Hello! I've found myself writing more and more. I understand that this story does not follow the plot in the book, so let me give you a short preface! Jace and Sebastian were bound by Lilith, but Clary managed to break their bond without Sebastian knowing. The last day that Jace and Clary saw Sebastian was in Italy, when Jace beat Sebastian to near death for harassing Clary. No heavenly fire in this story!



She could hear her name being screaming from behind the fog of her unconscious.

Leave her alone!

The shouting stayed distant, but the harder Clary listened, the more she could make out.

Don't take her, please! Please, Sebastian, just leave her be.

The voice was desperate, Clary could tell. She could feel her mind being jolted awake, but her body refused to move. She tried to make sense of what was going on in the world around her.

The last thing Clary remembered was the look on Jace's face. He looked shocked, but Clary knew that nothing caught Jace off guard. They were supposed to be safe in the Idris countryside. They had only been away from the Lightwoods for a few hours, long enough to sneak into an open meadow and roll around with one another.

The more she thought, the more her head began to pound. However, she began to take in her new situation. She was shivering on a concrete slab, having not been changed out of her denim pants and black tank top that she had been wearing while spending her afternoon with her boyfriend, Jace.

Jace, Clary thought. He had been screaming. It was his voice begging for her to be left alone. She wondered if he was shivering the way she was.

"And why should I do that, little brother?" Clary focused on the voices that were beginning to flow into her conscious mind. "You left me alone in Venice, why should I not leave you alone here?"

Clary had never heard Jace beg. He was much too proud to let anyone in on his soft side, but here he was, continuing to beg for her to be left alone. She wondered what was going on. She gathered that Sebastian was in the same room as them, which caused goosebumps to form across her pale skin, but her eyes were far too heavy for her to realize what was going on besides that.

"Just leave her be," Jace continued. "Please, brother, if you have any love for me. I'll go with you again, I'll do anything."

"That is quite honorable of you, Jace, but you have broken my heart. Clarissa, on the other hand, she can be taught. You are too far gone." Sebastian said, his voice making Clary nauseous.

"I'll do anything." Jace begged. Clary wondered how hard it would be for her to open her eyes and see what was going on. Why was Jace so desperate?

So, she tried. It felt like she had superglue along her dark red lashes, making it impossible for her lids to part, but after trying, she was able to bring her conscious mind forward and take control over her aching body. The familiar burn of an iratze stung her skin, but still the back of her head ached.

"Jace?" Clary managed to whimper out, reaching her hand around to touch the back of her head. While there was no blood, it had been bleeding at one point, due to the matting. Her green eyes took in her surroundings, though there wasn't much to take in. They were in a small cell-like room with one barred window and chains on the walls. It smelt of mildew and rust, but all that Clary could focus on was the two men in the room with her.

Jace was strung up on the wall furthest from her, his body kneeling on the same concrete that she was laying on. He was looking at her with the same desperation that was in his voice, seemingly unworried about the way his hands were attached to the wall by the metal handcuffs and two-foot chain. His wrists were bright red due to the friction of him pulling on the old chains.

Sebastian stood adjacent to Jace, a nasty smirk on his face. "Hello, Clarissa," He gawked at her with an amused look on his brow. He was just as Clary remembered. Tall, skinny, and ominous. The last time they had all been together was in Italy, when Sebastian was trying to force Clary into creating a rune for him. She fought against him as he held her down, begging for Jace. Of course, Jace, being unattached from his brother, had no problem fighting for Clary. He left Sebastian on the ground, good as dead, while Clary drew a portal to Alicante. They were immediately taken into the Gard and separated for questioning but found themselves together in the old Lightwood mansion by the end of the day.

Clary forced her aching muscles to push her into a sitting position, despite how badly her head hurt. "Sebastian," She acknowledged her brother in a monotone voice, trying not to let on the fear that was pulsing through her veins. The small girl looked back to Jace desperately, but Sebastian stood in front of him, blocking the view from her protector.

"Why don't you come with me, Clary, and we can get you cleaned up?" Sebastian offered a hand to his younger sister, but Clary instantly refused.

"No, I'm fine." She said calmly, trying to steady her heart rate. She remembered the way his lips felt on hers one of the first times they met, and how Jace had to pry his hands off of her waist the last time they saw him. She was surprised he didn't leave any marks by how tightly he was holding on to her.

With a roll of his black eyes, Sebastian began to take strides across the small room. He was able to get to Clary before she could even blink.

"Jace!" Clary exclaimed desperately, using all her strength to hit and kick Sebastian as he grabbed her arm. He lifted her off of the ground, but not enough to stand up, or even get enough momentum to stand up, then simply slammed her against the wall. Her head hit the concrete and Clary felt warmth, signaling to her that her previous wound was now open again.

She felt icy cold metal against her wrists one at a time, then, before either of them knew it, Sebastian was gone. Clary looked at Jace desperately, mirroring his same expression.

"Jace," Clary whispered, her voice echoing off of the bare walls. "What's going on? Where are we?"

"I have no idea." Jace whispered back, just the sound of his voice calming Clary. "We were in Idris and Sebastian came out of nowhere. I swear, Clary, I had no idea." He begged for her to believe him, as if she had a reason not to. "And the hit you in the back of the head before I could stop him. He portaled up straight to this room, I don't know where we are."

"Are you okay?" Clary asked, wondering if he was hurt at all. She knew Jace like the back of her hand, and she knew that he was not a part of their kidnapping.

"Clary, please. Look at me, I'm great." Jace remarked, hoping to earn a smile or even a laugh from his girlfriend. She looked so pitiful against the dark wall, her curly red hair frizzing up around her face.

"I wish I was closer to you." She whispered, then used all her energy to scoot as far forward as she could. Jace noticed and did the same, unfolding his legs from under himself and stretching out to his full extent. They were able to touch their toes, and even that simple act brought both of them comfort.

Neither of them had any clue as to what Sebastian wanted with them. Did he want to pick up where they left off and try and travel the world again? Certainly not, or else he wouldn't have them locked up in a box.

The silence made Clary's mind wander. Would they die down here? They didn't tell the Lightwoods that they had left to enjoy one another's company in a much more private area, knowing that they would have been followed by a chaperone. Would anyone come looking for them? Surely, someone would notice that Jace and Clary were not in their respected rooms and nowhere to be found. They were practically famous in Idris, being known as Valentine's Children. There would be search parties by the end of the night.

"What if…" Clary began, breaking their long silence. "What if he separates us?" That was her biggest worry. She had come a far enough way in her training to be able to defend herself, but she was such a small girl and Sebastian was so much larger than her. He had pinned her down so easily the last time they met. If Jace wasn't there… She didn't even want to think about what would have happened. It wasn't a secret that her brother was physically attracted to her. The thought made her sick, and if she had anything in her stomach, she probably could have turned to the side and released it, but they had skipped breakfast that morning to get out.

"Clary, listen to me." Jace said seriously, scooting back so he could sit up straight. Clary did the same thing and looked into his tawny eyes, trying to read his mind, to see if she knew what he was going to say before he said it. "Nobody is going to hurt you. Okay? I'm here, I'm going to take care of you. We're going to stay together."

His confident voice soothed Clary to an extent, but still her blood tremored through her veins, not quite making it to the tips of her fingers.

"I love you. No matter what." She whispered to him. Hopefully, they would make it out of there so Clary could continue telling Jace that she loved him until they got old, but just in case she didn't, Clary wanted him to know.

"I love you too, Fray." Jace whispered back. They sat in silence for a longer period than before. It was hard being just out of reach from the person that you loved. However, despite her anxiety, she found her eyes becoming too heavy to keep open. She remembered hearing Jace encouraging her to get some rest, and so, she did.

The next time Clary opened her eyes, she felt a strong pain all over her body. Her shoulders were sore from the position they had been stuck in, her back was tender because she had fallen asleep sitting upright, and her head was absolutely killing her.

"Jace?" Clary muttered, forcing her eyes open. The room was still dark, but she could see his sleeping figure slumped against the wall. At least he was still in the room. That was all she could ask for. Well, that and an iratze to help ease her pain. She rolled her head to the side and felt her vertebrae move and crack, then sat up at straightened her back to continue the process. Hopefully, that would help ease some of the pain she was feeling.

"My sweet sister, I see that you're finally awake." Sebastian's voice boomed through the room from a dark corner. Clary shuddered at his voice, then turned her head to try and make out his silhouette.

"Sebastian," Clary greeted him, her eyes glancing between him and her sleeping boyfriend.

"Are you ready to go get cleaned up?" He asked her as he stalked towards her.

"I don't think Jace would be very happy if he saw that I was missing when he woke up." Clary rebutted, completely diverting his question away. "You know how unpredictable he is."

"I don't seem to think that our brother will be any problem right now." Sebastian commented under his breath while he unlocked Clary's shackles.

"What?" Clary snapped. Her eyes turned to Jace, giving him her full attention. She observed the way his chest rose and fell, indicating that he was still alive. "Jace!" Clary shouted for him. Sebastian had leaned over and scooped his sister off of the ground, holding her tightly despite all the effort she put in to fight him. "Jace!' Clary screamed again, her screams matched the same desperation that Jace had shared upon their arrival.