Chapter 4 'The Escape and Stargazing'

Yeah I'm putting out chapters fast, and long chapters at that. I don't have much to say except this takes place immediately after chapter 3.

Enjoy or suffer.

''Well this is just wonderful!'', Jewel sarcastically exclaimed.

''Oh there's no place like home, there's no place like home! Oh I just want to go back home to my own cage with my bed, my toys, my mirror, and my little bell…Oh how I miss my bell!'', Blu spoke, wishing he was back home. He seemed very fond of his bell, judging from his tone of voice.

Meanwhile Karloff was muttering things in Norwegian,

''Å jeg vil bare reise hjem! Få meg ut herfra, få meg ut av dette helvete! Å Anders hjelper meg!'', he muttered to himself. (Oh I just want to go home! Get me out of here, get me out of this hellhole! Oh Anders help me!)

''Will you be quiet? You're not making things better by speaking gibberish!'', Jewel hissed at him.

''I wasn't speaking gibberish, in fact I was speaking Norwegian!'', he corrected her.

''Why?'', Lazuli asked.

''Sometimes when I get emotional, scared, happy etc. I mutter things in Norwegian. I can't help it.'', he told her. Suddenly they heard the door opening, and a rattling on the bars of the cages. The four looked over and saw Nigel tormenting some birds. Soon, his attention drew to the four blue birds. He flew over to them, and landed on the cage.

''Jævla helvete!'', Karloff squawked in fright. (Fucking hell!) The others did the same, except they didn't speak Norwegian.

''Oops, sorry, didn't mean to scare you!'', Nigel said sarcastically, and then cackled.

''Stay away from us, or I'll rip your feathers out!'', Lazuli threatened Nigel. She took an angry, defensive stance with her head up, her body crouched down and her legs spread apart, and her feathers were puffed up.

''I'm trembling…'', Nigel said sarcastically.

''What do you want?'', Blu asked angrily.

''Ooh, I want to have a tea party with you! No, I want to make your stay here as shit as possible! I know I'm ugly, but I used to be quiet the looker…'', Nigel responded, saying the last part with nostalgia.

''Okay…'', the blue birds responded slowly.

''Oh pretty birds…When I'm done with you, you'll be ugly too…Well, you should get some rest, tomorrow will be a big day…Sweet dreams…'', he said mockingly, as he walked away and cackled.

''Gå og spis en buffé med pikk.'', Karloff angrily muttered to Nigel. (Go eat a buffet of dicks.)

He left the room and a silence befell upon the birds for a bit.

''Okay, I've read that an important survival tip is not to panic.'', Blu said breaking the silence.

''Now's a good time to panic!'', Jewel responded.

''No, it isn't.'', Blu responded back.

''Well I'm chained to you, locked in a cage, with that psycho Nigel nearby, and we're probably going to be sold tomorrow. I'd say its pretty justified to panic!'', Jewel countered. She started to swing the cage.

''Stop! I can get us out!'', Blu quickly said. Jewel stopped.

''Okay, how?'', she asked in a sarcastic 'Oh really?' manner.

''This is how.'', Blu said as he slid the bolt to the side and lifted it up, and opened the cage.

''Being a pet has its advantages.'', he smugly said. Jewel rolled her eyes.

''We'll go first.'', Karloff said, and Lazuli nodded in agreement. They flew out, and Jewel quickly followed suit. When they reached the bars Jewel stopped mid-air. She turned back and saw Blu clenching onto the bars.

''What are you doing?!'', she snapped.

''I can't…'', Blu said.

''You what, you can't what?!'', she shouted at him.

''I can't fly!'', he said as he let go and the two flopped down. Karloff saw this and tried to fly down and save them, however, Lazuli didn't realise and the two flopped around as well. Both got hooked onto a clothesline as they tumbled down. Their fall was broken by a convenient pile of clothes.

''I hate you…'', Jewel said to Blu. Karloff groaned a bit, but got up.

''We need to get going!'', he hurriedly said. The four began making a run for it. Karloff noticed Nigel peering out,

''Blu, Jewel! Run faster, Nigel's out! We'll try to distract him!'', he hurriedly said. Karloff would help direct Blu and Jewel as Nigel gave chase.

They ran through the streets of the favela, with Nigel close behind them. Soon they encountered a fork, and they split up, Blu and Jewel ran underneath cover, and Nigel lost track of them. He chased after Karloff and Lazuli. But they had a trick up their sleeve.

''Lets try and trick Nigel into crashing. Follow me!'', Karloff said to Lazuli.

''Okay!'', she said. The two swerved through alleyways, and flew erratically under and over clotheslines. Soon they encountered a dead end, and a clothesline.

''Dive under quickly and pull up into an Immelmann!'', Karloff instructed.

''A what?'', she quickly asked.

''I'll instruct you, just dive!'', he said.

The two dived under,

''Pull up into a half loop!'', he instructed. She did so, and Nigel whacked into the clothesline and hit the wall, plummeting into a pile of trash.

''Now twist so we're right side up!'', he instructed. They did so, and continued flying.

''Where did you get that from?'', she asked him.

''An aerobatic maneuver named after German World War One pilot Max Immelmann.'', Karloff answered.

''Okay, lets find Blu and Jewel!'', Lazuli said. She warmly smiled at him, but Karloff didn't see.

The two flew off and found them. They headed off to the jungle. While Jewel and Lazuli were completely calm, Blu and Karloff weren't, although Karloff fared better because he and Anders would often go out camping in the Norwegian wilderness. Blu, however, had never done so. Blu was walking next to Jewel, as he felt safer being next to someone. Karloff did the same.

''Oh, I don't like it here! When people say 'this place is like a jungle', they don't mean so in a positive way!'', Blu said in fear.

''Oh quit your whining! This is where our kind naturally lives.'', Jewel responded in annoyance.

''Actually, our kind lives primarily in the tropical dry forests of the Rio São Francisco basin.'', Blu corrected Jewel.

''Fine, but our kind still naturally lives in the forest.'', Jewel argued. Blu rolled his eyes. Meanwhile Karloff was beginning to tremble. Lazuli saw this,

''Oh, you want to hold my wing?'', she sarcastically remarked as she held her wing out.

''Thank you, Lazuli.'', he said as he held her wing and drew closer in fear. He didn't pick up on her sarcasm. Lazuli decided to accept it, as she actually enjoyed this, and she cracked a sincere smile.

''Okay, we will stay here for the night.'', Jewel said looking up at a tree with a hollow.

''No thanks…I don't like heights, and I'd feel more comfortable in something manmade.'', Blu said to Jewel.

''Okay…Fine.'', she groaned. Blu spotted a gazebo, and decided to go there.

''Look at that gazebo, c'mon guys lets go there!'', he said enthusiastically as he hurried towards it. Karloff and Lazuli flew over to it and perched on the railings. Blu and Jewel made their way up the steps, and Blu dragged Jewel up onto the railings and lied down on a support beam.

''When you are unable to fly your whole life, you get quite good at climbing and walking.'', Blu told Jewel. Jewel cracked a smile.

''Well, I'll stay up a little longer, I'm still on Minnesota time…Goodnight Jewel.'', Blu said to her.

''Goodnight Blu.'', she said back. She lied down and went to sleep.

Meanwhile, Karloff and Lazuli decided to stargaze.

''Wow, its beautiful tonight.'', Lazuli said.

''Yeah, its so clear. There is little light pollution out here.'', Karloff commented. He pointed his wing,

''Look there,'', he said pointing Lazuli's head in the direction he was pointing at, ''See those clouds?'', he asked.

''Yeah.'', she answered.

''That's the Milky Way, the galaxy we live in.'', Karloff told her.

''What's a galaxy?'', she asked.

''Its a gargantuan collection of gasses in a spiral, as in the case of the Milky Way, an elliptical shape, or an irregular one, like a mass of gasses and stars. Inside contains hundreds of thousands in the smallest galaxies, to quadrillions in the largest ones. Our galaxy contains over a billion stars I think. Each one of those stars is hundreds of times the size of the Earth. The sun, is 1 million times the size of the Earth. It's a medium sized star, and the largest, hypergiants, are thousands of times the size of the sun.

Those specks in the sky are either stars, planets in our solar system, or galaxies. There are about a quintillion galaxies in the observable universe, and there are over 1 septillion stars in the observable universe. The observable universe is 20 billion lightyears across, which is the distance light travels in a year, which is 9.5 trillion kilometres. The closest star to us, is Proxima Centauri, which is 4 lightyears away. The universe itself is almost certainly infinite in scale. There's even a theory that there are many universes with different laws of physics, timelines, etc. all in a multiverse. Which comprises an infinite amount of universes.

Man has unlocked the very secrets of the universe, how it works, what forces there are, what the laws of physics are, the building blocks of us, and the building blocks of them. Humans have unlocked the power of the atom, which can be used for good or evil. Untold destruction, or huge amounts of electricity. We've done Nuclear Fission, which splits atoms apart, and next up is Nuclear Fusion: Fusing atoms together. That powers those septillion stars. Its truly amazing and awesome how unfathomably massive the universe is…We are but a tiny speck, just a drop in the ocean.'', Karloff told Lazuli. It was mind blowing to her. Sure, she didn't understand a lot of it, but it still was amazing.

''Wow…I never knew the scale of this…world.'', Lazuli said, awestruck.

''This reminds me of Norway. The three most beautiful things I have ever seen, I've all seen there. There's a phenomenon in the arctic, where the sky is lit up by a dazzling array of blues, greens, turquoise, orange, reds and other colours in an amazing display. Its called Aurora Borealis, or the northern lights. One day I want to take you to Norway, so you can see it. It's the most beautiful thing in the world. There's an identical one in the southern hemisphere: Aurora Australis, or the southern lights. Sadly, it can only be seen in Antarctica, the southern tip of South America, south New Zealand, and very rarely, Tasmania. Its caused by the sun blasting the Earth with a pulse of electricity, it reaches the ozone layer, dies down, and goes to the magnetic north and south pole. It reacts and creates a dazzling display…I think that's how it goes.

The second most beautiful is cosmological as well: Comets, meteor showers, eclipses. The most beautiful, I think, was the Great Comet of 1744. It was a bright, spectacular comet. At the end it had 6 tails, instead of one or two. It must have been truly amazing to see. Perhaps it was more beautiful than the northern lights. Lastly, is the terrain of Norway. There's a fourth thing that is absolutely beautiful, but I won't tell you…yet.'', Karloff told her.

Lazuli shifted closer to Karloff, and rested her head on his shoulder.

''You are so smart…'', she said to him.

''Thank you.'', he said with a smile, and blushed a bit.

''It's cold tonight…'', Lazuli said, snuggling a bit into Karloff, who blushed at this.

''It isn't for me. I'm used to the cold, considering I'm from Norway. Norway is a hell of a lot colder than Brazil. Yeah, I've experienced sub zero temperatures. Rio has never experienced that. The coldest it ever got here is 3 degrees I think. It think its dipped below -20 degrees on several occasions in Steinkjer.'', Karloff said to her.

''Lets go to sleep, I'm tired.'', Lazuli said, yawning, and shivering a bit.

''Yeah me too, there's a bench down there we can sleep on.'', Karloff said. The two flew down, and sat down.

''Karloff, can you keep me warm?'', Lazuli said shivering.

''Certainly…Come on here.'', Karloff said with a smile, and lifted his wing. Lazuli snuggled against him, and Karloff rested his wing over her. She wrapped her wing around his back. She rested her head against his warm body.

''Goodnight Karloff.'', Lazuli said to him.

''Goodnight Lazuli.'', Karloff said back.

With a yawn, the two fell asleep, but not before smiling contently, which they didn't drop…

I worked on this for a bit, and I'm glad its finished. This is one of the first scenes I had thought of, and I like it a lot. The way Karloff spoke, is actually how I speak to others: I chew their ears off about knowledge, and things they don't care about.

I would recommend looking up 'Great Comet of 1744', it makes Hale-Bopp look pathetic. Its seriously awesome looking. (The illustration on March 9, 1744, where it had its 6 tails.)

Sorry for this being a dialogue heavy chapter.

Anyways, I hope you liked this chapter. Next one should be out shortly, and I'll write chapter 18 for Reborn soon.

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