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Just One Week
Chapter Seven: Thursday (Part Two)

"Constance, what is Maura's favorite flower?" Jane asked as she stood in the flower shop with the Isles Matriarch, who had a look of concentration on her face.

Constance had heard what Jane asked, but her mind was on something more. What she had told Jane earlier was true. Now that she had finally gotten her heart's desire in Angela, she was unsure what would happen next.

Angela had taken a considerable risk last night with the two of them, and despite Constance's heart telling her to leap, Constance was unsure of what to do. Constance snagged a bouquet of red camellias and dwarf sunflowers off the shelf and held it out to Jane as she said, "I apologize for not responding earlier. I'm just thinking."

"I can understand that," Jane said. This whole thing between you and Ma, and me and Maura, It's a lot in such a short amount of time."

Constance agreed with a nod as Jane grabbed a bouquet of violets to add to the flowers she had given her.

"In such a short amount of time, I went from not knowing Maura exists to never wanting to let her go," Jane continued. "Maura is unlike anyone I have ever met in my entire life. I don't know how I can live without her once we separate…."

"It's not easy, Jane," Constance finally said as she picked up a bouquet of Morning Glories, yellow tulips, and yarrow flowers. "When I left your mother, it tore me apart. I forgot how to breathe, how to think, and how to live. I knew it had to be done because I was only torturing myself by being with her while she was in love with your father, but it was painful."

Constance and Jane walked to the checkout counter and purchased their flowers. "I was on a downward spiral for many years until I managed to stand upright. It took time to heal from how I left my friendship and the person I cared about behind."

"You went through all of that?" Jane asked as the two walked away from the flower shop and got back into the limousine.

Constance put on her seatbelt and said, "I did. You have to understand, Angela and I met in the first year of college. We knew each other for four years until I left. There is a lot of history between us. She left an imprint on my spirit that no amount of money, relationships, or sex could ever heal."

Constance felt a soft smile form on her face as she looked out the window and said, "To be honest, she had me the minute we met during that rainfall."

"Wow," Jane breathed out. "I don't know how you survived being away from someone you loved that deeply. I know I couldn't," Jane said to her. "Not anymore, at least…."

Constance then looked back at Jane and asked her, "Can I be honest with you?"

"Of course. I mean, you just spilled your guts about how in love you are with my mom and how hard it was to get past that. I'd be insulted if you didn't," Jane said with a smile.

Constance smiled at Jane.

Angela did an excellent job in raising this girl.

"First, I will say that I may have never found Angela again had you and my daughter never met, and I thank you for that," Constance began. "But admittedly, it scares me how you and Maura have this quick and intense connection to one another."

"It does?" Jane asked.

"Yes. As you've said, you only met her a few days ago, and now you can't imagine your life without her. It was such a quick turnaround I've ever seen happen in relationships," Constance explained.

"I mean, you said that Ma had your heart the minute you two met. Maura had my heart the minute that elevator door opened," Jane admitted. "I love her."

Constance's eyes widened at the admission.

Deep inside of her heart, while Constance knew the two girls had a crush on one another that they wanted to explore, she had also chalked it up to a whirlwind romance as well due to how quick it. And yet, Jane had said she loved Maura so casually, confidently, and genuinely that it felt as if Jane had said those words about Maura for years.

Jane seemed surprised by the admission. "I love her," Jane repeated, a small smile appearing on her face. Jane then gave a broad smile and said, "I'm in love with your daughter."

Constance couldn't help but laugh at the broad smile, instantly reminded of Angela anytime she was confident about something. "The Rizzoli sure does move quickly with their emotions," Constance teased as the limo pulled up to the hotel. "But, considering being in love with one, I should count that in my favor. Come on. We have our ladies to spoil."

"I couldn't agree more," Jane happily replied.

Using her keycard, Jane slipped into the Isles' suite and silently crept to Maura's room, where she saw the object of her affections had just put on a shirt, looking as If she just stepped out of the shower.

After sitting the bag with Maura's food down on the table, Jane snuck up behind the girl and slipped her arms around her, showing her the bouquet.

"There goes the idea of surprising you with breakfast in bed," Jane joked as Maura melted against her.

"You startled me," Maura said.

"I'm sorry, Maur. I hope these flowers more than make up for it," Jane whispered while she hid her face in Maura's neck, smelling the fresh soap.

"Maybe," Maura replied before she began to turn her head, prompting Jane to moved her head back, only for Maura's lips to meet hers in a soft kiss. Jane nearly dropped the bouquet at Maura's feet as she tightened her hold around Maura's waist, returning the gentle kiss without hesitation.

Maura turned around fully, briefly breaking this kiss to whisper against Jane's lips, "You should have told me you had left."

"That would ruin the surprise, Maur," Jane retorted with a whisper before her lips met Maura's once again in another soft but brief kiss.

"You shouldn't have," Maura mumbled, despite the smile on her face. "I would have preferred to wake up next to you."

Jane flushed at Maura's admission then grinned. "You trying to butter me up?" Jane asked.

"Of course. Is it working?" Maura asked with a teasing gleam in her hazel eyes. Jane felt her heart flutter at the sight as her grin turned into a soft smile.

"More than you know, Maur," Jane gently replied. "But we get into another makeout session; you should eat something. And lucky for you, I got you breakfast."

"You did?" Maura asked with a joyful tone.

Jane grinned and motioned to the bag of food. "Eggs Florentine with a side of Cheese Blintz. Your mom said it was your favorite," Jane explained with a blush. "I-I wanted to repay you for dinner last night an-"

Jane was interrupted once again by Maura's lips crashing into hers in another kiss, which made Jane moan out in surprise before surrendering to the sweet taste of the affectionate girl.

Jane could get used to this.

"Seems the shoe is on the other foot now, daughter of mine," Constance's amused voice rang out, which caused both Jane and Maura to jump before turning to the door, where Constance stood with a grin.

Jane felt her face burning red while Maura squeaked and hid behind her. "I thought you would be with Ma right now, Constance," Jane said, trying to beat back her embarrassment.

"That was the plan before I forgot to mention something to you and Maura," Constance said as she strolled into the suite. "As thanks for hosting the art exhibit this Saturday, which you two along with your brother, Jane, are going to, I managed to land five tickets to the "A Midsummer Night's Dream" play for tonight."

"A Midsummer Night's Dream?" Jane questioned.

"Oh my! That's one of my favorite plays!" Maura exclaimed. "Oh Jane, you would enjoy it so much!"

"I'll be informing Angela and Frankie of this, so at some point before 7 P.M, you need to return to your room to get properly dressed. Afterward, we will be having dinner out," Constance told her.

Jane nodded before her eyes widened.


In all of the excitement of her and Maura and Ma and Constance, Jane had forgotten about Frankie. He was completely unaware of everything that had gone on!

"You seem surprised, Jane," Maura stated while Constance quirked her eyebrow. "What's wrong?"

"Frankie…He doesn't know what's happen between us or Ma and Constance," Jane explained, much to Maura's surprise and Constance's muted horror.

"I need to talk to Angela," Constance said as she immediately left the suite.

"And I think Constance forgot Frankie didn't know either…." Jane stated after Constance left the suite.

"Do you think he would object to us?" Maura questioned.

Jane had to hold back her excited squeal at Maura's phrasing of them as an "Us," as she said, "I can hard confirm that he likes us together. But Constance and Ma. They did some stuff last night that he might object to…."

Maura looked confused for a moment before a raised eyebrow from Jane caused her face to become scarlet red. "O-Oh my…" Maura whimpered out as she hid her face in Jane's neck, which caused Jane to laugh.

"Let's worry about that later. For now, we need to get some food in your stomach," Jane said with a smile. "And then some in mine because I am starving."

When Constance walked into the suite, she expected Angela to be still sleeping.

To her surprise, Angela was wide awake with covers hiding her body with a baffled Frankie, who was still in his pajamas sitting in the chair across from the bed Angela occupied.

When both Rizzolis turned to face her, Constance couldn't help but blush when Angela spotted the food and flowers then smiled. "D-Did I interrupt anything?" Constance asked.

Oh, how she longed to have what her work colleagues called her "silver tongue" at this moment.

"Maybe," Angela replied as she motioned for Constance to come closer. "I was just telling Frankie about what happened."

"You were?" Constance questioned.

"You sound as surprised as I do," Frankie said.

"W-Well, I figured…Um…." Constance drifted off when she heard Angela laugh.

"You came in at the right time. I just told Frankie the truth," Angela explained. "I did not want him to bust into the room and see anything and get the millions of conclusions that he often got."

"She's not wrong," Frankie said. "Boy, I knew you two knew each other but…Man. Little did I know."

"Did you tell him about Frank too?" Constance asked.

Angela nodded. "Everything Connie. I would have felt too guilty that Jane and potentially Maura knew while Frankie was in the dark about it."

Constance then turned to Frankie, who was rubbing his temples, and asked, "So how do you feeling about this?"

"You know, I wasn't blind about Dad, unlike Jane and Tommy. I noticed certain things about him, so the full details about that don't come as a surprise, especially the cheating. But you and Ma? That was surprising," Frankie began. "I mean, If Jane liking Maura didn't make me look at her differently, then Ma liking you."

Frankie then turned to Angela and said, "The only thing that is rubbing me the wrong way is that you and dad are still married, but that would make me a hypocrite for getting mad at you when he cheated countless times. Really, what confuses me is what you guys and Jane and Maura will do when we all have to separate."

"I'm working on that," Constance announced.

"You are?" Angela asked.

"As best as I can truthfully," Constance answered. "I was going to talk to you about that later, I swear."

"Okay, because If I had to deal with both you and Jane sad, Ma, I will not be a happy camper," Frankie said with a frown. "But other than that, I have no issues with any of this. In all honesty, this helps me know what I need to do regarding someone."

Constance noticed Angela blink, which caused Frankie to look up in confusion. "Who is this "Someone" Frankie?" Angela asked.

"Nobody," Frankie quickly replied before he slid out his chair and said, "I'm going to take a quick shower and then talk to Jane. I'm assuming she's not here, right?"

"She's in my suite," Constance said as she pulled out her keycard and handed it to him. "Here."

"Thank you," Frankie said with a smile before he said, "I'll leave you guys alone now. And Ma? Thanks for telling me."

Frankie hugged Angela before he ran off, leaving Constance and Angela alone.

"And here I thought I would be coming up to a shouting match," Constance sighed out.

Angela smiled and stood up to kiss her cheeks, causing Constance to blush as the covers slipped off to reveal naked shoulders. "Give me some credit. After some of our shouting matches, I'm pretty good at de-escalating things," Angela whispered as she took the food and flowers out of her hands. "But, I need a shower. It was not fun having a serious conversation while still naked."

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