Chapter 2 'The Aviary',

If I could have 3 categories for my story, it would be: Romance/Adventure/Hurt/Comfort. But I can only have two, so I guess its Romance/adventure.

I accidentally posted chapter 3 of Rio Chatroom, instead of my actual story. So yeah, the first to read it were likely confused. Anyways I'm writing chapter 2 so soon because I had this scene planned out already. Also, unlike Reborn, this story isn't done entirely in first person. It may be in first person sometimes, but usually is in 3rd person.

Enjoy or suffer.

They arrived at the aviary and Karloff was getting taken in. He looked around and saw many sickly and injured birds. He was reminded of Anders taking care of injured birds all the time. He looked up to Anders for helping so many others, and saw him as a great person. Karloff did feel nervous about this, but was still sure that he could do it.

He was sat down on a table next to another cage, containing another blue bird.

''Hi.'', Karloff greeted the blue bird. Karloff had a noticeable Norwegian accent, and would often mispronounce J's, and pronounce them as a Y sound. (Jet-yet, Giraffe-yiraffe etc.)

''Oh, hello. I'm Blu, what's your name?'', Blu introduced himself.

''I'm Karloff, I'm from Norway. I'm here to see a…girl. You must be the male Spix's Macaw they were talking about.'', Karloff said.

''Oh yes…That's me. Yeah, I'm also here to see a girl…Are you nervous?'', Blu asked.

''Yeah…But I'm sure I'll be okay. Anyways, I'm a Glaucous Macaw. Yeah, we're both pretty rare…By that I mean we're the last males of our kind.'', Karloff answered.

Linda commented on the two communicating with each other.

''Wow, looks like Blu found a friend.'', Linda said with a slight chuckle. To them, it sounded like back and forth squawking.

Karloff decided before he went in, he should freshen himself up a bit, and at least try to make himself look presentable. He figured that he would fare better if he looked nice.

The time came for them to enter, and Karloff entered first. He became very nervous, and trembled a little. A million thoughts went through his head, and he was afraid of being knew he had to keep on going, and so he did.

''Hallo, I mean, Hello…'', Karloff called out. He received no answer, and called out again.

''Hello? Anyone? I mean no harm…'', he called out. No answer. It was unnervingly quiet, and he started to tremble more. He also got a weird feeling of deja-vu, and it did not help at all. He started muttering to himself (in Norwegian)

''Oh god, I don't like this! Okay, Karloff, you can do this! Its alright. *sigh* Oh, why do I have to be like this!''. He continued muttering to himself, and he called out again.

''Hello?''. He saw a rustle in the leaves, and he was shitting bricks. He began to hyperventilate, as if he was in the room with some horrific beast, serial killer, ghost, or Harvey Weinstein. He caught a glimpse of a blue flash and saw her…

She was beautiful, according to Karloff.

''Wow…She's gorgeous.'', he said to himself, admiring her. She was about his size, and had smooth, well kept, beautiful turquoise-blue feathers, and a greyish head. He couldn't see that many details, but the ones he did see led him to conclude he was looking at the most beautiful bird in the world.

He was lost in a trance, and snapped out of it when she drew close.

''Hellig dritt!'', he cried out before she landed on him and pinned him down by the neck, and not in the good way. (Holy shit!)

''Quem é você e o que você está fazendo aqui?'', she demanded. Karloff had no clue what the fuck she just said. (Who are you and what are you doing here?)

''Get off…I can't breathe!'', he said barely audibly. She lightened her grip,

''Perdão?'', she said to him. (Pardon?)

''Get off, I can't breathe!'', he said more audibly. She let go.

''Oh you're…American, aren't you?'', she asked. Karloff got up,

''American? Where did you get that idea from? I'm actually Norweyian.'', he said and cut himself off, ''I meant, Norwegian.'', he said while tapping his head with his talon, ''Um, the 'J' sound doesn't exist in Norwegian, so excuse me for that. Anyways, I'm Karloff.'', he said while sticking his foot out, offering a talon shake. The female just stared at him, studying him. Karloff did the same to her.

''Hey, you look just like me!'', she said with joy.

''Yeah, well we're the same species: Glaucous Macaws. Anyways, what's your name?'', Karloff asked her.

''I'm Lazuli, it's a pleasure to meet you, Karloff. C'mon, lets go find Jewel.'', she said with a smile. Karloff cracked a nervous smile.


Blu was walking nervously through the chamber. Like Karloff, he was feeling incredibly uneasy and scared due to how quiet it was, and how 'free-spirited' the female Spix's Macaw was.

''Um, I come in peace!'', Blu said nervously. He was trembling as well, although not as much as Karloff was. He saw a blue flash in the leaves, and by now he was ready to call quits.

''Okay, screw this, I'm leaving…'', he said as he was about to leave, but he saw something truly eye catching: It was the female, and she was far more beautiful than Blu could've ever imagined…

''Wow, she's beautiful…Like an angel…That's getting really close.'', he said to himself, and snapped out of his trance when, like Lazuli, the bird pinned him down by the neck.

''Quem é Você? O que você está fazendo aqui?'', she demanded. Blu couldn't really speak as he was being strangled. He sort of needed his throat for talking. (Who are you? What are you doing here?)

Blu failed to speak anything coherent, all that came out was a random string of babble.

''O que?'', she asked, loosening her grip. (What?)

''You're standing on my throat.'', Blu said in a tight voice, as he didn't have a lot of air for him to use.

''Oh, you're an American?'', she asked confused, as she let go of him.

''Thanks, I need my throat for talking and breathing. Um, I'm Blu.'', he said as he gasped for air.

The female didn't respond. She was circling around him, studying him.

''Hey, you look just like me!'', she said to him in surprise, now realising they were the same species.

''Yeah, uh, what's your name?'', Blu asked her.

''I'm Jewel. Okay, c'mon, we haven't got much time!'', she said hurriedly, and grabbed Blu and took him with her. Blu chuckled nervously, he assumed she knew about this, and he was about to 'save the species'. Wow, this is going better than expected!, Blu thought. He was pretty excited to 'save the species', especially with someone as beautiful as Jewel.

Blu climbed up the tree using the pegs placed on it. He reached the top and saw an air vent, Jewel sat in front of him on a branch.

''Are you ready?'', she asked him. This confirmed the idea for Blu, and he quickly readied himself. He quickly freshened himself up, walked up to her and tried to kiss her. It didn't go well. He was pushed back by her.

''Woah, what are you doing?'', she asked him.

''What you wanted me to? But for arguments sake, uh…What are you doing?'', he asked her quickly.

''I'm trying to escape.'', she answered, thinking it was obvious.

''Oh yeah, uh, I was trying to escape! That's where I was going with what I did.'', he said quickly and nervously. Jewel didn't buy his bullshit. Before she could get angry, Lazuli and Karloff arrived.

''Hey Jewel! Oh, who's this?'', Lazuli said, and asked when she saw Blu.

''I-I'm Blu…'', Blu said incredibly nervously. He was thankful that the other two birds had arrived and saved his sorry ass.

''Hey, Lazuli! Who's that other bird?'', she said as she walked over to him and studied him.

''Hey, you look just like her!'', she said with surprise.

''We're the same species-'', Karloff said as he was cut off by Blu.

''Hey Karloff…'', Blu said.

''Wait, you two know each other?'', Jewel and Lazuli asked.

''Not really, we just met before I went in. Anyways, yeah, me and Lazuli are the same species, and you two look to be the same species as well. Well, I'm a Glaucous Macaw, and you two are Spix's Macaws.'', Karloff told them.

''Okay, so, what are you guys doing here?'', Jewel asked them. Karloff was stricken with fear,

''Uh…'', Karloff said, lost for words. However, the question was answered for him by Blu.

''We're here to 'save the species', as Tulio put it…'', Blu answered, and realised his mistake as both Jewel and Lazuli grew angry, although Jewel was a lot more angry.

''What do you mean 'save the species'?'', Jewel asked Blu with anger.

''Uhh…'', Blu couldn't really speak now. Karloff was scared, and decided to bail. He quickly flew and Lazuli chased after him.

''Oh, so that's what you were doing! I was mad that you thought we would kiss, despite just meeting each other, but now I'm PISSED! DID YOU REALLY THINK I WOULD MATE WITH SOMEONE I JUST MET?! WHO DO YOU THINK I AM?! A SLUT?!'', she boomed at Blu in fury, and grew angrier as she went on. She was screaming at him. Blu was absolutely terrified, and was tackled by Jewel off the tree. She would continue attacking him.

Karloff was flying away, and Lazuli was after him. He was crying out in Norwegian, as he flew away. Karloff began having a panic attack, and grew so scared he couldn't fly anymore, so he quickly landed and curled up in a ball, shielding himself and trembling uncontrollably. Lazuli saw him do this, as she landed beside him. She began to feel sympathy for him.

''Please don't hurt me! Please don't hurt me!'', he cried out in fear.

''Karloff, its okay, I won't hurt you…Just please tell me what's going on…'', she told him. Karloff began to calm down, and unshielded himself. He relaxed his position, but was still lying semi on his side. He looked at her.

''I-I-I'm, h-here t-to mate w-with you, but I won't! Just, don't hurt me!'', he said trembling. Lazuli kept calm, and spoke again. She did this because she knew that she could get answers when she was nice and calm.

''Okay, but why? Also, how did you get here?'', she asked him.

''Well, we're the last of our species. Same with Blu and Jewel. I was sent here so we can breed and increase our species longevity, until new breeding pairs are found. But if you don't want to, I won't mate with you. I wouldn't ever forcibly mate with you…I'm not that kind of bird. As for how, well…'', Karloff was growing unsure of if he should tell her. He didn't know how she would react.

''Well, what?'', she said, encouraging him to continue.

''Well, I came from Norway, in a town called Steinkjer. I lived with my owner Anders, who is a wonderful person, and is very tall.'', he answered, but was cut off by Lazuli.

''Wait, you're a pet?'', she lightly snapped.

''Yeah? So? What have you got against pets? Its not my fault!'', Karloff lightly snapped at her.

''Well, I'm sorry you're a pet. I can't imagine what horrible stuff he must've done to you…'', Lazuli said sympathetically, ignoring how Karloff said Anders was a lovely person.

''What? No! Anders would never abuse me! I can assure you he is a wonderful person, I know because I've lived with him for 12 years.'', Karloff countered. Lazuli seemed confused,

''I doubt that. Humans are horrible, because of them, me and Jewel lost everything…I-I just don't want to think about them…'', she said, as she began to tear up.

''No, Lazuli, believe me! Anders is not like other humans, he gave me a wonderful, loving home. And, you know what he does? He helps birds. In my 12 years with him, he has saved hundreds of sick/injured birds. He's nursed so many back to health, and freed them, letting them live longer. He'd fight tooth and nail to make sure that they lived. And for those he couldn't save, they would die in a warm, comfortable place, rather than the cold, unforgiving outside. He does everything he can to help others, humans and animals alike. So I can assure you that he isn't some horrible monster, but instead a selfless man who only wishes to make the world around him a better place.'', Karloff told her, getting a bit emotional whilst speaking. Lazuli lightened up, and looked at him.

''Really? I…Don't know what to say…It just doesn't make any sense…Why would he help others?'', she asked Karloff, confused to see her whole perception of humans be challenged.

''He helps others not for fame, glory, money or recognition. Rather, he does it because he wants to…Because that's what's right…'', Karloff answered. Lazuli let out a sigh,

''If only they were all like that…'', she said sadly.

''Yeah…If only. But, remember, there are good people out there. Anders is one of them.'', Karloff agreed.

''Lets go check out Jewel and Blu.'', she said sadly. They flew over to them.

By now, they had stopped fighting, and Blu was lying on the ground, hidden behind leaves, and softly cried to himself. They saw him, and Lazuli walked up to him.

''Hey, are you okay?'', she asked in a considerate voice.

''No…I want to go home…'', Blu said in a soft, strangled voice. Karloff was shocked, how could she do that to him? But he was glad he wasn't a Spix's Macaw, or that Lazuli wasn't like Jewel. Lazuli decided to talk to Jewel.

''Karloff, wait here, I'm going over to see Jewel.'', she said to Karloff, as she flew off.

''Wait, I'll come with you!'', Karloff said as he flew over to her. Lazuli decided not to argue,

''Fine.'', she said. The two flew to Jewel's hollow, where she was sitting down.

''Jewel.'', Lazuli said in a serious tone.

''What?'', she answered.

''Why did you do that to Blu?'', she said to her in a serious tone.

''Because…He made me angry. I just, lose control when I'm angry.'', she answered. She seemed to feel a bit guilty for her actions.

''Well, you should see him. He's curled up and crying. I think we should just be calm, and get answers. I did that with Karloff, and it worked.'', Lazuli said to her.

''Okay.'', she agreed. The three flew over to where Blu was, but he wasn't there. They heard banging on the hatch, and Blu crying out to 'Linda'.

''Linda! Linda, please get me out of here! I-I wanna go home! Linda!'', he wailed out to her in a strangled voice. He was distraught and Jewel felt bad for him. She flew over to him.

''Blu.'', she said calmly. Blu jumped and let out a squawk in fright, and shielded himself.

''Get away from me! Just leave me alone!'', he cried out. Jewel remained firm, and stayed there.

''Blu, I'm sorry.'', she said to him softly.

''No you're not! Sorry is not going to cut it! You hurt me, and I don't want to see you! Just go away, so I can go home and never come back here!'', he said to her in an angry-hurt voice. Jewel didn't budge.

''Blu please, I'm sorry that I hurt you. Just please tell me what's going on.'', she said calmly, as she walked over to him, and sat down.

''Well, I told you and you attacked me! I just want Linda to take me back to Minnesota, where I am safe and happy…'', Blu lightly snapped, and then calmed down on the second sentence.

''Who's Linda?'', Jewel asked.

''My owner. I want to get away from this hellhole, and be with her.'', he answered.

''You'd rather be with a human, than with your own kind?!'', Jewel said in shock and mild disgust.

''Oh gee, I wonder why?! Look at what you did to me! You think I'd EVER want to be with you? I'll tell you something: That human's first instinct when she saw me was to give me a loving, caring, safe home, to pick me up and show humility. Meanwhile YOUR first instinct was to strangle me, and attack me! What does that say about humans and you? A lot, that's what!'', Blu answered her in anger.

''Look Blu, I'm really sorry. It was wrong for me to attack you…Just, please, come with me. I won't hurt you again…I promise…Please Blu.'', she said to Blu in a soft, sorry, sincere voice. Blu lightened up, and was still teary, but felt better.

''Okay…'', he softly sighed.

''Thank you…'', Jewel said back with a smile. Jewel flew off, and Blu walked after her. He made it back, and the other birds were confused why he walked.

Blu was still hurt from what had happened, and didn't really want to be near Jewel. He decided to just go to sleep, and hope for a better tomorrow. Despite it not even being dusk, or the afternoon really. Karloff and Lazuli decided to get to know each other.

Blu couldn't really sleep, and so he decided to have a bath. After he was finished, he went to go back to sleep, and encountered Jewel.

''Hey Blu!'', she said cheerfully. Blu ignored her and continued walking, with looking down at his talons.

''Blu, I'm sorry for what I did.'', she said as she walked over to him. Blu ignored her. He didn't want to hear from her.

''Blu, I'm sorry…Just, please lighten up a bit. I promise I won't hurt you again. I want to just start fresh, and maybe we can be friends.'', she said to Blu.

''Jewel, I don't know about that.'', he said to her.

''Look, I sincerely regret ever hurting you. Honestly, you seem like a nice bird, and all I did was hurt you. I'm a monster for doing that. But, I won't do it again. All I ask is for you to forgive me, and forget about the past, and instead focus on the now and the future. Believe me, I would stop myself from hurting you if I could. Blu, we will both feel better if we forgot about what happened, and moved on. From the bottom of my heart, with every essence of my soul and being, with all absolute sincerity in its purest form, I'm so sorry…Please, forgive me.'', she gave a passionate, and sincere speech to Blu, even tearing up. Blu had never ever heard something like that. He turned around.

''I forgive you…'', Blu said to her. He walked up to her and hugged her. Jewel was a bit surprised by this, but liked the sensation. The two parted.

Blu also felt something…strange. A feeling he had never felt before. He didn't know what it was. Was it love? It couldn't be, perhaps it was the feeling of a weight being lifted of your chest, and he felt as though he had unlocked an important opportunity. Blu knew that he had made the right choice, and he was glad to do so…

Wow, that was a long ass chapter, about 3,100 words long! (Excluding bold text portions) Yeah, next chapter won't be as long as this one. This story may be more emotional I suppose. I also have some other stories that I'd like to do.

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Sorry for this being a dialogue heavy chapter.

The name for 'Lazuli' is taken from 'Lapis Lazuli', the semi-precious deep blue stone, as well as 'Lapis Lazuli', the female Glaucous Macaw and Pluto's mate in VPVPVP's Rio stories. I tried thinking of another name, but I couldn't. So I named her 'Lazuli'. Believe me, if I had thought of a name that was good, I would've used it. But I didn't. Sorry.

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