let's go hiking
Lumpy / Cuddles

" Cuddles knew that feeling well. Extreeeeeemely well. "

Ever get the feeling you knew how things would turn out, how they would fail, and yet you followed it blindly anyway? Cuddles knew that feeling well. Extreeeeeemely well.

And the cause of said feelings was walking right in front of him.

Lumpy had invited him out for a trip to the mountains. It was around sometime earlier this week, probably a Tuesday, during the chance day-offs of the taller male (he had so many odd jobs; it was hard to keep track when Lumpy was free). He had approached him with that same carefree smile of his and a map under his arm. Already, an ominous sense of foreboding was brewing inside Cuddles' head.

"Let's go hiking," he smiled with a thrill that struck a chord within the boisterous blonde's heart.

"Let's go hiking?" Yeah right, more like let's get inevitably lost in a vast forest with no signal to help us out of it.

Why did he believe that things would go well today? Seriously, why? Especially when they lived in Happy Tree Valley of all places?

Some part of him was convinced it had something to do with being friends for god-knows-how-long. The other part really didn't have a fucking clue what it was. Like, c'mon, this should have been obvious from the get-go!

But it was already too late to have regrets. They were knee-deep in this shit as it were, might as well get it over with pronto.

Ahhhhh, he could already tell that this trip would end with death. Death, death, death, nothing but ugly, vicious death. What a way to end his week with, right? Ugh.

Cuddles sneered as he pulled out another leaf that got stuck in his hair. He flicked it away in one quick motion, "… I didn't want to say this at first but…"

Lumpy had been studying the map in his hands for a long time now. Too long, in fact. Cuddles had an inkling what this meant. And he did not like it. Not. One. Bit.

Lumpy looked up from the parchment briefly at the sound of his voice. "Hmm? Say what?"

There was this carefree expression on the taller man's face, the same one that so-often branded him as the cheery blue airhead of town. Being with Lumpy, he had heard so many girls often call his idiot of a friend handsome. But was he really though? Cuddles could only see a goofy mug just waiting to be punched.

But he restrained himself from landing a punch or two; they were dear friends after all. (Cough— for now — cough!)

Cuddles did his best to contain his anger. Breathe in, breathe out. He asked, "We're lost, aren't we?"

Oh how badly he wanted an answer, a quick reaffirmation that no, they most certainly weren't! That just maybe, they took a slight detour. Or hell, the idiot even decided to take the scenic route for whatever damned reason he might have.

But there was nothing. Only silence greeted his question.

It went on like that. The words hung in the tense atmosphere and Lumpy had fidgeted even more with the map. Hands shaking, sweating, eyes averting the pointed glare that Cuddles directed his way. This behavior of his had said plenty.

Well, to be fair, it was already obvious that they were. Ever since they deviated from the original path leading to the mountains, Cuddles had suspicions as to what this was leading up to. Lo and behold, here they were. One sharp right from the trusted path, down the obviously wrong direction, and they were lost. Just like that.

All because this blue idiot trusted his years-old map, forgetting all about the signs and paths they previously saw, and inevitably leading them to what was certain doom.

All because his concerns fell on deaf ears, all the mentions of those signposts and using a GPS going in one ear and out the other.

Now? Well, now they were stuck in the thick of a wide forest, with only a day's worth of food on them.

Not to mention that the reception was terrible. Absolutely the worst. He couldn't get a single bar even if he could. Even if they miraculously found a tall cliff, stacked himself on top of the other man's shoulders, and reached out as far as he could with his smartphone. He had heard the gruesome stories surrounding this place, how various travellers had died in these woods trying to get even a single measly bar of reception.

So what was the point of trying to use a GPS or trying to contact anyone? Pointless, pointless, pointless.

They could try screaming for help from one of the heroes. The thought had passed his mind once or twice as they took detour upon detour. But knowing them, they wouldn't exactly respond immediately unless it was a certain someone (must be nice to be their favorite, huh?). So he could begrudgingly scratch out the superheroes from his list of saviors.

Whew, this list of his, of the possible good endings this could turn out with, was looking very scarce at the moment. Ladies and gentlemen, all hope has officially reached an all-time low! Your applause would be very much appreciated! Thank you, thank you.

Okay, bland sarcasm aside, they were definitely doomed. Definitely. And it was by the hands of Lumpy. Again.

Cuddles felt a surge of anger and fear rise within him at the lack of response from Lumpy. He panicked, "So we really are lost?! You're not even going to deny it?!"

Lumpy was shaking, almost like he was chuckling (what the hell are ya laughin' at, ya bastard—?!), before turning around with an innocent smile. He replied calmly, "Hmmm? Did you say something just now buddy?"

Cuddles spoke with a sneer, the anger flaring up to his eyes in a narrow glare. Ice dripped coolly from his tone. "Dodging the question… You're such a scumbag!"

The blue haired man nodded with a wider smile and laughed with him. "Yep! That's what I thought!"

Immediately, Cuddles grabbed hold of the taller man's ear, pinching it the way a mother would. A hiss of pain slipped past Lumpy's lips.

Cuddles continued in scolding him, "Scum! Trash! I don't even know why I agreed to come with you on this trip!"

Lumpy pulled away, breaking free from his friend's harsh grip, and rubbed at his sore ear, "Ehhh? But didn't you come so you could hang out with me?"

Cuddles feigned a cheery smile and cooed, "Yes, yes! Exactly why!"

Lumpy had a shy brush of pink at the tips of his ears. He opened his arms wide for a hug, "Awww, buddy, c'mere—!"

He received a slap at the back of the head for his ignorance.

Cuddles felt his anger surge even hotter than before, "Yeah right! Not anymore! I can't believe you got us lost, again."

Lumpy rubbed at the newly formed bump. "You didn't have to hit so hard…"

Cuddles held his hands out, gesturing to the vast woods that spanned farther than they could see. "Bro, we're not even near any mountains!"

The airhead grumbled, picking up the map from the ground as he kept pushing on forward. He brushed past the fuming blonde, to the nearing edge of the forest. "Oh yeah? Prepare to eat your words then! According to my map, we should be nearing one riiiigggghhhht aboooouuuut—"

He stopped. "— now…?"

Cuddles bumped into him promptly.

The blonde grumbled as he stepped around him to see what exactly made the taller man stop in place. "Seriously, what's got you so silent—?"

Ah. That's why.

A flower field. A damn flower field. No rocky, tall mountains in sight. Just a sea of blooming petals. Great. Just great.

Lumpy was sweating nervously, with that familiar goofy grin on his face whenever he realized he'd fucked up. He held out the map to him. "… Oh. Uh, Cuddles, I don't think this is the right map."

"Gee, ya think?!"

Cuddles tore it out of the taller man's hands, crumpling it up into a sad ball before stuffing it deep into the recesses of his bag. Lumpy ignored the looming aura of his friend's anger and, instead, happily tugged at his arm, leading the blonde to the middle of the field.

He turned his head to look at him with a smile bright and full of confidence, "Well, might as well make the most of it, right? Let's have a picnic, I'm starving!"

Cuddles fumed, blushing indignantly, "Wait, you idiot! Let go—!"

No matter how much he tried, the other man was far stronger than him. They eventually stopped when they were somewhere around the middle of the flowery chaos. Lumpy began setting up, taking out a plaid blanket and their lunches (what's up with the blanket? Did he know about this?). If he didn't know any better, Cuddles would have thought that he'd planned all of this from the start.


Could he really have…?

No, that couldn't be.

Surely, his friend wouldn't be capable of doing something like that. Right? Surely, if he did know about this spot and intentionally led him here, it would be because it was a convenient spot and was secretly a shortcut all along. Right?

That single theory, that single thought, caused unanimous chaos in his mind.

Enough thinking! Cuddles shook his head to clear out all of the intrusive thoughts that came a-knocking. (Dangerous thoughts, terrible thoughts! And what the hell is up with this prickly feeling in his chest?! The fuck is up with that?!)

To distract himself, Cuddles ranted aloud. "I only agreed to go with you because I've been itching to do some cool outdoor shit ever since… When you mentioned hiking, I thought you would be ready and actually prepared! Or hell, we would even have someone else with us to make sure we don't get lost! God, I can't believe I fell for the words of an airhead, again!"

Lumpy had just about finished when he said that. The tar-slicked words made his friend sharply turn, hands on his hips with a glare to boot, "Hey! This airhead was kind enough to prepare you lunch as well! Now sit down!"

They stood, exchanging glares that sparked the thick tension in the air. It wasn't long before Cuddles' stomach let out a hungry growl which made him sit with a flushed face. Lumpy had a triumphant grin as he set out the food.

Oh, he would be sure to smack him later. Later, right after food.

The awkward atmosphere was immediately forgotten as they dug into their lunches. For some reason, everything seemed to be delicious. Which was such a mismatch with Lumpy's skills. His dear tall, blue haired friend had terrible cooking as the norm and only slightly edible food at best.

Had he improved? That was admirable.

Lumpy smirked at his surprised expression, "Pretty good huh? Giggles and Flaky showed me some recipes before we went!"

Cuddles felt a sly smile come to his lips, a retort ready to fire on the tip of his tongue, "Oh? So it's all thanks to their skills then?"

The taller man gasped, "Hey! I made most of them myself!"

Cuddles gave a bark of laughter before he continued scarfing down more food. It was nice and peaceful. These were the moments he liked. The moments that he only had when he was with him. They were the exact things he liked about Lumpy, about how despite all the things that people say about him, the man had his absolutely best traits to make you feel at home and be at ease whenever. Wherever.

This was the reason why he liked hanging out with Lumpy. (And the reason why he felt so different about him, compared to all his other friends.)

It was nice and peaceful. Well, keyword: was. All of that was broken when a certain someone had leaned in close, real close. The proximity between them made Cuddles sputter, blue eyes widening as they stared back at Lumpy's yellow ones.

Why was he this close? For what reason? Fuck, why can't he think?

Lumpy brushed a free hand against Cuddles' cheek, thumb grazing over the corner of his lips that stretched into a thin line. The feel of his fingers on his skin, with all the hints behind such an action, made the blonde's cheeks flare up. All the way until they reached the tips of his ears. It felt so hot all of a sudden.

Cuddles sputtered, "What do you think you're doing—?!"

He watched as the other man's eyes crinkled with mirth, almost as if mischievously teasing him about the feelings that Cuddles tried so hard to keep in check. All sense of logic flew out and he could feel his heart raging against his chest. The only sound he could hear was the song of his own heart, continuously drumming along as if this was a race and his feelings were the course, his friend's affections the prize. Cuddles, completely entranced, continued to follow the way Lumpy's smile widened, hand reaching up as he licked off the icing on the tip of his thumb.

Dear god, help him now.

He tried to back away, but he hadn't noticed the hand that found its way at the back of his head, keeping him in place. Lumpy brushed a thumb over his lower lip, eyes softening at him with a silent plea.

Cuddles could feel himself drifting closer and closer to his friend, despite all of the warning bells going off in his head. He could see Lumpy leaning in as well.

Why did it feel so natural?

Why did his heart race even more at the thought of this?

So many questions, but he couldn't find the answer. Well, not by himself.

Before he could even confirm all of the feelings he felt inside, before he could find himself lost in a kiss with his airhead of a friend, a roar broke out and completely shattered the mood. They paled, frozen in place, before they turned to see a bear thundering through.

It wasn't long before they were running for their lives.

Author's Note:

Wanna know a secret? Lumpy actually did plan it out, huehuehue. Ahhhhh, how I love my OTPs.

And aside from just OTPs, know what else do I love? Flustered cuties who curse a lot, hell yeah, that shit be my jam!