Chapter 1 'The Visit'

Rather than do chapter 18 for Reborn, I decided to start on my next story, 'Two Blues'. This name is taken from the 'Four Blues' attraction at the Berlin Zoo in 1900 which had Hyacinth, Lear's, Spix's, and Glaucous Macaws. The image used in the cover for this story is an illustration of a Spix's (background) and Glaucous Macaw (foreground), in 1895 in Hamburg. The plot of this is inspired by Rio one and a half, by VPVPVP, which features Pluto the Glaucous Macaw. (he's actually my favourite character) I had many iterations of Karloff, my current version is a bit different from the OG Karloff. Mostly thanks to the removal of his Lear's Macaw mate. I don't know about any other Rio stories that feature a Glaucous Macaw, let alone one as a main character. VPVPVP's Rio stories are the only ones as far as I know, apart from this.

I will not abandon Reborn, nor will I not update it for a bit. I'll work on it soon, trust me, I like the story, and I won't abandon it. Legitimately the only reason why I haven't updated it in 2 days, is because I have been contemplating whether or not Luiz has a Bostonian accent. I haven't written chapter 18 because I can't decide on if a one liner joke would be true. Help.

Also, I used Google Translate for all Norwegian lines, so if you're actually Norwegian, or can fluently speak in Norwegian, I apologise for butchering your language. Google Translate isn't exactly the best tool for translating. Just translate any Spanish story to English and it would mess up pronouns, names, and just be broken at times.

Anyways, lets get on with it! Enjoy or suffer.

DISCLAIMER: This story sucks, don't read it.

-29/05/2021 Proffesor Ass Spiders

In the suburbs of the town of Steinkjer, Norway, lived a man and a bird. They lived precisely at 64°00'59.1"N 11°31'20.7"E (sorry to the people who live in that house, but my story says you don't live there) It was a quiet place, and nothing much ever happened there. However, those two who lived there were very important.

Those two being Anders Øystein Isaksen, a 34 year old. He is very tall, standing 6'8'', or 202cm tall. He could be a basketball player, but he is more of an outdoorsman. He has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and is clean shaven. He lives alone with his companion parrot, 12 year old Karloff Isaksen. His feathers are a pale turquoise-blue colour, with a greyish coloured head. He has a yellow periophthalmic ring, and a yellow patch around his mandibles. His features may be similar to a Hyacinth, however due to his smaller size (a foot shorter), lighter blue feathers, and his greyish colouration of his head, Anders began to suspect he was a Lear's Macaw. He was correct on him not being a Hyacinth, and was close with the Lear's assumption. In fact, he was far rarer than either species.

The morning had been going as usual. Anders was reading a book, and Karloff was just surfing the web on the computer near his cage, and was also eating an apple. However their business as usual morning would be interrupted…

A knock on their door alerted Anders. He quickly put a bookmark on the page he was on, closed it and walked up to the door. He opened it and was greeted by a shorter man who appeared to be Hispanic. He wore a warm, winter coat, which went over his formalish suit, and had a 'pornstache'.

''Hallo.'', Anders greeted him. (hello)

''Wow du er ganske høy.'', the man said in a slow, monotonous voice. (Wow, you are quite tall)

''Ja, hele familien min er sånn. Spesielt fra pappas side. Uansett, hva er du her for?'', Anders answered and asked the man. (Yeah, my whole family is like that. Especially on my dad's side. Anyways, what are you here for?)

''Beklager, men kan du snakke engelsk?'', the man asked. (Sorry, but can you speak English?)

''Oh, yes I can. Most Norwegians can speak English to an extent. I can do so fluently, although I do mess up my pronunciation of J's. Anyways, who are you and why are you here?'', Anders said in English.

''Well, I am Dr. Gustavo Barbosa, from Rio de Janeiro. I'm an ornithologist, and I came here for your bird.'', Gustavo answered, and gave him his business card.

''Um, first of all, your not getting Karloff, second, why?'', Anders asked.

''Hva i helvete skjer her? Anders, hvem er dette?'', Karloff came flying in and landed on a drawer near the door. (What the hell is going on here? Anders, who is this?)

''Wow, he's beautiful. Well, you see, we have been on an extensive search for two males. My boss, Tulio Monteiro, is tracking down a male Spix's Macaw somewhere in Minnesota. The other male we are looking for is a Glaucous, and I found it…Right there.'', Gustavo told Anders, and pointed at Karloff at the last bit.

''I thought Glaucous Macaws were extinct…'', Anders said.

''Well, they aren't. We have a female Glaucous Macaw at the aviary, as well as a female Spix's Macaw. The goal is to pair them and breed them. Giving their population a better shot at survival. While new breeding pairs must be found, their current numbers are alarmingly low…With only two of each. We must breed them at once, or else both species will be doomed.'', Gustavo said.

''I'm not too sure about suddenly leaving to go to Rio…That would be expensive.'', Anders said.

''Oh don't worry, all flight and accommodation costs will be covered. We will be picked up and driven to the aviary by a fellow employee. Any other expenses, such as food and additional transport, will be out of your pockets.'', Gustavo told him.

''Okay…So when will we be going?'', Anders asked.

''Well, we'll book a flight for London tomorrow. Then we'll transfer flights and fly to New York. Then down to Rio de Janeiro. You will fly Business class, because you could do with some legroom due to your height. We should arrive in Rio in a few days.'', Gustavo answered.

''Okay, sounds like a plan. Well, I'll pack some stuff, tell my neighbours, and get going today. I'll catch a train to Trondheim, and catch a flight to Oslo.'', Anders said.

''Okay, meet you there.'', Gustavo said.

''Oh and by the way, my name's Anders.'', Anders told him before he walked out the door.

''Karloff, vi skal til Rio de Janeiro, og du vil knulle litt fugl.'', Anders said to Karloff in a joking manner. (Karloff, we're going to Rio de Janeiro and you will get to fuck some bird.)

Anders booked his flight and began packing, and ducked over to his neighbours houses, and told them about the news. 2 hours later, Anders was ready to go. He got his neighbour to drive him to the train station, where he caught a train to Trondheim. He boarded his flight to Oslo. It was dusk by now, and he met Gustavo, and they transferred over to an Oslo-London flight, and began their journey down to Rio.

In New York, Gustavo got news that Tulio had located the Spix's Macaw male and they would board their flight the next day.

5 days had passed since they left Steinkjer, and the two were in a wildly different place than Steinkjer. For one, it was warm, sunny and tropical, unlike Steinkjer, which was a cold, quaint town in the beautiful Norwegian country, which had 10,000 residents. Unlike Rio de Janeiro, a hot, mega city with over 12,000,000 residents. The two were very different.

Anders and Gustavo were picked up and driven to the aviary. Anders would sit in the front, with his seat far back. Karloff sat in a cage in the trailer, and both Anders and Karloff would admire the beautiful south zone portion of Rio de Janeiro. As most other parts aren't as beautiful and iconic, no one ever gives a shit about the other 90% of the city.

Soon they would arrive at the aviary, and Karloff was nervous, but felt he could do it…

That wraps up chapter one. Next chapter should be more interesting. I did a fair amount of research (Wikipedia, searching 'generic Norwegian/Portuguese male names/surnames', and google maps), and randomly selected the town they lived in (it had to be smallish), and randomly decided the exact house they lived in. Go search the coordinates on google maps.

I decided to make Karloff Norwegian, because my dad has Scandinavian heritage. Also because any Blu 2.0's people do, (what I mean is some pet/companion that has to travel to Rio), is usually American, or from some English speaking country (or Brazil). I decided to make him from Norway.

I gave out the exact coordinates because I was going to use the suburb name and the part where he lived. I gave up after not having any confirmed suburb names, and went with giving out the coordinates of a random house in the hilly suburbs. It actually looks pretty nice there.

I know this chapter was boring, next chapter should be better.

Until next time, goodbye.