SasuHina Month: Day 1: Living together

It was without a doubt an assault on the senses, the light diffracting through the immaculate glass of the kitchen windows into waves of amber warmth that embraced his skin like countless silky blankets, and the tidy gleam of the stone tile counter tops at the edge of his periphery brimming with color and earthliness.

It was the hefty smell of fresh-baked bread and slowly-grinding coffee beans wafting gently into his nose with the first hints of nourishment and placidity, and the orderly sound of the parting wind and sharp steel dancing to a light methodical tune as a knife sliced and trimmed green produce against a fine wooden cutting board.

It was the humming melody reaching his ears so airily and so softly that it saturated his heart without any kind of resistance, enveloping it in a tender grip that made it contract the tiniest bit faster.

The very scene of a dream. One he'd been finding himself unable to believe was real for most of the time he remained awake.

Phantom monochrome images overlapped with the vision before his eyes in a deluge of calming melancholy, grey dyes devouring every once of color and life from the walls, and floors, and windows, and boards. How easy it was to travel in time, to a bloody sword in the palm of his hand and the cold suffocating air of the place he called home.

It was a wonder, full of hope, and meaning, and magic how things could change so much in so little time. How the agonizing screams and wails reverberating relentlessly inside his ears could turn into joyous squeals and laughter. How the blood and tears sticking tightly to his aching lacerated skin could become the softest of cottons and silks.

There were no words to quite describe the complete transformation in perspective, the overturning of the very world he had been standing in. Kakashi had said it was akin to surfacing out of deep waters after a long, long while under. Being in love, that is.

Leaning against the doorframe that lead to his kitchen that summer morning in profound contemplation, he had to vehemently disagree. Whatever words his mind conjured up simply didn't seem nearly enough to encapsulate the little piece of heaven he found himself living in.

His ebony pearls swept across the pristine ground tiles before they stopped entranced at image of two small standing feet, unblemished ivory skin in a luscious imitation of the most delicate porcelain ascending embracingly around a shapely pair of legs that nearly managed to send his instincts and emotions into overdrive.

A long black fabric that reached just below a perfectly rounded bottom covered a small but athletic back, his breath labored as the softness of creamy skin flashed blissfuly across his mind.

Yet It was her silky cascade of indigo tresses that finally managed to capture his gaze, those enchanting threads of hair like bending waves on the surface of the water beckoning him with no mercy, like a starved man after an oasis.

It was frightening, to an extreme degree, the emotions simmering within him. A longing that felt more akin to pursuing his own heart that had leapt out of his chest in a journey that just did not seem to end. And the noise, and the color, and the taste, and the smell of the world, it heightened.

And the hunger, the primal urge for carnality, and heat, and pressure, and air suddenly consumed his entire being. It was torture, and it was bliss. And it all was anchored to her and her alone.

She had been the one at fault, the one who exorcised his demons with a light that was almost holy, with eyes so gentle and warm he felt like simultaneously crying and smiling any time he gazed directly at them, with a heart so pure and kind he'd burn the entire world if it meant he could protect it, with a soul so earnest, and devoted, and loyal he often felt utterly unworthy of her. She was the one who took him to the highest heaven and the one who dragged him to the most searing hell.

And ever since meeting her, getting to know her, embracing her, kissing her, moving in with her, he thoroughly surrendered himself to her. In mind, body, and soul he yearned to make her feel as euphoric, and as ridiculously happy he was. Perhaps he was just a fool in-love, perhaps this was in fact a dream he would wake from eventually, perhaps he had already died and this was indeed another heaven. In the end, none of it mattered, for as long as she could grace him with that disarming smile, the anchors in his heart pushing him down into despair became light-feather, and all that remained was her.

He couldn't help himself. Before fully realizing he had already reached her position, his muscular arms encircling her waist and pulling her gently to his naked torso eliciting a slight shiver from her.

"You're up early" he whispered softly against her ear, his eyes closing as he allowed himself to wallow in her lavender fragrance.

"i wanted to get started on breakfast, you looked tired so I didn't want to wake you"

He could perfectly picture the rosy tint coloring her cheeks as she spoke, her lower lip caught between her teeth as bashfulness tingled in her blood. His trousers suddenly felt very tight.

"we have no missions scheduled for today and kakashi gave us the clear for the rest of the week, why the hurry little rabbit?"

His lips fell softly to the edge of her jaw grazing the skin around it and provoking a startled gasp before they descended down her neck delicately, her pulse elevating to a rhythm that was deliciously distracting.

At her silence, his eyelids opened anew, black orbs capturing the thoroughly embarrassed visage of the woman he loved. Ah, so that's what it was.

"damn it hyuuga, if you keep this up we're not getting out bed anytime soon"

He turned her around in his arms before pushing everything else away and lifting her by the bottom onto the counter, her legs closing around his waist as his hardness brushed against her covered womanhood.

Her warm breath became labored as it landed on his skin, her pearly eyes gazing directly at him with an intensity that nearly drove him mad.

"i-i want to be with you" she mumbled "and I didn't want to waste any of the time we have together—"

Before she could continue, his lips captured hers in deep hunger, a union of flesh and fire that grew in vigor and need. His tongue moved against hers, aching to taste her, to satiate a thirst that did not seem to diminish in the slightest as it went on, to commit her essence to his memory for the rest of eternity. He was mad. He was mad with desire for this woman. For her eyes, and her lips, and her skin, and her hair, and her teeth, and her tongue, and her nose, and her lashes.

Falling in love and living together, yeah. He wouldn't give it up for anything.