Timpani wrote in her journal with a foreign expression on her face. She wore a tired frown, dragging her features down. Her writing caused her face to grow pale.

Eventually she placed the book down on the table and forced her mind to focus elsewhere. Violet ink on a napkin caught her eye. In the past, notes in the same color appeared bearing various notes. They would always say things like, "leave a plate of dinner by the basement's door", "leave the key to the attic on the dining table".

Timpani was an intelligent woman, but she always obeyed these requests. Without knowledge of the author, without telling anyone else and without a layer of suspicion. This note read: "Go down to the basement and knock on the door twice wait for several seconds and then knock once more"

This note was very odd in contrast to the others, but Timpani's curiosity was ignited. She smiled to herself, and placed the note inside her journal. She strolls down the stairs, buying herself time to contemplate the surprise awaiting her. Perhaps it was Blumiere's doing, or someone's she never met before!

The stairway was clear of employees. So Timpani giggled away without having to explain herself. In minutes, she arrived at the entrance of the basement. An old wooden ramp escorted Timpani to the unfamiliar chamber. The count stopped using the basement, as it began an issue to bring supplies up and down so many floors.

The dust swarms dwelled in the air and swiftly went to explore Timpani's lungs. She coughed several times as a reflex, but remained on her quest to the door. The door was in view. Simple white paint lived upon the aged wood.

A thought arose in Timpani's mind. She was already in the basement, wasn't she? The basement never had a door. The stairs led into an open room. But the door in front of her was well … there, in front of her.

Her heartbeat picked up speed and her cheeks were just as pale ad before. A part of her mind invented several explanations for this 'new' door. All vanished when her hand made contact with the wood. Timpani knocks as she was instructed to. There was no answer. She did it just as she was told. Nothing but silence.

"Hello?" Her tender voice called out with a shiver of fear and a heap of confusion. Before she had even a thought of turning back she started coughing again. A lot more than before. Her muscles suddenly began sore and weak. Her coughing ushered her to her knees and her eyes closed swiftly.

"Ah ha ha" A slightly deeper voice let out a hearty chuckle before Timpani lost consciousness.

I want to say I'm sorry to anyone who is confused because I changed from present tense to past tense. I appreciate Starlight duck's critique so I wanted to try it. Also while I was writing this chapter I realized people might think I was trying to make Timpani seem dumb. For everyone I believe they have a fatal flaw and in my mind for Timpani that is her curiosity.))