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It was a bright, sunny day. Everyone was peacefully walking on the streets of Retropolis. No creepy figures, no scary shadows, nothing. Everything was finally looking happy for once.

After the destruction of Barley's restaurant, Bull, Bibi and Crow helped him make a bar together. Now, the bar called Bull's had a skull with bull horns with a ring in its nose. Mr. P's hotel is doing great. Gale's cleaning got better and Mr. P even gave him promotions! Piper and Rico started dating and they fell in love with each other. Tara, Gene, and Sandy returned to rule their kingdom, in their palace in the middle of the desert. Brock began to grow in popularity, having a whole hip hop dancing group. Bea helped Rosa and Sprout with their experiments, plants, and animals. Penny, Darryl, and Tick continued looking for treasure and exploring islands. Speaking of, Leon, Nita, and Bo continued living on their island, hunting animals, and talking with spirits. Pam, Jessie, and Nani kept living in their house, and 8-Bit is now the mascot of an arcade! Mortis, Frank, and Emz still lived in the mansion. Sadly, Poco had many tours to attend but promised Emz they would meet again soon. Dynamike, Carl, and Jacky kept mining, looking for more mysterious crystals. El Primo continued his wrestles, and Max and Surge saved people from thieves.

Spike, Shelly, and Colt were walking through Retropolis. "Everything's so peaceful now!" said Colt. Spike nodded. "And it's really happy," said Shelly. "I wish it was always like this." Spike looked at Colt.

"Um, Shelly?"


"I wanted to tell you something…"

"What is it?"

Colt gave her a dandelion bouquet. They were as yellow as Shelly's bandana. She looked at the red-haired boy, who was blushing. Spike stepped back, smiling. Shelly grabbed Colt and…


Colt turned red like his hair. He couldn't believe what just happened. Shelly giggled, blushing as well. Spike was so proud of them.

A few minutes later, Shelly and Colt sat on a bench, in complete silence. Spike thought they looked happy, so why not make them happier? He bought some candy floss and headed back to give it to them. "Oh," said Colt, snapping out from his thoughts. "Thanks!" Shelly and Colt started eating their candy floss, while Spike smiled.

Suddenly, he heard a scream from afar. He turned to check and someone was being robbed! Spike dashed to stop the robber. Luckily, the person escaped. The robber stared at Spike. He had a green vest, blue pants, a dark blue flower on his head, and dark green skin with scars. It was almost the same as Spike!

Spike was stunned in shock. His friends went to him to see what's going on. "What the…?" mumbled Shelly, as evil versions of them appeared. Shelly's counterpart had an eyepatch and a red bandana, while Colt's had black hair and wore a brown vest. The counterparts looked as confused as them.

"Are you us?" said the two Colts. The two Shellies squinted their eyes at each other. Spike looked at his evil version in confusion. How come they look so similar? "Where did you come from?" asked Shelly. The counterparts looked at each other. "I think we accidentally entered a parallel universe!" exclaimed Shelly's counterpart. "Wait," started Colt. "Why do you have edgy clothes?"

"We're bandits." replied the other Colt. Spike suddenly understood why his counterpart was robbing an innocent person. They're evil! His counterpart could tell what he was thinking, so he ran away. The rest of the counterparts ran as well. "We gotta catch them!" exclaimed Shelly. Colt groaned. "Why is being a hero so hard?"

After chasing them through the city, Shelly, Colt, and Spike took a rest. They've been running after them for 30 minutes now. Meanwhile, the counterparts had a little chat. "So, Spike did you steal anything good?" asked Shelly. Spike showed her a bag of stolen marshmallows. Shelly facepalmed. "It's okay, I'll eat them," said Colt, reaching for the bag. Spike pulled the bag away. "Aww…" Shelly glared at him. "I hate you."

Suddenly, evil Spike heard footsteps. The cactus with a purple vest pointed at the thieves. "Don't move!" said Colt and Shelly showing their guns. The counterparts grabbed their guns out, too.

They were staring at each other. Their guns were ready. All they had to do is push the trigger.

"Hey! There they are!" Suddenly, pirate versions of them appeared. Behind them, a portal was summoned, and many other versions of them came out. Rockstars, royal agents, soccer players, hip hop, and even witch versions of them stepped out with their weapons. "How dare you leave your respective universe!" said the witch versions. "You'll be arrested!" said the soccer versions. The rockstar and hip hop versions grabbed the evil versions. "You're coming with us!" said the royal agent versions. They left through the portal. Now it was just Spike, Shelly, and Colt.

"What an adventure!" exclaimed Colt. "So, who wants to go to an amusement park?" suggested Shelly. Spike cheered, as the three walked towards a new adventure.

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