After his first time exiting the room, Sebastian began to pace. He was in a mansion that his father once owned, somewhere in Idris. He knew that the Lightwoods would be too naïve to search right under their own noses. The same room he had locked Clary and Jace in once held greater demons and angels, so he had no worries of his siblings escaping without his knowledge.

If he could just have Clary, he would, but he also knew that Jace never left Clary's side without good reason. He was also very upset with his brother, and he knew that the best way to torment him was to pester Clary and make sure that Jace could do nothing to aid the helpless girl. It would be so easy for him to kill Jace, but then he would lose all hope for Clary's love one day.

This time, Sebastian would keep his siblings under his lock and key and not make the mistake to let them roam free as he did the last time. Somehow, Clary had managed to unlink the brothers from one another. He wished that he knew how, so he could have seen the warning signs, but his mind drew blanks. He wondered if his sister was such a little minx that Jace found the will to separate himself and deny his brother the pleasure of sharing her. How greedy could Jace Herondale be?

Sebastian began to boil with fury at the thought. Jace wanted nothing more than to ruin his chance of being loved. No, He thought to himself. Jace will not deny me of my needs. With that thought, he set out the plan how he would get Clary to love him. Would he have to bind her to him the way that he bound Jace? That was nearly impossible without his Greater Demon mother, but he could find a way to make it happen. That could take years, though, and he couldn't wait for that. He would begin with trying to make it happen naturally, he guessed.

After sitting in a lounge chair and contemplating for a while, he noticed the sun rising. He had been there for hours. Sebastian decided to make another move to get Clary upstairs with him, so he head down towards the chambers of imprisonment, then quietly pushed the metal door open. To his surprise, both Jace and Clary were sleeping. Deciding that he didn't want the issue of dealing with his brother, he made his first stop in the room to trace a sleeping rune on Jace's warm, exposed skin. How could he still be so warm, when across the same room, Clary was trembling? Jace slumped even more, the rune causing him to fall into a deeper sleep. He decided that he had all the time in the world, and propped himself up against a wall, waiting for Clary to naturally wake up.

Upon her eyes opening, Sebastian let her get adjusted before greeting her. "My sweet sister, I see that you're finally awake." His voice sounded unnaturally nice coming from his lips. It made him sick, but hopefully it would make Clary feel comfortable. He saw her cringe at the sound of his voice. Okay, He noted. Too nice.

"Sebastian," Clary muttered loud enough for him to hear. He noticed how her large green eyes couldn't stay on him.

"Are you ready to go get cleaned up?" He asked her as he took strides towards her. They both knew that it was not an option this time, that she was coming with him. He stopped listening to her when she mentioned how upset Jace would be. "I don't seem to think that our brother will be any problem right now."

Clary screamed the whole way up the stairs, pounding her tiny fists on Sebastian's muscular back and attempting to make her feet collide with his stomach, but to no avail. Sebastian carried her easily through the house and straight into a bedroom.

"No, please." Clary began to beg. It felt different to hear his siter beg as opposed to his brother. Seeing the young man plead brought his pleasure, knowing that he had the upper hand really joyed Sebastian. However, it was different for Clary. He felt annoyed at her small voice insinuating that his intentions were to hurt her. He obviously had the upper hand over her, being twice her size and nearly a foot taller than her. He could bend her to his every will if he so chose so. Once in the bedroom, he locked the door behind her and placed her on the ground.

"The bathroom is here." He stated, using his large hand to guide her by the small of her back towards the tiled bathroom. "Go ahead and start your shower, I'll grab you a towel. This door stays unlocked, or I will take it away. Do you understand?"

Clary stared into her brother's eyes desperately, then gave him a small nod of understanding. He stepped out of the room, closing the door behind him, and waiting to hear the shower start. As soon as it did, he went to the adjacent closet and picked out a small white towel, similar to the ones that hotels provide for pool usage. He knew that it would wrap around Clary's petite figure, and most likely be long enough to cover everything that she wanted covered, but if he was lucky, he may still get a glance at her creamy pale legs. He went back to the bathroom and opened the door without knocking, causing Clary, who was already in the steamy shower, to try and cover herself with her extremities to blind Sebastian from seeing her naked body through the glass door.

"Relax, Clarissa." He noted, still letting his eyes wander. "Here's the towel, I'll be outside when you're done. I'll show you where the clothes are."

Sebastian placed the towel on the counter, then walked out and waited on the bed. It took quite some time, and Sebastian was beginning to worry for his sister, but right before he wanted to go and check on her, the shower turned off. Jeez, He thought to himself. Girls really do take a while in the shower. He wondered if she had spent that time shaving her legs or running the vanilla scented conditioner he got her through her long, curly hair.

Clary walked out a few moments later, and Sebastian was amazed with her. She held the towel to her body like a second skin, hugging what little curves she had. Her hair was damp, near dripping at the ends, and all pulled to one side. She wasn't able to look at Sebastian, and he wondered if she was embarrassed. If only she knew the way she was making him feel in that moment. If he weren't trying to take his time, he could easily throw her onto the bed he was sitting on and have his way with her, but he needed her trust before he pursued her.

"Come sister, you must be freezing." Sebastian stood up and walked towards the closet he had pulled the towel from, then opened the sliding door to reveal a men's wardrobe. "Pick whatever you please."

Clary timidly stood beside him, using her right hand to grasp the towel in front of her and her left to sort through the hanging clothes. She settled on a black sweater and dark grey sweatpants, struggling to hold both of those in addition to her towel. Sebastian took the clothes from her and placed them on the bed, then crossed the room to a dresser. He opened the top drawer, exposing a bunch of women's underwear.

"I assumed you're a small or an extra small. And I couldn't decide on the bra sizes, so I didn't get you any." He told her, his black eyes continuously taking her body in.

"Thanks." Clary muttered, slowly trailing behind him until she got to the dresser. She grabbed the first pair of cotton underwear that she could get her hands on, then walked back towards the bathroom, making a stop at the bed to pick up the clothes.

Sebastian wanted to tell her that she didn't need to go back to the bathroom to change, that she should be comfortable changing in front of him, but he didn't want to push her. She was cooperating much nicer than he expected.

"You must be hungry." Sebastian commented once she had stepped out of the bathroom, fully dressed.

"I want Jace." Clary rebutted, disregarding his question.

This frustrated him, but he took a deep breath to calm himself. She was working with him, so he would work with her. Compromise, Sebastian. He told himself.

"Then let's go get him." Sebastian replied. He gently grabbed Clary's arm, right above her elbow, then led her through the house and back down the stairs. He knew that she was taking everything in, but he didn't mind. This would be her home for a while, she might as well see it. His grip was tight, just in case Clary decided to run from him, but it wasn't tight enough to cause any pain. He could feel her tensing up the closer they got to the room that Jace was in. He was yelling for her. They could both hear his voice muffled by the metal door.

As soon as the door was open, Clary pulled away from Sebastian and ran towards Jace, her bare feet padding quietly against the ground. Her arms went around his neck and she held herself to his body, and Jace nested his face against the crook of her neck, seeing as his arms couldn't reach around her. Sebastian could hear them mumbling to each other, whispering how grateful they were that the other was okay. He was so sure that he could hear Jace promising his brother's death upon anything bad happening to Clary, which made a small chuckle erupt from the tall blonde's chest. He had had enough of being nice, especially if Jace was going to act the way he was. Sebastian walked over to Clary and forced her up, despite her demands for him to stop, then pulled her back to the wall she had spent the night chained to. He only locked one arm in place before silently leaving the room.

And to think, I was going to host breakfast at a table. Sebastian thought as he climbed the stairs. I will be respected.

The blonde man shook his head and fixed up a very simple breakfast, oatmeal topped with fresh fruit, and served it to them with a bottle of water. Neither of his siblings thanked him upon delivering the food, which only aggravated him more. He unlocked one of Jace's wrists, allowing him to stretch out and be able to eat, then walked out of the room, locking the door behind him. He waited a while, taking his time to cool down and grow his patience back, before going to check on his siblings again.

It was obvious that they had been talking prior to his arrival, but they grew quiet suddenly. Taking a deep breath, Sebastian prepared himself for his headstrong brother. "Jace," He started, his eyes falling on him. "Would you like to come shower?"

Sebastian could see the wheels turning in Jace's head. He was trying to figure out a way to calculate his way through the situation. He was two steps ahead of his brother, though. As he began walking, he turned immediately towards Clary. Once her wrist was unlocked from the metal shackle, he handed her the two bowls that their breakfast was served in, then pulled a seraph blade from his boot.

"I didn't do anything!" Clary exclaimed, practically jumping out of her own skin.

"This isn't intended to hurt you, dear sister, this is so our brother behaves." Sebastian replied, his hand finding the crook of her elbow. She was trembling in fear while Jace trembled in anger. Sebastian thrived off of it.

Sebastian unlocked Jace's arm, letting it fall to the ground, then gave him time to muster up the strength to pull himself up. Black eyes linked with tawny eyes as the eldest watched the younger boy take in Sebastian's stance. He was getting ready to fight.

"Go on, then." Sebastian nodded towards the door, his hand tightening around Clary. "Or would you rather Clary lead us? She knows exactly where to go."

Jace grumbled to himself, then took the lead. Sebastian followed him, warning him to not run off, seeing as Clary had no way to follow him. As they walked, Jace following Sebastian's directions through the house, he continued to look back and check on Clary, who would flash him meek smiles in hopes to calm him down. The act was so sweet that it almost made Sebastian sick.