I'm alive! I know it's been forever. Life has just been so busy for me, but I want to start writing again. Also, I deleted a whole bunch of my old stories. Don't worry though, they aren't gone forever. 9/10 of them I really didn't like, so I've decided to re-write them. I don't know when they will be back up. It'll just be when I feel like they really got the story they deserved. In the meantime, I've got a new story coming (yes, I'm aware that I write too many stories and never finish them, hush) and I'm writing it with one of my friends. The only issue is that we need more characters as this will be a story with many characters. So if you want to create a character for this story, feel free to PM me or write one in a review.

Here's what I need if you want to create a character.


Age (can't be younger than 18 if it's a main-ish character. Side characters are welcome at any age):

Height (optional):

Hair style/color:

Eye color:

Sexuality (optional):

Relationships (optional. This can include family, significant others, etc.;however, if nothing is put down, characters are subject to pairings for different characters. If you're not ok with this, please put that they aren't available.)

Please no more than 3-4 characters per person. All may or may not be used so please don't get offended if you're character isn't picked right away. I will try and use all characters. Also, if you have any questions, please PM me.

I'm hoping to have the first chapter up by next Friday although no guarantee.

Have fun and until next time loves! ;-)