gokyeku. Hot, burning in his chest, but no fire leaving his mouth to help ease the pain.

He feels the pain of That Night anew because she is gone and he should have gone with her.

For the first time in seventy years, Uchiha Sasuke weeps…

He only stops because of the thing he has mentally bleached because no baby should keep their memories.

He weeps some hours more, before falling into a troubled, aching sleep. When he wakes, she is still gone, and he realizes that he is in hell.

Agna knows that her son is a bit...off. The night he was born, he wept and screamed as if he would never do either again.

As it turned out, that seemed to be his plan.

He could fall, trip, get hit by a pot, catch the odd splinter, or nick himself on one of her knives, but he never cried, or yelped, or complained. Many times she would only learn he had hurt himself when she found him patching himself up or with the evidence of already having fixed himself in the odd barely-hidden bandage or salve-greased fingers.

It made her wonder how often he hurt himself and she didn't notice.

But the most concerning thing about her son was that he acted like his father. It was an almost daily occurrence for her to wake and find them both on the porch, watching the sunrise together in perfect silence, her darling boy helping her equally darling husband finish their cooling tea.

Feh. Firebenders, always up Too Damn Early. One-armed or otherwise.

Her husband, sweet and loveable Kuzon, was a veteran who had survived an encounter with the Southern Water Tribe at the cost of his arm from the shoulder down. He was sent home by his superiors for it, to her relief.

Better his arm then his head, no matter how much he disagreed.

But...Kuzon had been shaken by his experiences, and while still the same man, his eyes had...dimmed. Not lost their love or emotions, but had been exposed to horror that made him quieter, more reserved, and those lovely brown-amber eyes showed it.

Their son had those eyes, and that terrified her.

She knew children acted like their parents, of course she did, but some things could not be copied. Those eyes...no child could mimic those. She worried in silence what he had seen to make him so hurt at so young an age...until she heard some of the village elders gossiping about the long-late Avatar Roku, and if his newest incarnation-wherever he or she may be-would be as handsome did it click.


Worse, her boy had not been wholly purified by Agni's touch in the cycle and remembered his last life.

She held him for a very long time the night she figured it out and didn't have the heart to say why, simply smiled when his stoic face crumbled into confusion at the sudden, long cuddle session.

She had expected Firebending. She hadn't expected...this.

"Sasuke...did you...hurt yourself?"

He turned to look at her, stood with his feet to the wall like it was the floor, five feet off the actual floor, elbow-deep in the cupboard she had moved the medical supplies to.

"...If I say yes, will you insist on bandaging me yourself?"

She did, in fact, insist, and then proceeded to pretend she had seen nothing.

She continued to not see any stunts to defy the laws of nature for exactly five days when they took a trip to a nearby lake, and she and her husband both watched him walk atop the water as if it were as solid as the dock he had stepped off of to go and grab a Turtleduck and ask them if they had seen any 'snakelike men' recently.

Kuzon and herself asked each other in tandem if that was common in the other's family, and glanced at each other, murmuring another matched 'ah' when it clicked they had answered each other in their question.

They had a...very special son. That was obvious. But, hey, only they knew, right?

It took a week for their son to reveal himself as a prodigy to the village they hailed from. On the day it was announced that the royal family had a new member-one Zuko-their son calmed a blaze that had started by a reveler bumping a cloth tapestry into a bonfire, setting the building it was attached to alight. Many had given up, when little Sasuke had toddled past the semi-circle of watchers, and doused the raging fire, bending it into naught but smoldering embers at the gentle age of seven, before turning and walking back to her surprised and frozen side.

They, unsurprisingly, had many curious neighbors the next day.

The day after that a Captain of the army approached them to ask about their son receiving advanced training, and a guaranteed slot as a Lieutenant when he was of age.

Sasuke answered for them, by walking up to the man and soundly beating him off of their doorstep.

When the captain came back the next day, Sasuke asked his name. The captain was, funnily enough, also a Kuzon.

Sasuke proceeded to soundly whip the captain off of their doorstep for a straight week without another word to the man. Yet still, the captain kept coming, and people had started to take lunch breaks waiting for the determined soldier to come and get defeated by a now eight-year-old, who didn't even bend in their little bouts.

After a month of this cycle-every day at two degrees past noon, he would arrive with a smile and a fresh bruise on the mend-continued, did Sasuke stop, and stare. The captain had greeted her little boy and then gave his offer, as he did every day. Sasuke had turned on a heel without a word, and walked inside, leaving their door open in a blatant, surprising invitation.

The captain was chased out of the house not half a degree later by a blank-faced Sasuke.

The next day, the Captain arrived at his usual time but did not approach the house, simply stood, waiting, and patient.

Shortly after, did she watch from the window as her Precious son walked out to meet the captain...and proceeded to train him.

At first, it didn't look like training, in fact, it looked like one of their normal fights, right up until the Captain threw a punch, fire curling a short arc as it usually did, and when Sasuke slid under it, he paused-as did the captain-and spoke to the older man for a few moments, tapping the soldier's chest by proxy of tapping his armor. The captain nodded, and repeated the punch, though slightly different, and the blaze that followed all but exploded out of his fist, making many spectators-herself included-yelp in surprise.

Their spar continued much the same, and after a few degrees, they broke off for the day, the Captain cheerfully leaving their property without having to be beaten off of it.

The next day, it happened again.

And again.

And again.

Until one day, the Captain brought a young man-barely eighteen by the look of him-to their doorstep, greeting Sasuke cordially and introducing the young man. A recruit who he thought had talent but needed to add control to his bending prowess.

The teen did not take well to the idea of an eight-year-old training him, so Sasuke beat him off of their property, and continued training the Captain.

The next day, the teen showed up and followed the 'lesson', which was really just Sasuke having him attack until the younger boy could spot a flaw and help him fix it, and blinked in surprise at the effect.

During their first 'fight,' the teen's fire had been wild, uncontrolled, and Sasuke had physically forced him back when an arc almost caught their house.

By the end of the boys first 'lesson,' his fire was moving much in the way the schoolchildren did, small, thin arcs and blasts that glowed white with energy. Every day his fire would grow bigger by small margins, until he and the captain were letting off flames of matched size and color, easily turning a circle in their front yard to ash, good for a sparring circle, bad for her heart when she saw it happen.

By the end of the month, Sasuke had gained almost a dozen students, each a soldier of varying rank.

She overheard one of their spectators saying the whole town guard was taking shifts for who could learn, off and on, so they all could improve without letting thieves and chaos run amok for a few degrees each day.

After two months, the many soldiers of their little town were all at a matched level, and so, the routine changed. Sasuke lay out a line of candles-where he had gotten them she didn't know, but neither Kuzon would tell her and she didn't know the rest of the soldiers well enough to ask-and ordered every one of his students to sit with the candle in their laps and douse it with bending, without actually using their hands.

Many pants were burned that day, for as much as the more advanced, controlled soldiers could get the candles burning wick to rise and fall with their breath, none could douse it without feeling physical pain, usually falling over in a coughing fit.

At the end of the day, Sasuke doused the entire line by blinking.

Her boy was very, very good, and she idly wondered who he must have been to have such mastery over fire.

She kills the thought before it sneaks into her mind to try and make her ask him.

It is almost five years later that the majority of their town's soldiers are called away to the war.

It takes exactly a week for a general to storm into town and demand Captain Kuzon give over whatever Firebending scroll was discovered here, to make their soldiers so powerful.

The good Captain cheerfully, if foolishly, shows the General to their doorstep, and Sasuke, now thirteen, is training the newest Recruit of the town guard, running him through the first Candle exercise.

The General openly laughs and asks where the Actual Firebending master is. Sasuke looks at the General then, gives him one pass of the eyes hair-to-soles, and visibly dismisses him. The General, annoyed, demands that Sasuke show him respect.

Sasuke, unperturbed, tells him to show something worthy of respect.

The General, losing his temper, tries to smack her son.


He is beaten off of their lawn for half of the day before he roars in anger and tries to burn down their house.

Sasuke, for the first time she's ever seen, Firebends for something other than dousing blazes or candles.

The flame is black as pitch. It eats the General's.

The General does not return.

A royal procession does.

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