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Note: This is actually a crossover between "Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka?", "The Gamer" and "Vampire Knight" but I can't find them in the list of manga or anime so~

Gaming Goals

Arc 1 : Deleterious Decisions


posted on April 29, 2020

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Unknown Place, February 19, XXXX

It took me a long while to finally get my hands on a piece of paper and a fountain pen-Do not get me started on how much of a bitch it was learning to write with one.- but I've finally succeeded and can now scribe the events that have heretofore happened to little 'ol me.

My life started in the sweltering heat of the 500th year of the New Age, five thousand years after the apocalypse that brought the end of humanity's time as the top of the food chain. That's right, a whole new species started appearing. At first, they were thought of as humans, albeit beautiful ones, until their beauty eclipsed the grasp of humanity. Beauty which was only belied by their ferocious lust for blood that is. At that point, when everyone knew the truth of the matter there was only one name left for this new species.


The first of their kind who did not have a tint of human blood in their veins despite coming from the wombs of human women were called Pureblood. No one knows how they came to be, whether it was the radiation or Nature's way of punishing humans, but what was known was that there were a great many wars fought between the two species. Against these great predators, humanity had no hope and were dwindling rapidly, fear in their hearts as they were hunted down like rabbits. On the cusp of losing, a group to save humanity emerged. This group was led by a faction of Purebloods who believed what the others of their kind did was reprehensible.

They were unofficially called the Peace Rebellion. Officially, they were known as the first Vampire Hunters' Association. The humans who joined this group were given the flesh of Purebloods to eat, poisoning themselves in order to gain abilities beyond their human ken.

With their help, the war ended and the Peace Rebellion's Purebloods took over and created a monarchy and a Vampire Hunters' Association so that a war so terrible as what they went through could never happen again,

Through time, the knowledge of vampires and the association dedicated to hunting them became obscure and only the heads of countries were in the know. Humans began to build hamlets, villages, cities and kingdoms. These kingdoms fought amongst themselves and the only two countries that kept their borders secure were the vampires' kingdom and the Vampire Hunters' Association's country. Throughout history, regular humans began to think the two countries were the stuff of dreams with beautiful people and wonderful lives within. To the common human folk, the two places were paradise, nirvana, Zion, the promised land. Basically, it was what they believed heaven was. The truth, of course, was the opposite.

This was something I knew nothing of at the time though. The first time I opened my eyes I was confused.