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Just One Week
Chapter Three: Monday

"Jane! Can you stop dropping 3s like this?!" Frankie exclaimed. Jane looked to her shocked team and her equally stunned brother and smirked before she dribbled the ball and took the shot.

Nothing but net.

"Another 3 Rizzoli? You are on fire today," Coach Deville said with an impressed tone. "Bring that game to Friday and we're going to win for sure."

Jane smirked. She didn't know why she was so focused today. Could it be the deep rest she gotten on Sunday? She did sleep nearly the entire day after her excursion in the hotel. Could it just be luck?

Or could it be the hazel-eyed beauty Jane fell asleep thinking about? The same hazel-eyed girl Jane was going to see after her practice today.

The thought alone made her buzz with excitement.

She shouldn't be excited to see someone that she was going to lose in a week's time and yet she was. There was just something about this Maura that made Jane want to see her more but what was it? Was it the girl's personality?

Jane was able to glean that Maura was very intelligent and from knowing her parents jobs, probably really rich. However, Maura was lonely but that didn't stop her from becoming Jane's friend. So lonely, smart, surprisingly outgoing.

Easily flustered.

Jane couldn't help but smile as she landed another shot to the basketball hoop at the memory of Maura's blushing face appearing in her mind.

Was it Maura's looks? It wasn't out of the ordinary for Jane to find other girls her age cute and while Jane thought Maura was "cute" several times yesterday morning, now she felt that Maura seemed to make "Cute" an understatement.

And that smile…It seemed to light up the room every time she did it.

'Maybe both?' Jane thought as she sunk in another 3-pointer. Those people in France didn't know how lucky they were to have Maura there.

Jane glanced at the clock and let out a happy sigh.

12:50 P.M.

She was going to find out her answer soon.

Maura walked out of her room with a bounce in her step.

She was so excited for the museum and especially the new friend that she was coming with her.


It was the first time she could ever say that word.

Jane was her friend.

Maura couldn't stop the smile that started to grow. It felt nice to be able to think that. But Maura felt that there was something different about Jane. She knew that Jane was very attractive, and her teasing in the elevator had made Maura flustered more than once.

She wasn't used to being teased and yet, it felt right for Jane to be the one to tease her. Jane seemed very interested to know more about her. Not her parents, not their jobs and not how rich she was.

She just wanted to know more about her and Maura truly appreciated that.

Maura opened the door to her room and walked past the living room area where her mother sat reading. "Mother, I am going to the museum today," Maura announced.

"Would it happen to be with that brunette girl?" Her mother questioned.

Maura froze in surprise. "H-How did you know?" Maura asked.

"I saw both of you in the restaurant when I went down there for my own midnight snack," Constance replied with an amused tone, flipping another page in her book.

"W-Well," Maura began before she cleared her throat. "Yes. Her name is Jane. She is here from Boston for a basketball tournament."

"Hmm…interesting," her mother replied before she turned around and faced Maura with a small smile. "While I am glad you have met a friend, do not get too attached. We are only here for a week and I would hate to see you saddened by losing her."

Maura nodded at this and said "Do not fret mother. I will not be saddened on this day."

Her mother turned around and shook her head with a chuckle and said "Very good. I expect you back here by six. Be responsible but have fun."

"Thanks mother," Maura said as she gave her mother a brief hug from behind and walked out the door. It was 1:25 P.M and it would take approximately 5 minutes to get to the top floor. Maura closed her hotel room door after her and made her way to the elevator and pressed it.

She waited for a few moments and when the elevator doors opened, Maura was met with Jane, who was talking to another male that looked similar to Jane herself. Jane turned her head and gave her a cheeky grin. "We've got to stop meeting like this Maura," Jane said.

Maura returned the grin with a smile and replied with "Hello to you too Jane," then stepped into the elevator to stand beside her. "Yo Jane, you know her?" The boy asked on the other side of Jane.

"Of course, she's my friend Maura," Jane said with a grin to Maura. "Hey Maura, this is my little brother."

"Oh, is he the one that punched that clown in the testicles?" Maura asked.

"No, this is the one that freaked out and threw up on three people during the whirlwind ride," Jane replied.

Frankie looked unamused as he looked to Jane and asked "You told her about the Circus incident?"

"How could I not? It's a perfect ice breaker," Jane teased.

"Anyways," Frankie said before he looked at Maura and said "Ignore that story. I'm Frankie."

"Maura," Maura replied as she shook his hand. "A pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise. So since you two know each other, where were you going?" Frankie asked.

"Actually, I was going to wait for Jane. We made plans to go to the museum once her practice was done," Maura said as she looked at Jane with a worried expression. "….Unless you are exhausted from your practice?"

"What? No way Jose," Jane said with a grin on her face. "I do need to change out of my clothes, I'm pretty sweaty."

"That would be nice," Maura said as she wrinkled her nose.

"What? Do I stink?" Jane asked.

"Just a little," Maura admitted.

Jane pouted and said "Coach did train us hard today but look at these guns." Jane flexed her arm and Maura could see some definition and felt her face heat up, which Jane noticed and gave her a wink and a cocky grin.

Frankie must have saw the grin and the blush as well because Maura could see his eyes flash in realization before a slow smirk appeared on his face but it was quickly wiped away as a grin. "So I guess this is happening. I was going to ask to go with but I think I'll just take a nap."

"Good because I was going to say "No" anyways," Jane joked as she playfully bopped his head just as the elevator stopped. The trio walked down the hall until they stopped at Jane's door. Jane slid the keycard into the reader and the door unlocked.

Jane opened the door and held it for Frankie, who walked in, before Maura noticed Jane waiting on her. "Well don't be a stranger Maura. Come in," Jane said with an inviting smile. Maura nodded and stepped inside the room.

"Ma! We're back!" Jane yelled out into the large suite but when they were met with silence. "She must be out," Jane said. "Sucks, I wanted you to meet her. Ah well, follow me."

Maura nodded and followed Jane to her room in the suite and Jane said "Stay put. I'm going to snag a quick shower before I head out."

"I shall eagerly await your return then," Maura said as she sat down on Jane's bed.

"Or we could both hop in the shower," Jane playfully replied.

Maura's mind instantly flashed to Jane naked body drenched with water and she felt her face turn beet red. "I don't offend, do I?" Maura questioned through her flustered tone, unsure whether it was Jane just teasing her or if she really did smell terrible.

She saw a confused expression before she snorted and said "No. I just couldn't resist making you blush."

Maura giggled a bit, her face still red and said "You are cruel for teasing me Jane."

"Yeah but you like it. I see that tiny smile," Jane replied with a smile of her own before she sauntered off in the direction of the bathroom and said "I'll be back in a few minutes, make yourself at home."

Maura leaned back on the bed, her face unable to cool down. All she could imagine was Jane's naked body now. She placed her legs on the bed and crossed it closed her eyes. She had to focus on erasing the rather lewd, yet enjoyable sight from her mind in order to calm herself down.

Ten minutes passed and Maura's face had finally returned to normal when she felt a presence in front of her. She opened her eyes to see Jane, now dressed in a white tank top, a rather beautiful pocket watch necklace around her neck and black jeans, standing in front of her, her hair still slightly wet from the shower.

"Welcome back to the land of the living," Jane said with a grin.

"O-Oh! I-I'm so sorry. How long was I meditating for?" Maura asked.

"Well, I was able to get out of the shower and get dressed all while you meditated. I gotta say, I'm a little proud and disappointed that you didn't peek on me," Jane said with another teasing smile.

Maura blushed again.

This was going to be a long, yet enjoyable, afternoon with her.

The trip to the American Museum of Natural History was thankfully a thirty minute ride and despite being in a bloody art museum, Jane found herself having fun.

And of course, that was because of her present company. The pair were in the Fossil Halls of the museum and the pair were standing in front of a Tyrannosaurus Rex when Jane asked "Do you think dinosaurs had feathers?"

Maura looked at her with surprise. "Like, bird feathers?" Maura asked.

"Yeah. I mean I know they are scaly but it's amusing to think this T-Rex would look like a big ass chicken," Jane said with a small grin.

"Did you know there is a large chicken known as the Brahma Chicken? It is two-point-five to three feet tall and they are and tend to weigh five to eight pounds," Maura said.

Jane was disturbed by this cursed knowledge. "You can't be serious," Jane said with a disgusted look on her face.

"I am one-hundred percent serious. My father had seen some and taken pictures. It's bigger than a normal sized golden retriever," Maura replied.

"If I ever see that chicken, I'm punching it," Jane said with a straight face.

Maura snorted and asked "Why? What did those fluffy chickens do to offend you?"

"Exist Maura," Jane replied with a frown. "No chicken should be bigger than a dog. It's just…Not right. It's like an affront to mankind."

Maura smacked her arm playfully, which caused Jane's disgusted look to change into a smile, as she said "The reason I bring it up is because there are scientist that believe there is a link between chickens and dinosaurs so your thought may be close to the truth."

"So…Would that make them birds then?" Jane asked.

"Not at all. Birds tend to have beak, instead of heavy bony jaws like many of the dinosaurs to reduce the force of weight. They would also have smooth, lightweight feathers to reduce the force of both weight and drag during flight. Not to mention, they would have a sternum, which is an enlarged breastbone, for a flight muscle attachment. That would help with the force of thrust. A dinosaur, such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex for example, lack these features. Plus its tiny arms would not be able to support any bit of its large bo…dy…." Maura explained before she drifted off slowly as Jane stared at her long and hard.

"Whoa," Jane breathed out. She was impressed at how quickly Maura was able to say all of that without a second thought. She knew the honey-blonde girl was smart but Jane was quickly realizing she may be a bon-a-fide genius.

"Oh no, I did it again, didn't I?" Maura asked with a growing distressed expression on her face, which caused Jane to snap out of her stunned feeling.

"Did what?" Jane asked with a confused look.

"I rattled off again without thinking. I am so sorry I bored you," Maura said, her voice growing a little higher but Jane shook her head.

"Whoa, whoa, don't put words in my mouth Maura," Jane said with a frown on her face. "You didn't bore me at all. If anything, I'm surprised because you were able to sprout all of that without hesitation. Like seriously. I can barely remember my brothers' birthdays and yet you could just spit out a fact like that. It's very impressive."

"Really?" Maura asked, her voice thick with uncertainty.

Jane smiled and took both of Maura's hands and said "Damn right. Shows me that you're really a genius."

Maura stared at her for a moment, almost taken aback.

"Really? You don't think that is odd?" Maura questioned one more time.

"Nope," Jane replied. She then paused and frowned before she asked "Did your schoolmates say that was odd?"

Maura nodded, a downtrodden look on her face.

Jane found herself despising this look. Maura should only have a blush or a smile on her face.

Never one like this.

"Well that proves that they're assholes that shouldn't be believed because I like it," Jane said with smile. Maura looked up at Jane, who gave her a sincere smile and added on "I didn't find it boring or strange or odd. It kind of suits you. Having all that info in that noggin of yours."

"Noggin?" Maura questioned.

"Brain," Jane clarified with a grin. "It's nice to know someone with so much knowledge in their head."

"Thank you," Maura told her softly.

Jane grinned in response and let go one of Maura's hands and tugged her along as she said "Now come on Maur, let's go to another exhibit."

After thirty minutes of exploring, the pair found themselves at the Morgan Memorial Hall of Gems and Jane's eyes were locked on the Star of India, a large blue sapphire that shimmered like the stars in the sky.

It was beautiful to Jane's eyes.

"This thing is gigantic. It's bigger than my fist," Jane said as she looked back at Maura, who was also staring at it. "Penny for your thoughts?" Jane asked.

Maura turned to her with a bright smile, which took Jane aback at how stunning the girl looked with that smile. She had smiled at Jane several times but this one really took her breath away. "Rutile, a mineral in the Star of India, gives the gem its milky quality and star effect," Maura explained.

"I don't follow," Jane said with a smile on her face.

"There are tiny fibers of rutile in a three-fold pattern reflect incoming light in the star pattern. This effect, called asterism, makes this gem look like a true star. It's amazing what the addition of titanium and iron to the mineral corundum can create. And to think, our planet made something beautiful like this." Maura looked away from Jane back at the sapphire then added "I'm always taken aback by how wondrous our world can be to create something so beautiful."

Jane stared at Maura for a moment and for a moment, Jane felt a something familiar in her chest. The last time she felt this feeling, it was when Casey had first kissed her. Jane was surprised by this brief flicker of familiar feelings but it didn't stop her from smiling at the enthralled girl in front of her.

"So am I," Jane replied with a smile.

The pair spent the next three hours going from hall to hall of the museum until Maura felt that familiar ache in her stomach. Maura looked to Jane, her smile still in place, and asked "I'm a little famished. Would you like to get something to eat?"

"I could eat a brontosaurus with how hungry I am," Jane replied.

"Wonderful. I saw a Storico right down the street, we can walk there," Maura said cheerfully. Storico was one of her mother's favorite places to eat and Maura also wanted to surprise her mom by getting her a bite from there.

"Then lead the way Hazel-eyes," Jane teased as she pushed Maura lightly, which caused the girl to smile at her. The pair walked back to the entrance of the museum and as they left out the front door and walked passed a group of teens, Maura felt some smack her ass hard, which caused her to jump and squeak in surprise.

Jane looked at her in confusion and saw her rubbing her butt with uncomfortable look on her face. Without thinking, Jane immediately whipped around and shouted "Who did it?!"

A crowd of people swiveled their heads to look at her but Jane stepped in front of Maura, who looked nervous, "Who assaulted my friend?" Jane repeated angrily, her hands clenching and unclenching.

"J-Jane, It's okay," Maura said as she reached out but when Jane looked at her, she was enraged. Maura knew it wasn't at her but it still made her heart ache to see such a look on the normally teasing and smile Jane.

There was silence for a moment before one of the teens, a pale skinned giant of a male with a black and green fauxhawk, black shirt with a green skull and green pants stepped forward, a crude smirk on his face. "I did it," he said, his tenor ranged voice sounding smug to Jane's ears.

The group of teens grew quiet as Jane stepped forward to him with a scowl. "Apologize to her."

"Why should I?" The teen asked with a sneer.

"Because I'll make you otherwise," Jane responded.

The boy looked at her, his eyes narrowed in amusement. "And how will you do that? You going to bitch at me until I do?"

Jane let a smirk form on her face and without warning, she went for a knee to the groin but his larger hand blocked her knee, only for Jane's right hook to collided with the left side of his face, which sent the teen on one knee and with a hard knee to the middle of his face, the teen fell to his back, blood seeping down his nose.

"Ow…." The teen grumbled.

"Apologize," Jane demanded as she stepped in between his legs and lifted her right foot right above his groin before she stomped on it hard.

"Fuck! I apologize!" The teen wheezed out in pain.

Jane removed her foot and said "Good." Jane smiled and walked to a stunned Maura and asked "Ready for lunch?"

Maura nodded, unable to speak.

During the walk to Storico and even after placing the order, Maura was a mixed ball of confusion as she sat across from Jane as she ate her fries, that beside her medium well done steak from her plate.

Storico was a very large restaurant but the pair were currently sitting in the lunch area, which was predominantly white in color with dozens of white plates, cups and other assortments lining the wallas around them.

Behind Maura was a wooden bar area and behind Jane, there were yellow color cushioned seats lining up the wall. It was a nice little restaurant but all Maura could do was stare at Jane. The way Jane had instantly stepped to her offense and fought…well…beat the man that had touched her made Maura feel…



Cared for.

"You gonna stare at my beautiful mug all day or are you going to eat your…Whatever that is before it gets cold?" Jane questioned with an amused tone.

Maura snapped out of staring and flushed a bit and replied "Jane, It is Risotto with braised chestnuts and piave vecchio."

"All I see is rice with a whole bunch of unneeded stuff," Jane said but Maura could tell she was teasing her due to the glint in her eyes.

"You're incorrigible," Maura giggled out.

Jane winked and began to eat again but Maura as Maura lifted up a spoon to eat, she found herself staring at the girl again. Jane happened to glance up at her and Maura felt her face heat up again.

Her blushing around Jane had become a bad habit.

"Okay Maura, "What's going on with you?" Jane asked curiously. "Ever since that scuffle, you've been staring at me…More than usual."

"I just…Can't believe you did that for me," Maura said. "Without any hesitation, you defended my honor."

"I mean, I'm not going to sit by when someone is attacked. Not my style," Jane said. "It's why I want to be a cop so damn bad."

"You want to be a police officer?" Maura asked.

"Damn right. I have a knack for it. Me and my friend Frost are racing to become cops and…Oh…" Jane suddenly grew quiet.

"Frost? Who is he?" Maura asked, disheartened to see Jane's excited look melt into sadness.

"He was my best friend. Knew each other since we were like 10," Jane said. "Hell, more than that. I counted him as my brother. My whole family did. He was an army brat so after 7 years, his father packed him and his family up and moved to god knows where…I miss that big-headed bastard."

"Do you still talk to him over the phone?" Maura asked.

"You kidding me? The long distance calling would get me murdered," Jane joked. "However, we have been writing letters. Despite me not liking that at all. But anyways, that's beside the point. I know it'll take a lot of hard work but I'm going to become the best cop of all of Boston. Just you wait and see."

At first, Maura felt herself feeling concern over the dangerous job but as she looked at the determination in Jane's eyes, she felt herself slowly smiling. "After getting to know you and you defending me like that, I think you have the makings to be great one," Maura replied.

Jane's wide smile quickly told Maura she had said the right thing.

After their lunch, the exhausted girls ordered a cab and made their way back to the hotel. It had just turned 8:25 P.M when the elevator dinged on Maura's floor. Jane and Maura stepped off the elevator and the pair and walked to Maura's door.

Maura stood in front of Jane and said "Well…I guess this is goodnight for now."

"Yeah…" Jane said with a disappointed tone. "I had a great time. Even with the brief skirmish included."

"I did too…" Maura replied.

"So…You got anything planned tomorrow?" Jane asked. "I mean, if you want to hit me up for a date again, I'm free."

"That was a date?" Maura asked with a dusting of red on her cheeks.

Jane wanted to say no and apologize for the dumbass joke but instead of doing that, Jane gave her a lopsided grin and said "I mean, a nice trek around a museum, a little fight and lunch? I consider that a date."

Maura let out a small laugh and said "Then Jane, I had fun on our date." The two girls let out a small laugh before Maura suddenly leaned forward and kissed Jane on the cheek, causing Jane to freeze in surprise.

Her lips were…soft…

Maura pulled away and said "That's for protecting my honor earlier. I truly mean it."

"U-Um…" Jane responded, flustered beyond belief. She hadn't felt so flustered since she and Casey had their first kiss. "H-Hey, anytime. Especially if I get that again," Jane finished, her voice getting stronger near the end.

"I'll see you tomorrow…Drop by at any time, okay?" Maura asked softly.

"Okay…" Jane replied, her voice just as soft. Maura shot her another smile and opened the door.

Jane took a few steps back, offering a small wave to Maura before she shut it behind her before she turned around began to walk away only to leap up and let out an excited "Whoo!" unable to wipe the goofy smile off her face.

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