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Saw two separate things about Jason/Red Hood: the second one being Scarecrow gives his fear toxin, his response? To beat Scarecrow's head into a car door yelling about how he already died and isn't afraid of anything. This led me to think what would happen if I threw in Marinette who has already defeated Hawkmoth and as the Guardian of the Miraculous Box moved to Gotham to start over. This is what I got.


"I'm telling you, this woman is crazy!" Red Hood responds through the comms, swinging across the rooftops. Robin landed in a roll next to him, his green eyes narrowing down at the street. "Even Demon Spawn would have been impressed!"

"Not likely," Robin states, stepping closer to the edge of the building.

"She's shorter than you and took out a man taller than B." Red Hood snaps, looking down at the street with Robin.

"She did what?" Nightwing yelps, "Where can I meet her?"

"Focus on patrol," Red Robin snaps.

"This area is pretty crowded right now." Red Hood states, "Something going on?"

"Simona's gala," Oracle responds. "Keep an eye out, for-"

"Fuck! Get over here, we've got fear toxin!"

Red Hood jumps down, Robin following him as they start taking out some of the henchmen. At some point the crowds have thinned out, each of the bats out and fighting. Red Hood is just turning, reloading his gun when screaming reaches his ears. Twisting on the ball of his foot he sprints off and around a corner. Scarecrow is hovering over a familiar figure guarding two small children, his hand pulling back with an empty syringe.

Instantly Marinette is launching herself at Scarecrow, the children watching with wide teary eyes. Jason feels his body freeze as he watches Marinette pin the villain to the ground, her thighs squeezing Scarecrow's arms to his sides. Her feet wrapped over and around his legs - her fists slamming down over and over into his face with each word tumbling out of her mouth.

"I already lost him! You can't use him against me anymore!"

"Red Hood! You need to administer the antidote!" Oracle yells through the com. Jerking slightly, Jason jumps forward wrapping his arm around her torso, pinning her arms. Marinette starts jerking around, she even throws her head back to slam it into his face. Twisting his face out of the way he sinks the needle into her neck, her body going slack almost immediately.

"Nightwing, could I get some help over here? Got some kids too."

Nightwing swings around the corner, blue eyes wide as he takes in the sight. His brother holding a limp woman, Scarecrow knocked out and bloody with two children huddled together not even six feet away. The two children see Nightwing and scramble over to him, tears and cries falling from their lips.

"The kids okay?" Marinette whispers, blinking up at Red Hood.

"They're with Nightwing." Marinette nods her head leaning more into his body, her own shaking slightly. "What the hell were you doing out here?"

"Walking home from my boutique, it's only a couple blocks away from here."

"Why not take a cab?"

Marinette pulls away slightly, hand against her head. With a scrunched up nose and peaking out of one eye she gives him a look. "I have two perfectly fine working legs. Besides, my bike is in the shop."

"Mama Mari?" One of the kids calls, Jason feels his brain halt - his breath stopping as the woman in his arms pulls herself away from him and stands on shaking legs to walk over and kneel next to the two kids.

"What's wrong? Are you hurt at all?" Marinette's hands hover over both children's shoulders. The youngest steps closer wrapping his arms around her neck, to nuzzle close. Marinette's arm wraps around his body, holding the other out for the girl.

"We're not hurt, thank you for protecting us." The girl says stepping in for a hug, Jason shares a look with his brother, gesturing at Marinette.

"And the food!" The little boy hollers jumping back to throw his arms up.

Nightwing and Red Hood stand off to the side, ignoring the calls from Red Robin and B coming through. Marinette waves at the two children who pick up the discarded bags of food and run off. Turning around she walks over and stands in front of both of them, eyes tracing over both.

"Well at least you are wearing something decent. I also see the jacket fits well still." Marientte states, stepping up to check at the seams of the leather jacket she had made him a few nights ago. "Does it fit good when fighting?"

"Not a question I ever thought someone would ask," Nightwing laughs, rubbing at the back of his head. Marinette turns her attention to him, not noticing how close she is to Jason now - Jason who does notice, smelling cookies and bread with an underlining smell of cheese.

"Why? If I make something I want to know if it works for what it's made for." She picks up one of Jason's arms, pointing at the leather. "This was made to protect and move with him while he does whatever he needs to. Even a full acrobatics routine if needed. Of course I want to make sure it feels okay."

Dropping his arm Marinette steps closer to Nightwing, who holds his hands up slightly. "You both need to inform Batman that his attire and Robin's are both outrageous. If he wants to stick with the bat theme there are other ways to go about it. Also having such bright colors as Robin's suit is only going to make him an easier target. If the street light colors are wanted, then they can be done better with still protecting him." She turns around and waves up at the roof, before smiling once more at both of the heroes and walks off.

They stand there for a few moments longer after Marinette walks away. Robin hops down next to them, squatting down to look at Scarecrow's face. Reaching out he turns the man's face to take in all the damage.

"I take it back Todd."

"Take what back?"

Damian looks up at both of his brothers, a small smile tugging at his lips. "I am impressed."

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Hope y'all enjoyed it! Stay safe.