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Saw two separate things about Jason/Red Hood: the first of which is being a care taker for the poor and abused, this leading to him getting the name Papa Hood. This led me to think what would happen if I threw in Marinette who has already defeated Hawkmoth and as the Guardian of the Miraculous Box moved to Gotham to start over. This is what I got.


"Papa Hood!" Turning around Jason sees a group of children running toward him, kneeling down he lets them jump on top of him as he stands back up. Swinging the few hanging off his arms, he walks towards the entrance of the orphanage.

"Don't you look chipper in your new sweaters." Jason comments, the two children on his arms drop down. The young girl skips in front of him and twirls showing off a wool dress underneath the dark purple sweater.

"Isn't it pretty? Mrs Marinette made all of us some clothes!"

"Oh?" Jason asks, nodding at the matron as he heads to the kitchen. "And just who is this Marinette?"

"Red!" The cook laughs shooing out the kids. "D'they tell you about our newest helper?"

"Something like that," Jason states, putting up the groceries he had brought. Pulling off his gloves he quickly washes his hands and jumps in helping make the food. "So? Who is she?"

"Some little french woman. Said she moved here a few years ago." Cook states, plopping the pot down on the stove. "Something about needing to get away from Paris. Apparently they had a supervillain who used people's negative emotions against them."

Jason turns his head toward him, flashing him a look. Cook just roars with laughter, dropping the meat in the pot. They stay quiet for a while, simply working to put together a few dinners that can be frozen if needed.

"You know, you'd like her. She saw what Batman and Robin were wearing and she just started going off. Was happy that you took that stupid helmet back off too." Cook mentions just as Jason goes to take a drink. Laughter echoes in the kitchen as Jason bangs on his chest, water dripping down his chin. Blue eyes glare at the man from behind a red mask. "Couldn't help myself, but it is true. She opened up a boutique and does everything herself. Said she happened to see this place on a walk and wanted to help."

"What kind of walk was she taking to wind up down here?"

"Who knows."

Two hours later he went on his way, promising the cook to come back in a couple weeks to help again. He stays for a little while longer once the kids converge around him. One little girl asking him to read a little to her, how could he not once she showed him it was a classic?

He leaves the orphanage after another hour, the kids calling after him. Checking the time he takes a quick turn down an alleyway and up onto a roof. He needed to go check on Rebecca who is twenty minutes away, faster by roof. Her ex has been trying to get her to come back, even after the hospital visit from the last time she did. It is just as he is landing on the roof next door that he hears the yelling. Diving off the side, Jason catches himself on the fire escape and swings feet first into the window.

Rolling up onto his feet ignoring the glass falling out of his hair, he freezes at the sight of a small black haired woman pinning Rebecca's ex. The ex who is six foot three and two hundred pounds. The woman turns her head, burning blue eyes pin him from behind loose strands of hair. With a quick motion, the woman pops the ex in the back of the head with her elbow before dashing between him and Rebecca.

Jason stands up holding his palms out, the woman slowly relaxes as she takes in just who came bursting into the apartment. The woman's face flushes before she turns and kneels next to Rebecca. Jason watches as with gentle hands the woman brushes Rebecca's hair back, tracing the bruises in the air.

"Can you bring me a bowl of warmish water and a bowl of cold? Also three towels." Jason gleefully steps on the ex's fingers as he heads into the kitchen. Within moments Jason is kneeling next to the women, holding the two bowls. "Thank you."

She takes one of the towels and rings out the excess warm water. Smiling softly at Rebecca she tenderly whips off the blood from her nose and mouth. Slowly she keeps going back and forth until all the blood is gone. Grabbing a new towel she dips it into the cold water and rings it out. Folding the towel up a small bit she holds it against Rebecca's cheek, where a dark purple bruise is already forming. After two minutes she redips the towel and holds it against Rebecca's eye. With her free hand she brushes the tears slipping down Rebecca's face, her expression never changing.

"No reason to cry." The woman states, "You tried to stop him from coming in, that takes bravery."

"B-but he st-still got in."

"That does not negate that you tried. All that matters is you told him no."

Jason steps away, leaving the cold water bowl and dry towel by the woman's side. He brings the dirty water and towel back into the kitchen. Taking his gloves and jacket off to roll up his sleeves, pulls the bleach out from under the sink. He fills one side with hot water, bleach and soap. He ignores the whispers in the living room as they get louder for a moment before disappearing altogether. Rinsing the towel in the other sink he checks it to make sure all the blood is out, before washing it with just the soap and hot water - leaving it to hang dry over the faucet. He places the bowl in the drying rack, letting the dirty water drain he quickly cleans out the sink and dries the whole area off. Turning he finds the woman leaning against the counter by his jacket and gloves.

"Shit, don't just sneak up on a person."

"Shouldn't a hero have better awareness?" She smirks, eyes bright with laughter.

"Not a hero pixie-pop." Jason states, striding over unrolling his sleeves. The woman holds out his gloves, his jacket in her other hand. "You going to give me my coat?"

She raises a brow at him, before holding the jacket in front of her. Blue eyes tracing the leather jacket, turning it so look at the inside of it. Her nose scrunches up before she hands it back to him.

"Sure, you can have that thing back." A groan interupts her from the hallway. "Once you're done with taking the trash out, come see me. I live on the top floor of this building, right above Rebecca."

The woman watches as Jason picks up the knocked out man, holding the door open for him she locks it behind them. She giggles slightly as Jason turns to face her and the man's head knocks hard against the wall. His blue eyes standing out brightly against the red of his mask.

"Are you asking me on a date?"

"I'm asking to make you a better jacket then the sorry excuse you're wearing." She smiles already walking down the hall. "My name's Marinette, this is my tribute and thanks to one of Gotham's heroes."

Jason blinks as she winks at him before opening the stairway door. "Told you we aren't heroes!"

"You save people when no one else does," Marinette smiles. "That makes you a hero Red Hood."

The door swings shut behind her.

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