flower crown
Splendont / Giggles

" He would have blamed the sun for the
heat in his cheeks if it wasn't so cloudy now. "

It wasn't exactly his scene, but it did feel nice to be out here in one of Happy Tree Valley's secluded forest. Surrounded by flowers, warm sunshine beaming down, and the calm white noise of Mother Nature. Nothing else, in his book, seemed any more perfect than this. It was just the thing he needed after a busy week of saving civilians, getting into fights with his lame ass counterpart, avoiding overbearing fans, working a few part-time jobs, and the general around-the-clock duty of just being a superhero.

Doing his job and helping people in need (despite his rather cold attitude and the fact that it was more like an obligatory role rather than something that could pay the bills) was, in fact, his passion, his sole reason for being. He knew, as much as crappy 'ol blue did, just how fulfilling it was to them. It was their life force, the energy that made them thrive and push through each day. Splendont couldn't imagine, for the life of him, doing anything else other than that. But of course, he still needed a break every once-in-a-while.

Splendont didn't want to admit that he needed this moment of relaxation, away from the prying eyes and restlessness of society. He didn't want to admit it- didn't want to concede to her. After all, he was by far the most competitive resident in Happy Tree.

At the mention of his companion, his ruby-eyed stare wandered from the clouds overhead and landed on the woman sitting peacefully next to him.

Pink hair (it always looked so soft to the touch and he often found himself drawn to it, always tempted to just run his fingers through her short locks- but friends didn't do that, right?).

Red eyes (her eyes, he realized, were the best shade of red he had ever seen; better than his, even. He didn't know what that light feeling in his chest was called whenever the idea of them both having the same general eye color was passed over, pondered over, and played on repeat in his mind.).

Fair skin (at certain times together, he would look over and notice how doll-like she was. It was uncanny how perfect she looked; that level of charm should be considered improbable for humans, humans even for her. Or maybe he was just in denial.).

Giggles, as busy as she was with picking flowers from around her, thankfully hadn't noticed he was staring at her yet. Which was good, because he couldn't stand another round of her endless teasing should that happen.

Intently, he watched her pluck a few more flowers and check for imperfections before setting some aside until there was a neat pile organized by her legs. He hadn't noticed it before but he did now as his stare travelled up to the top of her head where a tidy flower crown sat. Blues, pinks, whites, reds; all sorts of colors and flowers were mixed in and yet they still looked good together. Especially on her.

Once the pinkette had deemed she had gotten enough flowers, she grabbed one, then two, before she laced them together at their stems for the beginning of a new flower crown. Splendont joked about her little fixation with flowers to which she merely giggled and continued merrily with her handiwork. (He refused to acknowledge the blush that crept to his cheeks and instead fought it back down; not today, thank you very much).

A soothing breeze blew by and a few flowers bent down slightly from the wind's push, tickling his cheek with its petals and leaves in return. He plucked one from the bunch and twirled the offending flower between his calloused fingers. Beside him, he heard a soft giggle rise up from his companion.

Damn her and her beautiful sounding laughter.

"I still don't know how you got me to hang out with you," he murmured in a soft, tired tone (something one could only hope to achieve from years of sarcasm and annoyance), and thumbed one petal before promptly pulling it off.

His companion gave him a small hum and her eyes crinkled with joy, "Mmm, who knows? Maybe you just care about me a lot?"

Immediately, he felt a rush of heat go to the tips of his ears.

Not wanting her to notice his blush, he threw out any inhibitions and prepared his usual icy persona. His glare snapped towards her and his ruby eyes narrowed even more when she fashioned a smirk under her calm expression. Cheeky, little vixen. Unfazed by his sharp look, she plucked another flower from the meadow, this one being right next to his cheek and she winked. A teasing, charming wink meant for him, and only him.

The shit was enough to make his heart flutter. Whatever smart retort he had formed was long gone by now as his whole feelings skyrocketed to cloud nine. Vaguely, he was reminded the image of a schoolgirl gushing incessantly about her celebrity crush. Unbelievable. The gods must have been crazy when they decided to bless this girl with crazy levels of charisma.

(But still, he thanked them for that sight. A treasure to the eyes, but he'd still take it to his grave.)

He huffed, convenient enough for him to avert his gaze and collect his thoughts, "Yeah right."

She laughed, another melodious one that stirred his heart into motion and his cheeks to bloom with heat, "Hahaha, okay then! Be that way, Mr. Lone Wolf."

It took Splendont a while before his brain got back to thinking, which was hard after being dealt that considerably huge blow to his sanity. His conscious thankfully reeled him back just in time when Giggles, surprised at his sudden silence, looked over at him as she looped another flower into the crown. He just focused his stare on the flower he had in his grasp instead and plucked a few more petals from the poor looking thing.

She loves me.

She loves me not.

She loves me.

She loves me not.

Skip a few lines for the perfect ending, which was fair, because he was a hero, and he knew what he was doing. (And don't you dare comment on that.)

She loves me.

That was the last petal. He twirled the stem between his fingers, satisfied, "I don't think I would be a wolf."

There was a halt that he felt in the air and he looked to see her staring, seemingly contemplating something. Her crimson eyes shone with brilliance and were filled with sentiments he hoped he could decipher one day.

"Oh, then," she started, setting down the flower crown and brushing a stray strand of hair behind her ear (his fingers itched to do it for her instead), "what animal do you see yourself then, Mr. Hero?"

He doesn't comment nor glare at the little nickname (he's gotten used to it, daresay, maybe even fond of it) but instead he closed his eyes, trying hard not to be distracted by her again. A feat which was getting harder and harder to accomplish over the last few months of their unwavering friendship.

"... A squirrel," he murmured after a good few moments of thinking, "definitely a squirrel."

"A squirrel?" She repeated as she picked back up her unfinished work, "Why do you say so?"

His mind flashed images of him watching the small critters jump from the tree tops, soar through the sky and land on the ground. He didn't want to admit that he used his powers to see it in slow motion, to admire them even more and adore the way they reminded him of superheroes landing coolly on crushed pavement. It reinvigorated his love for his role and his passion to kicking his rival's ass. Another secret that he would take to his final death.

Splendont opened his eyes and watched as she arched a brow, still waiting for his answer. He averted his gaze, feeling a light dusting of pink already spreading across his cheeks from both the attention and his reasoning. The stem twirled faster in his hand as he processed his thoughts, organized them, and then looked back at her.

"I just," he tried hard, really hard, not to stutter when he sees her smile gently, like she already understood without him relaying the words, "think they're neat. Okay?"

Giggles nodded, even if his reply was lackluster and vague in a lot of ways. But that didn't really matter, especially when she smiled wider, brighter, the kind that could make anyone fall in love with her in all of her glory. The kind that let him find peace in her joy and her positivity. The kind he had hopelessly, undoubtedly come to love and welcome.

He would have blamed the sun for the heat in his cheeks if it wasn't so cloudy now.

"How about me then?" She said, eyes crinkling with unspoken mirth and a finger pointing at herself, "What animal do you think would fit me?"

Splendont scratched at his chin as he rested his gaze on her, pondering. Giggles gave another smile before going back to work on the flower crown from before.

"I'd say a puppy at first, since they're so excitable, extremely annoying and plus they follow you everywhere." He saw her open her mouth to retort but he cuts her off before she could even get a single word out, "But, on second thought, a chipmunk suits you more."

That answer was enough to stupefy her and forget about his teasing remark. She blinked as she took a flower from the decreasing pile, "A chipmunk? Why?"

He hid his cheeky smile and shrugged, "Just 'cause."

Giggles decided not to say anymore than that, not willing to go into another debate and end up losing to him once more (between the two of them he was, much to her chagrin, wittier than her). Moments passed without another word and Splendont relaxed back into the peace that only the meadow and she could offer. Pure bliss. His eyes closed shut and he was ready to fall asleep when he heard her shuffle closer.

He sat up, rubbed his eyes, and was about to ask her what she was up to until the answer came in the form of a flower crown upon his head. He blinked and his eyes sharpened with mild annoyance.

Splendont was not one for soft things like flowers, toys, candies, anything that made him, in turn, look like a soft guy. Because he, most certainly, was not a softie.

"Wow," he muttered under gritted teeth, "definitely not stepping on my pride for this, thank you very much."

Giggles, who was already accustomed to his attitude, merely snickered at his reaction, "You're welcome, sourpuss."

Splendont's simmering anger went away as quick as it came. It was hard to stay mad at her, mainly because she was his friend and because of her good intentions, but definitely not because of the confused clusterfuck of feelings that were brewing inside of him. She was chattering now about how it suited him, how the colors had done well to contrast his fiery red theme, and something along the lines of flowers ironically matching his gruff persona. He wasn't too sure; he couldn't really pay attention, especially when he noticed how pleasing it was to just listen to the sound of her voice and to see her smile so carefree. It was nice and the very reason why he didn't mind spending time with her like this. If anyone else saw them together like this, they would see as clear as crystal how much his walls caved for a simple girl like her.

Unbeknownst to him, he had leaned closer and cupped her cheek in his hand while he was deep in his thoughts. Soft, he realized as he gingerly grazed his thumb along her cheekbones. That action alone was enough to shut her up and blush a brilliant red. Sweet, sweet payback for all the times she had flustered him in return. His eyes flitted to her lips that were drawn into a thin line and, with roaring confidence, he kissed her before she could ask what he was doing, what was up with him, et cetera, whatever went along with those lines. He couldn't really be bothered with the minute details at the moment.

The kiss was short and sweet, just like her (he'd have said it out loud but now wasn't the time, maybe he'd have to tease her about it someday soon). As he pulled away, the pinkette had unconsciously leaned closer, yearning for more, for closeness that they usually didn't get to enjoy from being mere friends, and he would have complied if it wasn't for the racing beat of his own heart.

And aside from that, he could pick up the approaching footsteps of lost hikers from a few miles away. Some of which he had recognized to be a boisterous blonde and a lousy tall blue-haired man. The last people he wanted to see and deal with. Which meant that his fun was over. Boo.

Splendont got up, half-thankful for the excuse and half-resenting the disturbance, "Come on, I'm hungry."

Giggles sputtered and followed after the tall redhead, catching up a few seconds later and scolding him for the surprise kiss. He had laced his fingers through hers when he felt their knuckles brush together during her rant. She didn't seem to mind.

Especially when she kept it interlaced even when they reached the diner.

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