Chapter specific warnings: x-rated action forthcoming!

I've marked it with a double page-break, in case you would like to skip it.

Rest assured that if I should ever require your services as a knight again, I will ask. But, I promise, you will always be able to say no...

I'm afraid I must break my promise to you, Link. Once again, Hyrule needs you. I need you...

The world seemed to spiral for a moment, and Link blinked, simultaneously taking a deep breath. Honestly, what he really wanted to do, more than anything, was look to Sheik, already knowing that he would find all the strength he needed in those comforting ruby eyes, but he forced his gaze to remain on Zelda. And then he forced a big, fat, fake smile onto his face.

"N-not just a social call, then, huh?" he chuckled, fully aware of how fraudulent he must have sounded.

Still holding both of his hands in hers, Zelda gave them an almost desperate squeeze. Completely losing her usual composure, she began to babble. "It's nothing like before, Link! I promise! This is only temporary, and you won't be alone, this time. But, it's important, and I do need you. Both of you," she added, looking at Sheik.

Link finally did look at Sheik, then, but not before first glancing down at his hands, which were still being held by Zelda's. At the not so subtle cue, she mercifully released him.

Sheik bowed his head respectfully as they both looked at him, and he cleared his throat. "Forgive me, Your Grace, but, um, why is it that you need me?"

"Because you are the best tracker the Sheikah have seen in decades," Zelda replied, matter-of-factly.

Link's eyebrows shot up to his hairline. It seemed his boyfriend had been being rather modest about his skills.

Sheik's ears turned crimson, and Link was quite sure that the cheeks under his mask were probably the same shade, as well.

"... Um... I see," Sheik said, blinking rapidly, obviously flustered by the praise. "So we'll be tracking something, then?"

Realization hit Link like a ton of bricks. "Those strange tracks we found in East Necluda... is that what this is about?"

Zelda glanced around. Most of the villagers had begun to disperse, but some were still milling about. About half of Zelda's guards were hanging back, keeping a watchful but respectful distance from their queen.

"As I said, there is much to discuss. But, yes, those tracks you found are a part of it. I promise, I will explain everything tomorrow."

"Alright," Link conceded, forcing another smile onto his face.

The sun was low on the horizon by the time Sheik and Link had begun to head back up the road that lead to their houses.

Link was wearing that unreadable look, again. The one he got when he was withdrawing into himself, deep in thought. Sheik desperately wanted to hold his hand, but as they were technically still in public, he reigned in the urge.

When they drew near to Sheik's house, Link finally spoke.

"Have you eaten, yet?"

"No, I didn't have time before the Queen arrived."

"Come over, then?" Link asked, expression suddenly edging into puppy-dog-eyes territory. Sheik nodded, smiling under his mask.

As soon as they had entered Link's house and Link had closed the door, he turned to Sheik and wrapped his arms around him, drawing him close. Sheik uttered a small sound of surprise, before wrapping his own arms around Link's back.

"Sorry," Link mumbled into the cowl around Sheik's neck, "I've just been wanting to hold you for a while."

"I don't mind," Sheik smiled, "you can hold me as long as you like."

"Mmm. Don't tempt me," Link smiled, pulling back and kissing Sheik on the forehead, since his mouth was still covered. Speaking of which, Sheik reached up and removed the mask, then unwound the cowl from his neck. He deposited them both on the counter, before leaning up and giving Link a proper kiss on the mouth.

"Are you alright?" Sheik asked, reaching up and gently sweeping Link's bangs out of his eyes.

"Yes," Link answered, confidently. "I am, really." He planted another kiss on Sheik before gently pulling away and heading over to his icebox. "I mean, I was definitely thrown off, at first. Honestly felt like I was going to pass out for a split second, there, really..." He shook his head, and turned back around, a plate of leftover meaty rice balls in his hand. He placed it on the table and grabbed a second plate from the cupboard, gesturing for Sheik to sit down. He pushed the full plate towards him so that he could take what he wanted, before digging in himself.

"But I thought about it while we were walking up here," Link continued, around mouthfuls of his cold dinner, "she's not trying to rip my life away from me. She's not making me her personal knight, or sending me on some idiot-forsaken, goddess-appointed quest. She just needs my help with something. I can do that. Right?"

Sheik swallowed his food before meeting Link's eyes. "Are you asking me, or yourself?"

Link paused for a moment, before chuckling. "You and that therapist grandmother of yours."

They finished the rest of their meal in amiable silence. Even cold, it was still delicious - Link truly was a very good cook. Sheik gazed at Link from across the table, and found no traces of concern or worry on his handsome face. In fact, he almost looked content. Sheik couldn't help but smile.

Link caught him. "What?" he asked, with a small smile of his own.

Sheik blushed. "... It's lame..."

"Tell me."

"I'm... just happy that you're happy." Sheik shrugged. "A couple of months ago, being called back into the queen's service would have been one of your worst nightmares. You're taking it extremely well."

"It's really all thanks to you, you know," Link said, seriously. "You're the one that helped me see the bigger picture. Helped me realize that, not only do I deserve a shot at being happy, but that not everyone is out to rip that happiness away from me, either."

"I hope that's not a hero complex I'm detecting, there," Sheik half joked.

"It's not," Link said seriously, shaking his head, "I would hope I'd know how to recognize that, by now."

Sheik laughed, then stood up and grabbed both of their empty plates. He walked over to the sink and put them in, then felt Link pressing himself against his back. He snaked his arms around Sheik's chest, and Sheik instantly lifted his hands up to hold them.

"I love you," Link said into his ear. "I don't care if it's too soon, or even if you don't completely feel the same way, yet, but I can't deny it. I love you, Sheik."

"I do feel the same way. I love you, too, Link," Sheik said, heart bursting. He tipped his head back to rest the side of his face against Link's.

And then one of his hairsticks nearly took out Link's eye.

"Ow," Link said suddenly, pulling away and laughing.

Sheik laughed, too, turning around to assess the damage. There wasn't any, thankfully.

"Shit, I'm sorry! This hair really is a pain to manage, sometimes. Perhaps I should take a page out of the queen's book and just take my sword to it," Sheik continued to laugh, but Link looked absolutely scandalized, all trace of humour vanishing in an instant.

"Don't you dare," he breathed, genuine horror evident in his voice. He reached up and gently removed the hairsticks, causing Sheik's braid to tumble down his back. "This hair was spun by the goddesses themselves. It would be an absolute sin to cut it..." Link pulled the braid forward over Sheik's shoulder and held it in his hands. He fingered the tie at the end for a moment, before glancing up into Sheik's eyes.

"May I?" he asked, and Sheik nodded. Link carefully removed the tie, and slowly began to unwind the braid. He let the soft strands of hair flow through his fingers as he worked, an almost reverent expression on his face.

For some reason, Sheik almost had the feeling that he was being undressed, and something stirred deep within him. His heart rate picked up slightly and, all of a sudden, he realized he wanted more. Much more.

He reached up and gently took Link's hands, halting his actions. He raised those hands to his mouth and kissed them, before looking up into Link's eyes. When their eyes met, Sheik momentarily felt like all of the breath had been knocked out of him, but he held fast onto those brilliant sapphires, and the next thing he knew, Link's lips had crashed into his.

Everything happened very quickly after that. Sheik submitted to the kiss instantly, his eyes fluttering closed, his hands moving up to wrap tightly around Link's shoulders. Link's arms moved in turn to surround Sheik, one hand on his neck, the other at the small of his back, pressing their bodies together. The moment Link's tongue ran over his lips, he gladly opened his mouth to allow him in. Their tongues entwined, and Sheik suddenly found his backside bumping into the edge of Link's dining table.

Struck by an impulsive idea, he deftly hopped up onto the table without breaking the kiss, and parted his legs to allow Link to settle between his thighs. Before he even realized what he was doing, he grasped Link's hips and firmly pulled him closer, and was surprised to feel the beginnings of an arousal - one to match his own - pressing through the fabric of Link's pants. The feel of that semi-hard length against him nearly caused every one of his brain cells to abandon ship, and he suddenly had to consciously stop himself from thrusting his own hips forward.

Link paused for a moment to take in their very suggestive position, then he looked into Sheik's eyes. The question was not voiced, but it couldn't be any clearer.

"I want you," Sheik answered the unspoken query, his eyes lidded, his voice low and breathless.

"A-are you sure?" Link, bless him, looked incredibly nervous but, to his credit, he didn't break their eye contact.

"Yes," Sheik said, nodding. Then he added, "if... if you'll have me."

Link's eyes widened for a fraction of a second. "Of course! I mean, oh goddesses Sheik, I want you, too." He raised both of his hands up to Sheik's face, and gently stroked his cheeks with his thumbs.

"Only if you're sure. I... I don't want to, um, take advantage of your... emotional state... or anything..."

Link was already shaking his head, a small smile upon his lips. "Sheik, you aren't taking advantage of anything. I want this just as much as you do."

Sheik's heart was pounding, and his thoughts were going haywire, but he was sure of this - in fact, he'd never been so sure of anything in his life. "Alright, then."


Sheik tilted his head forward and pressed their lips together once again. Link eagerly returned the kiss, his hands slipping from Sheik's face to dive into his hair, effectively freeing it from the rest of its braid, and then they moved to trace down the sides of Sheik's body. Sheik's hands were everywhere on Link - his hair, his shoulders, his back.

Link broke the kiss to draw in a badly needed breath, and dipped his head down to start kissing Sheik's neck. He instantly threw his head back to give him more access, and when Link started to lightly suck on the tender flesh, Sheik let out an involuntary - and, to his mild embarrassment, very lewd-sounding - moan. It only seemed to spur Link on, however, as he gave a pleased hum and started to add a few light nips. Unable to take it anymore, Sheik wrapped his legs around Link's waist and finally rolled his hips forward, delighting in the friction it caused - and the light moan it elicited from his partner.

Link abruptly halted his assault on the Sheikah's neck, and moved his hands down to grasp the underside of his thighs. In a show of strength, Link easily lifted him from the table, as if he weighed nothing, and immediately headed towards the stairs leading up to his bedroom. Sheik kept his legs and arms wrapped around him, and busied himself with kissing and nibbling the shell of the Hylian's ear. Link climbed the stairs quickly and then, very gently, laid Sheik down on the bed. He hovered over him for a moment, simply staring into his eyes.

"We're really going to do this," Link said, an adorable look of innocent wonderment on his face. Sheik suspected that he was wearing a very similar expression, himself.

They were kissing again, seemingly unable to keep their mouths off of each other, and Sheik was quickly becoming most unsatisfied with the amount of clothing they were both still wearing. Shyness be damned, he wanted it all out of the way. Now.

His hands found the hem of Link's Champion's tunic and began to tug it upwards, Link quickly catching on and lifting himself enough to allow Sheik to pull it off in one smooth motion, undershirt and all. Sheik relished the feel of the warm, bare skin that was now under his hands. Link's fingers moved in turn to start working on the various buckles and clasps on Sheik's armour. He soon had to break their kiss again in order to concentrate on the task, however, the sheer number of fastenings being nearly impossible to manage blind.

Having little success, Link let out a sound somewhere between a laugh and a frustrated growl. "Who designed these things?" he asked in amusement.

"Clearly not someone who was enjoying regular romps in the bedroom," Sheik lamented, taking pity on Link and beginning to work on the various straps and buckles himself. Link smiled and resumed his assault on the Sheikah's neck, kissing and marking whatever skin he could reach.

After what seemed like forever, Sheik finally finished unfastening everything, and Link eagerly began helping him to remove the outfit. He started with the arm wrappings, then the shoulder pauldrons, and finally, the shirt itself. As he pulled it upwards, Link slowly, teasingly kissed all up the length of Sheik's torso. Once the garment was finally over Sheik's head and had been blindly tossed aside, Link moved back to take a nipple in his mouth. He deftly teased it with his tongue, while gently squeezing the other with his fingers, causing Sheik to gasp and even let out a few soft moans.

The tightness in his already too-tight pants was becoming nearly unbearable by this point, and he tried shifting under Link's ministrations enough to shimmy out of them himself. Link didn't take long to notice.

"Eager, are we?" he teased.

"Shut up," Sheik playfully groused, "so are you." He reached between Link's legs, surprising even himself with his boldness, and cupped the very hard erection he found through the fabric of his pants, giving it a light squeeze. The touch nearly caused Link to collapse onto him.

"Point taken," he gasped. He mercifully decided to help Sheik out the rest of his clothes, the skintight fabric of the pants practically needing to be peeled from his legs. Link then took a moment to take in the sight of the now fully exposed Sheikah, and he was left nearly breathless. Sheik couldn't help but feel a little self-conscious, and felt his already flushed cheeks heating up even more.

"Goddesses, Sheik... you're so incredibly beautiful," Link reassured him, before allowing his fingers to carefully trace down Sheik's sides, eventually settling on his hips. "Hylia help me..."

Sheik smiled, self-consciousness already melting away.

"Your turn," Sheik reminded him, looking pointedly at Link's pants. Link reacted immediately, and proceeded to remove them at a pace that was almost comic. Definitely not wanting to miss any of that, Sheik propped himself up on his elbows to get a better view, and drank in the sight of him. He had felt Link's body under his clothes before, but nothing compared to properly seeing it. He was extremely well toned - not quite as lithe as Sheik, but not bulky, either. He was covered in scars - mostly fine, thin ones, but some bigger, more ragged ones as well. A permanent testament to the price of being the Chosen Hero. In Sheik's opinion, the marks simply added to his beauty, and he was seized by the urge to kiss every last one of them.

Link swallowed, and suddenly looked nervous again, slightly unsure of what to do next. Taking some initiative, Sheik sat up to meet him. In another bold move, he raised himself up to sit astride Link's lap, surprising them both, and drew him into another kiss.

"You're beautiful, too, Link," he said, drawing back just enough to look into his eyes, and he ran his hands lovingly down over the front of his scarred chest. He moved his mouth down to start kissing some of those scars, starting with one on his shoulder, occasionally flicking his tongue out to run over the slightly raised skin.

"Ohh gods... Sheik..."

Link buried his hands in the softness of Sheik's hair, arching his chest into Sheik's touches. He kissed his hair a few times, and then, wanting skin, he moved to his ear, then the juncture of his neck and shoulder. When Sheik abandoned kissing Link's scars in favour of tipping his head back and moaning lightly, Link hugged him more closely and began to suck at the hollow of his throat. Their lips eventually found each other's again, and they kissed heatedly, clinging desperately to each other as their tongues dove into each other's mouths.

"Sheik," Link asked, lips still pressed to the other's lips, "may I touch you?"

Sheik knew immediately what Link meant. Their arousals were pressed between them - hard, proud, and very obvious.

"Yes," he whispered back. When Link's hand slipped down between them to gently grasp Sheik's shaft, he couldn't help but gasp into Link's mouth. His eyes nearly rolled back into his head as they fluttered closed, and he softly gripped his nails into Link's shoulders.

"You can touch me, too..." Link breathed, and Sheik found his trembling hand already moving down, almost of its own accord. His fingers closed around the hot, velvety flesh, and it was Link's turn to gasp. It was so different from touching his own, and Sheik almost felt tears pricking at his eyes, the intimacy of what they were doing actually causing him to become physically emotional.

He squeezed his eyes shut as they both began to stroke each other and, perhaps it was because it was his first time doing this with someone else, but it didn't take long at all for a tight, pleasant tension to begin coiling low in Sheik's belly.

"Oh Link... Oh gods..." he moaned shamelessly into Link's ear, completely unable to control himself. "Aahh... ngh!"

They both climaxed at nearly the same moment, Sheik burying his cry into Link's shoulder, Link groaning softly into Sheik's hair. They both panted for a moment, before Link reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a cloth.

"I didn't... quite mean for that to happen yet," Link said, a little sheepishly.

"It's okay," Sheik whispered, smiling, as Link wiped up the mess. Tossing the cloth aside, Link then cupped Sheik's face in his hands while Sheik looked back, almost dazedly, into his eyes.

"Are you absolutely sure you want to keep going?" Link asked.

Sheik nodded quickly. "Yes," he breathed, almost surprising himself with how badly he wanted this, how badly he wanted Link.

"Okay." Link kissed him again, tenderly, passionately. Without breaking the kiss, he lifted himself onto his knees, taking Sheik with him, and carefully lowered him down onto his back once more. Link sat up and slid his hands down Sheik's chest, his stomach, and over his hips, smoothly letting them come to rest on his open thighs. Sheik shivered in anticipation.

Smiling, Link leaned down and kissed Sheik once more, and then reached over to the nightstand again. This time, he pulled open the drawer and withdrew a glass jar. At Sheik's quizzical look, Link opened the jar and dipped his fingers into the slick substance and held them up for Sheik to see. "Um, it's oil. I have to get you ready first, and apparently this will make things go a lot... more smoothly," he chuckled.

Understanding dawned quickly, and Sheik let out a chuckle of his own. "I see. I have to admit, I was actually a little worried about that part..."

Link's face changed instantly. "W-we don't have to! Please don't think I'm expecting you to-"

Sheik interrupted him by grabbing the oil-coated hand and guiding it down between his legs (where was all of this boldness coming from?!) and giving Link the most meaningful glare he could manage, "just get on with it."

Link looked shocked for a grand total of about half a second before he recovered, and then his face spread into a devilish grin. "As you wish."

Placing his clean hand back on Sheik's thigh, Link began by slowly circling an oiled finger around Sheik's entrance. Even that was enough to make Sheik gasp and arch his back slightly up off of the bed. No one had ever touched him there before - hell, he'd barely ever touched himself there before - and it was incredibly sensitive. A wave of embarrassment threatened to overtake him, but he managed to stave it off by reminding himself how much he trusted Link.

Breath coming in ragged gasps, he fisted his hands in the sheets and willed his body to relax, and soon Link was gently pressing his finger in. Thanks to the oil, it went in easily, but it still caused Sheik to let out a soft moan, and he raised a fist to his open mouth. He was quickly becoming quite undone under the Hylian's very intimate touches. He could already feel himself growing hard again.

"Is that alright?" Link asked, oh so softly, his care and concern causing Sheik's heart to swell despite the myriad of sensations coursing throughout his body.

As breathless as he was, Sheik could only nod enthusiastically. Yes, yes it was definitely alright. Link's finger in him was... strange - it definitely felt foreign - but at the same time, it felt... really good. He simultaneously wanted to pull away, and thrust himself further onto it.

"Tell me if it's too much..."

"I'm okay," Sheik gasped, cracking his eyes open to meet Link's gaze, "keep going."

After he had relaxed some more, Link added a second finger, and eventually, a third. It was always painful at first, but it never took very long for Sheik to adjust.

With his free hand, Link lifted one of Sheik's legs and hooked it over his shoulder, hugging it to himself as he softly kissed the inner thigh. The new angle seemed to deepen the sensation of the fingers inside him, and Sheik could only gasp and whine in pleasure. If he hadn't been feeling so damn amazing, he might have had enough sense to be embarrassed by the noises pouring out of him.

"Oh gods Link..." he moaned.

Link continued to patiently stretch him open by gently thrusting his fingers in and out, and occasionally scissoring them. But then Link started to slowly curl his fingers around a little, and something happened...


A bolt of pleasure had shot through Sheik's body like lightning, causing stars to dance behind his closed eyelids. He opened his eyes and lifted his head to look at Link, who was looking quite proud of himself.

"What was that?!"

"This?" Link asked, smirking slightly. He cheekily looked Sheik dead in the eye and stroked that same spot again.

"Link!" Sheik cried out, squeezing his eyes shut again, "yes, that! Ohh fuuuck..."

"Hee. I can't believe I actually found it..." Link mused, almost to himself. Sheik was too delirious with pleasure to care what the hell he was talking about. He threw his face to the side, balling one fist into the sheets, the other grasping his pillow. He was an absolute mess, positively writhing under Link's touch.

Link withdrew his fingers then, leaving Sheik feeling almost painfully empty, and carefully placed his leg back down on the bed. Sheik opened his eyes to find Link once again holding the jar of oil. He could see that Link had grown hard again, as well, likely more than a little turned on by watching Sheik coming completely and utterly undone. Link scooped some more oil out of the jar, and proceeded to coat his shaft with the slick substance, tossing the jar onto the nightstand and wiping his hand on the cloth.

"Are you ready, love?"

"Oh gods, yes," Sheik breathed.

Grinning at Sheik's state, Link positioned himself over him, pressing their chests together. He used one hand to guide himself, while the other tangled in Sheik's hair. Pausing for just a moment to savour their shared eye contact, he took a deep breath before kissing Sheik tenderly on the mouth. The tip of his member met Sheik's entrance, and he gently began to push. As he pressed, the pressure built ever so slowly, and Sheik squeezed his eyes shut and let out the smallest whimper.

He willed himself once again to relax, and then suddenly Sheik gasped at the same time that Link moaned. He was in him. And it hurt - oh it hurt so much more than the fingers had - but the pain was worth every ounce of the veritable flood of emotions that threatened to burst from Sheik's chest. The tears did come, this time, from both the pain and the nearly overwhelming emotion, and a quiet sob caught in his throat.

Link was startled. "Sheik! Are you alright?"

Sheik could only close his eyes and nod, causing a couple of tears to slip free. Finally, he forced his tongue to work, "y-yeah..." he stuttered out, "it... ha... it h-hurts a little..."

"Should I-" Link fretted, beginning to shift his weight back.

"No!" Sheik's eyes flew open and he clutched onto Link's back like his life depended on it. "Please don't. Just... give me a minute?"

"Of course," Link whispered, keeping his body absolutely still, only dipping his head down enough to kiss Sheik's tears, softly stroking his cheeks with his thumbs, "oh, love..."

Closing his eyes again, Sheik focused on regulating his breathing. Years of intensely focused warrior training had, at the very least, given him some modicum of control over nearly every muscle in his body, and it turned out that this particular one wasn't really much different. Soon, the pain subsided enough to be manageable, and Sheik opened his eyes, red meeting blue, and he nodded. "Okay," he breathed, "just... start slow..."

Link nodded in turn, then kissed Sheik's lips again before he slowly, gently began to move. The pain returned at first, and Sheik gritted his teeth, almost considering asking Link to stop again, but it wasn't long before a sense of pleasure began to mix with the pain. Link kept the pace extremely slow, and Sheik couldn't help but marvel at his self-restraint. His heart melted at how lovingly Link was treating him.

Pain steadily lessening, Sheik found himself finally able to focus on the act, itself. The feeling of Link inside of him was one of absolute fullness - both literally and figuratively. They were truly one - joined together as close as two people could physically be, and he marvelled at just how incredible it felt - physically and emotionally.

Burying his hands in Link's hair, Sheik desperately kissed him once again, and experimentally began to roll his hips upward to meet Link's movements. Encouraged, Link began to move a little faster, and Sheik couldn't stop himself from softly moaning into Link's mouth - much to the Hylian's delight. Though before long, Link was making some sounds of his own, and had to pull away from the kiss in order to put all of his concentration into his task.

Pain long gone now and fully immersed in nothing but pleasure, Sheik began to match Link's thrusts more eagerly. That drove Link to pick up the pace even more and, together, they found their rhythm. When Link did something to adjust his angle, and he began to hit that special spot again, Sheik couldn't help the cries that poured out of his open mouth. The room was soon filled with the percussive sound of skin on skin and a carnal chorus of gasps and breathless moans.

"Sheik... you feel absolutely amazing," Link whispered between pants.

"Ah... you do, too... oh gods Link..."

The entire world fell away. It was just the two of them, the only two souls in existence. Bodies and hearts joined together as one, everything outside of their immediate space disappeared completely as they thoroughly and absolutely surrendered everything to each other.

Link found one of Sheik's hands and gently pinned it beside his head, lacing their fingers together, and he buried his other hand in the Sheikah's hair, kissing his face and neck whenever he had enough breath to do so. He moved quickly and steadily now, chasing his own pleasure, as much as giving it. Sheik draped his free arm over Link's neck, and wrapped his legs around his waist. Their eyes met again, and Sheik was lost.

"Link..." he moaned, "oh Link I'm close..." He squeezed his eyes shut and tipped his head back, fully expecting to be tumbling over the edge at any second.

Link beat him to it. Letting out a long, low moan, he suddenly snapped his hips fully forward, his entire body tensing and shuddering, and Sheik could feel his hot release filling him. It was more than enough to send him over, and he came with a sharp cry of his own, spilling his own seed between them once again. It was far more intense than the first orgasm. Waves of euphoria crashed over his entire body - his back arched, his toes curled, and his fingers dug into the tender flesh of Link's back. Link continued to gently rock into him a few more times, as they rode out the sensations together. He finally stilled, resting his head on Sheik's shoulder.

After a few moments, he lifted his head and caressed Sheik's face, staring into his eyes, the action speaking far louder than words ever could. Sheik stared back, until they both tilted their chins towards each other and kissed slowly and deeply. As they both still needed to catch their breaths, however, Link soon rested his head back onto Sheik's shoulder. He pulled out of him, then, and Sheik almost whined at the loss of that fullness inside of him, but thankfully restrained himself. They continued to simply lay there, both panting and quietly basking in the afterglow.

As he held onto his lover, breathing in his scent, Sheik was dimly aware that he was wearing a bit of a dazed smile on his face, his mind lazily processing what they had just done. The thought that they had just shared something so profoundly intimate, had been so absolutely and completely connected, was nearly overwhelming. Sheik had never felt so much all at once, and it was the most amazing feeling he'd ever experienced. The biologist in him knew that a multitude of brain chemicals were responsible for this blissful, post-orgasmic haze, but he didn't care. He simply soaked it up and enjoyed it.

He wasn't sure how much time had passed - seconds? Minutes? Days? Who knew - but he suddenly registered that Link was smiling down at him, nothing but adoration in his beautiful blue eyes. He leaned down and placed his lips on Sheik's again, but this time he simply held a long, lazy kiss for several seconds before pulling back. Link flopped down beside him then, and raised a hand to caress Sheik's face. Sheik turned towards him, happily nuzzling his face into Link's touch.

"That was... pretty damn incredible." Link said, looking directly into Sheik's eyes.

"It was," Sheik agreed. "I highly suggest we do it again sometime."

"Gladly," Link grinned, and reached over to the nightstand to grab the cloth. "It's pretty messy business, though," he laughed sheepishly, carefully wiping them them both of said mess. He tossed the cloth aside and reached down to pull the blankets up over the both of them. He then wrapped his arms around Sheik, drawing him in to snuggle against his chest.

"Did it hurt a lot?" Link asked, burying his lips in Sheik's hair, concern evident in his voice.

"It did at first. But it... got better." Sheik smiled into Link's chest. "A lot better."

"Good," Link said, sounding relieved. "I'm sorry I came first. I swear, I was trying to hold back. I mean, I got pretty carried away near the end, but before that..."

Sheik couldn't help but chuckle. "Someone has to come first. I was honestly quite impressed at your self-control. At least at the beginning," he smirked. "Not that I have much basis for comparison, of course."

"Me neither. I guess we can figure all of this stuff out together, huh?" Link sighed contentedly, closing his eyes and tightening his hold a little. "I love you, Sheik."

"I love you, too," Sheik said, allowing his eyes to slip closed. He was suddenly so very tired. Judging by the already steady feel of Link's breathing, he wasn't the only one.