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In a deserted land, which name's is forgotten, lived a botanist. She had dark skin, dark, short hair and dark eyes, but she gave a sense of calmness instead of anything else. She was wearing small, round glasses, while also wearing a purple outfit. Because where she lived was pretty hot, her outfit looked a bit like what you'd wear under your clothes (BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN SHE WAS IN HER UNDERWEAR OR SOMETHING!). On a table nearby her, there was a flower pot strapped with backpack features, like the ones you use to carry babies. In the pot there was a plant, unsurprisingly, but it did look pretty strange: it looked carnivorous, but not harmful. It had little eyes and a big mouth. It kind of looked like a cartoon. And of course it was pink, and also had slightly lighter pink spikes (Maybe for protection?).

The botanist took the plant and took the little backpack and put it, well, on her back. "Are you ready to see what your friend's doing?" She asked (with a British accent) the little plant, which in response nodded. It was so cute! The woman walked towards a hallway. The walls were filled with either papers about failed experiments or paintings of plants, including lots of cacti. At the end of the hallway was a weird robot thingy: it had two wheels, two arms, and a glass top, which was covered by a note that had a apathetic face drawn on it. Inside of the glass was a plant that just sprouted. The leaves were poking out from a little hole on top. This more looked like a plant piloting a mech than anything else. This little guy was rolling around the rooms looking for something.

"Beep beep boop! Task failed!" said the plant-robot in a high-pitched voice. "Still nothing?" asked the botanist. "Let's hope he's safe…" The woman walked up to a table with papers and drawings on it. She picked up one of them with a picture of a cactus which also had a face and a flower that bloomed on its head:

MISSING - Please return him at Rosa's house, and you will receive 8000 gems!

Meanwhile, at the other side of the country… A cactus walked up to the window. It had a red flower on his head and weared a purple vest and brown shorts. Surprisingly enough, he had a human like structure! Legs, arms and a face! This cactus watched as the outside world was being covered by dark clouds. Slowly, something was falling from the sky. It was water! By this little guy's face, it was fairly obvious that he never saw rain kind of felt like discovering another planet for him. Soon enough, a mexican girl with purple hair and a yellow bandana came in the room: "I see you like the rain, Spike!" she said. "No surprise! It barely rains here!" she said turning away from Spike. Suddenly she heard a loud noise coming from behind her: Spike was gone! And the window was opened too!

"COLT!" she shouted. Quickly, a red-haired boy came out of the bathroom, with a mirror in his hand. "What is it?" he said, slightly annoyed. "I was in the middle of something important!" The girl looked at him angrily. "Anything is more important than you staring into the mirror all day! Spike got out!" Colt suddenly looked at her directly in her eyes, in disbelief: "No way! C'mon Shelly-" He realized the open window in front of him. His eyes widened. "Stop being so shocked and let's get moving!" said Shelly while grabbing Colt's hand and heading outside.

Everything was wet, a rare occurrence for this deserted place to have. And the fact that everything looked like Spike wasn't much help either. It was like a mirror maze, but instead of mirrors, there were Spikes! "Spike! Come back!" called Colt. "He can't hear us. We'll have to look for him." said Shelly.

From the dark, cloudy sky there was a sudden light bursting out from the clouds for a second. Almost immediately a loud sound appeared after the lightning. It was thunder, which only meant... "A thunderstorm!" shouted the two. Colt looked at Shelly worriedly. "Are you sure we will find him?" Before the girl could answer, they saw one of the cacti getting struck by lightning. "Eep!" squeaked the red-haired boy. Shelly rolled her eyes and grabbed him by his hand. "Grow up already!"

Meanwhile, Spike was walking around curiously while looking at the raindrops fall from the sky. Suddenly, a lightning bolt also hit a cactus. This scared him. What if those evil lights struck him too? He's also a cactus! Quickly, Spike ran away as far as he could until he saw a lake. He was too scared to think straight, and he dove into the water. The lightning couldn't reach him from underwater! But could he hide long enough?

Splash! Colt and Shelly ran to the source of the sound, but they couldn't see a thing. They turned around, looking for more places Spike could have went. SPLASH! The two turned around and saw a large figure come out of the water. It looked like some type of golem! A dangerous one, too! "RUN!" shouted Shelly as she, well, ran away with Colt.

Without looking back, they could hear the figure coming closer. The monster laid his hand down as he stopped walking. Shelly and Colt turned around. Maybe he was friendly! The two climbed up on his hand. They felt like they were being wrapped in a flower. And then all of a sudden the monster threw them forward!

While flying in the air, they heard thunder from behind them. They looked back and saw that the creature was getting struck by lightning, but being unharmed...somehow… Floating back on the ground they realized the rain was stopping. Soon enough, the monster came back to them and was clearer to see… Wait a second! It was Spike!

"SPIKE!" shouted the two in joy, seeing their friend again. "Thanks for saving us back there!" said Shelly. "We owe you one!" continued Colt. Spike was literally about to burst in tears of happiness. "Come on, let it out!" said Shelly. The giant cactus started to pour water out of his eyes, like in cartoons, and wetted the two, as if they weren't wet enough. Spike turned back to normal size as he smiled at his friends. "My hair…" mumbled Colt.

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