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Gaming Goals

Chapter 4

Bloody Blues

posted on May 23, 2020

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Erhu Hamlet, Day ? (What's the point of counting the days when I don't even know when it really is anyways?)

"Ya-chan, today is harvest day."

Clueless about the word, I repeated it,"Harvest day?"

"Yes, all the pretty ladies of the village will go out and get the food in the fields and collect all the food so we can all celebrate together."

Understanding only bits and pieces, I only got the gist of it. So she was going out to help with the fields with the other women, eh? Oh, this is a chance for me!

"Kā-chan is goin'?" To further convince her to drag me along I asked with a trembling voice as if the thought of her leaving would make me wail in great sorrow.

Looking to be hesitating, her eyes showed she was unwilling to leave me alone before she let a smile dance on her face, "Yes, but since my dearling is a pretty lady too you're goingwith Kā-chan too."

Ah yes, big eyes, a bit of tears and a trembling voice and hook, line and sinker! Now, to prepare myself for a nice day asleep under my favourite tree's shade. Holding back the giggle of happiness about to escape and the satisfied scheming expression I nearly let out, I instead held my arms out in the universally acknowledged "carry me" position.

Brought from the house and settled under my favourite tree with just the right amount of sunlight and wind flow, I got myself comfy on the group and ready to sleep. The murmuring of women's voices as they collected the harvest and kills as the men worked on setting up the chairs and a stage for the party tonight becoming a backdrop for my dreams.

I wake up to screams, shouts and the terrible smell of iron. Huh, well, it seems we're being attacked, ne?

Turning over, I resolved to let the NPCs have at it while I took my glorious nap before someone actually grabbed me and lugged me like a football player to the end zone for a touchdown. I heard my Kā-chan and Tō-chan shout in alarm behind me, but well, I'm currently still just a bean and can only flail my arms and bite-

Feeling my stomach whirl, I quickly bit the annoyance holding me. Falling down and rolling, I try to settle my stomach and ignore the throbbing of my whole body and use [Mimic] on the dead bodies surrounding us.

Lying down and not moving for a long while takes patience that I don't have, but I still myself with the thought of peaceful days under trees watching women of all ages harvesting the fields just like earlier. As silence begins to reign and the screams cut off one by one, I think of Kā-chan and Tō-chan but cut myself off because they are just NPCs. If they die it isn't my problem. Unwittingly, I feel my eyes shift, searching for their familiar forms before I consciously close my eyes.

Hm, I wonder when I'll be able to go back to taking a nap. Just before I begin to doze off I hear a shout,"Check the bodies!"

Eh? Check? Check what? I jolted at the loud sound being unexpectedly close and immediately regretted it as some asshat lifted me up from under my shoulders and dumped me right into a wagon. Ugh! Shitty NPCs!

"Kā-chan, wh-what goin' on?" Piped up a teary-eyed little munchkin.

Oh gods, it's bad enough I was dumped in here with you ladies to be sold wherever and now they're even forcing me to endure being around kids? And such a crybaby one too? My sympathy at its last dregs, I hoped to the gods that the kid didn't start wailing. It's bad enough we're in this situation. I didn't need a headache too.

But man, never thought my first kidnapping would be in a dream and well, being kidnapped at all is pretty much a novelty. I wonder what my subconscious will come up with? Are we going to be placed in cages? Moved from place to place or auction to auction and sold to the highest bidder? Or were these bandit mobs going to bring us to their own village? Well, what it-

Hey, what's that feeling? Isn't that the exact same one I get during random times in the day? The one where I get a layer of goosebumps and my hair stands on end. Feeling a gaze that might as well have been a physical touch, I turned to face the spine chilling gaze.

Seeing the familiar woman, I felt my tense muscles relax a bit. Oh, so it was just Nobuko-san, the hunter's wife. Is she looking over because she's worried?

To ease her worries a bit and not have to hear her talk, I look at her with clueless eyes,"Nobuko-san, when we goin' home?"

Instead of the reassuring I'm pretty sure was supposed to happen, her gaze seemed to get even more dazed and she looked to be sniffing the air like a dog. Heart beginning to beat in my ears, I slowly stood up and moved to the opposite side of the wagon farthest from her even as the women's wails began to reach ear piercing levels. I didn't need to deal with a crazy lady on top of being kidnapped, thank you very much, but really, with the way things are going, is this dream along the lines of a horror genre?

Goosebumps began appearing all over my skin as the wails began getting louder as if a macabre song was playing and Nobuko-san's gaze seemed to become ever more dazed.

Name: Yasu Level 1 EXP 0/10

Skill Points: 0

Species: Human Baby

Titles: [One With Samsāra] [Gamer]

Description: The superpower lottery was done and the winner this time was Yasu. Yasu woke up as a baby with her gamer powers and immediately believed everything was a dream…...[More]


HP 10/10

MP 10/10

SP 10/10

Average Offense Ability: 0

Average Defence Ability: 0

Average Magic Ability: 0

Average Resistance Ability: 0

Average Speed Ability: 0

Skills: [Appraise LVL 2] [Mimic LVL 1]

Money: 0


Dearling - It means "dear little one". I was searching for Medieval Era endearments and found this super cute.